How to Break Your Bad Habits In 21 Days

Break your bad habits

How long would it take to break your bad habits? Ok, you might not know. But it’s assumed that it takes just 21 days before something constantly becomes a habit, whether good or bad habit, that’s not the issue.

Any habit that you want to stop or start is possible within the 21 Days rule. Although, this post is about breaking your bad habit, I would rather you focus more on creating the right habits for good reasons.

While bad habits may hinder your progress, the right habits propels you higher in life. So, while you work on breaking your bad habits, think about how this same principle would help you form those wealthy mind habits you need to become successful.

How Habits Control Your Destiny

If you have been neglecting the effect of habits in your life, please stop doing so. Habits have the greatest power to either break your life or mend it. And anything that has such power should be taken seriously.

If you watch the lives of many celebrities, some destroys their life by their habits. Some people think that’s who they are. No, a thousand times no! That’s not who you are, but who you have become by the habits you encouraged in your life.

See a few list of what habits can do to you:

  • Changes your thoughts, believes and mindset
  • Changes who you are to who you should be
  • It can affect the outcomes of your results in life
  • It determines who your friends are
  • How much you can make or spend
  • It chooses your spouse
  • It keeps you awake at night
  • It’s why you do so well than anybody else

The list goes on and on. You can even add to it from your personal experience. For me, I know I became better in blogging by writing every more often. So, everyday of my life, I don’t miss to write. So, apart from having the gift of writing, I have become a habitual writer as well.

Habits Of Highly Successful People

The rich think more about developing the right habits than breaking the bad ones. Even though I’m fully supportive of breaking bad habits because of the effects they have on your success principles, gaining the right habit is better.

If you have noticed something about the rich and successful, they do things in a routine. You may think that’s what they love doing, but it’s not. Most of what they do in routine are what they considered right habits in their journey of remaining successful.

So, while you work at breaking the bad habits, also consciously and constantly create the right habits. Notice that I always use the phrase “THE RIGHT HABITS”. It’s for a reason, to help you get the idea that it’s not just about good habits, but the right habits for your success journey.

Top 10 habits of successful people:

  1. Organization.
  2. Relaxation.
  3. Taking Action.
  4. Personal Care
  5. Positive Attitude
  6. Networking
  7. Frugality
  8. Rising Early
  9. Sharing
  10. Reading

These are just a few habits and they can be developed overtime. You can start now to help yourself in habits you need to have for success.

The Greatest Example Of The Right Habits

I want to help you think deeply on the right habits while you break the bad ones. And like you, there are many others who are struggling with habits as well. And because it takes a while to completely erase a bad habit, building the right habits along side when trying to break bad ones is wisdom.

One of the greatest examples of the right habit that has consistently worked all the time is praying. Do you notice those who pray, do it everyday, and sometimes multiple times in a day.

These prayer group of people have been doing this for years. Some began from childhood. And most of them no longer knows what it feels like to not pray.

I remember when I first received the Holy Spirit in a church meeting. It changed my whole life, but not until I kept at it for many years that it began to feel like I have been this way all my life. Yet, I knew it started one day in my life.

Consider These Thoughts:

Do you know the power of your mind? That’s the power that changes everything else, irrespective of how hard they seemed at first. If you are going to break bad habits you must begin by having important considerations in your time of deep reflection.

You cannot change what still baffles you. The only change that’s possible when breaking bad habits is the change you can conceive and believe.

  • 21 Days Without breaking Can Become a lifetime.
  • 21 Days Of Going To The Gym Will Make You Not Even Think Twice of Going anymore.
  • 21 days of hustling and figuring out ideas can help you get ride of procrastination.
  • All it takes is just 21 days of dedication

Now let’s take a closer look at how that could be the reason you become successful if only you could dedicate 21 days to break bad habits and create the kind of habits you need for success in life.

How You Started Your Bad Habits

I don’t want to be scientific on this post. My desire is just to open your eyes with practical ideas on how this habits you want to break actually began with you. In essence, your bad habits are your brainchild.

You started it. The good news is, you can also stop it. But the truth is, until you understand how you created this habits that is troubling your life, you may not know how to stop it.

There’s a rule that govern habits, called the 21/90 rule. This rule suggest that if you commit to doing something in stretch of 21 days or 3 week, then it becomes a habit. Think about it.

You may have questions like, does it work? Or I have tried it and it didn’t work. The answer is, if they created your bad habit, they can reverse it as well. Nobody was born with bad habits. You created them yourself. And if you have a hard time stopping them that’s not to say the 21 days rule doesn’t work. The only problem is that you may not have committed to it as you should.

Because there’s a second part to that 21 Days rule, which is the 90 Days part.

Breaking Your Bad Habits

To start with breaking your bad habits, you must first identify what the bad habits are. What may be a bad habit for you may not be bad for another person. So, it’s personal and should be considered as such.

Although, there maybe some generally considered bad habits, maybe because of the effects they have on your health or general wellbeing. But apart from that, habits are personal. The number one bad habit in the world is smoking.

See lists of some generally considered bad habits. It’s taken from a survey by DailyMail UK. Top bad habits people wish they could stop but just can’t:

  1. Smoking.
  2. Swearing.
  3. Picking your nose
  4. Biting your fingernails.
  5. Drinking too much coffee
  6. Watching reality TV.
  7. Fast food.
  8. Alcohol.
  9. Racking up debt on your credit cards
  10. Facebook
  11. Sugar
  12. Smartphones
  13. Video games
  14. Sex
  15. Clubbing
  16. Supporting a football team
  17. Biting the ends of pens
  18. Road rage
  19. Extravagant spending

I picked these ones out of the list because of what they have in common. They started as a repeated act. And if they could become a bad habit by repetition, they can also be broken by non repetition.

The 90 Days Part To Break Your Habit

Okay, since you have done the 21 Days, it’s assumed that you have achieved the first step, which is forming or breaking a habit. But it takes another 90 Days consistency to develop it into a full blown habit or purge yourself from a bad habit.

For some, it might take more than 90 days to fully nurse the new habit or break the bad one. One of the things the 90 Days rule does is to make it into a normal routine in your life. But you have to keep doing it for the rest of your life or as long as you want that habit gone from you or needs it.


The real problem with bad habits is that they are not a product of conscious effort. People usually develop bad habit out of ignorance or pressure. They end of doing something for a longer period of time until that thing became a habit for them.

But how we recognize bad habits is when what we do is not a threat to our life and happiness. There was a time that bad habit was Your source of joy or entertainment. At that time it wasn’t bad to you. What now made it bad is the new reality that it could either kill you or is the reason your life is sad.

You can use habits to also make your life better. What are the good habits you want to develop? You can identify habits that would help you achieve your goals in life and build them into your life.

Chinedu David
About The Author: Chinedu David An inspiring writer with several years of experience in journalism, consulting and training. Worked with Success Digest magazine for over a decade. Founded MyStore - an online store in 2013. Trained several startup entrepreneurs in telecom sector, LPG (oil & gas), and on Cryptocurrency investment. A born again christian, who's committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion. Drop a comment below and he will respond to your query. He can also be reached via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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