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Do you know that more than 50 million Nigerians are online daily? Do you know that digital marketing is the tool required to reach these millions of potential customers? How digitally prepared is your business custom website?

Here is a clear plan your an adopt for your business this year to reach more potential customers and make more money. You don’t have to pay hundreds of thousands to learn digital marketing. The cost of digital marketing training is based on the fact that it’s still new and evolving.

Soon, everyone would know what it means to organise digital marketing. And don’t be deceived by the term used, it’s the same things you have been doing online. What you only needed to learn is how to organise them into a marketing arsenal to win more customers.


This article is to help you setup three most important digital marketing tools. Marketing is changing everyday. Remember when it was just word of mouth that is required to market your product. Then you needed newspaper, radio and TV ads.

Today it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google adverts. What makes marketing simple in the past are making it difficult for some entrepreneurs to make money. You need to know these three essential tools that would make your digital marketing efforts worth all the hype and cost put into it.

They are called website. It’s not something you haven’t heard off or know about. However, I’m going to show you why Websites makes more money for you than if you don’t have it. I will also show you how to get them setup cheaper without hiring a web designer.

The first one is e-commerce. The second and third ones are the blog and corporate or custom website. And interestingly a website can have all these three put together on one. And I advise you to have all three on one site. They all work together for your online business.

How Custom Website Works

If you are wondering why you should have a website that has e-commerce functionality and also a blog, here are how digital marketing works. The sole purpose of the website is to show your customers what your business is capable of offering them.

Any website can do that and do it even better than you. And more and more websites are launched, people are getting more confused about which site to trust. And the longer it takes customers to believe you the faster it takes for you to lose them.

What you need is how to engage your customers on your site, give them enough information to encourage them to trust you and help them make a quick decision to get that product or service from you without leaving your website.

Custom Website And Functionalities

Every business owner must think beyond just getting a website with pages and information but this about custom web design. A custom website is more than the regular site. It provides your services in a unique way to your customers.

Imagine if you are a hair stylist, you might think having a website is not essential for your business. But if you have a custom website, you can make your customers book ahead for days they would come to your salon and make their hair.

You can even use that app or site to make them know the price and also make payment to secure the time they book for their hair online. That way your customers know for sure that they can book a specific time for their hair and have it done without fail.

It might not come so cheap, depending on what you want to achieve. But it’s worth developing your own custom website than just getting web pages. A web page would inform your customers, but if it doesn’t help them achieve the result, it won’t be useful or needed next time.

If you are looking for a quote for the custom website email: nedu@fastweb.com.ng or click to go to the website here.

Blog Website And Advantage

You should always add a blog to your website. Sometimes people argue that blogging should be left to bloggers. But who told you certain people are called bloggers. Anyone who can share information online is a blogger. So by having a website you are a qualified blogger.

But blogs are more than a platform for sharing information. It’s the biggest and most important digital marketing tool in the world today. In fact, if you don’t have a blog, you pr business is not doing digital marketing.

A blog is the largest advert platform online. It’s the secret weapon used by digital marketers to drive free targeted online traffic to their business. If you want to keep getting potential customers online, you need to have a blog targeted at your niche market.

E-commerce Website Ordering Functionality

Sometimes when we talk of e-commerce, everyone thinks it’s about selling products online. It’s more than just selling products. It’s a complete fulfilment functionality of your website.

E-commerce features give your website the power to deliver the expectation of your customers. When a customer comes on your site with needs, you can meet that need without any interaction with them. And because your website can deliver on your promise on the go, your potentials are easily converted into return customers without any more marketing from you.

Your business must identify those services it can provide to customers online and enable them with e-commerce. Until your website can do something for your customers, it wouldn’t make any economic sense to have one.

Action Points to Create Custom Website

If you are serious about growing your customer base, you need to target more traffic online. You might think it doesn’t matter now, but it will soon matter. The growth of internet users and growing services online would quickly make new startups kings over those who chose to stay outdated.

Make the right decision now. And the advantage of the internet is the older, the better. Google search engine likes a more former website. It’s like the saying old men and wiser. So, if you start now, you begin a chance of growing older than waiting in the future to start.

Here are the steps you can take now to have your own e-commerce, blog or custom website.

Step One: Buy A Dot Ng Domain Name

Having an online presence would require your own domain name if you plan to control your contents online. Even though you can have a social media presence that doesn’t give you absolute control over your content.

You can only control the contents you have on your own blog or server. And that’s why having your own website on your own domain name is a better option.

You can get a domain name on several websites online, like Godaddy, Namecheap, Domain101, but when it comes to having a dot NG domain name, WhoGoHost is a good option. That’s what I use, and it’s been years now, and they are one of the best.

Step Two: Design Your Website Type

When you want to build a website, it doesn’t have to be like the other websites you know. Think about what you want users to do with your website. The days of just getting web pages are over.

Your website must be an interactive site and can provide visitors with the solution they seek. Unless you are just a blog, don’t build lame websites. It’s better you don’t waste money and waste your customers time on your site than building lame webpages.

Define what you want to achieve online with your website and hire a good web developer to get the job done.

Step Three: Host The Website Don’t Bury It

You may wonder how one can bury website? Well, a lot of sites are buried online, even though their owners don’t even know it. And it starts with the web host. Who hosts your website can help hide it faster than your sloppy designer’s can.

So, I recommend that you choose the best host for your website regardless of cost. Although it cost little these days to host a simple website for a whole year. Here are a few choices for your web host.

And so many others that are too numerous to mention. But you only need one choice, and I have already given four. So you can find what you seek in these four hosting companies.

Step Four: Reach Out To Your Target Market

I’m not supposed to be talking about marketing here. But what’s the good of a website if nobody knows about it. So, I’m pushing for you to pay close attention to promoting your site than just building it.

There are several conventional promotional methods used today to attract traffic to your website. Meant advocate for the use of social media. And that’s not optional either.

But one source of promotion for your website that you shouldn’t overlook is a search engine. It’s not only because it’s free but for the consistency in driving targeted traffic to your website. You cannot substitute this for any other option in driving profitable traffic to your site.


Don’t just seek to have a website, instead get sites that make you money. If you paid for a website that is just infomercial, it wouldn’t be long before you forget that you own a website. And don’t prefer a cheap website over one that cost you money, because good things always cost more.

Plan to invest in an excellent website that is designed for revenue. Whether it’s for e-commerce, or services or advertising, choose a money making site over a poster for your business online.

Nobody wants to just scroll over your website all day. They want to get things done, and your website should help them get things done. Even visa websites now let you make your application and schedule your embassy visit. And if visitors can get more than by visiting your website, you will get more user traffic and save more time and cost as well.

Chinedu David
About The Author: Chinedu David An inspiring writer with several years of experience in journalism, consulting and training. Worked with Success Digest magazine for over a decade. Founded MyStore - an online store in 2013. Trained several startup entrepreneurs in telecom sector, LPG (oil & gas), and on Cryptocurrency investment. A born again christian, who's committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion. Drop a comment below and he will respond to your query. He can also be reached via email: nedu@myblog.com.ng or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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