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How Social Media Marketing Work For SMEs

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Have you ever wondered why your social media marketing efforts may not be yielding the right result? You are probably using social media the wrong way. But in this article, I’m going to help you understand how to use the different platforms to convene your message effectively.

You need to approach each platform differently. Even though they are all social platforms, the way they resonate with users differs with each platform.

Think about what and how each users in the differently platforms react or relate with information. That’s what makes each social media platform unique. If you notice that you don’t seem to like any particular platform, it may be because the kind of information they post doesn’t resonate with you.

Tips On Social Media Marketing

Think of social media as a culture, and marketing as a way of life. Each culture represents a certain way of life of the people that practice that culture. Even though you may not like some cultures, it doesn’t make them bad. There are those who relish them.

And if you try to relate with each social media platform based on its unique culture, you will gain more from it.

Have you wondered why it’s easier to get likes on Facebook than on twitter or Instagram? Yet when it comes to retweet or sharing, Twitter users seems to do it more.

You need to know that to tap into the viral influence of each social media platforms you need to play by its unique culture of posting the kind of information in a way they appreciate them.

Let’s even explore each of the popular platforms and identify how to use them effectively.

Blog Media Marketing

Although blogs are a different kind of social media marketing, they still fall within that category. It’s a platform to share information with potential followers. And users can like, share and also comment on blog posts.

But blog posts are slightly different from other social media posts. I mean, blog followers have their reason for following blogs, just as users follow other social media platforms.

The concept of a good blog is to address particular problems users have, and with extra more details users find real helpful in order to inspire continuous following. For example, a blog post can have articles like 5 steps to mastering how to sleep without pills.

Facebook Profile Page Marketing

Facebook is unarguable the largest social media in the world. But it still has its own unique rules. Unlike the blogs, trying to answer to people’s problems may not get you good following like in blogs.

You need to learn the Facebook culture to create engaging contents that gets users attention. Facebook is more of the me kind of thing. The things I love. And that’s also how the post goes. People post the things they love.

For example, Facebook post an be something like this, I love me!

Twitter For Social Media Marketing

And when it comes to tweets, that’s the reporter of the social media kingdom. Even when it was just text only, things didn’t slow down. Now it includes pictures and videos as well.

People who use twitter post what they are doing as they are doing them. That’s how twitter works. It’s a reporters kind of socialism. You tell it as it’s happening live, like a breaking news of your life.

A good example is, I’m eating roasted plantain. You give an update of what you are doing when you are doing them.

YouTube Videos Marketing

When it comes to YouTube, it’s a bit different. Even though YouTube it’s not the only video platform, but it does video in a unique way. That’s why users throng the platform for more videos.

Think of it this way, it’s a social media platform where you show followers how you are doing something in order to learn from you. It takes the form of a blog. But this time, it addresses users problems with your home grown solution.

A good way to explain this is to give users something to watch and learn how you like to swim in a shark infested ocean. That’s terrifying right? People post even more weird videos on YouTube.



Instagram Social Media Marketing

When it comes to Instagram, it’s not really all that different from Facebook and twitter but it does have its own unique feel as well. Instagram is for pictures and video snippets. But it has a way it’s being presented to appeal to its audience.

If you have been doing it the same way you post on Facebook, you might be doing it wrongly. Getting users to engage with what appeals to them is the primary role of social media. And for Instagram it’s about pictures or videos of what you are about to do.

People post what they are about doing. That’s why Instagram has more advertising appeal than twitter. It’s gets your interest in what is about to happen. And that makes you want to be a part of it.

Imagine if you posted a picture with a caption, here is the picture of a beautiful red dress I’m about to buy from MegaStore. And you include a hashtag #RedDress #MegaStore to further connect people who may also be following red dress or megastore.

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

If you are not a professional of any kind you may not be using LinkedIn social media platform. But it’s one of the most effective platform to socialize with your kind. Other social media platforms can have mixed persona. LinkedIn can help you keep your co-workers, bosses, companies you might want to work for in the future connected.

It has a definite focus. It’s about professionals. So, it’s not surprising if what resonates with users is all about your skill set.

And that’s probably what many on LinkedIn want to hear, more than what you ate for dinner yesterday. They want you to show off your new skills, what you are working on now and what brand do you represent.

A good example will be, my skills include the art of bead making.


You may be posting whatever you like on the social media platforms you use, but you can see that there’s some differences in how all these platforms connects. That doesn’t change the fact that you may still post the things you love tomorrow.

But I want you to see how you can improve your social media engagement by posting what resonates with each platform, rather than posting the same content in all the platforms.

Moreover, one thing you must understand is that you should use social media to further your course, rather than play along with folks. The more you use each platform well, the better the response you get from your followers.

You may have heard of viral contents. They don’t just become viral because people choose to share them. The viral nature was triggered by using social media well.

Chinedu David
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