How Blogs Work – The Whole Truth!

How Blogs work

For you to understand how Blogs Work, you must know what blogs are. If you want to start a blog, you need more than the gift of writing. You must play the game of blogging. And it’s not that simple.

Blogging is work. You need to be willing to put in some time into it. An excellent blog post is not just pieces of words put together to express a thought. It must prove its authority to search engines. Before it ever gets to be read by human beings.

That is where a blog stands itself out from any other article.

So, I will give you a different definition of a blog. A blog is useful information that provides a solution that search engines are willing to index for future reference.

Your blog must meet this criterion to be worth investing your time on. You must query it. Does it contain useful information? That provides a solution to people? And will search engines want to index it for future reference?

Also, see how some view a blog:

  • A blog is a single page of entries – with archives of older entries. But the “blog homepage” is all anyone cares.
  • A blog is also organised in reverse-chronological order. Mostly, starting from recent entry to least recent.
  • A blog is a public document — anyone can see it or browse through it.
  • The entries in a blog may come from a single author. That’s How Blogs Work.

Interestingly, a blog is a lot like an online journal or diary. The authors can talk about anything they want. Most blogs are full of interesting links that the author has found. Blogs usually contain stories or snippets of details that are interesting to the author.

Some blogs to have a focus. A blogger can choose any topic and start blogging about it. The focused blogs share essential information that can even save lives. Others give out helpful tips or ideas that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Generally, blogs have become the source of most important solutions anyone can find online.

What Makes Blogs Powerful

Since the beginning of the world, information has been a powerful tool. Countries went to war due to information passed down to them. The different religion of the world began with information.

The academic system structures are around information. So, knowledge is the most powerful tool in the world today. It’s the only tool for influencing humans.

That makes Blogs powerful. Every blog is a tool for information sharing. That power of influence is in every blog.

How Blogs Work As Content Platforms

By the definition of a blog, it’s a platform. A platform is a place or an opportunity to express One’s opinion or thoughts. A blog gives you a platform to share your thoughts with the rest of the world.

It’s a position of leadership. You are vested with the power to influence others.

And that makes niche blogs authorities in their fields. You are helping others learn what you know. It attracts people to you. And makes you a point of reference.

You are not just a blogger anymore. But a decision maker in that niche. It puts you in the same shoes as politicians, musicians, writers, social influencers, etc. You can shape the course of events.

And make history what you want it to be. That is how Blogs Work.

Why Search Engines Love Blogs

The nature of blogs makes them lovable by search engines like Google. Each blog has the potential to assemble exclusive contents. And present them as an authoritative view on the subject.

And search engines are simple platforms for connecting people with the information they are searching. The search engines themselves don’t have data.

So, they seek information from blogs. The simple reason they love blogs.

Search engines need the information contained in blogs to provide answers to search requests. When a request is posted on a search box, it presents variable links as solutions.

In those links, one of them could be your blog.

Search engines index contents based on related topics and keywords. When a request sent contains associated keywords to that topic, the search engine displays links to sites that include those variables.

How Blog Optimization Works

That is also how blog optimisation works. To get your blog indexed by search engines, you optimise your contents to contain information relating to defined keyword variables to popular search requests.

This process may involve several aspects of content packaging. Which may include, writing structure, reference sources, readability style, relative subject, and most importantly giving search engines access to index it.

There is basic search engine optimisation strategy practised by many bloggers. You can also read my post on “How to create Stuff that Google wants to rank“. I also have an ebook on the subject, that gives detail strategy on how I achieve 80 per cent of my Google ranking success using the same basic SEO strategy.

For your blog to attracts lots of visitors, it must be showing up on search engines most searched keywords.

Imagine being ranked top on Google for keywords that get over one million searches per month. That would skyrocket your blog from an ordinary startup to an overnight success.

Understanding Blog Marketing

The real concept of the blog is marketing. It’s a marketing tool. Just in the same way as TV and newspaper. Most of the information on a blog are advertorials. They are promoting a product or a service.
Sometimes, they link visitors to their blogs to services provided by other sources.

The primary purpose of a blog is two things. First to provide useful information. And secondly to make it accessible to others.

The way a blog can achieve this is through marketing.

So, a blog is a marketing platform for the vision or ideas of the blogger. Even the information on a blog it’s a product on display. Bloggers can turn information on their blogs to sell anything.

For example, if you have a blog post that is already ranking high on Google, you can turn it into blog marketing page.

Advertisers can pay to have a link to their websites on that page. If that page ranked for a high volume keyword, companies would spend millions of dollars to dominate that page.

How Blogs Work In Marketing

A Blog is a content carrier. That makes them advert platforms. Businesses promote and advertise their products using blogs.
It can be blogs owned by the business. If it’s blogs owned by other people, the business owner is paying the bloggers to promote his product.

In the same way that advert platforms like Google, Facebook, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Washington Post, and every other news platform projects adverts to people; that’s also how Blogs project Your adverts.

Blogs are even more powerful. They can retain that information forever. A single promotional content advert on a blog can keep driving massive tons of visitors to your business.

Advertising on Blogs is actually a better ad investment than TV and newspapers. Not even Facebook or Google can match the advertorial power of blogs.

How Blogs Work in Growing Your Business

Your business needs online visibility. And the fastest way to gain that is with blogs. Search engines rank blogs higher because it recognizes them as content platforms. It’s also the reason most developers are using WordPress even for normal websites.

And having a blog on your website can improve your site ranking on search engines. Most businesses now include a blog as a page on their website.

Some partner with bloggers to carry their contents and link back to them.

Every online business should invest in blog marketing. The mostly used blog marketing strategy by online businesses is affiliate marketing.

While affiliate would give your business a cheaper entry cost, you pay huge junk of commission to bloggers.

You can also pay to have your website link on blog posts that are already ranking top in search engines. That’s the fastest way to get more traffic to your online business. The huge traffic will pay up for the cost of advertising eventually.

How Bloggers Get Paid

The first thing to consider about bloggers is what they do. A blogger is someone who writes blogs.

He may be writing full time or on spare time. But to be a successful blogger, you must give considerable time to your blog. The amount of time may be controlled by you.

You can decide to do 2 hours of your time weekly. That’s up to you. And it also depends on what you may be blogging about.

Although, there is so much work in blogging. But you can outsource all those time-consuming jobs. And focus only on writing your blog posts.

I do all the jobs for my blog. I’m not yet outsourcing because my blog is still growing. But in the future, I may consider outsourcing.

However, one of the popular ways bloggers get paid is through affiliates programs. There are many affiliate programs available on the internet. You can sign up for some of them.

Choose the affiliates that compliment the content of your blog, for example, if your blog is about blogging, you need affiliates in hosting, domain name, plugins, themes, and those services that compliment your blog niche.

You can also advertise for others on your blog. Or join Google Adsense. A lot of blogs earn huge income from Google Adsense.

Another source bloggers earn money is by selling their own products. Most blogs where setup to sell the products of the blogger. You can also package your experience into a product and sell it on your blog.

How Do I Make Money From A Blog?

There are three known revenue models for blogs. You can choose any one of them or combine all of them together.

Most blogs only earn revenue from adverts. It’s the easiest way to earn money from your blog. You just position your Adsense codes in selected areas of your site. As your traffic grows, your Ad revenue grows.

Another revenue source for your blog can be affiliates. You can have as many affiliates on your blog. You register with your preferred affiliates and link your affiliate codes to texts in your blog posts.

The more sales you generate for the affiliate the more commission you receive.

The third one is selling products on your blog. You can sell products you produce or products you sourced from online stores. Usually stores from China or eBay vintage products.

But if you are selling your own product, that makes it exclusive to your blog. Exclusive products will give your blog some viral advantage over the competition. That’s why most bloggers create their products and sell on their blogs.

Finally, My Personal Idea of How Blogs Work

It’s simple because you have just read my blog. Now you know how Blogs Work. All you have to do is pay me for taking time to put all the information together for you.

And I’m only asking for a payment with your comment below. Let me know how much you have gained from this article. And that will serve as a payment for me. Cheers!

Chinedu David
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