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How to Drive Massive FREE Daily Blog Traffic In Your Niche

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SEO traffic is the new gold. Although, bitcoin enthusiasts may disagree with that. But what good is a website without blog traffic? You know the answer already because every business needs a website. That’s the reason for the struggle for visibility, which is now the new competition. And the number of sites on the World Wide Web grows every day.

Blogger’s Beginner Guide is your new compass for SEO traffic.

Right now, there are over 1.8 billion active websites on the Internet. This report is according to Netcraft data.

Imagine, how easy it can be for your website to be ranked top in search engines. It’s not going to be easy at all. So, the concern for website traffic is a genuine one.

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If you are going to get more website traffic, you must know how. But that doesn’t mean people are not getting traffic to their websites.
In fact, lots of websites are getting tonnes of traffic every day. As much as we have many sites, there are also many online users too.

The Number Of Internet Users:

More than 4 billion people are now using the Internet. That’s according to Statista, an online portal for statistics. You can compare that with the number of websites. That shows you can get enough despite the number of existing sites. You should be getting enough traffic to your blog.

However, getting good web traffic does not come quickly. Your website needs optimisation for the visitors you want. Keywords are becoming the currency to buy online visitors from search engines. The most valuable keywords you optimised for, the better your source of traffic.

Playing the keyword game can be costly and time-consuming. Hiring an SEO company to optimise your blog can be a good idea, but you shouldn’t entirely leave everything to them.

You can add to your site optimisation with your blog posts. The best way to do that is with good contents. While you are still figuring it all out, let me guide you on I get more website traffic for my blog.

Why Do You Need Blog Traffic?

You should define why you need web traffic. Attracting traffic to your website must be accompanied with purpose. Of course, there should be a reason you started the blog in the first place. Every blog is an extension of a vision, even though not every site is primarily for profit.

But every website needs website traffic to grow. For some blogs, it’s just to increase sales. But it’s not every blog that needs website traffic to increase sales. For example, Wikipedia.

Whatever you need online traffic for, as long as it’s something you have the passion. If it’s for business, you must have a defined revenue model. Just make your Traffic count for something.

How Much Blog Traffic Do You Need?

Do you even have an idea of how much traffic you need? Because if you go about attracting traffic, you may not know when you have enough of it. So, define your Volume of traffic.

And it will help you identify your process and the means.

However, consider your website traffic needs equivalent to your revenue target. Anytime you increase your revenue target for the month; you need more web traffic.

For example, you should know how much traffic you need to generate revenue of $100 a month. Take for instance how many visitors out of 1,000 monthly traffic can convert to customers. If the answer is like 100, then multiply that by the cost of your monetised product or service. That would give you the value of your 1,000 monthly Traffic.

If you need an increase in revenue, you will equally need to increase your web traffic. And less traffic can only result in less revenue.

The Challenge of Website Traffic?

Blog traffic doesn’t come easy. Some website owners pay heavily for it. The advert budget of most blog owners is Dream’s come-true revenue for most beginners.

Your blog must have excellent visibility on the search engine. To save you from paying enormous advertising cost.

If you don’t have an advertising budget, you cannot afford traffic for your blog. The worst is even when search engines are not finding you. Or you are not ranking on essential keywords. And many beginner bloggers are in this category.

They are invincible on search engines. That is why blog owners invest heavily in search engine optimization.

If nobody knows about your blog, nobody will visit. That’s number one and the only challenge of not getting traffic to your blog. But if you have an excellent blog, search engines would help you gain exposure. You cannot do it any other way.

If you are not on the search engines, you will not be visible to online users when they are searching for information on search engines.

What If My Website is Not Getting Traffic?

Whenever you don’t see enquiry or sale, there is no traffic to your blog. It can even be that its low traffic. If your organic traffic is too little, it cannot guarantee sales.

So, you should watch out for when there are no activities on your blog. I think you can’t hide the truth.

Good traffic is too visible to ignore either. Don’t ignore it when your website is low on traffic. Although, for a new blog it’s just a sign of work to be done. It means you need to build traffic to your blog. Building traffic is a lot of work. And it requires consistency.

Rather than finding out terribly, start driving traffic to your blog now. But you can save yourself the embarrassment by hooking up to google analytical. Create an account with your email and start monitoring your website traffic. Google Analytics is free.

Can I Get Enough Website Traffic For Free?

The beauty of the internet is the free traffic. You can get millions, if not billions of free visitors to your blog. You don’t need to pay for advert if your blog is ranked well on searched engines. It will attract tonnes of free traffic to you.

But you must first optimise your blog for all the search engines. Making your blog authority is what gives you that positioning on search engines. Tapping into the power of press releases can help as well.

However, the most critical key is content. Search engines love good content. If you can write good contents, you will be enjoying search engines.

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Beginner Guide To Blog Traffic:

You see, the very life and blood of a blog is traffic. It’s what a blog needs to be successful. Once you know how to build tonnes of blog traffic, you win. And until you master how to do, it won’t work out very well for you.

More traffic to your website can only equal more revenue. It’s the way of the internet.

And your blog lives on the net. So, if you are asking, how do you get this blog traffic? There are a ton of different traffic sources out there.
Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube – the list goes on and on. But for me, I only have my focus on one main traffic method.


I prefer to build my blogs to last. And SEO is the ONLY sustainable website traffic source that lasts for years. And it continues to builds on top of each other. It’s like a compound interest but works for your blog traffic.

Finally, the cost of traffic doesn’t pay for itself in one day. Although, online traffic is not entirely free. Something must have exchanged hands. But the idea of free is because after you have paid, you may not pay again. And what you paid cannot be compared to what you might gain.

Chinedu David
About The Author: Chinedu David An inspiring writer with several years of experience in journalism, consulting and training. Worked with Success Digest magazine for over a decade. Founded MyStore - an online store in 2013. Trained several startup entrepreneurs in telecom sector, LPG (oil & gas), and on Cryptocurrency investment. A born again christian, who's committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion. Drop a comment below and he will respond to your query. He can also be reached via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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    Pinterest works best fo my blog traffic. I haven’t bought ads, but also haven’t needed to at this time. It does take a lot of work though!

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