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how to create a blog

Do you want to know how to create a blog? Are you wondering, how do I start a blog? And you have no idea how to start, but you wish someone can help you? That someone is me.

I’m an answer to your prayer. Apart from all the detailed explanation on this blog, I’m also available to help you achieve your dream to create a blog.

How to Create a blog remains the same, even if you want a blog like MyBlog.com.ng | How to Start a Business – Insider Opportunity Guide!. However, you need to follow the right steps. I will list out the step-by-step and what you need to do at each step.

Decide On The Subject Of Your Blog

What will you be the topic of your blog? It’s important you decide on this from the beginning. The days of anything goes kind of blogging is not working any more. So focus on a niche subject. Especially one that is familiar to you. Or a subject you are eager to learn about and share your knowledge with your audience.

Travel bloggers do that a lot. They are always traveling to cities and sharing their experiences with their followers.

You Need To Create A Blog

You need to have a blog. And I will show you what you need to create a blog. And how you should pick what you need for your blog. There are many options out there but I will point you in the right direction as well.

Here is the most crucial part of your blog dream. If you don’t create one you may never be blogger. And it’s not enough to just create a blog. Plan to do it well. I have listed what you need to create a blog. I also explained each one of them to help you create a blog successfully.

Learn How To Promote Your Blog

How to promote your blog should be in your planning when starting a blog. You should know how you are going to get people to see and read your blog. Remember that there are over 150 million blogs on the internet. How can anyone’s possibly find your new blog in such a large pull of other blogs?

It’s your job to help the world find your blog. So, you should map out your promotional strategies before you create a blog. You may be amazed when doing this that you may not have a clue how you intend to promote your blog. That means you should find out how other blogs are promoted and learn from it.

Do you know about SEO Techniques? Have you seen how Facebook marketing works for bloggers? Do you know where to start guest blogging? Or how to build links back to your blog? If you haven’t figured out your promotional strategies, you may create a blog no one would ever know existed.

What You Need To Create A Blog

I also have a list for you. The purpose I’m listing them for you, is so that you can tick what’s done. And you can see what’s left undone. That way you are sure of what you are doing and the progress made. Here is my list to help you create a blog.

  1. Get a domain name
  2. Sign up for a web host account
  3. Install WordPress blog engine
  4. Buy premium WordPress themes
  5. Install Important WordPress plugins

And im going to explain them as well so you know why and also how to do it on your own. These are all pretty simple, even if you have an average internet knowledge you can do it on your own.

Get A Domain Name

A domain name is the beginning of anything you do on the internet. It’s like the dooor to every website. If you want to get to Quora website for example, you will need to use the http://www.quora.com domain name to enter. Without the domain name you can’t find Quora on the internet. It’s clear and I know you understand me perfectly well.

The second part of a domain name is about your blog subject. Your domain name should tell someone instantly what your blog is about. It’s not necessarily a must, but it helps more than you know. In Africa, every name has a meaning. Sometimes the names gives an idea of the events surrounding the childs birth.

A domain name should help your audience identify and relate with your idea even without visiting your blog. You can get a domain name from one the worlds largest domain registrar Godaddy.

However, I would recommend a Nigerian .com.ng domain name. You will find a better name on ,com,ng domain. And it’s easier for search engines to identify your blog to be from Nigeria and send you free Nigerian web traffic.

You can get Nigerian .com.ng domains from N1,250/year registration on No.1 web hosting company in Nigeria – WhoGoHost.

Sign Up For A Web Host Account

Every website on the internet is hosted on a server somewhere in the world. These servers are maintained by hosting companies. And they charge a few for hosting your blog on their server. There are thousands of these hosting companies all over the world. You can find many of them on Google when you search with the keyword: web hosting companies.

However, choosing a web hosting company to host your blog is not that simple. May be I should tell you a little about how web hosting works. It’s like your computer or even your mobile phone storage space. Some phones have 4GB storage space. While some have as much as 256GB and so on.

The hosting servers also have storage sizes. Although, most of them offer unlimited hosting. There is really no such thing as unlimited hosting. What they wanted to communicate is that you are not restricted to the amount of data you can store with them.

Hope that clarifies it for you. But the two main challenge with web hosting is reliability and security.

The Right Web Host Account

But I will not leave you to just make any choice you want, because I can help you choose wisely. It will help you avoid bad hosting companies and trial and error experiences. You will just pick one hosting company and you will never have to switch to any other company ever. So, this one hosting company is Bluehost – Best Website Hosting Services – Secure & Reliable Hosting.

You can find reliability, security and most of all affordability. The company is offering monthly hosting plan of $3.95 (which is just N1,450/month), for a 3 years hosting package. You are paying N1,450/month to host your WordPress blog. It’s affordable by every standards.

Install WordPress Blog Engine

Using WordPress for your blog is just ideal. Over 65 per cent of blogs around the world use WordPress. It’s also user friendly and easily expandable. That’s what I use and that’s why I’m even using it as a sub head for this explanation. I don’t think of any other blog engine than WordPress.

So, just follow me and install it on your web hosting server to create a blog. You can also design a blog from scratch without using WordPress or any other blog engine. But who has that time and resources to waste on something that is available for free. And if you are thinking about how it will look whenyou finish sinatlling WordPress, wait till we download the WordPress themes. You can download WordPress here at Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS.

Buy Premium WordPress Themes

If you noticed I used the word ‘buy’ here. It’s because there are free WordPress themes. But I’m not advising you to use that to create a blog, during the setup you may have to use one of the free WordPress themes to finish your installation of WordPress. But when you are done installing, buya premium WordPress theme.

WordPress themes are what determines how your blog would look to the world. It’s a question of how do you want it to look? Buying a premium theme gives you the opportunity to pick the kind of design you want for your blog. And make your website look exactly the way you want it to look.

You can also design your WordPress themes yourself. But it’s faster to buy already designed WordPress themes from theme marketplace. And there are very few marketplaces where you can buy premium WordPress themes.

You can get the best WordPress themes from either WordPress site or through these marketplaces, MyThemeShop and WordPress Themes & Website Templates from ThemeForest.

Install Important WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are the reason WordPress is popular among bloggers. It adds more functionalities to your blog And makes it appear professional. You can add any feature you want to your blog with WordPress plugins.

In case you don’t fully understand what these WordPress plugins are and their functions, let me explain briefly. If you create a blog on WordPress, you might need to expand your blog functionalities, let’s say to also sell stuf on your blog. You can An an ecommerce plugin like WooCommerce.

May be you want to conduct a poll or run a giveaway promo on your blog. You will find the right plugin to install and start enjoying the features you want for your blog instantly. One of the great WordPress plugins for SEO technique I use is WordPress SEO Plugin by Squirrly.

And there are thousands of these WordPress plugins. Each of them can help you expand the functionalities of your blog in the ways you so desired. WordPress has more than five thousand of these different plugins and you can get them here at Create your stunning website on WordPress.com

Action Points To Create A Blog

Let me take through the action Points so you see what really matter when you want to create a Blog. If you follow my action Points you will create a blog that will be successful.

Point One: Know Your Business

If you want to create a blog on any subject you have your information. It’s either you are blogging as a pro or you are doing a discovery of a learner. That means you are learning and sharing your experience with other learners like yourself.

Point two: Find A Name For Your Blog

I used the word find because the name you want may not always be available. Finding another domain name that will work for you if you can’t find the name you want might be a task.

But you need a domain to create a blog. It’s not optional and you can’t do it last. It comes right after you have decided the subject of your blog. The name should be directly related to your blog subject.

Point Three: Signup For A Bluehost Account

Bluehost is the web host of choice for me. You need a reliable, secured and affordable hosting plan. And Bluehost gives you all in one package. Ok, enough of my marketing, just click here Bluehost – Best Website Hosting Services – Secure & Reliable Hosting to signup now.

Point Four: Install WordPress On Your Bluehost Account

Yeah! Bluehost gives you a one-click advantage to easily install WordPress on the server. Once you signup for a Bluehost hosting account, you can install WordPress instantly. It guides you to install WordPress.

So, if you have signup already for Bluehost you have also installed WordPress. Because it will make you do as a requirement for setting up your hosting account.

Point Five: Buy A Beautiful Premium Theme

How you want your blog to look is the work of your theme. So, give it a beautiful WordPress theme to attract the right kind of visitors to your blog, I have already given you options where you can buy your themes. But my final choice is MyThemeShop. Just buy it now.

Point Six: Enhance Your Blog Functionalities With Plugins

You don’t have to be a professional web designer to get the best features for your blog. Plug into WordPress functionalities from the thousands of available plugins. Anything you want for your blog is available as a plugin. Just find out on WordPress like the ecommerce plugins from WooCommerce – eCommerce for WordPress

Conclusion On How To Create A Blog

You can’t possibly not create a blog now. You have seen all you need and where they are available. Apart from blogs, you can also follow the same process to build a Website. See another article here on How To Build A Website Without Web Design Skills for reference.

Most importantly, your web host should not be taken lightly. It’s everything to your blog. Remember, it’s where you store all the files of your blog, including your WordPress software, themes and plugins.

You have to protect and safeguard your web host. That’s why I wanted a Bluehost server for you. But you have to renew it regularly. Getting a long hosting deal like 3 years is cheaper and gives you room before you talk about renewal for your web hosting.

Final Instructions

  1. Buy a local domain name from the No.1 web hosting company in Nigeria – WhoGoHost
  2. Don’t compromise the beauty of your blog. People will only see how the blog look before they even read the content. Use only premium WordPress themes from MyThemeShop.
  3. If you need my help just ask for it. Use the comment below to drop your points or questions an I will be delighted to answer them.
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