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How to Buy Cooking Gas Plant Equipment

How to Buy Cooking Gas Plant Equipment

If you want to start an LPG cooking gas refill plant, you will need to buy  cooking gas Plant equipment during the startup process to help you setup your plant. The primary role of these cooking gas Plant companies is to setup your gas refill plant.

So, if you plan to get into this business, here are my top 2 cooking gas Plant companies that you need to know.

You will need to have an idea what these 2 cooking gas Plant companies can do for you. Also, I will avoid giving you cost and prices for a good reason. This is a blog, and we do not hold price negotiations for any of these companies. It will be improper to give you a static rate because it can change with time. 

But I will give you all the necessarily details you will need to make your preferred choice from these cooking gas Plant Companies to work with. If you have read my other articles on cooking gas business, I have explained everything you need to know on starting this business. This article is just to show you cooking gas Plant Companies you can work with for your gas plant purchase, installation and maintenance.

Cooking Gas Plant Equipment

There are three stages in starting a cooking gas plant business. Let me just refresh your mind with the process before going full into the 2 cooking gas Plant Companies for this article.

The three stages are:

  1. LPG Cooking Gas Plant Business Plan
  2. Land Location
  3. The Directorate of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Approval
  4. LPG Cooking Gas Plant Setup

These 3 steps are what forms the setup of a cooking gas refill plant. So, in this article you will be reading about the third stage in setting up your cooking gas plant, which is the installation and operation of the gas plant.

This process requires cooking gas Plant companies to help you in the procurement of the tanks and equipment accessories to build the gas plant.

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Cooking Gas Plant Equipment Companies

Let’s start with what these cooking gas Plant companies are going to do for you. You need to have an idea their work process and how they carry out these work. Also, in another sub head, I will take each of the companies and explain their benefits to you and why you might want to choose one over the other.

For what they will do for you, I will give it to you in a form of general scope of Work. Although, some might add one or two more extra details of their own. But this represents standard scope of Work of most cooking gas Plant companies.

Scope of Work:

  • The General Piping/ pipe fitting work
  • The Supply and Installation a skid or standard LPG refilling 
plant, storage Tank and tank fittings
  • The Installation of the recommended LPG Pumps ( Fire proof)
  • The Installation of a dispensing system: Auto Dispenser with approved Nozzle as agreed and paid for.
  • The Comprehensive General installation and piping work if it’s a standard Gas Plant is done and dully tested to be ok as required by DPR..
  • The company carries out integrity pressure test of all welded Joints to ascertain welds Integrity and hydrostatics pressure testing of installed gas pipelines.
  • And where it’s require, it will also include the Equipment operation training of your staff

However, apart from the cooking gas Plant Companies scope of Work, there are other scope of Work within the installation work that’s not done by the gas Plant companies. Those ones are regarded as scope of Work for gas Plant owner.

Let’s look at those ones in the next paragraph so that you will have an idea of what they are and probably put them into consideration as you plan for the cooking gas Plant Companies scope of Work. Because they need to be done before the cooking gas Companies scope of Work.

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Gas Plant Owner’s Scope Of Work

This scope of work actually covers most important site construction works. However, what you will build will depend on your plan. There are basic site construction works that would follow some general design plan. While there are also others that are based on your own needs and design plan.

Here are some general site construction requirements:

  • Admin Building Office Block design, construction and furnishing
  • Water Bore Hole construction
  • Plant electrical installation
  • Supply of power to site by PHCN and procurement of appropriate alternative power generator set
  • The building of fire proof Perimeter Fencing and Concrete Paved areas of the site.
  • Construction of Plinths for tanks
  • Construction of filling shed

Tips to Pick Gas Plant Equipment Supplier

I have selected two of my top cooking gas Plant Companies you can use to build your own cooking gas plant. These companies work under strict compliance of DPR requirements.

There are other cooking gas plant companies I didn’t mention in this article. Companies like Techno are also big. My omission is not because they are not good but because I don’t have enough information to categories them among my top companies.

If you recall, Techno is a major producer of gas cylinders now, and is a major uptaker in the cooking gas distribution business. But my choice of the two is to give you enough information to enable you make decision to use them build your gas plant.

Also, there are Chinese cooking gas plant companies. The reason I also omitted them is due to warranties, after sales services and quality assurance issues. When you buy skid plant from a Chinese company for example, some of them don’t provide any extra services like the scope of Work mentioned earlier.

Even the cost of transporting the equipment to your site is your responsibility. The Chinese companies hardly get involved much in the setup as these two companies I’m referring you to.



{1} Kiakia Gas

My first recommendation in this cooking gas Plant Companies is KiaKia Gas. I have known this company for many years now. First as a disruptive company trying to change the way Nigerians buy cooking gas with its online portal. But I think that concept didn’t sell well to Nigerians.

The company opted to leverage on its challenges to establish one of the largest growing network of gas plants under its Brand. This second attempt seems to work well for them. They have the expertise and the knowledge of the market challenges to help you succeed.

Key Benefits:

  • Kiakia will procure and build your cooking gas plant for you
  • It’s huge advantage is the management potential. Kiakia will help you manage your cooking gas Plant business after building it. This offer is good for Nigerians who live in diaspora or those with little or no knowledge of the business and don’t want to lose money ignorantly or mismanage the business.
  • Kiakia will also help you develop and implement local marketing strategies that will help drive your sales growth.
  • The company is readily available to help you better in this business. They don’t have bureaucratic problems. The company leadership is lean and accessible to customers.


When you need a company you can grow with, Kiakia understands the problems of startups and the market challenges and are ready and willing to help you get above them. However, the cost side may be a problem. Their setup cost is more than Sargas. And their management fee is also a bit high.

N.B: To help you negotiate a good deal with Kiakia Gas call/text/WhatsApp me on 07087770518

{2} Sargas Energy

Sargas is one of the most committed cooking gas Plant companies in Nigeria. The brand has shown its strength by the number of gas plants it has built so far all across the country.

Apart from it’s heavy bureaucratic challenges, this company is the best when setting up cooking gas plant. This company is one of the best in the country now. And the number choice of most Startup gas plant entrepreneurs.

Sargas understands the market. They have the advantage, especially in gas supply to keep you supplied with cooking gas even during scarcity. If you need a strong partner to help you start better with little knowledge, this company has it all covered.

Key Benefits:

  • Lower setup cost than Kiakia.
  • More experience in the cooking gas Plant setup business
  • Have a sister company that’s also a major uptaker in the cooking gas distribution sector.
  • Can provide you with free training of your staff upon take off
  • And offers warranties on important equipment like dispensers and pumps
  • Fast deliver time for your cooking gas plant setup. Not more than 4 weeks.


Sargas doesn’t offer management deal. They only build, test, train and handover to you. Their turnaround time is very fast as well. Their only constrain might be the initial negotiation. They are a bit slow with that. But they offer one of the cheapest setup cost for an European built gas plant.

N.B: To help you negotiate a good deal with Sargas Energy call/text/WhatsApp me on 07087770518


If you have concluded on arrangements to setup a cooking gas plant, these companies are your best option. I don’t know of any other company that can help you as much as these two cooking gas plant companies.

However, plan for the cost involvement for everything that needs to be done. It’s better you get the right cost than be assuming. Remember that gas plants are built in different sizes. Understand the size you want to build and the setup cost. You can read this article here for details.

Finally, know that your biggest cost in starting your own cooking gas plant is land. And in this land, location plays a crucial role. If you fail to factor in this all important aspect of the setup process, you may be planning to fail from the start.

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