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If you want to drive massive SEO traffic to your blog, your content can do it. However, you need well packaged SEO content to achieve it.

Your blog means nothing without content. And if you ever have a successful blog it’s because of your search engine optimized contents.

Now you can see how important content is to your blog.
If you then pay attention and good investment in your content you will win this SEO war.

I’m case you don’t know, your competitors might be putting more money to buy high quality contents. Don’t be busing looking for backlinks and keyword to rank you.

There’s Wrong And Right Way

If you lack good SEO content, even if you have traffic, they will be bouncing off your blog.

More backlinks can bring visitors to your blog. But it cannot keep them. It’s your content that keeps them.

Its like advert. If you click on an ad and you don’t like what it led you to, you won’t buy.

Ads don’t make people buy things. It’s the products advertised that do the final job.

The same way content is what people are visiting your blog to get. If it’s not good enough, they bounce off. And all that effort to get the traffic will be lost.

So, I’m advising you to put more effort in your SEO content than anything else on your blog. The 1,000 visitors that stayed on your blog are better than 100,000 that visited and left.

How Do You Choose The Right Topic

Do you wondered what could be the right content for your niche? Just the thought of it can deter someone.

But it’s not such a mountain to be afraid of. There is no content that someone have never written before.

So you have a guide on what to write. Just see what others have done. And you will have an idea on what you should be writing on.
Don’t make the mistake of copying someone’s content. You will be quilt of infringement

That is even a lesser sin. You will be harming your SEO in a way. Unless you have domain authority, don’t even republish a content. Unique SEO contents is what drives SEO authority. For a beginner, building your content authority from inception is important.

Your secret if driving quality traffic with SEO is in your content. The higher your content quality the higher your traffic. Although, content alone cannot drive search engine traffic to your blog. But without it you can’t even begin to get any traffic.



SEO Content Repurposing Strategy

Have you heard about Repurposing content? If you do, then you already know what it’s about.

But if you don’t know, let me explain. It’s taking another writers content and rewriting it for your purpose.

That’s the way I actually see it. While I don’t recommend this 100 percent, it’s doable. And there is nothing wrong with that if you do it well.

It’s not only done by those who can’t write good content. It’s now a concept of SEO. What topic are you going to write about that someone haven’t written before?

Just don’t copy and paste other blogs content. It reduces the authority of your blog on search engines.

I don’t know how some repurpose blog contents. For me, I would rather rewrite the content using my own unique writing trademark.

My kind of repurposing is to take each content by subheads. I would read and rewrite. Same topic but different approach.

Writing Keyword Based SEO Content

Keyword writing is another content strategy that is SEO complaint. But it’s mostly misunderstood.

Most writers focus mostly on the keyword they want to rank for. And in most cases, they make the content not readable.

Inasmuch as the keyword is important in SEO, search engine easily identifies keyword overuse. And it can push your blog off the page rank. Faster than how long it took you to get there.

Even if you want to play hard on the keyword game, there is a better way.

In fact, search engines don’t always rank your blog on the keywords you choose. It automatically chooses the best keywords to rank you for. And that’s because it reads your content.

So, it’s ranking you based on the subject of the content. And not majorly on the keyword.

For example, you can’t be ranked for “business” when your content is about “cooking”. Even if you choose business as your main keyword.

The keyword ranking algorithm is changing. Google is now reading through the contents. It doesn’t depend on your keyword suggestion.

Instead it ranks you based on the keywords that relates to your content. That has more SEO potential than just ranking for limited keywords.

Imagine if your content could rank for more than one keyword. And that’s possible. And it’s automatic. Your contents are already getting ranked for more keywords by google.

That means the ranking war is more on content than keyword. Google ranks your blog on the keywords that are relevant to your content.

Ranking Is User Focused

Google want to serve users contents that are more relevant to their search. So, if you have more quality content relevant to a top keyword you win.

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I also wrote about some strategies there on the content packaging.
The whole idea is to give the search engine the content it would ,over to share. If your content is certified by Google, you are well ahead to be read.

It means the writing itself must be well structured. I always advice that you should always write your article as a training guide.

See google as a school. And your content the textbook. While your blog is the teacher. Seeing the value chain like this will change the way you write content.

Crafting Readable SEO Content

If you feel you are not a good writer, think again. You may not be given yourself enough credit that you actually deserve.

The first time I wrote, it was as I speak. And I learnt it was more impactful that trying to write ‘textbook’ English. You can see it even in this blog.

I’m not a trained writer. But who cares. I can speak. That’s what qualifies me to be a great writer. And truly I write very well.

Because the best writers are those who write from their heart. The same way I would speak to you, I write to you. That’s more powerful than trying to make some textbook sense.

I wasn’t going to tell you how to construct your tenses and structure. I try not to do that myself. Just make yourself readable. Write as you speak and your content will just be fine.

Be Inspiring and Motivating

Also, don’t just write. Be inspiring and motivating. Some people’s life are already boring enough. Don’t add to it. Lift them up. Inspire a smile in them. Let them see a better version of what they do.

Sometimes the subject can be boring. But you can twist it to humour your readers. I don’t mean cracking jokes. Put the article in a way it gives hope. That’s inspiring enough.

Even when it’s bad news, deliver it with good news. Remember, you are not just writing for sethe the arch engine. The intended recipients are people. They have emotions.

You may not the expert in that niche. But be the most read in that niche.

Experts don’t always impact their audience rightly. If you must be an expert, let it be in lifting them up.

There is nothing as powerful as motivating beginners with the I can do mentality. Those who are doing it are also humans.

Provide Solutions With Value and Guidance

Your content must also deliver value. Nobody wants to waste their time reading trash. It must provide a solution. Or guide them in doing something they want to do.

Value is money. When people get value from your content, they feel like you have given them money.

Remember that they came to your blog looking for a solution. Even though you should monetize your content, always give free value. Money is not everything.

You will still make money with your blog. Don’t always focus on selling your value.


You should know that when something is free it drives traffic. Use your content as a free dragnet to d five traffic to your blog.

If it’s good content and free, visitors will love your blog. It will Are them come back again. And probably refer others to it.

Google is also seeing how people interact with your blog. If the people love your blog, Google will keep referring more people to you as they search your niche.

Finally, write your first content using some of the things you learnt from here. I will also like to know how the content is helpful to you. Drop a comment below. Cheers.

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