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How Nigerians Make Money Online in 2021

Do you know how you can make money online if you lose your job? Do you want to know how to make money in Nigeria? Imagine if you have bills to pay and you have to wait for month end to pick up the expenses? If that is your children’s school fees, I don’t know how embarrassing it would be for you.

You may ask, how is that possible? What are the opportunities for making money online in Nigeria? Are these opportunities available for anyone to start? And what are the chances of doing this business on full time?

I will be showing you the fantastic world of online business. You will learn about what makes money online. How to start your own online money making business. And I will also show you how others are making money online in Nigeria.


If you want to make money online, you might have to start an online business. I have also written a separate article on how to Start an online business for Beginners. But what I want to show you here is the process of making money online.

Although, you may not really need to start an online business to make money online. There are online money-making opportunities that don’t require you starting a business. There are online jobs you can do to make money online.

But for those who are looking for online opportunities that can result in online business, here is a guide you can follow.

You will need to have a website for your online business. I will not explain the process of getting a website because I have already done so in another article. You can read it here: How To Make a website and how to Start an online business for Beginners.

How Money is Made Online

For most people, the idea of making money online in Nigeria is always a heinous act. But that is not true. The so-called “yahoo-yahoo boys” are not doing online business. They are just exploiting the internet greed or ignorance of people.

The principle of doing business offline also applies when doing business online. And that is why it’s easier to identify a genuine online business from a fraudulent transaction. It’s also how you are going to be making money online.

You have to follow the right process of making money online. The principles are the same. It’s only the model that chances. For example, an online restaurant is not different from an offline restaurant. In fact, the offline restaurant is what leverages the online restaurant. And you can operate an online restaurant even if you can’t cook or own a restaurant yourself.

The internet is just adding speed, ease of doing things and on-demand component to the whole value chain of doing business. It’s just like Uber. You are not going to get a different taxi from the one you already know. Uber only made it more accessible and convenient for you to get a taxi using your phone.

one hot opportunities for Nigerians now are Forex trading and cryptocurrencies. The huge money Nigerians are making in this two markets alone is unprecedented. You can afford to ignore them at all.

Challenges Of Making Money Online

It’s the same as making money offline. The number one secret of making money anywhere is marketing. And marketing does two things for you, it helps you attract the right customers and sell your product to them.

Those who have failed online is because they could not attract the right traffic or no traffic at all. Even if you don’t know what you are doing online, if you can drive traffic to your site you will be successful.

It’s the same principle every business is built on. That is why customer acquisition gets the highest marketing budget every year. In fact, 90 per cent of the money spent on marketing goes into customer acquisition.

Action Points

When it’s making money online, you need to know what to do. A lot of people want to make money online the wrong way. But the right way is more profitable and sustainable. If you build good wealth online, it keeps making money all year round.

Here are the basics steps I have outlined for you to follow:

Step One: Find an Online Opportunity

The first thing to consider when you want to make money online is the opportunities that are available. However, the number of opportunities online is an equivalent of what’s offline. That means you can start a version of an offline business online. But in this article, I’m only going to explore the most common activities to make money online.

The right opportunity might also be the one that relates to your experience or training.

Step Two: Research the Opportunity Properly

You need to identify how you can benefit. If you can’t find how to translate it into money, you haven’t seen the right opportunity.

It’s not every opportunity that can generate money. And some opportunities might take a while before it can start generating income. For example, a blog is a lucrative way to make money online. But you need time to build the blog content and begin generating enough traffic you can monetise.

Step Three: Create a Service Strategy

Once you are convinced there is money to be made, you have to create your service strategy. How do you plan to start making money from the opportunity? Your service could be either you are exchanging quality information with visitors for an advert or affiliate offers. Or you are providing a service that visitors can enjoy on your site.

You need a service that will be generating money for you online.

Step Four: Build a Website

If you plan to make money online on a long term you need to have a website. It’s your address on the internet. And it’s within your control. However, one of the primary reason is to start building your email list. You may have heard the money is in the list!

That’s true. You can’t even begin to make real money online until you have built a list.

The next one is an excellent user interface. And that includes website functionalities, user-friendliness and value provision. If people can’t use your website, to navigate themselves without help, then you can’t make a dime. Also, you have to create value that keeps them coming back for more.

Step Five: Drive Traffic to Your Site

You cannot succeed online without it. Most people fail to make money online because they couldn’t drive traffic to their online business. It doesn’t matter the opportunity you choose to Start online if you don’t get enough traffic it won’t be successful.

The more traffic you get to your site, the more money you can generate monthly.


There is a secret to making money online. It’s not really a secret, but what makes an online business successful. Although, it might also vary depending on the type of online business. Mostly, it involves online web traffic, excellent user experience and faster fulfilment.

Imagine if the first time you used Uber, and you never used again, the company will close down in no time. But you keep using again and again. It’s because they created value that you can come back for more.

Finally, it’s like when browsing with slow internet, you have to wait patiently for a page to load. Sometimes, it’s so frustrating that you are praying under your breath for your subscription to end so you can dump the service provider.

You will need time to start making online. It won’t be instantly. You must have the patience to grow before making money.


Get a website built for you in 48 hours. You shouldn’t be thinking of making money online without creating a site. I recommend you get one fast.

Also, see the list of business ideas in one of our articles to dive fast into making money online.

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