How to Get 2 Years Employment Visa to Work And Live Abroad

You may be wondering is that possible? Yes, very possible. Although it might cost more than regular visa, but this opportunity is borne due to the increase on employment vacancies in some countries in the world.

Recently, restaurants in Canada demanded the country’s immigration office to allow them hire more immigrates to work in their restaurants from outside Canada. This kind of demand is increasing in most countries in UAE, Europe and U.K.


Employment visa means that you have a job waiting for you at the country you are traveling to. These jobs may be specific like taxi driving or non specific like restaurant or supermarket jobs. But it means you have a reason for going to that country, and it’s because you have been given a job opportunity.

Without this employment visa, getting ordinary visas to travel has always been an issue in Nigeria. Some have lost their hard earned money through visa racketeers. Some even fell victim of many other vices using visa as a trick to lure victims. And women are turned into sex slaves.

But with this genuine employment visa scheme, you get the job first here in Nigeria for you to work and live abroad before you travel. These kind of opportunities are not common. They are exclusively explored through the right Chanel’s and trusted connections.

And they are not always available. For example, employment visa for taxi driving jobs in both cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are only available twice or three times in a year. The companies usually send their own personnel to interview and employ drivers in Nigeria. These kind of jobs pay as much as 500k monthly. That’s why people struggle to fill the slots fast when it’s open.

Nigeria has become the destination for immigrant employment because its citizens are hard working. And the present economic situation in the country has inspired many educated Nigerians to seek lower employment opportunities abroad.

How it Works

If you want to travel abroad, you need to know where you want to go first, it will help decide where to work. Also, how much you have to finance your travel. These kind of travel cost a lot. For example, you will be responsible for your travel expenses, to cover for your documentation, employment visa processing cost, flight ticket, and medical tests where applicable.

An average cost to get employment visa to UAE is between N850,000 to N1 million. That’s average cost for the visa processing. It does not include medical and flight ticket. And most countries cost more than that, like Europe, USA, U.K. And Canada. These ones cost between N1 million to N1.5 million per person.

While some may require you to appear at the embassy to obtain the employment visa, there are also some that you won’t need to appear in person. But the condition of each visa application will be revealed to you.

Also, payments are in two phases. During submission of passport and required documents, a deposit is made to facilitate the documentation process and visa application. The agent won’t use their money to do it for you. It also proves that you are committed to the process.

Sometimes, visa is out and the owner doesn’t have money to balance up the agreed fee. So agent like to collect advance payment to cover the cost of employment visa process to avoid losing their own money if client didn’t pay up the balance when visa is finally out.

Basic Visa Requirements

There are also requirements you must have. One application may be different from another. For example, some may even include CV as basic requirement. While some you may be required to provide full photograph of yourself.

However, one important basic requirement is your Nigerian international passport. You must have a valid passport with at least minimum of 2 years validity. Remember, this is an employment visa for a 2 years period, to avoid having renewal issues abroad. Other requirements will be communicated with each employment visa based on country of interest and specific needs for such employment visa application.

Also, getting Nigerian international passport now is not as simple as it used to be. You will need to have the following to request for Nigerian travel passport now. You may be required to provide your bank BVN number and your national identity number. Express passport renewal or new application cost between N35,000 to N45,000 for 32 and 64 pages respectively. Checkout other requirements at the Nigerian Immigration website.

The national identity number is now a major requirement when obtaining Nigerian international passport. Although, the identification number is issued within 7 days of applying, the identity card itself takes about 3 years. But the passport office only require the identity number for travel passport processing.

Benefits Of Employment Visa

Employment visa is different from ordinary tourist or visiting or student visa. This one has some benefits depending on who is employing you for a job. But generally there are numerous benefits of traveling with an employment visa.

Remember, the reason embassies issue travelers visas is because they have cogent reasons to travel to those countries. Your employment gives you a reason, and not just to travel but to live in that country for that specified period.

● It has immigration status with privileges
● You are not living in that country illegally
● Some employment visa also comes with accommodation
● You already have a job to start earning money once you arrive the country
● It will give you social ID of that country
● It also gives you access to all the benefits enjoyed by every citizen
● You can also visit Nigeria within the period of employment and return back without visa retrain
● Your employment visa is also renewable after the first 2 years if you still want to work
● You stand a chance to apply for citizenship and get it easily
● And many more benefits depending on the country or the company you are employed to work for.

Become Employment Visa Sub-Agent

Do you know someone or people who would like to travel using this employment visa? You can become one of the sub agents and earn your own money. As an agent you get 10 per cent of what is paid by your client after successful processing of their employment visa.

Some agents markup the fee as well but you have to let the super agent know if the money is being paid directly to him or her by the client. But it’s advisable to stick with the commission to avoid making the already high price too high for your clients to afford.

If you want to join the employment visa agency just send us your name, WhatsApp number and your current location where you live to 07087770518 or email: nedu@myblog.com.ng

Action Points For Employment Visa

If you really want to follow my guide here to obtain your employment visa, I have simplified the process for you in six easy to follow steps. In six steps you should have your own employment visa ready and off you go to work anywhere in the world you choose.

Even if you are not the one going. It may be your brother or sister, or children or husband. Whomever is traveling on your account can apply these same steps and achieve their dream.

Although, I strongly advise that you be very careful. There are also fraudulent employment visa ripping off people of their hard earned money. And where you have to make deposit, make sure the amount is not too much to bear if things go wrong.

If possible deal with an agent you can see and know there Address and location. Even if they are sub agents, it’s better than dealing with a super agent that you cannot see. And be patient with your agent. Employment visas are usually done in batches. If all the applicant for that job is not complete or haven’t submitted all their documents or payment on time, it may affect others as well and delay the processing time.

That’s why agents demand part payment before they can include you in the visa list. They don’t ant anyone to delay the process and affect other people’s chances. So, always ensure you pay your deposit quickly to speed up the process for you and others involved.

Step One: Have The Required Documents

The requirements here are basic for applying for employment visa. But they are not generic requirements. Some employment visa process may require specific job description like taxi driving. That means you need to have a drivers license inclusive. It’s from the drivers licence that your ability and experiences in driving is proven. Some may require that your drivers licence to be at least 2 years old.

Also, ensure that the name on your Nigerian international passport is the same you put in every document you filled. And ensure it’s the same name on your bank BVN. The BVN is being used now by most government agencies and including embassies to verify your identity.

If there is any document you cannot provide or don’t have or don’t know how to provide them, always seek your agents advise. Don’t try to forge documents. Your agent should know what to do. He or she is experienced or the super agent will advise on best decision to take.

Step Two: Be Ready with Finance

Money is a major part of obtaining employment visa. The amount you are required to pay covers for the 2 or 3 years visa fee, documentation process, agency processing fee and you need to have money for your flight ticket and basic travel allowance.

It’s advisable to have the full money ready before applying for employment visa. The agents don’t like to lose money. But because you pay part payment, if you couldn’t balance the remaining and the visa expires you alone are at a loss.

So, it’s advisable to make adequate plans for the financing before proceeding for the employment visa.

Step Three: Contact Your Visa Agent

Do you have a reliable employment visa agent? This is where you have to contact one. One thing you must know about visa agents is that you may never get to the super agent that does the visa because they usually work with sub agents who gets the clients for them.

These super agents are usually behind the scene. In fact, most of these super agents are foreign visa officials who work with Nigerian contacts. You may think Nigerians are corrupt but these foreign visa officials also want to make money from these corrupt system while they are here.

But if you don’t have any agent yet, here is our contact. Reach out to us and we would help facilitate or recommend a super agent for you who would help you. Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518 or email: nedu@myblog,com.ng

Step Four: Submit Your Application

Once you have contacted a super agent and have your documents and finances ready, it’s time to submit your documents and visa process deposit fee. If you haven’t submitted your documents and money yet there is no hope for visa.

One thing you must know about visa processing is that there is a thin line between trust and doubt. And because you are not doing the embassy runs yourself, you might have a hard time believing the visa agent.

But you have to understand that in every business risk is also involved. If you haven’t taken any risk you may not succeed. Even the agents don’t trust you with payment that’s why they demand some upfront fees. Because they are so sure about their visa application success but not so sure about your ability to pay the amount involved.

Remember that most people traveling out of the country usually don’t have money. And many of them are sponsored by family and friends. Only a few travelers had their money ready or made it themselves without family and friends support.

Step Five: Follow Up With Your Agent

And once you have submitted and paid, start a weekly follow up. Avoid the fear of calling up your agent everyday, it can be distracting to them. Most employment visa processing takes between 4 to 8 weeks. Some can also take more than that though. So don’t panic when it’s not as fast as you want, as long as you are sure or trust the agent you are dealing with.

But doing a weekly follow up will help you keep abreast with your employment visa process without pestering the agent. And each time you call make it a fact finding interaction. Know what have been done so far, what stage the process has reached and how close they are in securing the employment visa.

At this time you can even enquire about the kind of job they were able to secure. Apart from UAE employment visa which is mostly taxi driving, the others are not usually specific job description. It might be restaurant, club, supermarket and whatever. The specific job details are usually confirmed during the employment visa application process.

Step Six: Pick Up Your Employment Visa

If your visa application is successful, it’s time for pickup. Once your employment visa is out, there are usually fixed date for traveling. Note that the fixed traveling date is not fixed by the visa issuing embassy but the employing company.

These employment visas are done in batches. For example, there may be 100 people being employed at the same time for the same company. And your employment visas are being processed at the same time or within a specified period.

The company would want all of you to travel at the same time. That is also why your agent would like to be the one to arrange for your travel ticket. So that he or she could put all the applicants on the same flight. It makes it easier for the company abroad to pickup all of you from the airport to your accommodation provided.


It’s no doubt that the economic challenges in the country is forcing everyone to look for hope elsewhere. Nigeria has the highest rate of unemployed graduates in Africa, if not in the world.

And as a graduate you may want to have hope of getting a job in Nigeria after your NYSC, but these hope may be dashed few months down the line. Even when you find a job, the pay is usually poor. How can you compare a bank worker salary of N35,000 a month with a taxi driver’s N500,000 monthly in Dubai.

Seeking for employment overseas is a big advantage for graduates who want to explore their full potentials. You might even upgrade your academic qualification when you get there and get even better employment than what brought you to that country. You cannot compare this opportunity with jobs right here.

If you missed where I dropped my contacts to reach me, read this article again and pick up my contacts. This could be the chance you are waiting for to change your life forever.

Chinedu David
About The Author: Chinedu David An inspiring writer with several years of experience in journalism, consulting and training. Worked with Success Digest magazine for over a decade. Founded MyStore - an online store in 2013. Trained several startup entrepreneurs in telecom sector, LPG (oil & gas), and on Cryptocurrency investment. A born again christian, who's committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion. Drop a comment below and he will respond to your query. He can also be reached via email: nedu@myblog.com.ng or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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