How To Travel To UAE With Dubai Employment Visa

Dubai Employment Visa

Do you want to live and work in UAE? What you need is dubai employment visa. Although United Arab Emirate (UAE) doesn’t issue residency visa that would give you rights to live in that country, but one can get employed and that employment visa gives you right to live and work there for as long as your visa period.

But the process of getting this employment visa is not as simple as getting a visiting or business visa to the UAE. The process is different and there are genuine agents responsible for helping companies in UAE employ Nigerian right from the home soil.

Note that these employments are in different categories and would cost you some huge processing fees. That also means you have to be careful with whom you are dealing with. There are many fraudulent agents offering dubai employment visa.

Your only security against fraud is to deal with the right people.

Introduction To Dubai Employment Visa

The first thing to understand about dubai employment visa is that is a real employment. The focus is not the visa but the employment. You are getting a job to work and live in United Arab Emirates.

It’s as a result of this employment that you are granted visa that gives you working permission in the UAE. And the nature of job can be as simple as a security guard. Yes, you heard me. With the job offer you are granted dubai employment visa for a period not limited to 3 years.

And this employment visa is renewable for another 3 years upon the expiration of the first one. It goes on and on for as long as you chose to work and live in the UAE. But the real issue is finding the right agents to help you. I will explain more in the next sub-head.

How Dubai Employment Visa Works

If you have doubted the reality of Dubai employment visa, I’m here to clarify it and help you connect with the right source that is guaranteed to get you employment in the UAE. Remember, it will cost you some good money. And I’m talking about over a million bucks.

The money is important because no agent would help you for free. Also, it cost much to process dubai employment visa. In fact, anything relating to government documents in the UAE is expensive. For example, getting a driver’s licence can cost over a million naira. The least is about 500,000 naira. That is the same drivers license you can get for 15,000 naira in Nigeria. You see why the employment visa is not cheap.

Although, there own driving licence process is different. The more you fail the exam the more your cost of licence increases. But if you pass the driving exam in one sitting your cost is around 500 dirham, which is equivalent of 500,000 naira.

How Company Employment Works In UAE

First, let me clarify some popular impression created by fraudulent dubai employment visa agents. It’s a very difficult thing to get employment in UAE when you are already in the country with a visiting visa. Most agent would tell you that they will get you a job when you arrive. It’s a big, fat lie.

Visiting visa, business visa and employment visa are not the same. If someone is doing employment visa for you and brings you a visiting or business visa, it doesn’t guarantee you employment in dubai.

United Arab Emirates is a country of law and order. And they have a way of doing things. Every company in the UAE employs foreigners. And that means they are permitted by law to bring in foreigners to work for them. So, most of these employment processes happen outside of the UAE.

These companies Work with employment agents that are operating outside of the UAE. And most of them also conduct interviews in the country where they employ workers. You will need a genuine Dubai employment agent to get a job in the UAE.

How Dubai Employment Visa Agents Works

These employment agents are working with companies in UAE to employ foreign nationals to work in the UAE. Each employment agent has their area of speciality. Some are good at employment taxi drivers. Some deal on security workers, construction workers, etcetera.

And these UAE companies sign agreement with these approved agents. But most times, these approved agents work from their base in the UAE and have sub agents all over the country.

The work of the sub agents is to get job seekers and manage them till they attend their interview, make all their payment as at when due, get their dubai employment visa and travel. The agent does all the job for you with the company. It’s only when you get to the UAE and start work that it may feel real. Most people doubt a lot that it actually works. But it works if you are dealing with the right people.

Action Points To Dubai Employment Visa

Let me also guide you on the processes to help you understand how your dubai employment visa gets done. One thing you should know is that the process doesn’t have a specific timeline. It can happen so fast or take so long.

But if I must say, what takes time is fixing the interview date. But you don’t have to worry at this time because you don’t have to pay any agent for dubai employment visa until you have attended company interview and passed.

Your agent can’t help you get the employment. They only help you when you have passed the interview and the company hires you. And the reason for the agent is to streamline the process of your employment visa with the company hiring you.

Step One: Get The Necessary Documentation

The first thing you must do is to know the requirements for the job you are interested in. For example, if you looking for a taxi job, the basic documents includes the following:

  1. Your international passport
  2. Your driver’s license with at least 2 years experience
  3. O’level certificate
  4. Medical certificate
  5. Age not more than 42 years
  6. And any other thing that may be required from you based on that specific employment.

And different employment visa would require different criterion. Just find out what’s applicable for the kind of job you are applying for. Also, most of the jobs available for Nigerians are the handy jobs. The reason is simple, most companies in the UAE have been dominated by Indians. And at such, most of their managerial positions are filled by Indians as well.

Step Two: Conduct Your Own Medicals

The medical certificate required above is compulsory. It can stop you from getting the job even after you passed the interview. At the day of the interview the comoany is not going to conduct any medicals on you.

You will need to do your own medical certificate before going for the interview to be sure you qualify on health ground. The company doesn’t conduct medicals but the UAE embassy does for most dubai employment visa.

Step Three: Get All Your Money Ready

You will definitely need a lot of money if you want to get dubai employment visa to work in the UAE. The cost of processing employment visa like I gave you in the example with driving license is costly. But that’s how the country works. And more so because of the exchange rate to the naira.

And like I have already mentioned, you should have at least a million naira and above. Note that the actual cost is not up to a million. But the original agent will add his markup, and so will the sub agents too. So, you are paying the price based on which level of sub agent you come from.

But don’t worry, if getting the job is important to you and you can afford to pay, you can equally get back all the money spent in just few months of working in the UAE. Most salaries are upward of 200,000 and above. Some people earn over a million monthly.

Step Four: Submit Your Documents To An Employment Agent

If you have your documents and your money ready, the next step is to submit only the documents to your agent. Note that you shouldn’t pay any agent money until you have attended a job interview and passed.

The employment visa process doesn’t commence until you have passed your interview and got employed. It’s the company employment offer letter that gives the agent rights to demand employment visa from UAE authorities on your behalf.

And that doesn’t happen until you are fully employed by the company and a letter to that effect sent to the UAE visa authority to issue you an employment visa to enable you travel to the country to start work.

Note that Dubai employment visa is not always available like the visiting or business visa. Employment visa is only available when companies are employing new workers. A good agent will only collect your contact and notify you when an employment opportunity is available.

Step Five: Wait For The Interview Date

So, once you have submitted your documents, wait for the interview date. To attend the interview the agents usually collect some small fee. The fee is determined by your agent. The reason for this fee is to help the organizers of the interview entertain the company executives that are coming for the interview.

They make them happy so that they can employ more people. There are usually hundreds of people coming for these interviews. And most times only a few can be taken, like 100 or sometimes just 200 people. And that’s little compare to over 800 people that may come.

Your agent should also prepare you for the interview. He or she should know how the interview is conducted. I recommend that you use agents who have been employed before for the same job you are applying for. It will help in preparing you for the interview so you can pass.

Step Six: Make Your First Installed Payment

And once you pass the interview, your name is included in the list of new workers. That’s when to make your first payment. Don’t pay all the money yet. Pay at least 50% of the amount the agent charged you.

By now, you are convinced the agent is real and not fraudulent. The purpose for the interview is that you also meet others who came for the same thing from other agents as well. Don’t go asking how much they were asked to pay. Focus on knowing if they trust the process.

Even if you paid less, if it didn’t work then you didn’t achieve your plan of getting dubai employment visa.

Step Seven: Pay Your Balance When Visa Is Ready

From now on, the process is a lot faster. The first installed payment ensure that the process commences immediately. That’s why I said you should have all the money ready. Don’t work on friends and family promises for money. If you don’t have the money ready don’t even start the process. It can be frustrating when you now have the job and you can’t afford to process your dubai employment visa.

And when your employment visa comes out, which your agent would send to you, it’s time to pay the balance. Now is time to pay the remaining balance of 50%.

Step Eight: Buy Your Flight Ticket

Since you already have your employment visa, it’s time to buy your ticket. However, I would discourage you from going ahead to buy flight ticket on your own even if you may get it cheaper. That would be pennywise pound foolish.

Wait for your agent to release the departure date and flight ticket fee. Pay him to buy the flight ticket for you. The rate will also be given to you. Employment agents usually get cheaper rates though. And they like to fly their team in groups. It helps avoid any issue picking up someone at the airport.

You will travel with others going for the same job and in the same company. You will make new friends and gain new comers experience together.

Step Nine: Travel To Start Work in The UAE

Finally, once your flight ticket is ready, it’s time to plan for the trip. It’s ok now to discuss with your agent about things you should plan to travel with. Don’t pack too many cloths if you are going for taxi driving or security work. You will be given Work cloths and you won’t have enough time to use most of your own cloths. It’s better you go with less cloths.

Make provision for food items if you love Nigerian foods. But you have to know how to package local food stuffs for international travel. You may not be allowed to travel with red oil. So, don’t take that one.


If you read through this article on how to travel to the UAE with dubai employment visa, you must have learnt some very important tips to help you achieve your dream of working and living in the UAE.

I made mention of required documents but only specified for drivers. I also showed you how the agent network works. And I specifically advised that you have all the money ready before you even embark on it.

But now, here are contacts to help you start a search for the right agent. You can Call/Text/WhatsApp us: 07087770518 or 08139006120. And I will link you to the next agent to help you get your dubai employment visa.

Chinedu David
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