How I Started My First Blog – The Lessons And Missteps

My first blog

My Blog biography is not very encouraging at first. But I can help you push beyond your discouragement. I had tried over 10 years ago to start my first blog.

Finally now I did. It was a very costly experience. Because I didn’t know much about blogging. But you can learn from my first blog experience and avoid my mis-steps.

My first blog experience was a disaster. I probably thought because I can write I could just take off. But with practically no knowledge of online blogging.

I was writing for a local business newspaper then. So, my thinking was that I could replicate what I had in the newspaper on my blog.
But that didn’t go very well.

How I Started My First Blog

It started with a course I attended with my boss. The publisher of the paper. It was titled “Internet Booth Camp”.

That was my first time of attending any training on the internet.
I was so inspired about the potentials of the internet. And made up my mind, I was going to tap into it.

However, the course I participated in at the booth camp was how to write attention grabbing headlines. It wasn’t about Blog.

In fact, the knowledge of Blog was relatively too low at that time. But I still thought I could start one.

I like the idea of pioneering. It gives me some sense of leadership.
I was already enjoying growing readership. Being the editor of the telecom section of the paper, I was popular among the readers.

The GSM technology was just launched in the country. And many people wanted to understand how they can tap into the opportunities.

Here I was, the inspiration to entrepreneurs. But I wanted more. I wanted to reach more people. And there were not many platforms available to me.

The internet potential was a huge dream then. But I loved the challenge. I already knew my need in that area when I got into it.

My First Blog:

I started with blogger.com. And there was a simple reason I did.
It just made sense to me then to be on google own product. I wanted google to love my blog. The thought was that google would favour my blog because I was using their product.

In fact, that was a misconception then for some beginner’s like me. Because there was little knowledge about how google rank websites.

But I must confess, I didn’t like blogger.com. It wasn’t user friendly for me. Or may be because I wasn’t familiar with blogging then.

My first misstep was how to even setup the blog. I got stuck then and abandoned it half way. And didn’t go back to it for a while.

That was how my first blog attempt was aborted.

Although, I did try again and even again. All on the same platform, blogger.com. Until I finally gave up when I couldn’t even remember my blog account login details.

My First Blog on WordPress:

Oh, this was another inspiring experience. The one I remembered vividly. Most of my experiences with blogger.com I didn’t remember. May be because they were few.

But with WordPress it’s still fresh as breeze.

My first encounter with WordPress was inspired by an article. This article explained all the different blog platforms. And positioned WordPress as the best of them.

I thought then, something must be wrong with blogger.com?

That was how I visited WordPress. I was still not experienced with blogging. My first blog there was still about my write ups on ‘Success Digest’.

But this time, I was not having user experience problems. It was easy to use. I saw the first blog post by WordPress and I was inspired to drop a few posts as well.

I wrote several posts after that. And everyday I would visit the blog. I didn’t know how to gauge readership. So I could only check for comments.

And there was none. It was discouraging. I wanted to see my information devoured by online readers. It felt like what I was writing wasn’t good enough.

I Almost Gave Up

After a while, I didn’t even remember I had a blog.

Several months later, I visited my blog. There were few comments there. Mostly from my readers who found my writings online.

Few months later, I got banned by WordPress. As a beginner I didn’t even understand what I might have done wrong. But I did something wrong.

I was using the free WordPress blog. Because I didn’t know there was another WordPress.

So, I got banned probably for some commercial intentions of mine. And I didn’t have the opportunity to redress my misstep.

So, I was asked to download my files. I didn’t understand what to do with the downloaded files either.

Now, I was no longer interested in blogging. I went on social media. And Facebook didn’t even wait for me before changing their algorithm.

My First Near Successful Blog:

But I had to come back to blog again. I had to. My writing experience was growing. I have written two books. And as I look for how to promote my books, sharing it with blogs became an option.

Surprisingly, my first blog wasn’t a blog to promote my books.
It also didn’t start out quite right. I still had some issues I didn’t quite understand. But I was prepared to learn this time.

The setup of my blog had a little issue. I wanted a premium theme. And I got one though. But I haven’t installed a theme before. I wanted to outsource.

Later, I changed my mind and did it myself. I needed to gain that experience. So, I looked out for resource on the seller support page. And I set it up.

This time, I knew about SEO, which I didn’t know before. But implementation is not my expertise yet. I haven’t done SEO before on my own.

Learning to Do-It-Myself:

I wanted to outsource it but finding out the long term cost, then hanged my mind. SEO is not a one-off thing.

You can’t continue to outsource SEO throughout the life of your blog.
So, I needed to learn it for myself. And you too should. That is even why I started this blog and not a blog to promote my books.

It wasn’t like I have now mastered blogging. I’m still learning when I started. And I haven’t stopped learning. SEO is a growing innovation.
And something was different this time. I have learnt somethings about starting a Profitable Blog. I have mentors now. Those who have done it before me.

Some of my mentors I merely read their blogs. Others I bought their ebooks. And got trained by just one of them. I will talk about those I consider mentors in my blog life.

Neil Patel is definitely one of them. Jim also taught me a lot around search engine optimization. The rest I read so much blogs to gin any experience I felt was lacking. 

My Early Blog Stats:

You need to see the stats for my first blog. I didn’t do anything special. But the same simple things I have been showing you in my blog.

It’s important to know that you need to learn from those who are doing it right.

Blogs are not successful because you want them to be. It happens by the right application of revealed principles and means.

The mentors you choose defines the kind of success you want to see. I choose my mentors based on their abilities to grow successful blogs on organic web traffic.

My blogs are also built from the scratch on SEO strategy. I have patience. I can wait for things to start happening.

If you have a dream to start your own blog, think the SEO strategy. It will outlast every other strategy. Like what Wall Street is to the stock market.

My Startup Blog Advice:

Start now. Don’t wait another day. But most importantly, mark blogs where you are learning how to grow your blog.

Join our mailing list. Signup for the free email training. Get some of our books. Learn as a beginner.

If you open your mind to learn and apply what you learn, you will grow a successful blog faster.

When I read any information on blogging, it’s to apply it on my blog. I learn to use immediately. That helps me focus on those I can apply.

If I find one that I couldn’t apply immediately, I mark it for further study. I want to know more so I can fully understand and apply it as well.

My Conclusion

I also comment below posts I read for two reasons. One is to appreciate the writer. And my second reason is if I want to ask questions.

I discovered it’s the fastest way to get an expert advice for free. Every blogger want to see comments on their post.

This shows that it was useful for someone. And they can identify that someone. It also makes you a friend of the blogger. It’s not so easy to make friends online. But comments opens up that path.

Finally, learn to mail the blogger through their advertised email. Blogs are a kind of Microsystems. They are run mostly by one person.

You may just be writing directly to the owner. They are usually glad to help beginners. And you can’t imagine how much personal information you can get from a friendly email like that.

Chinedu David
About The Author: Chinedu David An inspiring writer with several years of experience in journalism, consulting and training. Worked with Success Digest magazine for over a decade. Founded MyStore - an online store in 2013. Trained several startup entrepreneurs in telecom sector, LPG (oil & gas), and on Cryptocurrency investment. A born again christian, who's committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion. Drop a comment below and he will respond to your query. He can also be reached via email: nedu@myblog.com.ng or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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    I think a lot of bloggers first started with Google owned platforms. I did with blogger before moving to self-hosted wordpress myself in the beginning!

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