How to Become A Successful LPG Consultant – Earning Millions Annually


Do you want to become an LPG consultant earning over N500,000 monthly in Nigeria? LPG or cooking gas is needed in every home and more investors want to tap this huge potential. And so they need those who can help them get started.

I know because I have been doing this since 2019. There’s growing need for LPG consultants in Nigeria. And it doesn’t require special qualification or any professional body approval.

Your job as an LPG consultant is to provide the right information and assistance to help LPG plants, either existing ones or new plants at setup stage.

But you will need to be mentored on this job by an experienced LPG consultant. All you need is the right information on what you are required to do as a consultant.

Do you know there are currently very few LPG plant installation and maintenance engineers in the country? Most consultants don’t do engineering but they outsource. Of course, you need to know the right people you can outsource your job.

Although, the practical engineering is not part of the consulting course but if you have this skill you are in money. Installation fee for a 20MT plant is between N1.5 million to N3 million. Learning the job can cost over N500,000 on apprenticeship.

✅ Who Should Take This Online Mentorship Course

You should only consider this mentorship course for these reasons only. It’s for those who are interested in LPG.

🔹️If you are a consultant in any other field
🔹️If you want to become an LPG consultant
🔹️If you hope to start LPG plant one day
🔹️If you own an LPG plant already
🔹️If you need extra income source
🔹️If you want to work in LPG plant as a manager

Furthermore, you should continue reading if you qualify for this course based on the reasons listed above.

✅ How LPG Consulting Works

LPG consulting is not entirely new but its made this popular by the emergence of LPG plants. The growth of the LPG industry and growing demand for cooking gas for domestic use is what’s creating the demand for LPG consultants.

Also, since cooking gas plant can be setup anywhere across the country, LPG consultants are needed everywhere in the country. So, there won’t be shortage of work for you.

Your job is to provide the needed guide for those starting up LPG plants and help existing ones resolve their challenges. If you know how to help them successfully, you get paid as a highly sort after LPG consultant.

✅ Target Market for LPG Consulting

Who are those to pay for your services? This should be your first consideration before you decide on my mentoring course. Here are those who would hire you as a consultant.

🔹️Those who own Existing LPG Plant
🔹️Those who want to start NEW LPG Plant

As a consultant, I have done jobs for different clients living in different countries. Many of which are Nigerians living abroad. But I have also done jobs for clients in other African countries who are not Nigerians.

✅ How Much LPG Consultants Charge

Consultancy fees are not cheap. If you have not encountered a consultant before, then the closest example I can give you are medical consultants. They are like demi-gods.

Their fees are non negotiable. They even collect appearance fee like lawyers, just to come see a patient. LPG consultants are not cheap too, but it has to be modeled according to your target market.

However, the lower the fees the less value your clients would place on you. It’s better you can deliver a very good job but your fees are high, than you charge small fee but your job sucks.

✅ Different Aspects Of LPG Consulting

If you are wondering what you will be in the consulting online mentoring courses, I have the list for you. The fees for this mentoring course are also affordable but not listen here for a reason to enable me apply special discount for the first 20 mentees. You only pay for the topic you are interested in.

So, chose your course or courses and pay for my mentorship. Duration for each course differs but most are within a week of online mentoring.

🔹️LPG Feasibility Study
🔹️LPG Setup Cost Analysis
🔹️LPG Location Assessment Study
🔹️LPG Licensing Service
🔹️LPG Real Estate Services
🔹️LPG Training Services
🔹️LPG Employee Management Resource
🔹️LPG Installation and Maintenance Services
🔹️LPG Plant Management
🔹️LPG Plant Civil Works Engineering

You can start any of these services as a consultant after the mentorship. You can also outsource those you can’t personally handle. I’m not an engineer but I can take LPG installation and maintenance job and civil works engineering.

However, specializing in some of these can help you a lot. And if you pay for 2 topics or more THIS WEEK, you will get one extra topic for free. What’s even more important is how often you can get clients. Your marketing is key to all of these.

✅ LPG Feasibility Study

Learn how to package realistic LPG business plan and Feasibility reports. You will also get a template on word or excel document to help you understand what’s required of you. An LPG business plan cost between N50,000 to N200,000.

✅ LPG Setup Cost Analysis

Nigerians always want to know the cost to startup. Although, they want it done for free. But you can get paid drafting LPG setup cost analysis. In this course I will provide you with Cost template . But always ensure your costs are current and verifiable. I charge as much as N20,000 to N50,000 to provide cost estimate.

✅ LPG Location Assessment Study

LPG plant is location based. Most times the owners may not know the value of this until their plants starts failing, after they must has invested millions into the project.

This assessment helps to identify the viability of the plant based on the proposed location and equally assess foreseeable risks to mitigate them. It’s a skill job that can earn you up to N200,000 per assessment.

✅ LPG Licensing Service

LPG plants are licensed by government. Some clients don’t want to do this on their own. They hire a consultant for it. You will learn all about the licensing , requirements, procedures, and cost implications. You can charge up to N200,000 for this service.

✅ LPG Real Estate Services

Finding the best location to setup LPG plant isn’t always that simple. You can learn all you need to find the best location for LPG plant. If you are a real estate agent this course will expose you to what’s best location for LPG plant and what meets DPR licensing requirement.

Many LPG dreams died because of inability to find suitable location. You will learn the secrets, what affects LPG location choice. What makes a location suitable. Land size and DPR requirements. And constraints with ministry of lands.

I charge N50,000 to N100,000 just to inspect location. Imagine how much you can charge finding suitable one, plus earning commission on the purchase.

✅ LPG Training Services

Training is an important aspect of any business. Training the workforce would help reduce mistakes and loses. For a start, every LPG plant would need to train its workers before employing them. You can learn how to conduct proper LPG trainings and getting paid for it.

✅ LPG Employee Management Resource

A startup plant would need to hire competent workforce. You can help them draft an employee handbook – a guide to hiring, firing and job description. This training will also provide you with a template as bonus.

✅ LPG Installation and Maintenance

Service Installation is huge and fees are determined by the installers. This course deals only on the consulting aspect. If you want to learn the practical installation see more details at the end of this post.

If you know how to install you will make more money. You can also earn as a consultant if you get installation jobs from client.

✅ LPG Plant Management

This one is huge. Most investors who are abroad would need an experienced plant manager they can TRUST. The word TRUST is key. Experience is considered lesser here than TRUST.

You need to learn how to manage LPG plant – understanding supply chain, customer support and maintenance, employees management and general administration. Also, develop a management model that works for you and your clients.

It’s the best job for a consultant. You earn with ease. And you can manage multiple plants and in different cities.

✅ LPG Plant Civil Works Engineering

This course is more suitable for construction engineers. But a non engineer can also undertake this and make good money handling projects for client as a consulting engineer.

You will need to know how to manage LPG plant projects. Different aspects of the civil works and how to source materials to reduce cost.

✅ Bonus Topic: How to Attract Potential Clients

You need to attract clients for your consulting services. There are easy ways you can start attracting these clients. If you saw this on MyBlog, that’s one of the ways I reach out to attract potential clients.

But there are other more effective ways. Spending money to advertise is not a viable option. You need to explore free publicity that’s available online and offline.

Moreover, targeting clients in your city may give you an edge over others. You will learn how to do it well and targeting the right clients.

✅ Why I Want to Mentor New LPG Consultants

You maybe wondering why I can easily give away my trade secrets that’s making me millions in income annually? Yes, I know some might think that way, but I will let you in on my limitation and why I think training others would help me more.

There are two major issue with LPG consulting – one is distance and the second one is trust. Some won’t hire you because you are not in the same city with them. While some don’t even trust you because they are scared of being scammed.

Moreover, if they ask me to recommend another consultant in their city, I usually don’t know anyone I can recommend that can do exactly what I would have done for them.

So you see, if I have you in a city I can direct most of my jobs to you and trust that you can deliver. That’s why I’m offering this Mentoring course at affordable fees.

✅ Why Buy My LPG Consultant Mentorship

Now I have made it so easy for anyone who wants to become an LPG consultant to be mentored by me. Firstly, I have made the fees affordable. I also broke it down into modules to help you access the one that applies to your current field or job description.

You can decide to buy a single module or multiple modules. Anyone that requires physical or hands-on training will be done as on the job training.

However, most of the Mentoring will be online to ease things and also speed up the learning process. But here’s why you should take my mentoring offer now:

🔹️It’s affordable now. I might change the price if more people are interested.
🔹️You need an easy additional income source that fits into your current work schedule.
🔹️Have limited number of people I want to mentor for each state
🔹️I can only handle limited number of mentees at a time.
🔹️I will also be working with my first set of mentees as my affiliate consultants in the respective states

✅ Conclusion

If you are considering this offer is, then it’s for you. Anyone can be an LPG consultant, as long as you have some sense, can travel to site location, or have prior experience in related field.

For example, a real estate agent can become an LPG real estate consultant. A mechanically engineer can become an LPG maintenance consultant. While a construction engineer can become an LPG plant civil works engineering consultant.

There are roles for everyone whose willing to try. You will be trained on how each one will be done to make you money regularly.

Chinedu David
About The Author: Chinedu David An inspiring writer with several years of experience in journalism, consulting and training. Worked with Success Digest magazine for over a decade. Founded MyStore - an online store in 2013. Trained several startup entrepreneurs in telecom sector, LPG (oil & gas), and on Cryptocurrency investment. A born again christian, who's committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion. Drop a comment below and he will respond to your query. He can also be reached via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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