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How to Make a Website In 2021

How to Make a Website

Do you know how to make a website? Do you know you can make your own website? If you have ever wanted to have your own website, I want to help you make that a reality now.

You may think, but I don’t have a budget for that now? That is why I want to show you how to make a website in a simplified and cost-effective but within the fastest time possible. And you will love the site because it will be the most beautifully designed website at a low price of $100 or N35,000.

How to Make a Website This Way

Now that I have told you what it’s going to cost you, you might think it’s a cheap website. It’s not a cheap website in that sense. If I tell you that this website MyBlog is built for N500,000 or $1,250 you will not argue.

What if I tell you that it didn’t cost me anything near that amount. Let me give you the cost, and you will be surprised. Just the website only cost me $79 and $24 for the installation. That’s $103. If I didn’t tell you now, you might believe it cost over a thousand dollars.

Here is what you would need to make a website like this. I will also show you how I put it all together to get the beautiful website that you now see.

✔️ The domain name

✔️ A web hosting account

✔️ A website theme

✔️ Installation cost

The Domain Name

The price of a domain name is like $10 or N3,500 in Nigeria. If you don’t already have a domain name, you can get one for that price. That’s your first investment in how to make a website.

And you can also get it for free. I will show you how when I’m explaining the part where you need to get a web host. However, if you want a Nigerian domain name, which I will advise that you do, you can get it even cheaper for as low as N1,250 for a one-year registration.

The reason you should buy a Nigerian domain name is not about the buy Naija to grow the Naija project. Even though that is good. The real reason is for Google search engine free traffic. You can read more about that on How to Rank on Google Search.

And if you want to get a Nigerian domain name, click here to go to the domain site and buy one right away.

A Web Hosting Account

If you want the free domain registration I mentioned earlier, here is where you get it. But that’s if you subscribe to the Hosting package. It’s an American hosting company that offers very cheap, reliable and unlimited hosting packages.

For as low as N3.95/month or N1,450 you can get a web hosting account to make a website. And like every subscription plan, the idea is for you to buy for a minimum of one year. But if you subscribe for up to three years, that’s what makes the price this cheap.

But whatever length of subscription you choose, the one year or three years you still get a domain name for free for one year.

Here is where to click to subscribe for a web hosting plan.

A Website Theme

The best way to under this whole theme thing is to call it a ready-made website. That’s actually what it is. A website already made, so that you can just buy it and upload it into your web hosting account. And you have a website.

It can take as low as six hours or not more than 48 hours. That is how to make a website without paying designer’s or waiting for months to start using your website. The day a bought my website, it was installed within 24 four hours because I was looking for someone who can do it cheaper.

An already made website cost from $2. That’s the truth. But I will not advise you to buy the website for $2. The minimum range of website you should buy is from $25 to $200. It’s from this range you can find responsive websites.

Here is where you can buy the ready made website themes from. I bought mine from Themeforest. But the ones in MyThemeShop is cheaper. However, its where you find what you need that you should buy. Click on any of the names to open to their website: MyThemeShop or ThemeForest.

Types Of Website You Can Make

What if you want a blog or an online shop? It’s the same process of how to make a website. I made this blog the same way. Whatever type of website you want is possible this way. There is no website that you cannot make this way.

Websites are categorised as follows:

  • Static sites: These are non-editable internet sites
  • Editable Brochure Sites: Requires a content management system.
  • Editable Dynamic Website: It engages the user with login areas. This site is self-managed.
  • E-commerce Websites: They have a payment gateway, e.g., PayPal.
  • Web Application: It is a customised site with much functionality.

10 Most Popular Website Types

  • E-commerce Website
  • Corporate website
  • SME website
  • Online payment website
  • Personal website
  • News website
  • Community building website
  • Consultation website
  • Writers/Authors website
  • Political website

Action Points On How to Make a Website

Now let me take you through the steps of putting it all together to make your website. Note that you don’t have to know how to do this yourself. But if you do that’s okay. And it’s not like it’s complicated or techie. It’s just that some people don’t like to hear that they are going to make a website.

Anyway, let me walk you through the steps you can take now and make your own website.

Step One: Start with a Web Host

Getting a web host is the first step in how to make a website. Like I showed you, to buy a web host click here. And you can also get a free domain name if you subscribe for up to a year.

Step Two: Buy a Domain Name

I still want to add this step because I’m advocating for a Nigerian domain name. And a Nigerian domain name like this blog is just N1,250 for a year. And you should register for as long as three years. I signed up for four years. Here is the link again to buy a Nigerian domain name.

You will also find proper names like MyBlog that is short and commands a lot of domain authority with lots of SEO advantage.

Step Three: Install a Website Builder

I haven’t mentioned a website builder all along because it’s free software. And you are going to be installing it on your web host. A web builder is essential if you are following how to make a website yourself approach.

A viral website builder is WordPress. You should know that one. Even if you don’t know, it’s okay. If you subscribed to a web host plan, it offers you a one-click installation for WordPress. It’s so easy that a primary school student can figure it out.

Step Four: Buy A Ready-Made Website Theme

If you want a cheaper option, I would recommend MyThemeShop for you. It also has excellent ready-made website themes. But if you don’t mind how much you spend on website theme, Themeforest is my choice for you.

Click on any of the links on their names to start searching for a suitable website theme for your project now. Here is also where your website designers buy themes for the website they charge you hundreds of thousands to build.

Step Five: Install Your Website Theme

Here is where I will advise that you hire someone to do it for you. I have a good reason for that. As someone who has bought over four website themes, I know where it’s technically required.

Just give someone not more than $20 to get it done for you. You can get it cheaper as well. Although, I like to check the person’s capabilities before I hire them. Okay, if you have agreed with me just click here to hire someone now to help you install the website theme.

Conclusion On How to Make a Website

Hope you have learnt something. If this is your first website, you may not know how much I have saved you with this information. I have built several websites in the past. One of my website I paid a Jumia IT guy N800,000 for it. And he did exactly the same thing as what I have just shown you.

You can imagine how much profit he made from me. I got to know when he failed to deliver on time. And in his excuse, he leaked a secret to me. That was how I went on to research and figured it all out.

Don’t pay another website developer money for your website. Even if you already have a website and just need maintenance or customisation. Just click here to hire a cheaper IT guy and pay for the simple job done.

Important Recommendations

✔️ You can also read this article on how to build a website yourself.

✔️ If you have any question or having issues applying this information just drop a comment below and I will find a way to help you out. 

Chinedu David
About The Author: Chinedu David An inspiring writer with several years of experience in journalism, consulting and training. Worked with Success Digest magazine for over a decade. Founded MyStore - an online store in 2013. Trained several startup entrepreneurs in telecom sector, LPG (oil & gas), and on Cryptocurrency investment. A born again christian, who's committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion. Drop a comment below and he will respond to your query. He can also be reached via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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