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Company blog ideas

The Internet is the fastest growing marketplace in the world. It’s the only market you can access from a single platform (company blog ideas) – on your website. If you are already running an online business, then you have an idea of this huge potential.

I’m preaching for you to have a company blog. I’m not saying you should start another website. If you know the power of the news media, you will understand why you need a blog. A company blog ideas is all you need.

I just want you to have your own power. Already, the internet is decentralizing the news media. Anybody can break news. It’s no longer a privilege for CNN, BBC, TIME, and all the other major news sources.

Someone with as simple as a Facebook profile can be a news breaker. If you are familiar with the phrase, social media influencers. I wonder what you think it means.

Pixless.com defined Social Media Influencer as a user on social media who have established credibility in a specific industry. A social media influencer has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach.

But I’m not asking you to become a social influencer. I’m only saying, you should be a major influencer in your target market. And company  blog ideas gives such power, not just to influence, but also to generate free organic website traffic.

What is an online business?

Wikipedia describes an Online Business or e-business as a term which can be used for any kind of business or commercial transaction that includes sharing information across the internet. I don’t know if that describes your business. If it does then, you are the one I write to. That means your online business needs a blog. And I can show you how to get one.

Don’t feel like it’s strange for you. I felt the SME way too. The first time I wanted to start a blog. In fact, I could start one. And it wasn’t because it was strange. But because I didn’t know anything about blogging.

Nothing is really strange on the internet. All you need is knowledge. And there are several how to do it blogs online. But for your internet business blog, you are already on our blog. But if you are reading this article somewhere else outside of MyBlog.com.ng, just navigate back to our blog.

We have so many articles and information for startup blog. It’s like a free school on blogging. If you are smart, you can read through all our articles. We have covered extensively all areas a startup blogger needs to set up a blog.

What is Company Blog Ideas

This time, I will be taking two different definitions of a blog. One is for firstsiteguide.com and the other is from Wikipedia. I just wanted to stress it the definition bit with Wikipedia. But they both are a perfect definition of a blog. Wiki merely stretched it.

Firstsiteguide.com gave us a simple definition of a blog. As an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with latest ontop.

According to Wikipedia: A blog (a truncation of the expression “weblog”) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

But to define company blog ideas, its those ideas and strategies you can implement with a blog to inform, educate, promote and market your comoany products and services to both existing and potential customers.

What is World Wide Web?

Sorry, this may sound foolish. But I just want to be clear that you understand the web. It’s not really a definition. Even though I will still give you one. I’m just looking for the easiest way to communicate the essence of having a blog for your internet business.

Techopedia explains that the World Wide Web (WWW) is a network of online content that is formatted in HTML. And accessed via HTTP. The term refers to all the interlinked HTML pages that can be accessed over the Internet. The World Wide Web was originally designed in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee while he was a contractor at CERN.

The World Wide Web is most often referred to simply as “the Web.” I have given you several definitions of Internet terms. But let me answer why every internet business needs to have to blog.

Why Your Company Need A Blog

To me, a blog is a marketing tool for building powerful organic free website traffic. As the internet grows, the cost of operating e-business also grows with it.

There are more websites on the internet now than there was some years ago. The more website the more difficult to generate profit online. And that means more advertising cost. But finding a way to generate free organic traffic is an advantage you shouldn’t take lightly. And the time to start is now.

Even if you don’t know how to implement company blog ideas to your website, outsource it.

Promote Your Online Business

How much of your business do you think potential customers know? I can tell you it’s little. You cannot Successful cramp all information about your business on a website. But a blog gives you the right avenue. It helps you to keep sharing information about your business.

You can promote any aspect of your business or service. And more customers will see what more you can do. How you can do them. And most importantly, how they can access your services.

Engage with Potential Customers:

Yes, it’s an opportunity to engage more with potential customers. Sometimes, customers need to know more. But if there is no information about you they go elsewhere.

It’s not every time customers want to call your customer line. Even support services are being handled online. Online customers like to transact online.

You can give out more information that would engage your customers.

It will increase sales and win new customers. Well-Explained product details can improve customer understanding. Online buyers like to research about products before they purchase. If you give more details it helps them make a fast purchase decision.

Opportunity to Brand Your Online Business

Repetition is the law of deep and lasting impression. A blog gives you branding advantage. Customers get to see and read about you all the time. The more engaged the more they are becoming fans of your brand.

A blog gives your customers opportunity to comment on your product or service. They can even ask questions. Or read about answers you gave to others. Sometimes, it’s even another customers comment that would convince a potential buyer.

A Good Place to Give Stuff Away:

Here is another big one. You can use your blog to give away stuff. Share your huge discounts. And free bonuses. Customers love free stuff. You can manage a great give away page with your blog. That will attract new customers.

Show Off Your Expertise

Imagine how much you can do with a blog. As a successful online business, you have the experience to share. Your customers would like to know they can trust your business. They need to know that you are experienced in your field.

Most of what customers know about businesses is what they are advertising. But with a blog, you can give your adverts a human face.

People love to buy from someone they know and trust. You can build such familiarity. And build confidence with your customers. If they know you handle their services personally, it gives more confidence to your business.

That’s the kind of power a blog can give you. You are not only selling to customers. You are also their friend. They can relate to you. Ask your questions. And even disagree with you on some issues.

But at the end, they trust you. That trust is redirected to your product or service.

Imagine if you can interact with the CEO of Coca-Cola. That’s the power you are giving to potential customers. They can be sure to buy from you. As though you are family they can trust.

Other Reasons To Consider

Here are my 10 identified needs for companies to start a blog. You can add yours and see if it also is another reason for companies to start a blog.

  1. If a company is looking to market its products or service
  2. If a company has technical products that require a user manual
  3. If a company is offering customer support
  4. If a company wants to keep its customers informed about its operations and achievements
  5. If a company is constantly launching new products
  6. If the company is newsworthy
  7. If it’s an innovative company
  8. If the company is new
  9. If the company is targeting young customers
  10. If the company wants to plan for the future

Starting Company Blog Ideas On  Your Website

The easiest way to start a blog is to use WordPress. At it can be implemented on almost every server today. Just download WordPress into your server.

Setup a subdomain like (blog.your-domain-name.com) to install WordPress software on the subdomain. And add a menu on your site to link back to your main website page. Read how to start a blog to follow a step by step tutorial.

You can see how simple it is.

However, you will need a blog theme. You can download one from WordPress theme. But if you need a more professional theme, I recommend you try the theme shop. It’ offers one of the best catalogues of great themes for your business blog.

Like I promised, to show you the basic ways to start and grow a blog. Hope the article is helpful? I like to get paid for my work. So, tell me all about it in the comment box. And I will consider it as payment for my help. Thank you and cheers!


A company blog promotes the interests of the business on the web.. It puts your company with search parameters, making it easier for potential customers to find you easily.

A company blog ideas also gives you more advantage to keep your customers updated regularly about new products or changes in your business.

Most importantly, you have your customers attention to educate them yourself about the uses and benefits of your products. You help to build bond with them and distract them from what your competitors maybe promoting.

Chinedu David
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