How To Become The New Superman

Become new superman

Do you want to become a new superman? I don’t mean the carton superman? The real Superman? A supernatural man that is capable of achieving results that seemed impossible to others?

You may have wondered why some people are so good at what they do more than others. Or why it’s impossible for some people to fail at whatever they set their mind to do. The answer is being a new superman.

Think about the carton superman. He has this supernatural ability that makes him do things that ordinary men cannot do. He is endowed with great sight, strength and ability to climb and move at a faster pace.

And that is just an imagination of man. But there is a real Superman. He has the best sight, he is powerful and can move at a breakneck pace.

Now, you may be wondering how do I become a new superman? I have provided you with the answer and the reason man is more potent than that carton superman.

Who Is A New Superman?

Man is a spirit, he has a soul and lives in a body. That means the man is not a body. The function of your eyes reveals so much about the real man. You have two eyes, but they both see as one. You can’t look at two different directions at the same time even though you have two pairs of eyes.

It’s because your eye is the doorway for the real man to see and interact with this world. Without your eyes, all you will see is darkness. That is not a proper definition of blindness because a blind person shouldn’t see anything at all.

But the real man cannot be blind. He can only be cut off from seeing this world.

And let me start by explaining what I mean. There is two version of the man in every human being. The inward man and the outward man. The inner man is the spirit man, and the outer man is the body.

There is a real you. And that is your spirit. Your body is just like a house for the real you. It’s just like in a car, there are the engine and the body. Sometimes what affects the body may still not harm the engine. But whatever affects the car engine stops the car from the operation.

Why Can’t I Become A New Superman?

Yes, you can. The real purpose of man is to be a superhero in this world. The only book that has the information on the creation of man showed us that man was created to dominate the earth.

That is a Superman role. You were created to be in charge of everything. And to see to it that every other creation of God complies to that directive of the laws of nature.

But when the man himself walked in disobedience to the same law of natural men, he was separated from the authority that backed him against nature. In order words, he lost his sight. That part of him that was a superman was a disconnect from its crypto energy.

The imagination behind the cartoon superhero called Superman is not far from the truth either. And the reason children loved the story is because of the something in them that bears witness that the story was true.

How To Become A New Superman

You may ask, can I still become a new superman? A thousand times yes! The power that made a man a superhero is still available today. That inner man is still there. The same power that made the man a superhero is still available.

Just like in the carton superman, when they used kryptonite against him to repels his powers. But when he breaks away from it, his powers return back to him in full.

Sin is the kryptonite that is repelling the superpower in you. When sin is taken away from your life, your superhero powers return in full. And honestly, your sin has been remitted. You just needed to know how to break off from its spell and be a superman again.

And you don’t need to wait for a long time for this to happen. You can do it now, right here. And you will become a new superman.

Everyone Can Become A Superman

If you don’t know that, now I’m letting you know. You were born a superman. There is three type of people in the world, those who were born superheroes, those who became superheroes and those who have superhero powers bestowed on them.

If you were not born a superhero, that’s okay, because you can become a superman too. All you need to do is follow the action points in this personal guide, and you will become a superman.

According to Wikipedia, Superman is a fictional superhero created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster.

You are the imagination of someone. That someone is God. You are His Superman, created to bring peace to the world. You don’t have to fail anymore because you have in you a superman ability to save both yourself and the world.

Get A Super Hero Identity

Superman has an identity. Yours don’t have to be that muscular physic of Jerry Siegel imagination. In fact, you are the new Superman. It’s not by muscles but from an inner strength of your spirit.

To be a new superman, you should wear this label on yourself like I know who I am. Our fictional superhero wears a distinctive uniform that separates him from the rest of the world. You cannot become a superman and be ordinary at the same time.

Something has to shift. And since your superman ability is spiritual excellence, bring it to the fore. Let the world see and experience that Superman in you.

You real Superman identity is love. It what makes superheroes. Even the Bible says, God so loved the world that He gave His son Jesus to die for its sins. Love makes us do superhero things.

Get A Superman Mentality

Think differently and start seeing things differently. A superhero doesn’t contribute to the destruction of those you should be saving. The way you think about others, the problems in the world and how you treat others should change.

To become a superman, you should have a different attitude to life. You do not want to contribute to the problems in the world. Instead, you are an answer the world needs.

You have the power to do extraordinary things.

Super Heroes Take Action

Start the business of saving the world by first saving yourself. Until you start, you are never going to see the kind of world you dream of.

Silence has never produced results before. No wonder it’s the best answer for a foul. Because a fool doesn’t need an explanation. And it’s not your silence that fools need but grave silence.

Dress up in your superhero outfit, it’s time to save the world. The world you live in needs saving. What are you going to do about the people in need of salvation? What about the broken humanity?

What do you say about the problems of war, hunger, destruction and environmental degradation? The world is waiting for you to become a superman for the less privileged. You need to take action now.

The Super Hero Of Our Time

Jesus is our number one superman. His life and ministry are characterised by the supernatural. The Bible told us how God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power. Who went about doing well for God was with Him.

It sounds like that carton story of a superman. The Superman of your carton story goes about doing good and bringing peace to the world. And Jesus is the author of peace.

Also, the Bible records that Jesus defeated death so that man may not die again. It’s like in that cartoon superman story, he was never meant to kill. The story always revolves around him winning at the end.

And Jesus, who is the superhero of all times died to save all people but rose again to prove that a superman is beyond death. His death, burial and resurrection took away all limitations of the former Superman and gave you the same ability to save others with your superhero powers.

See The Superman In You

Can you see the Superman in you? You have to start seeing yourself as a superhero. In everyday life, people have demonstrated the ability to become a superman. You see it every day, in that child that gave out a pair of his shoes to another child.

People have an enormous capacity to love. When you activate this love, as the Bible says, it will cover a multitude of sins.

Like our carton superman, his eyes can see through walls. And he has an ear that can hear deep thoughts and conversations from a distance. But you don’t need those physical attributes. You can listen to the cries of hungry children deep into the Sahara. You can feel the empty soul of the homeless.

You don’t need a cartoon character to become a superman. You are a superhero already. See it in yourself.

Action Points To Become A New Superman

To become a superman is to live with your inner man. Life of the spirit man. It’s to dominate the circumstances of your life and reign over it. You may not feel like a superman now, that’s because you haven’t activated your superhero instincts.

See how I did mine and kept it flowing every day.

Step one: find heroes to emulate. Learn everything about their successes and lifestyle. Jesus is your number one superhero. Who’s is he and how can you become like him?

Step two: Fill your heart with so much love, enough to go round to those in need around you.

Step three: be the change you want to see in the world. Most people learn faster when they can see an example. Give them your example of the Superman you want them to become.

Step four: become sensitive to the needs of other people. Be challenged by the needs of the people around you.

Step five: be a problem solver. An answer to the cries of others. Make an effort to help others even in little matters.

Step six: look out for a human need and reach out to meet that need. Don’t just wait to become aware of the problems of others. Look out for it. And reach out with help no matter how far they may be. You might be the only help they have.

Step seven: don’t fail. Never get discouraged. Believe the best of other people even when you hear the wrong things about them.

Step eight: Become a superman today. Go and be a hero to someone out there. Any act of kindness is the hero inside you that has been unleashed.


The world can be full of May superheroes. And you can be one of them. Make others glad that they have you. Be that superhero to your daughter, your son, your wife and your family.

Learn to share the love with everyone, irrespective of colour, race or tribe. Feel the pain that other ps feel. Share in their grieve and be your brother’s keeper.

The world has seen enough of evil. Let good people saturate the world with their goodness. Let’s see how much it can hurt to do much good to everybody.

Instructions For A New Superman

  1. The action Points on superheroes are not complete yet. Help us complete it by adding your point in the comment box.
  2. Make someone else believe in superheroes by being a superman that they can see.


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