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How to Earn Daily Passive Income With Position Exchange

How to Earn Daily Passive Income With Position Exchange

Position Exchange is a decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange. You can buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies on the exchange. You can also earn daily passive income by staking POSI coin or other coins in the pools and farms.

Passive income is opportunity to earn income without necessarily doing anything. You only need to set it up and it starts earning you income daily. A very common example of passive income is books. You only write the book once and it keeps earning you income for life.

However, crypto passive income works like conventional banking fixed deposit account – where you fix certain amount of money and get paid returns in percentage.

What’s Position Exchange Passive Income

Let’s explore Position Exchange passive income opportunity. If you want to earn passive income with Position Exchange you need to understand all the different options available.

The options are not the same. Each opportunity to earn is different from the other. Some are designed to last as long as the platform would last – which means they have no end. While some are designed with limited time – and they will end someday.

By understanding each of them, you will be able to make your decision properly. You will also need to know how to activate each of the options, the benefits and disadvantages associated with them.

However, the options are categorized into POOLs and FARMS. Each of the passive income are found in either one of the categories. Below are options to earn passive income with Position Exchange:

  • POSI Classic Pool
  • PTX Pool
  • POSI NFT Pool
  • POSI Bond
  • BUSD Auto Farm
  • BNB Auto Farm
  • POSI-BUSD Manual Farm
  • POSI-BNB Manual Farm
  • Stablecoin NFT Farms
  • POSI Chains Validation

Moreover, Position Exchange now operates a dual token ecosystem. This new ecosystem allows it to pay earnings with PTX token instead of with POSI coin.

How POSI Staking Works

Staking is like bank fixed deposit. The only difference is that Staking is more flexible. But they are similar. It requires you to stake or fix certain funds for a period of time and get paid some percentage in return.

That means the Staking pool or farm will provide conditions like, what to stake, how to stake it, what to earn, and how to earn it.

However, you must understand the differences in each of POSI daily passive income opportunities. You will see each pool or farm present different offers, benefits, fees, and limitations. Understanding each pool or farm will help you take advantage of the best option possible for you.

POSI Classic Pool

POSI classic pool the simplest pool to activate. All you need is to buy POSI and staked it in the classic pool and you will start earning passive income immediately. This pool is also one of the lowest earning pool because of its low APR (Annual Percentage Return).

But when depositing your fund Position Exchange will take 1% fee from your investment sum upfront. Also, harvest is locked up for only 12 hours.

PTX Pool

PTX (Position Token X) Pool is also like POSI classic pool. However, you can only stake PTX in the pool. The returns are also low like POSI classic. To activate this pool, buy PTX token from Position Exchange spot trading platform and stake it in the pool to start earning immediately.


POSI NFT Pool is a unique earning opportunity with POSI NFTs. It gives you opportunity to cast NFTs with POSI coin and stake it in the pool to earn passive income. You can cast an NFT with any amount of POSI token.

However, when you harvest your earning, POSI deducts 5% from your revenue.


POSI bonds are unique passive income opportunity. They provide you with stable and high earning annual percentage return (APR), but with limited time offer. That means a bond is designed with duration in mind. For instance, some bonds can be for 1 month, or as long as 2 years.

But once the time is reached you have to liquidate your investment. To activate a bond you will need POSI coin to buy units of the bonds from POSI bond exchange. However, no matter how much you bought the bond it has a fixed amount at liquidation period.

For instance, if you bought a unit for 50 POSI and the fixed rate is 13 POSI, during liquidation time you will get just 13 POSI instead of the 50 POSI you paid for it. But POSI bonds have the highest APR.

BUSD Auto Farm

BUSD auto farm is the simplest way to invest in POSI farm. It does two major functions for you. It helps you create an LP token, which is one of the basic requirements for investing in POSI farms.

It also helps you reinvest by compounding your earnings at specified times daily. But the biggest challenge with auto farm is the cost of compounding. To invest in auto farm you must have a lot of funds to invest. At least from $3,000 and above.

BNB Auto Farm

BNB auto farm is the same with BUSD auto farm. The difference is just the coin used in the investment. While BUSD is a stable coin, BNB is not. But they both function the same way, excerpt for the number of daily compounding times.

To activate BNB auto farm you need only BNB coin.

POSI-BUSD Manual Farm

POSI-BUSD manual farm is advisable for investors with small amount of funds. Although, the farm functions like the BUSD auto farm but with manual capabilities. It doesn’t offer auto compounding and won’t create your LP token for you.

So, for this manual farm you need to create LP tokens and compound your earnings manually at your own volition. But you will need equal amount of POSI and BUSD coins to create an LP token to active your farm.

POSI-BNB Manual Farm

POSI-BNB manual farm is also another version of BNB auto farm without the auto functions. It works in the same way as POSI-BUSD manual farm. The only difference between the two is that POSI is paired with BNB instead of BUSD.

The main difference between BUSD and BNB is that BUSD is a stable coin while BNB coin is not.

Stablecoin NFT Farms

This farm is NFT liquidity farm using stable coins instead of POSI. But you will still earn rewards in PTX token. The primary stable coin in use is BUSD coin, which can be paired with any of the following stable coins (DAI, USDT, and USDC) to create the NFT liquidity token.

The main benefit of this farm is that it doesn’t experience impermanent loss. Which is value depreciation if price dips below your purchase cost.

POSI Chain Validation

POSI chain is Position Exchange Blockchain. To help validate transactions investors are also giving opportunity to stake their POSI in the POSI Blockchain. This gives rights to investors to become validators. For those who can’t afford to become validators, they can delegate their POSI coin to a Validation and also earn share in the network transaction.

The validators are what powers POSI chains Blockchain.


You have to login to Position Exchange website to start analyzing these opportunities for yourself. Examine requirements for each pool or farm. Check the APR and possibly calculate your earnings based on what you plan to invest.

Also, consider some fees like deposit and harvest fees. For APR calculation, mirror it to as low as daily earnings. Moreover, the earnings from each pools and farms won’t be same with others.

You must decide your plan. Some in esters prefer POSI classic pool and NFT pool because they want to keep all their investment in POSI. While some use the farms to earn more passive income. Those who invest in bonds have short term plan, but desire high APR.

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