Why Did God Create The World?

God create the world

Why God Made The World Is Gods Business? Although, I’m only going to try to find reasons for God, but at the end what He wanted is simply up to Him. I personally love what God did, and so should you. Most of this stories, details, and insight into why God created this world are all in the Bible.

The Bible is the books on the mind of God. It gives details of the what, how, when and why’s of God. Although, the Bible didn’t specifically tell us why God created the world, but it gave us enough reasons as to why He did.

There are several truths in the Bible that points us to why God created man. In the book of Genesis, the Bible only gave details of what God created. In fact, the creation in Genesis is actually a recreation of the world God had created before.

There was a world Lucifer was in charge of before his rebellion. So, the creation in Genesis, isn’t the first time for God. The question then is why? If this earth isn’t the first one, why did God created this world? Why would He keep creating the earth even after the first one was destroyed?

And the Bible even told us of a new heaven and a new earth? Which raises more concern about why God keep creating the world.

As the records are showing, this is not going to be the last earth, then there is a reason God have to have earth in existence. And that is also the reason he had to fix the problem of the sin of man.

The Bible testified that God made man for His pleasure. Even as the book of Hebrews shows that without faith it’s impossible to please God. Which also refers to pleasures. But the question is what kind of pleasures? What does God derive from creating the world?

Some are of the opinion that God created man because man is the only one that is like God. That’s not entirely true. It’s true that man is the only one of God’s creation that’s like God, but that’s not the reason God made the world. Because that’s not the reason He made the first earth.

In that first earth there was no man in God’s image. That was why God specifically said when He was creating man, “let us make man in our image and likeness”. It was a testimony to the fact that there was nothing like man in God’s image before Adam.

It wasn’t a desire for man to worship Him. God is already enjoying worship before man was made. And when Adam came on the scene God never said anything to him about worshipping Him.

In fact, The most important instruction God gave Adam, was not even the forbidding tree, but to have dominion. He gave man dominion over the earth. So, it wasn’t a desire to enjoy worship.

Then, there must be something hidden in this desire of God. The earth shouldn’t have been made for no purpose. God didn’t just waste all that six days, which is actually 6,000 years in Gods time, creating an earth He doesn’t even need. God did a thousand years work in one day. No wonder the Bible said He sees the end from the beginning.

The real purpose for creating the earth is for God to show forth His glory. And I think that’s remarkable. I know there are several understanding of the glory of God, but one important ingredient of this glory is the word of God.

And Jesus gave us a description of the word in an active form: “the words that I speak to you they are spirit and they are life”. God’s word is exalted above every revelation of His name. Even Jesus was given a name that is above every name, but not above the word of God. Nothing is above the word of God. And the reason is simple, everything that God is and will ever be is from His word.

And when God speaks, life is formed out of His spoken word. This life forms are creations. God creates things every time He speaks. Read through scriptures and you will find every time God spoke something happens.

The angels and the entire universe came from God’s spoken words. So, creation is what God normally do. And for God to keep speaking, He needed a place to put the creations of His word. He had to set things in order, so that when He speak it will be only what is needed and useful for someone.

The Bible gave us one of His characteristics as a God of order. And if you read throughout scriptures, God was always mindful of His words. He chooses His words carefully. The Bible even warned us that we will give account of every idle word that we speak. The term ‘idle’, is indicative of the trouble those words could have created.

Jesus even told us that we would have whatsoever we say. And that is not just a promise of good things, it’s also a warning of the consequences of bad things that we say. And that implies that we are in the same class as God. If we have whatever we say, it means whatever we say must surely come to pass, weather we believe it or not – even if we don’t remember ever saying those things.

The Bible told us that God’s word doesn’t return to Him void. And the earth was created by God as a place to put His words. If you have noticed, since the world began, There has not been a record of what God said that is not in direct relation to the earth. The earth is the place of His words.

And if you don’t know the importance of God’s word, then you need to know. God prolongs His life by His word. If God would stop speaking He will cease to exist. Jesus told us that God’s word is life.

Speaking the word is what makes it life. And the prophets told us concerning the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, that when He sees His seed He shall prolong His days. The seed is the word of God,

Jesus told us that. And the Bible called Jesus the word of God made flesh. And we are born by the seed of Christ. That made us the seed that is prolonging His days. We are important to God. He created this world because He needs us to prolong His days. That is why when this world ends, another one will begin. And we will live forever.

No wonder Jesus said, I have come that they might have life more abundantly, to over flowing. The life of the word is not stagnant. That is why when Adam was cut off from God, who is the word, it became possible for him to die.

The same thing happened to Jesus on the cross when He became sin, He was separated from God. And that made it possible for Him to die.

In one of the epistles of John, he wrote, “if you have the son, you have life. But if you have not the son, you have not life”. There is no life without the word. God told joshua, this book of the law should not depart from your mouth. The more joshua could say it the more he had the result of life. Everything in this world was designed to keep the word in its life source.


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