How to Become A Christian Now

How to Become a Christian

Do you want to become a Christian? What do you understand by Christianity? There may be many different opinions on how to become a Christian. But there is only one way to follow that is prescribed by the Bible.

To become a Christian, you need to ask relevant questions that would help you make the right decision. You need to know who a Christian really is so that when you become one, you will understand.

Moreover, you may need to know what is required for you to become a Christian. And how long it can take for you to become one. Including, your identity as a Christian.

Although, there may be many examples of a Christian, only pattern your Christianity according to the prescribed manner. That means using only the reference sources available for Christians when making a decision about becoming a Christian.

Below is a simple guide was written to help you on how to become a Christian according to the Bible. You will learn what to do, how to do it and what happens when you do.

Understanding Real Christianity

What do you know about Christianity? You should do a detailed study of Christianity beyond just the historical stories. The Bible is the only reference book for Christians.

Books by individuals on Christianity are reference materials on subjects of the Bible they are trying to explain.

God is the focus of Christianity. But Jesus is the way to get to God. The Bible explains that Jesus came to this world and died in the place of every man and woman. It’s a substitutionary death.

This death gave birth to Christianity. Therefore a Christian is one who has accepted this substitutionary death of Christ for his or herself. And the Bible provided a guideline or how to receive this substitution for oneself.

Anyone who accepts this sacrifice that Jesus brought for sin is justified before God. And that makes them a Christian. Meaning that how to become a Christian is the most natural thing you can do.

Once you accept this substitutionary sacrifice for your sin. And believe it with all your heart, you are saved. You can find the defined process in our ACTION POINTS to follow now and become a Christian.

Challenges Of Becoming A Christian

Christianity is not a religion. But there is a religious side of Christianity. Some people are living this religious part of it and leaving out the real Christianity. Don’t confuse Christianity with orthodox Christianity.

There are different denominations in Christianity. That may give the wrong impression as well. Because each denomination may emphasise only certain aspects of the doctrine of Christ.

Also, Christianity is sometimes seen in the eyes of its leaders. Many people have described the church by the characters of those that lead it.

God is also not visible, and that is a challenge for some people. They Want to see God so they can believe. In the same way, Jesus is not physically in the world today. You may have questions about God, Jesus, heaven and hell.

Answers About Becoming A Christian

The reason for religious Christianity is to bring order in the faith. It does not replace the real Christianity. The reason for the law is not to replace the life. So is the church, to guide Christians in their faith, it does not replace faith in Christ.

It means that Christianity is not like Islam, Hindi, Buddha, etcetera. The real Christianity means Christ-like. It’s living according to the example that Jesus gave with His own life. And He is the pattern you must follow.

So, the denominations are not a full description of Christianity either. It means that each denomination is functioning according to the revelations they have of Christianity and not the whole doctrine of Christ.

Only the Bible contains the full description of the Christian life. And it’s the only reference book for a Christian.

Books that are written by Christian leaders and Pastors only help you see the light on the subject of the book. It should not replace the Bible.

A church would generally get its Pastor from among the people. God doesn’t send angels from heaven to Pastor churches.

And sometimes these Pastors are also learning about God’s ways like the congregation. You should not measure Christianity by the life of a pastor.

Jesus knew the weakness of Peter, and He still made him the head of the church. The person of the Holy Spirit is given to lead the church. And He is present in the life of every Christian to guide you into all truth.

What Is Being Born Again?

Being born again is the term that perfectly describes the experience you have when you become a Christian. I have outlined it for you, step by step on how to become a Christian in the action points.

You become a new creature because the old you have been crucified with Jesus on the cross. It’s a substitutionary death. Jesus died for you. When you accept his sacrifice, it means you also died.

By accepting this death, your proof of it is a new life that you receive. That’s what it means to be born again. It’s the result of dying on the cross and rising from the dead.

You may not be able to know all the scriptures. But you have to get used to learning about what the scripture says. And how it applies to you now as a Christian.

You begin your process by becoming a member of a church and participating in regular church services. Your membership of a local church is only mandatory after you become a Christian. It’s not how to become a Christian.

Examples Of Salvation Stories

The Bible gave us ample examples of how to become a Christian. You can reference some of these examples as well. Although, yours may not happen in the same way. But the process of salvation remains the same.

There is three example I would recommend for you, but I can only explain one in more detail on this guide.

  1. The conversion of Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9:1-31)
  2. How Cornelius got saved with his entire household (Acts 10:1-48)
  3. How a jailor got saved by Paul and Silas in prison (Acts 16:1-40)

How a Roman Centurion Was Saved

It’s the first example we got outside what transpired on the day of Pentecost. It is a classic example of a salvation story. The Bible gave us this example in the book of Acts chapter ten. It’s an entire chapter story. That gives an impression of how important this story was to God.

Cornelius was a religious man before he got born again. The Bible Description of his person is inspiring. He is devout. One who feared God with all his household. He is an almsgiver as well. But in all that, he was not saved before the eyes of God.

God couldn’t watch this man go to hell. He was so good, but he wasn’t born again. You might feel you are a perfect person, Cornelius was better.

And because the way of salvation just started, there was little information about being born again in Cornelius day. That was why God intervened. Don’t say, you are waiting for God to appear to you like He did to Cornelius. If you are reading this now, it’s your own vision from God to be born again.

Notice the message Peter preached that got Cornelius saved. It was the story of how Jesus has brought salvation to everyone. His death was a payment for your sin. And now that he lives, you also live in newness of life.

Finally, that was how Cornelius became a Christian. It was instantly as Peter was still preaching.

Action Points

Moreover, you will need to open a bible. You can download one on your phone or tablet. You can also use a paperback version. Even if you cannot place your hand on one at this moment, just follow my guidance below on how to become a Christian.

By using your own bible is just to let you see that it’s in the Bible. That I didn’t just make it up. You are going to do this step by step and mean it with all your heart.

Step one: Open your Bible to the book of Romans chapter 10, from verse 9 to 10.

Step two: if you shall confess with your mouth, the Lordship of Jesus.

Step three: And believe in your heart that God raises Jesus from the dead. The believing should come first, before the confession.

Step four: The question is, do you believe that God raised Jesus from the dead? If you do, now confess Jesus to be your lord. Just say, I ‘believe’ that God raised Jesus from the dead. And I ‘confess’ your Lordship over my life.

Note: the Bible said you will be saved when you believe it and say it. That’s how to become a Christian. You are born again once you make the confession. It means the salvation Jesus brought is now vitally yours. You may not feel like it, but it’s legally real for you now. You are now a child of God in the same way that Jesus is the son of God.

Here Is What Happened

By believing in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, you obtained the same righteousness that Jesus brought. But when you say it with your mouth, you enforced it in your life.

You have become a Christian. You can see it’s not by the membership of any church. It’s by believing in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And confessing that Jesus is now your Lord.

He takes your place on the judgement seat of God. And gave you his right standing with God.


If God made this world, then His ways should not be a religion but the way of life. Our relationship with God is not religious. But because of the sin of man, God had to provide a method of remission.

If you believe, accept and confess this provision of God in Jesus Christ, you are transported from the life of sin to a life of righteousness. God’s requirement for salvation is based on faith and proclamation. And that is how to become a Christian.

For by one man’s sin, death came into this world. Also, by one man Jesus Christ, the remission of sin was passed to everyone. In reality, everyone in the world today has committed no crime, for their sins has been remitted.

Most importantly, the Bible teaches that until you believe and affirm this righteousness from God, even though you have no sin, you will not escape the judgment of sinners.

Final Instructions

  1. Find a church where you can learn about the word of God. There is a list of churches all over the world, but you can start with the recommended churches here. Click this link to view different churches around the world – Christ Embassy, RCCG, Winners, Daystar, MFM, Lord Chosen, KICC, Deeper Life, Salvation Ministry, CAC, etcetera.
  2. Fill out the form below and let us know that you just followed this guide and now you are a Christian.


Download the book “Now that You are Born Again” click here for Adult Version or Click here for the Kid’s Version or here for the Teens Version.

Download a copy of the Bible here: King James, Rhapsody Bible, NIV, Amplified Version, Gideon’s Bible, etcetera.

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    Thank you for your write up. I would have loved to share, but there are a few things I consider your personal interpretation which however go contrary to what the Bible says…eg. the fact that everyone in the world has committed no crime, because they were justified by the death of Christ. The fact that payment has been made beforehand does not negate the fact that something has a COST. Yes, our justification is “prepaid”, but Romans3:23 says FOR ALL HAVE SINNNED AND FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD… but thank God that even before we Acknowledge our sins, and accept the offer of justification through Christ’ blood shed to pay the price of our sin, as Romans6:23 says, Even if the price were meant to pay was death, CHRIST was given as a Substitute to pay the price on our behalf…

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