How to Become a Canadian Citizen

Canadian Citizen

Do you want to become a Canadian citizen? Do you know what is needed and the procedure to follow? There is a defined process approved by the Canadian government for immigrants. But you have to meet these need to get approval.

In this personal success guide, I want to show you how you can make your dream of becoming a Canadian citizen. What the Canadian government wants from anyone seeking its citizenship.

You may think that you have a good reason for seeking to become a Canadian citizen. The government has a better idea not to approve your request. Because what they need from you and what you are offering must align. If not, they won’t grant your request.

Although, the Canadian government is most receptive to foreigner nationals. 1 in every 5 Canadian citizens is an immigrant born outside the country. More than 300,000 immigrants move to Canada every year. And you can be one of them this year.

Getting to migrate to Canada includes making sure that your application perfectly meets all the requirements before it is submitted.

How To Qualify For A Canadian Citizen?

Canada needs to balance its vast land mass and economic progress with the human population. So, over the years Canada has embarked on a structured immigration drive. This drive gives the opportunity to qualify foreign citizens to migrate to Canada.

So, Canada is looking for you. All you need to do is qualify to become a Canadian citizen. Follow the steps described in this personal guide.

Canada immigration policy gives room for almost anybody to migrate into it. If you ask me, how many can emigrate to Canada before it stops accepting more people, I would say one billion.

Because Canada is more massive than both China and India. But each of these countries has over one billion population. That is not to say Canada should accept one billion immigrants. However, that gives an idea of how much immigrants it can possibly take in.

Canada Immigration Requirements

The country has more than 60 immigration categories. With many options available, getting to Canada becomes easier. And you can work to qualify for any one of them.

Also, taking time to evaluate your eligibility for any of these categories would help you see your chances of migrating to Canada.

You can check your eligibility here on one of Canada Visa finder websites.

There are three options for the application. You choose the form that best describes your intention of migrating to Canada. The possibilities include general immigration, business immigration and family sponsorship.

Choose Your Evaluation Category Wisely

The assessment process helps you see what you qualify for. Remember that the only reason Canada admits immigrants is because they have a specific need for them. No country blatantly opens up its borders for everyone who cares to come in.

So, if they need you as an immigrant, you should see what they are looking for. That’s your entry visa to Canada. Go for your best-qualified option. It gives you more than 100 per cent chance of getting Canada immigration visa.

General Immigration Express Entry And Provinces

If you want to apply for the general immigration, you need either a professional or skilled worker. That would make your eligibility for a Canadian citizen permanent residence possible.

Also, be familiar with Canadian citizen province immigrants Requirements. The province you want to immigrate to might influence or hinder your application success. That’s what doing an assessment would help you find out. And score your skill or qualification with the right province where its needed the most.

Individual immigrants selection is based on education, training, language ability. Plus work experience, and other minor factors.

Canadian Business Immigration

Canadian citizen business immigration is only available for people with management experience. Or business owners, or those having a high net worth.

You can also increase your chance by associating with the Federal business. Or with Quebec Investor, and provincial entrepreneur programs.

Individual immigrants are evaluated based on personal net worth. Or by management experience, and other minor business factors.

Canadian Citizen Family Sponsorship

But when it comes to family sponsorship for Canadian citizen immigration, it applies only to a spouse. Those of common-law partner, dependent child(ren), and parent or grandparent.

This applies to permanent residency application and non-Canadian relatives. This one is easier to assess once the relationship is proven.

Although, sponsor’s eligibility is equally essential. A sponsor needs to be law-abiding. Having a relative means of livelihood, comfortable accommodation, good credit score, and willing to accept sponsorship.

Preparing For Canada Citizen Migration

Your preparedness to migrate to Canada would also need a real interview in a Canadian embassy close to you. You will also need an oral assessment test.

However, the oral assessment is around language proficiency. Canadian citizen immigration law required that you speak one or both of the two official languages in Canada.

These languages are part of every transactions, law and relationship communication and documentation in Canada. So, your ability to speak French is also an added advantage. And speaking both languages is a double advantage.

Canada Has Two Official Languages

A national survey estimated that more than 200 languages are spoken across Canada. But only two is officially recognised. And as you plan to become a Canadian citizen, here are some facts about Canada’s multilingual uniqueness.

● 85.6% of Canadians speak English while only 30.1% speak French.

● All public signs and documents are written in both English and French.

● Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city, only surpassed by Paris.

● 23.8% of immigrants speak English as their mother tongue.

● While 3.4% of immigrants have French as their native language.

●. 1 in every 5 people in Canada is an immigrant.

More Facts About Canada

Canada is ranked number one in overall living conditions. And the quality of life among the world’s seven major advanced economies (G7). Canada was the top destination for 2017 according to The New York Times newspaper.

See more facts as you consider to become a Canadian citizen.

✓ Canada is one of the most multicultural countries in the world.

✓ It has world-class universities.

✓ Universal health care system.

✓ Including clean and friendly cities.

✓ (according to Forbes and Bloomberg), it’s the best G20 country to do business

✓ Plus it has one of the best public school systems in the world.

Canada is also the home of the most famous mobile phone, the blackberry phone. However, Canada’s low population is one of its weaknesses. And a primary reason it has kept its doors open for immigrants.

Canada Population And Economy

One of the primary reasons Canada is allowing immigrants is purely for economic reasons. Canada is the second largest country in the world. But with a population that is too small compared to its size.

According to reports, over 40 of the United Kingdom can fit into Canada. One of Canada province, the British Columbia is more massive than New Zealand. Yet, Canada is only over 36 million in population as of 2016.

Toronto, which is the largest city in Canada has the highest population of 2.6 million. While Montreal’s community is around 1.6 million people.

The country’s monetary unit is the Canadian dollar (Can$). One Canadian dollar equals 100 cents. There are coins of 1, 5, 10, and 25 cents as well as 1 and 2 dollar coins. But its paper currency comes in denominations of Can$1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100.

The chief exports are motor vehicles and parts, newsprint, wood pulp, timber, crude petroleum. Also, machinery, natural gas, aluminium, telecommunications equipment, electricity.

But the chief imports are machinery and equipment, crude oil, chemicals. Also, motor vehicles and parts, durable consumer goods, electricity.

However, it’s gross domestic product stands at US$722.3 billion (purchasing power parity, 1999 est.).

You can read more here as well.

Action Points

Step one: Do a free Canada immigration assessment. It will help to see which of the 60 immigration categories you qualify for and can apply to get to Canada.

Step two: Get the necessary requirements. Be ready for your Canadian citizen application based on your assessment result.

Step three: Make provision for all financial requirements for visa application. Things like flight ticket, visa fee and extra funds for contingencies.

Step four: Prepare for your oral interview. The government has an oral test Centre’s approved in foreign countries whose citizens are seeking Canadian citizen migration visa.

Step five: Choose the right time to apply. The winter period is right for immigration application. During November and December period. The Canadian government receives fewer immigration requests during winter. Applying at this time increases your chance of approval.

Step six: Choose the province to apply. The cold regions usually have fewer visitors during winter. Applying to migrate to a cold region increases your approval. However, you should apply to the province directly, instead of to the Canadian embassy. The province will now send your application to the central Embassy for processing.

Pass your interview and get your travel permit to become a Canadian citizen.


You can become a Canadian citizen if you go about it the right way. Even though Canada has an open immigration policy, it’s not admitting just anybody that wants to come into the country.

There is a right way to apply. You need to meet specific requirements for migration. And your application must be for a particular class of immigration to qualify you.

All these are basic for the Canadian citizen migration process.

Final Instructions

  1. Prepare for the oral proficiency test. It’s mandatory for Canadian citizen immigration.
  2. Find a sponsor or have enough funds to finance your movement to Canada.
  3. Also, moving as a family is more natural, but both spouses must be eligible as well.
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