How to Cook – 3 Chef Secrets for Home Cooks

how to cook for home cooks

Do you want to know how to cook any meal you ever love? Do you know cooking is not just about the recipe? The best home cooks out there are those who keep experimenting on how to cook better meals. Do you want to change your cooking experience in making delicious meals always?

You are never going to know how to cook if you are not learning. Even the meals you currently cook can be prepared better. There are three essential secrets used by the best cooks in the world. And you too can learn these secrets.

Cooking recipes are just a guide to help you know what you need and steps to follow. It doesn’t guarantee how the taste will pan out in the end. You will be the best judge of how your cooking turns out. That’s why the secrets I’m showing you in this guide will help you a lot.


How to cook is not a recipe guide. It’s not even a cooking guide. The idea is to help point out what can make your meals taste sweeter. Everyone loves to eat a delicious meal. That’s why most people would regularly eat out because they want to eat the best.

Imagine if you know how to cook all those meals you pay a premium to eat at your favourite restaurant? You will be able to give your family the best home treat always and at a budget-friendly rate. And it’s not only for home meals; you can use it in your restaurant business if you don’t already know them.

Even if you don’t know how to cook, you can learn to create your own delicious meals. What you need is to learn these three essential cooking secrets, and you can cook any meal even if it’s your first time. You can also learn how to cook better the meals you already know how to prepare.

How to Cook

Learning the best way to cook might require that you experiment sometimes. The first time you are going to try a new recipe, try it out first to know how best it works out for you.  And you can also find many different methods online.

But don’t assume every recipe out there would taste great. Some of these cooking blogs don’t know how to cook themselves. Some of them even copy and paste recipe they haven’t yet tried out. You need to also learn how to cook better each of the ingredients you use for cooking.

For example, how to cook rice can be different for different rice grain. And there are 19 different types of favourite rice grain. According to WebstaurantStore, each kind of rice has its own taste, texture and unique properties that work well with varying applications of cooking. You need to know how each type of rice should be cooked better. Some rice is better steamed than cooked. Even cooking vegetable is an art.

Ideas from Other Chef Blogs

There are also other chef’s ideas on how to cook that you need to now. Learning is a process. You won’t get better in one instant. And you also need to learn from different chefs on how to cook various meals.

I will share with you some of the chef ideas on cooking that I find helpful.  Some of them seem minimal but are useful.

My best tip is the 15 secrets from top chefs that every cook should know. This one is from GoodHouseKeeping, a how to cook blog. I’m showing you just seven of them. You can read the rest on their blog. This blog shares great ideas on cooking. However, most of the cooking recipes are not African. But you can learn a lot about cooking in general like these tips below.

Here are the 7 how to cook tips:

1. Have everything in place. Before you start to cook, have everything measured, peeled, chopped, pans greased, etcetera, and within reach. This will keep you from running around looking for the dried basil while your sauce is on the brink of burning.

2. Avoid using the salt shaker. Instead, use a small bowl and add pinches as you cook and taste. It’s easier to control the amount and ensure even coverage.

3. Tongs are an extension of your hand. In restaurants kitchen, you see a set of tongs in almost every chef’s hand. Use it to flip meat, pull a pan out of the oven, stabilise a steak while slicing; the list goes on and on.

4. Stabilise the cutting board. Wet a paper towel and lay it under the board and it won’t budge!

5. Make good use of the oven. Chefs sear a piece of meat, poultry, or fish in a pan and then place it in the oven. Not only does this free up burners, but it also results in a much moister result.

6. Use the right size of pan or pot. Crowding the pot leads to steaming and lowers the temperature of the pan so you won’t get the caramelisation you’re looking for — and that’s where the flavour is. Use the right pot size for your cooking.

7. Don’t forget the power of your nose. If something in the oven smells done but the timer’s still ticking, check on it. You can monitor the cooking with the smell you can sniff. Nature have you covered.

Action Points on How to Cook

The success of any dish is more of how to cook than what to cook. You may have the best recipes in town but can’t turn them into delicious meals. Different chefs can create different taste from the same recipe.

Understanding how to cook is not just about following the recipe guide. But about understanding the ingredients, you are cooking with. A better cook studies how long each food item should be cooked to get the best texture and flavour out of it. And you need to also understand the heat limit of each vegetable you use.

Step One: Make Your Cooking List

It’s interesting some people don’t think it’s necessary to make a shopping list. A list is a guide, like a building plan. If you don’t have it, you may not get a great taste out of your meal. Have you ever discovered during cooking that you didn’t buy a particular item?

Forgetting an item can change the taste of the food. Imagine if your favourite restaurant keeps forgetting to add an ingredient to their meal. You will soon stop eating there. It’s essential you make a list each time you want to cook.

However, the vital part of your cooking list is the quantity you need of each item. You don’t just buy a certain amount. You buy a certain quantity because of the volume of food you want to cook.

Step Two: Plan How to Cook

A good cook would always plan how to cook. Cooking is not just about the name of the food you want to cook. It includes the taste you want it to create and how many people you are preparing for. To get the best out of your cooking, get everything ready. Measure the quantities of ingredients you need based on the volume of food you want to cook.

Also, check the pot size that can give you the right cooking space to steam the food properly to bring out the best flavour. And avoid adding red oil in every cooking. Most Nigerian foods are cooked with red oil. That doesn’t mean they cannot be prepared without red oil. Learn to experiment to discover what works better.

For example, okra soup can go without red oil. Vegetable soup can also be cooked without oil. You should know when the oil is for taste or for colour or just old habit.

Step Three: Cook with Precision

Sometimes people forget that everything you put in your food requires precise cooking time. You should know when to add each item from your cooking list and how long it should be cooked for. The volume of water you need and the amount of salt for taste.

Learning how to cook may require that you become a timekeeper. Know how long it should take for the meal to cook, and the heat temperate required. The first time you are going to try a new recipe, try it out first to know how best it works out for you. And get better with precision. If you can get the same taste each time you cook the same food, you are now a professional home cook.


Everybody loves good food. But not many know how to cook. If you enjoy a particular food you ate at a restaurant, you can replicate it at home if only you know how to cook it.

For chefs, food is an art. But for home cooks, it should be a plan. You can avoid spending so much eating out with the whole family just to enjoy a good meal by learning how to cook them at home. There is no food you cannot learn how to cook unless you can’t find the ingredients in the market.

And there are several food blogs where you can find hundreds of Nigeria food recipes you can cook. So, you can learn how to cook any food you want just by following simple armature steps for home cooks. You might not have known how to cook anything, even boiling water. This guide can make a chef out of you.


How to cook on MyBlog recommends the following blogs for more information for home cooks on Nigerian food recipes. You can also learn how to cook hundreds of Nigerian local dishes on Nigerian Food TV and All Nigerian Recipe. And don’t forget to drop your views about this post in the comment box.

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