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Christianity Today

Christianity today is on a transformation. What’s changing is not the faith, nor the message, but how we understand it and believe in it. This is so crucial for the world, because it has a lot to do with the wellbeing of nations. The church of Jesus Christ as constituted in the earth, is a body of saviors.

A savior is one who announces, informs, delivers and restores others from whats destroying them into what has the power and potency to save them from eternal death.

That job is only reserved for Christians. There are no other group in the world whose job is to save the world. No wonder the Bible called Christians saviors from mount Zion. That’s who we are today, tomorrow and forever.

Yet some Christians are in themselves feeling inadequate. Some are not happy. Life has not been good to some. While some others even feel God doesn’t hear their prayers. Including those who have given up their faith because they have concluded that our faith in God is mere religion.

But who has believed our report? Of whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? There are things that Christianity today needs to get right. Our place in the world is in no way under contention. We are who we are by nature. It cannot be taken away. Irrespective of what anyone may think of the church today. In fact, your opinion of Christianity today doesn’t count with God. You can criticize for all I care. God is never going to side you against His church, no matter what the church did wrong.

Understanding Today’s Christian

If there’s ever a plus in Christianity today, it’s primarily because of what God is doing in the churches around the world. The wall of religion has been partitioned to give room for the entrance of the truth of God’s word in the churches. And so many Christians are being exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, beyond their religion.

And that’s what is so striking about Christianity today. The truth is growing in our hearts. We are opening up more to the truths of the gospel. I can imagine why Pilate asked Jesus the question: what’s truth? But what’s more striking is the reason Pilate asked Him the question.

Initially in that conversation in the book of John, we could read Pilate’s line of question and interest. Pilate was only interested in the kingship of Jesus, and has no interest in the truth. That was also part of why Jesus didn’t respond to it and probably why Pilate never insisted on an answer.

The only reason Pilate ask the truth question is because of what Jesus said about those of the truth. And that statement defines Christianity today. We are of the truth and our job is to bear witness of that truth. But what’s amazing about this truth is the message it carries.

The church of Jesus Christ is the truth Jesus was hiding from Pilate. He didn’t want to give away our identity to the enemy. In the book of Isaiah God called us His witnesses. And to further clarify the kind of witnessing we are to Him, Isaiah said, we are His witnesses that He’s God. Also, in another scripture in second Corinthians, the Apostle Paul reminded us that Jesus took our place of sin that we might be made the very righteousness of God.

So, a christian today is an expression of the truth that God is who He says He is. And we represent the truth that God is righteous. The reason anyone in this world should trust Him and believe in Him.

What We Are Doing Right Today

Let’s look at some of the things Christianity today is doing right. Some we may also need to do even more better than we are doing right now. This gospel of the kingdom is too important for us not to understand what need to be done well for the sake of the lost.

I like how Apostle Paul puts it more succinctly, that if our gospel be hid, it’s to those who are lost, those whom the god of this world (satan) had blinded their eyes. In other words, it shouldn’t be because we failed to preach it, but because those we preached it to have chosen not to believe it or because the devil has placed several distraction on their path to deceive them.

Now you see why what we do is so important to God. Many may never be able to disentangle themselves from the deceptive power of satan if we don’t go to rescue them. That’s why we must preach the message of the gospel.

{1} The Message Of The Cross

The church today is more focused on the message of the cross than it did some years ago. Although some are still constrained to balance the gospel of salvation with corresponding actions. Some churches are still swayed by opinions of others rather than what God said to do.

If you understand the instruction given to the church by Jesus Christ, it says to go into the world and preach the gospel. That requires some movement, which ultimately would cost money. And if the church is afraid to follow it’s calling because it doesn’t want be harassed or mocked by situation that requires it to keep explaining to its members what it needs to do, then how can the gospel be preached to every nation.

The message of salvation is in two parts. One is the how, while the other part is the instruction. There’s a how the gospel should reach the world. But our instruction is simply to preach the gospel of salvation. But how you reach the world would greatly depend on what’s available to you. You can chose what option is suitable for you. But don’t condemn the choice others make for the same gospel. Some would walk, some would run, while others would drive or fly. The option is yours to make.

Also, another aspect of the message is what you do as a means of getting the attention of the people God sent you to. That’s where the healing ministry comes in. I want to make this point for posterity sake. If a pastor lies or cheats about miracles, he or she would be answerable to God alone and not any man, irrespective of wether people also got healed by that deception or not.

So, you need not to criticize pastors who perform miracles. It’s also not your call but God to deal with at the appropriate time. And don’t even think those who patronize the fake miracles are gullible. They are not. They are only desperate and didn’t care how the result is achieved. Don’t think you are the only wise person to find out the miracle was faked. We all do. Some just cared about getting results than joining your bandwagon to call it fake.

Our gospel is good news. You can’t tired of spreading good news. The Christianity of today is in a better position to encourage the world with the good news of our Lord, Christ Jesus. The world is desperately in dire need of love, peace, joy and protection. But how can we give the world all these things from our gospel if we that are sent have not in ourselves found love, peace, joy and the protection from the Holy Spirit. This is the more reason the church must continue to pray.

{2} The Prayers Of The Church

When we pray, it’s not because God must be perpetually disturbed to get Him to help us. We pray because God asked us to pray. Most importantly, it’s not because God wants to know what we need, but because God needs to tell us what He wants done in the days we live in. The Bible is enough but yet it wasn’t given in our day. There’s generation gap and language deficiency in some of what the Bible says with what is relevant in the world today.

And the church has not failed in its call to prayer. At different times the church has risen up to the challenges facing the world. Even when the world mocks the dependence of the church in prayers to God, it has not failed in praying for the world. Just as prophet Samuel told king Saul that, God forbid that I should cease from praying to God for you.

More than ever, the prayer of the saints has not ceased. One of the renowned prayer conferences, the healing school online prayer conference has continued to attract hundreds of millions from around the world in praying for the sick and the lost. This prayer conference is being held online by the ministry of Pastor Chris Oyahkilome

Prayer is an important responsibility of the church. And it’s as though God would do nothing excerpt we pray. So, Christians today must continue in the attitude of prayer. It’s the only known form of fellowship we enjoy with God in a way nothing else can satisfy. As we pray, God will continue to lead us in the direction of His will in saving the lost.

{3} New Direction In Soul Winning

The church of Jesus Christ is on a calling to win others. That also should be the primary focus of Christianity today. God called the church to soul winning only. Any church that’s not saving the lost is not a church of Jesus Christ. That used to be the case of many churches in the past. But that’s changing so fast in Christianity today.

Jesus died to save the world. The church was setup to let the world know about what Jesus did for it. Jesus didn’t stay behind to do this announcement Himself because it cuts across several generations, even yet unborn. It’s this reason the church is empowered to reach the world and bring to them the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Apostle Paul remarked in the book of Romans, woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel! He was emphasizing our important role and stressing the cost to us if we didn’t do it. So this is the reason for Christians today to ensure that this sole responsibility is driven with much relevance that is commands.

Take for instance publishing platforms like Rhapsody of Realities, Christianity Today, Charisma, Guidepost, World Magazine, CCM magazine, etcetera. We also have the television platforms like LoveWorld Networks, Daystar, TBN, Hope channel, GOD TV, etcetera. There are over 50 Christian television channels. God gave the body of Christ all these strategies to win others into the kingdom of His son. If we are not yet covering the whole world, then we should rethink our strategies.

Only Rhapsody has the kind of partnership needed in Christianity today that is covering the whole world with billions of copies already distributed. That’s the kind of new direction soul winning needs to take. We should form new and better alliances with other churches and believer around the world. There’s no idea God gave to any Christian that’s exclusive to them or their churches. God deals with the entire body of Christ. That’s the way He thinks. And that’s the reason Christianity today needs more money, irrespective of the criticism of the world.

{4} Financing Christianity Today

What are you doing for the gospel of Jesus Christ? If we are to save the world the way it is now, we must move more faster than we did in the past. And there’s no better way of doing that but with money. Give more and more to the work. The early church gave everything. Some sold all they had and gave it to the church. Because if you are truly not of this world, what kind of mindset should you have?

I’m glad That the church (by that I mean members of the church) is not letting themselves be deceived by those who mock the church on finances. Although the reason this criticism is more today is because of the growing knowledge on the financial participation of Christians.

We are more financially aware of our roles in Christianity today than we were in the last 50 years. And those who attack us knows with more money we can save more lost souls. They don’t seem to like that at all. But if a christian take sides with the enemy to criticize the church on money, how then can the church do what it’s called to do?

Don’t generally fingers the church based on the experience of those who are in the church but are not sent by God. Those ones we know will do what they like, and bring disrepute to the body of Christ. But we are not to be deceived by them. Or join others to criticize the church because of those who are only doing it for their bellies worth.

There were recent information about churches opening their treasury account to help their members pay off their debts. It’s ok if a church thinks to do so. But it’s also a sign of the failure of the church. If those who should be saving the world for Jesus now requires to be saved by the church, who will save the lost? The church is not the pastor but every member of the church. Think about it…

What We Can Do Better Today

As I talk about the new media platforms being used by God to prevail upon the nations, I’m compelled to also express my belief on the power of the most impactful instrument of God, the written word. The word of God, irrespective of the platforms used to express it, contains the same resurrection power that raised Up Jesus from the dead.

Firstly, I must commend men and women of God, whom God has used to setup all these platforms that we have today. I make bold to speak for God, that these platforms belong to God and should not be restricted. Gods people need to hear from God. And we must always ensure that these platforms are in the hands of those whom God has chosen.

There are men and women who may not be known to the church today but are being prepared by God to use certain platforms He has already given to Christianity today for the furtherance of His gospel. Those in position of control of Gods platforms should not hang on to them, if God want to make more impact with them by putting them in the hands of anyone whom He may chose.

No one should see Gods work as a financial inheritance for them. Our inheritance is Christ Jesus. We are born to live the heavenly life. Our affection should be constantly on things above, we shouldn’t be anxious or desirous of food and raiment. God takes care of every Christian today. Our prosperity is solely to bring God’s divine power to the people’s and nations of the world.

God sometimes wants to use His tools beyond the vision and comprehension of the founders, but He’s often hindered by those who control such platforms. And you might say how can someone hinder God? In the book of Malachi, God also told us that some robbed Him. They also responded the same way, how have we robbed you?

The Violent Gospel Of Salvation

Jesus gave us this analogy in reference to John the Baptist. But the church is still trying to understand the context in which Jesus wanted us to take things by violence. There’s no better way to understand what Jesus meant than to align with what He came to do. That’s probably the direction He meant for us to express violence as well.

Jesus said in the book of John that, I have come for you to have life. If that’s what He came to achieve, then that also points to His direction of violent intention. So, Jesus is saying be violent about the way you save lives. That’s powerful.

Our violence is not for destruction but to save lives. And the reason Jesus was emphasize on the violent nature is because of the danger of not being saved. Imagine how many souls will be lost to the devil if we didn’t save them. And if we lose them, their loss is forever. We can’t ever save them again. They will be gone from God forever.

But how do we interpret the kind of violence that a gospel requires to reach the lost? The job of knocking on doors hasn’t changed because the world has changed. We just have new ways of knocking on doors. This power of mass media is our best opportunity of knocking on many doors at the same time. And everyone must be involved to ensure that we knock at billions of these doors before Christ comes again. Yet some among us have chosen to work against us, siding with the enemy the devil.

What’s Wrong In Christianity Today

I want to point out that the church of Jesus Christ is the most powerful group on the face of the earth. And whomever that’s not for us is against God. You cannot be fighting the church and be friends with God. You must be the biggest fool to think so. It doesn’t even matter if you think you need to correct the Pastors who are erring.

Who gave you such a job? If the pastors need correction, I can bet you, God wouldn’t send you. So, why should you arrogate such responsibility to yourself when God didn’t ask you to? That would be dangerous for you. And if God needs to correct His pastors, he will send someone they will probably listen to. It will not be you.

So, why should you chose to be against God? It’s not profitable for you. Some Christians don’t know their role. Stop siding with the devil against the church. God doesn’t correct His pastors with public opinion. In fact, God hates public opinion.

Think of it, was it not the same public opinion when they screamed at Jesus, CRUCIFY HIM! Who were those who joined the rest of the Jews to condemn Jesus? Did they at least tried to verify what He was accused of? No! A thousand times no. Yet they joined His accusers and crucified the king of glory. You already sensed what’s at stake. Don’t join the world against Gods people. It will make you an enemy of God, and not His unsolicited mouthpiece you may think you are.


God cannot abandon His church. He told Abraham to walk before Him and be blameless. The church which He purchased with the blood of His son Jesus cannot be lesser in value. If only Christians today will understand the power and the purpose of our calling, there will be no mountain too high.

God told Joshua after the death of Moses to be bold and very courageous. That’s what Christianity today really needs. There’s nothing in this world that is designed to stop you. But if you act like you are under the influence of this world, then the world can stop you.

Pastor Chris Oyahkilome once said, there’s no weapon in the world that can kill a man who has chosen not to die by any weapon in the world.

The world is waiting for today’s Christians to save it from destruction. It’s not the job of Paul and Peter. Their time is gone. It’s our time now. You can chose to do nothing with this Jesus that is your heart. Or chose to change the world by the power of the Holy Spirit that’s at work in you. God bless you.

Chinedu David
About The Author: Chinedu David An inspiring writer with several years of experience in journalism, consulting and training. Worked with Success Digest magazine for over a decade. Founded MyStore - an online store in 2013. Trained several startup entrepreneurs in telecom sector, LPG (oil & gas), and on Cryptocurrency investment. A born again christian, who's committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion. Drop a comment below and he will respond to your query. He can also be reached via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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