Success Marketing Guide for Startups

What Do You Want Most in Life? 

Let me ask you this again, and I’m rephrasing it. What is the Most Important Thing You Want in Life?

If I heard you correctly, your answer is, to be SUCCESSFUL! You may not quite say it that way. You may say, I want to be very rich. Or I want to be a multimillionaire. Or even, I want to be the greatest singer of all time! All that sounded just like one word, SUCCESS!

Note: What I’m sharing with you here is from my SUCCESS MARKETING GUIDE FOR STARTUPS!.

Everybody just like you want to be successful. It’s the primary desire of any one of the 7 billion people on the face of the earth. But why are we not all successful, if that’s what we want the most? 

The answer is simple – success is not easy. Yes, it’s not easy. Now, you are wondering if you are ever going to be successful. In fact, you know how hard it was for you to even qualify for anything in life. Even your life now doesn’t seem any closer to ever going to see success. 

But wait a minute. I only said success is not easy. I never said it’s not possible. In fact, it’s not just likely, it’s pretty simple! 

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But you need to read this first: How to be Successful in Business. 


How Much Do You Want To Be Paid?

Imagine you want a raise in your income but can’t get it. So many people are in that situation right now, including you. You want more, but you don’t get more. You think it’s unfair. 

You may even be working so hard to earn more money. But all that effort seem to be a waste somehow. And the question now on your lips is, why?

Why are you not getting what you want? Why can’t you get good pay? And Why is your business not doing well? The answer is here if you want more you have to become more!

That doesn’t sound like what you used to know. You are used to asking for more even when you can not get more. But here you are on MyBlog, and I’m saying you have to be more to get paid more. 

Yes, a thousand times yes! If you are the best, you will get paid the best fees. If you have the best product in the market people will pay more to buy it. But how do you become more so that you can get paid more?

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Do What The Rich Do

If your most important need in life is to be successful, what do you do about it! Are you going to treat it as a problem? Or do you explain it away like an excuse? I think I know what you should do. And if you act fast, you will be on your way to success.

Study what the rich are doing to be rich. The most critical decision you have to make is to get more out of your time. If you don’t know, time is the number one limit on your income. 

The poor are bad managers of time. And I don’t mean arriving late to a meeting, or not using more of your time to make money. No! I mean not getting more money out your time. 

Everyone has limited time in a day. Both the rich and the poor get the same amount of time. But at the same time, the rich make millions. While the poor make wages. 

And because your time is limited, so is your income. You need to put yourself in the position where creating wealth is possible. And I recommend starting your own business. See this article as well: How to start a business. 


What is Your Business?

If you are wondering why I always ask you a question, then you are beginning to understand my point. Because only you can answer the question correctly, you actually wanted me to explain. 

But I guess you won’t answer this one correctly. Because I already know what your answer will be. Like, I’m a builder. If you are in the building business. Or I’m a musician if you are involved in the music business. 

All of it is fine. But none of that is your actual business. That may be what people know your business to be, but that’s not your business. Many companies fail in the first 3 years of their life for this same reason. YOU MUST KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

It’s not like they didn’t know what business they were into, but they failed anyway. If you remember NOKIA CEO statement: We didn’t do anything wrong. It didn’t stop Nokia from winding up. But I will tell you what your business is…

If I tell you that my business is blogging, what part of blogging actually brought you to visit this page? Now you know the answer – MARKETING!

You wouldn’t know me or MyBlog if marketing didn’t bring you here. So, my number one business is ‘success’ marketing. I’m marketing MyBlog. And so are you. You are a MARKETER! 

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What is Your Product?

I don’t mean to ask you many questions, but this one is too important. Every business has a product. In fact, one of the first key “Ps” of marketing is PRODUCT.  That means it comes before everything else. 

You don’t have a business if you don’t have a product. That’s how important your product is. But the real question is, what is your product? 

If your answer is diapers, because you are in the diaper business, then you are wrong. That is the result of your product. A famous Japanese auto company, Toyota uses the motto: Good product, good thinking. 

It emphasises the importance of right thinking in making good products. Which means the product already existed in someone’s thoughts. And in this case, your thoughts. So, if you don’t live the business doesn’t exist. That makes you the primary product of your business. 

When you see yourself this way, you will place more value on yourself. And you will also value the investment of training yourself to be the best in what you do. Because you’re worth more than a piece of product, like Toyota. 

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How Good is Your Product?

And that brings you to the real question: how good is the product? How good are you that wants to be successful? If you are the product, why should anyone buy you? What are you good for that is better?

If you want to know how good the product is, check what you have learned in the past few months. Have you learned something new? What specific knowledge have you acquired about your business? 

You have to make the product excellent. Good enough to be the best in the world. Think like an athlete. The product gets better by training. Even if you don’t think that you are good enough to start a business, you can train for it. 

Tiger woods trains for as long as six hours per day. That’s six hours devoted to training for a game he is already the best. You need to spend time daily on personal development and training. Business is a learnable skill. 

If nothing is working in your business, maybe it’s not the business but you. You are the root of your success. And if the source is not good enough, the company will not be good. You don’t need hot business ideas. If you grow, your business will grow with you. 

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How to Copy the Rich

Now that you have made up your mind to become successful, copy the rich. That’s what makes success simple. It’s only hard when you don’t know what to do. Because success is built into everyone. 

Business is a learnable skill. Successful people have successful habits. Human beings are products of habits. You become who you are today by your habits. To become whomever you want to be you need training. 

Learn what the rich know that makes them successful. That’s means you need to understand how the wealthy invest and what they invest into. For example, the rich get rich doing only one business. 

That is why you know Microsoft business with Windows. The rich focus on only one business until they become rich. The apply the power of focus, not only to achieve their dream but to do it faster. Starting multiple businesses can dissipate your efforts and drown your business. 

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