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How Do You Earn With Position Exchange?

earn with position exchange

If you are new in crypto, you may not fully know the huge potential of opportunities as presented by Position Exchange. But let me explain it briefly for you.

✅ What’s Position Exchange?

It’s simply a decentralized exchange. Which means you can trade any type of crypto on Position Exchange. You can see it as Binance of decentralized exchange. That means you don’t need to buy your cryptos from other exchanges like PancakeSwap anymore.

✅ What’s POSI Token?

POSI is a native token of Position Exchange ecosystem. You start your investment in Position Exchange by owing some POSI token. There’s no minimum of POSI you can own. Buy as much as you can afford.

✅ Brief Facts About POSI Token

?️It has only 100 million tokens in total
?️Less than 15% of it is currently in circulation (in September 5th, 2021)
?️The current price is around $7.4 (in September 5th, 2021)
?️It’s just 5 weeks old (in September 5th, 2021)

✅ How Do You Buy POSI?

POSI is available option buy on Position Exchange app. You can use the link provided here to buy POSI token with either your Traustwallet or Metamask wallet. You can also buy POSI on Lbank exchange and other exchanges that will soon be listing POSI.
POSI is also available from PancakeSwap. But the best place I recommend you buy POSI is on Position ex hanger app. Use link.

✅ Steps to Buy POSI Token On Position Exchange

?️Click on the POSI link to connect with your wallet, or copy and paste into your DApp browser
?️Select bsc Smart chain network
?️Connect your wallet address with the App
?️Click on the Menu icon
?️Select “Exchnage”
?️Enter the number of POSI you want to buy below
?️Above select the token you want to use in payment
?️Click on swap
?️Verify your order and confirm
?️Confirm to Make network payment

✅ How Do You Earn Money With POSI?

Position Exchange provides several products in its ecosystem that can earn you more POSI. Here are a few operational ones.

?️POSI Staking Pool
?️POSI LP Farm
?️POSI NFT Marketplace
?️POSI Derivatives Trading Protocol

Each of the products has daily earning power for your POSI. You can earn up to 1,000% APR from your POSI token depending on the pool you choose to invest your POSI.

Once you follow the process to stake your POSI in any of the pools available on the App you will start earning more POSI immediately. And you can harvest your earnings, sell it and send the money to your bank account.

✅ Steps to Earn More POSI

?️click on the menu icon
?️Select the pool you want to invest your POSI token
?️options to choose from (Pool, Farm, NFT and Trading)
?️For single Pool, select pool, approve POSI Staking, enter POSI to stake and stake it
?️For Farm, select Farm, approve POSI farm, create LP token pair (see how to create LP token), add your LP and start farming
?️For NFT Pool, buy your NFT, approve POSI NFT, select NFT and stake

✅ Conclusion

You can watch the following videos to help you understand some of the processes to invest your POSI in the pools.

?️Watch how to buy POSI
?️Watch how to stake POSI in single pool
?️Watch how to Farm POSI LP token

? POSI contract on BscScan:
? Name: Position Token
? Symbol: POSI
? Decimal: 18

? To swap, stake or farm POSI copy Link below paste in your Trust Wallet DAPP to connect to Position Exchange

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