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How To write Powerful Blog Contents For Google Ranking

Google ranking is not a mystery. It’s achievable. You can rank top in Google for any keyword. All you need is a strategy to achieve it.
And the best strategy is giving Google the kind of content it’s looking for.

You may not know, Google is looking for content every day. It even created a website for it. You must have heard about Google trends. It’s where Google notify’s you about topics that it requires to have more content.

Google wants more contents on every topic to be able to score their quality, readability and usefulness to related searches.

And it’s depending on your blog to provide content for your niche. That’s why Google likes niche blogs. It helps it to quickly label your website to specific contents.

For Google to rank you on the first page, there are things it considers. Look at CNN content model. CNN thrives on breaking news. Think about what Google thrives on.

If you give CNN breaking news, it will take it without hesitation. In the same way, Google ranks top contents on page one.

Basic Google Ranking Content Strategy

The earlier you know that you are writing for Google the better for you. As a blogger, you are a content provider for Google.

If you write quality content, Google will help you get more visitors to see it. But if the content is poorly packaged, Google Ranking will push it down the page to avoid it easily being read by visitors.
There is basic google content strategy. I give you a preview below

  • Originality
  • Authority
  • Insightful
  • Relevance
  • Readability

Your content must be original. Even if where you want to use content from another blog, reference it. It prevents Google from labelling your blog a copy. You can’t rank above those you copy from.

And you will also need to prove your authority on the topic. Google doesn’t want to elevate mediocrity. Let your content show authority in your niche with insight.

Another part is relevance. That is where keyword plays a part. Does your content relate with what people are searching online? If not, nobody will locate your content, no matter the quality.

Also, how the relevance of your content to the topic matters. Does it address any question or problem? Did you give guidance on how something can be done even better?

The summation of that is what Google Ranking is about.

Google is Ranking Contents And Not Keywords

Google is Ranking Contents and not keywords. If you package your content on keywords, you may be tempted to stuff it up. That might affect the readability score of your content.

But you can use focus keyword ideas to package google ranking contents.

By that I mean, focus on the content. But drive your idea on the keywords you want to be ranked on the search engine.

It’s not difficult to write contents that Google will rank. Just follow the basic rules of Google ranking. You can also read the post how to create Stuffs Google wants to rank.

How Keyword Works in Google Ranking:

Keywords are important. But we don’t write quality blog contents for keywords. I don’t always stick to the keyword rule. I’m more concerned about the content rule.

The best content is what is winning with Google. Even Google is not focused on keywords either.

But the keyword is important in your content strategy. You should be interested in keywords. Not as a focus but as a means of helping visitors find your content.

The keyword is the only way visitors are going to locate your content on a search engine. That’s how important keywords are. Some bloggers, write their contents for specific keywords. As long as it doesn’t affect the readability and context of your subject.

But don’t write any blog content if you have not researched the keyword value. Why would you waste all that effort on writing on a topic that only a few visitors are searching for?

See keywords are the key that unlocks your content to visitors searching for it. Just as the name implies, it’s key to your content.

How To Use Keywords in Your Contents

Avoid keywords stuffing. The best way to use keywords is to make your topic about that keyword you want Google to rank. Google is not ranking you for keywords, but for the contextual relevance of your topic.

It can read your content. It understands your topic. And can see the relevance and the synonyms.

The idea of a keyword is to help you keep your content on the subject matter. And to help search engines tie your content to specific keyword strings.

The keyword game is solely a reference score. In the end, Google reserves the right to rank your content on keyword strings it chooses. And it’s not of your own making.

How I write Google Ranking Contents

If you are a blogger, you already know the drill. We write for search engines. Make no mistake about that. If your content is not searched engine friendly, it may not even get to the target audience.

So, in reality, you are not writing to your niche. But for the search engine. In this search engine war, the best content wins. It doesn’t matter who loves your content. If the search engines don’t like it, you don’t get ranked on top.

When I write, I follow a simple strategy. And I will outline them for you.

  • I pick my topic and craft my irresistible headline
  • I identify the keywords that are associated with my topic
  • I Google my keywords to see other related keyword searches
  • I copy those related keyword searches and use them as subheadings
  • I rearrange the subheads to align with a careful thought pattern
  • I start my research on the topic. Find some references if necessary.
  • I identify areas not covered or not common with the topic
  • I also put down my personal experience on the topic. Like what I have done and how it worked out for me.
  • Then I start my writing with an introduction.
  • And finally, I craft all the contents for my subheads.

And depending on the topic, I can omit some steps or add something new. My subject and findings eventually influence my final content.
Finally, my editorial skill is applied. I use Grammarly to proofread.

And I verify my content readability test with Flesch readability score with my Yoast SEO Plugin. If I’m 80 per cent and above, I’m good to publish my post.

Google Ranking Is Free But Not Cheap

Traffic is not free. So is reading my blog. I always demand that a little fee is paid for it. This time, it’s just your comment on how this post has helped you.

If you learnt something new or got some nice ideas, just tell me all about it in the comment box. I will take that as payment from you.

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How Blogs Work – The Whole Truth!

For you to understand how Blogs Work, you must know what blogs are. If you want to start a blog, you need more than the gift of writing. You must play the game of blogging. And it’s not that simple.

Blogging is work. You need to be willing to put in some time into it. An excellent blog post is not just pieces of words put together to express a thought. It must prove its authority to search engines. Before it ever gets to be read by human beings.

That is where a blog stands itself out from any other article.

So, I will give you a different definition of a blog. A blog is useful information that provides a solution that search engines are willing to index for future reference.

Your blog must meet this criterion to be worth investing your time on. You must query it. Does it contain useful information? That provides a solution to people? And will search engines want to index it for future reference?

Also, see how some view a blog:

  • A blog is a single page of entries – with archives of older entries. But the “blog homepage” is all anyone cares.
  • A blog is also organised in reverse-chronological order. Mostly, starting from recent entry to least recent.
  • A blog is a public document — anyone can see it or browse through it.
  • The entries in a blog may come from a single author. That’s How Blogs Work.

Interestingly, a blog is a lot like an online journal or diary. The authors can talk about anything they want. Most blogs are full of interesting links that the author has found. Blogs usually contain stories or snippets of details that are interesting to the author.

Some blogs to have a focus. A blogger can choose any topic and start blogging about it. The focused blogs share essential information that can even save lives. Others give out helpful tips or ideas that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Generally, blogs have become the source of most important solutions anyone can find online.

What Makes Blogs Powerful

Since the beginning of the world, information has been a powerful tool. Countries went to war due to information passed down to them. The different religion of the world began with information.

The academic system structures are around information. So, knowledge is the most powerful tool in the world today. It’s the only tool for influencing humans.

That makes Blogs powerful. Every blog is a tool for information sharing. That power of influence is in every blog.

How Blogs Work As Content Platforms

By the definition of a blog, it’s a platform. A platform is a place or an opportunity to express One’s opinion or thoughts. A blog gives you a platform to share your thoughts with the rest of the world.

It’s a position of leadership. You are vested with the power to influence others.

And that makes niche blogs authorities in their fields. You are helping others learn what you know. It attracts people to you. And makes you a point of reference.

You are not just a blogger anymore. But a decision maker in that niche. It puts you in the same shoes as politicians, musicians, writers, social influencers, etc. You can shape the course of events.

And make history what you want it to be. That is how Blogs Work.

Why Search Engines Love Blogs

The nature of blogs makes them lovable by search engines like Google. Each blog has the potential to assemble exclusive contents. And present them as an authoritative view on the subject.

And search engines are simple platforms for connecting people with the information they are searching. The search engines themselves don’t have data.

So, they seek information from blogs. The simple reason they love blogs.

Search engines need the information contained in blogs to provide answers to search requests. When a request is posted on a search box, it presents variable links as solutions.

In those links, one of them could be your blog.

Search engines index contents based on related topics and keywords. When a request sent contains associated keywords to that topic, the search engine displays links to sites that include those variables.

How Blog Optimization Works

That is also how blog optimisation works. To get your blog indexed by search engines, you optimise your contents to contain information relating to defined keyword variables to popular search requests.

This process may involve several aspects of content packaging. Which may include, writing structure, reference sources, readability style, relative subject, and most importantly giving search engines access to index it.

There is basic search engine optimisation strategy practised by many bloggers. You can also read my post on “How to create Stuff that Google wants to rank“. I also have an ebook on the subject, that gives detail strategy on how I achieve 80 per cent of my Google ranking success using the same basic SEO strategy.

For your blog to attracts lots of visitors, it must be showing up on search engines most searched keywords.

Imagine being ranked top on Google for keywords that get over one million searches per month. That would skyrocket your blog from an ordinary startup to an overnight success.

Understanding Blog Marketing

The real concept of the blog is marketing. It’s a marketing tool. Just in the same way as TV and newspaper. Most of the information on a blog are advertorials. They are promoting a product or a service.
Sometimes, they link visitors to their blogs to services provided by other sources.

The primary purpose of a blog is two things. First to provide useful information. And secondly to make it accessible to others.

The way a blog can achieve this is through marketing.

So, a blog is a marketing platform for the vision or ideas of the blogger. Even the information on a blog it’s a product on display. Bloggers can turn information on their blogs to sell anything.

For example, if you have a blog post that is already ranking high on Google, you can turn it into blog marketing page.

Advertisers can pay to have a link to their websites on that page. If that page ranked for a high volume keyword, companies would spend millions of dollars to dominate that page.

How Blogs Work In Marketing

A Blog is a content carrier. That makes them advert platforms. Businesses promote and advertise their products using blogs.
It can be blogs owned by the business. If it’s blogs owned by other people, the business owner is paying the bloggers to promote his product.

In the same way that advert platforms like Google, Facebook, CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Washington Post, and every other news platform projects adverts to people; that’s also how Blogs project Your adverts.

Blogs are even more powerful. They can retain that information forever. A single promotional content advert on a blog can keep driving massive tons of visitors to your business.

Advertising on Blogs is actually a better ad investment than TV and newspapers. Not even Facebook or Google can match the advertorial power of blogs.

How Blogs Work in Growing Your Business

Your business needs online visibility. And the fastest way to gain that is with blogs. Search engines rank blogs higher because it recognizes them as content platforms. It’s also the reason most developers are using WordPress even for normal websites.

And having a blog on your website can improve your site ranking on search engines. Most businesses now include a blog as a page on their website.

Some partner with bloggers to carry their contents and link back to them.

Every online business should invest in blog marketing. The mostly used blog marketing strategy by online businesses is affiliate marketing.

While affiliate would give your business a cheaper entry cost, you pay huge junk of commission to bloggers.

You can also pay to have your website link on blog posts that are already ranking top in search engines. That’s the fastest way to get more traffic to your online business. The huge traffic will pay up for the cost of advertising eventually.

How Bloggers Get Paid

The first thing to consider about bloggers is what they do. A blogger is someone who writes blogs.

He may be writing full time or on spare time. But to be a successful blogger, you must give considerable time to your blog. The amount of time may be controlled by you.

You can decide to do 2 hours of your time weekly. That’s up to you. And it also depends on what you may be blogging about.

Although, there is so much work in blogging. But you can outsource all those time-consuming jobs. And focus only on writing your blog posts.

I do all the jobs for my blog. I’m not yet outsourcing because my blog is still growing. But in the future, I may consider outsourcing.

However, one of the popular ways bloggers get paid is through affiliates programs. There are many affiliate programs available on the internet. You can sign up for some of them.

Choose the affiliates that compliment the content of your blog, for example, if your blog is about blogging, you need affiliates in hosting, domain name, plugins, themes, and those services that compliment your blog niche.

You can also advertise for others on your blog. Or join Google Adsense. A lot of blogs earn huge income from Google Adsense.

Another source bloggers earn money is by selling their own products. Most blogs where setup to sell the products of the blogger. You can also package your experience into a product and sell it on your blog.

How Do I Make Money From A Blog?

There are three known revenue models for blogs. You can choose any one of them or combine all of them together.

Most blogs only earn revenue from adverts. It’s the easiest way to earn money from your blog. You just position your Adsense codes in selected areas of your site. As your traffic grows, your Ad revenue grows.

Another revenue source for your blog can be affiliates. You can have as many affiliates on your blog. You register with your preferred affiliates and link your affiliate codes to texts in your blog posts.

The more sales you generate for the affiliate the more commission you receive.

The third one is selling products on your blog. You can sell products you produce or products you sourced from online stores. Usually stores from China or eBay vintage products.

But if you are selling your own product, that makes it exclusive to your blog. Exclusive products will give your blog some viral advantage over the competition. That’s why most bloggers create their products and sell on their blogs.

Finally, My Personal Idea of How Blogs Work

It’s simple because you have just read my blog. Now you know how Blogs Work. All you have to do is pay me for taking time to put all the information together for you.

And I’m only asking for a payment with your comment below. Let me know how much you have gained from this article. And that will serve as a payment for me. Cheers!

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How To Create Stuffs Google Wants To Rank – Hidden Secrets of Writing Powerful Blog Contents

The reason you started a blog is to share information. But google has indexed almost every kind of information you can think of. And over the years google ranking has made sure that only powerful blog contents remain.

You can search online for the topics you want to write. You will find it has been written before. And several times by different people. So, what makes you think you can rank on google for the same content? Can you write powerful blog contents that can compete?

The answer is not that simple. It’s to give Google what it haven’t seen before. And unless you know what Google is looking for, you can’t get it right.

Understanding Search Request

Sometimes we misunderstand what the term search means. It’s a popular term online. But how many knows what it means to google.

If you want to know what Google wants, understand what Google knows.

The term search is seen by Google as a problem. Whenever someone is searching for something, Google views it as a request for a solution.

That is why Google makes effort to rank the blogs with the best possible solution to search requests.

If for instance, I’m searching for a bag. Google will look for possible bag links to display. But if I’m searching for Gucci bag. I’m telling Google the specific of the bag.

Now Google knows more specifically what I want. And it will display for me Contents with the best ranking on Google.

What Visitors Search For on Google

You know that searches are problem. People go to google to search for solution to their problem. That is why must searches are question-like.

They ask questions like, how can I write powerful blog contents that appear in top page in google ranking? And the answer will be…that’s up to google to choose which links contain the right answer.

How Google does that is called algorithm.

It’s a question and answer kind of thing. Users ask google question and it looks all over the web to find a suitable answer.

It’s different from Quora. waits for someone else who is on the platform to answer your question. While Google simple looks for already made answers on the internet to deliver instantly.

That’s why Google keeps trying to tweak its algorithm. To better serve high quality answers. And not just any half-baked information.

So, every time someone types a search request, Google wants an answer. The websites with the best answers (according to google algorithm) wins.

Google Tells Content Providers what it wants

Google is also having a problem getting the right answers. It’s not 100% accurate with information. Because google doesn’t own these information. It doesn’t control the contents of the information.

Whatever is available online is what google provides as its solution.

So, it depends solely on the contents of bloggers to provide accurate information to search requests. That’s why Google is strict with contents it’s ranking on the first page.

And to help bloggers package powerful blog contents, Google also provides information. It gives content providers ideas about what it wants.

That’s Google’s way of influencing the contents produced around the world. To enable it deliver powerful solutions always.

So, it created a platform called Google trends to collect new requests. They are new words. Trending topics. Breaking news around the world. And anything that users are asking for.

Use the trending words of phrase to package your SEO contents for your blog.

Google Trends Knows What Users Want:

And because Google stores all these trending search requests, it ranks them according to the number of requests it has received.

It’s a powerful resource for content providers to explore. You can find current trends daily. It can be your source of hot new topics that Google wants to rank.

Remember that these topics are new. And have little or no information on them. Google algorithm is sensitive to such trending terms. And would pick it up.

It’s also the fastest way to get your new blog ranked faster on google. If you are wondering why news blogs enjoy high popularity with Google ranking, here is the secret.

Google likes trending topics. Not because it needs them. But because that’s what users are searching for. And google wants to answer them instantly.

If your blog provides google with trending stuffs like this, you will always rank faster in search.

Get Readers Talking About Your Powerful Blog Content

Don’t take my word for it. That’s exactly what google would say. If your content is that powerful, Google wants to hear it from its users.

So, the more comments on your post, keep it trending with Google. Now, Google is justified to send more search traffic to your blog content.

Sometimes, Google may just rank you for keywords you didn’t plan to rank for. That’s the reason such things happen.

Users can change the course of your google ranking. Apart from the content of your blog, Google also tracks users comments to see what more your content provides.

A comment can even add your post to a new keyword that would drive more traffic to you. Or help drop your ranking. You can also use your comment section to add quality value to your posts.

Become Popular With Google

One more point on writing powerful blog contents is becoming an authority. Although, I used the word popular in the subheading. That’s because that’s what interests Google. Your popularity.

Google is not going to figure out which school you attended. But it sure knows how many blogs you visited. And how many posts you have all over the internet. It can track your online movement.

That’s how it knows about your speciality.

What do you think google local business is about? Google follows you online and now offline as well. When you checkout a website online before going to shop offline, google knows.

So, use its tools to gain search ranking. Visit authority sites. Signup with them. Don’t visit a blog without dropping a comment. They all add up to what google pieces together to rank you as an authority.

Have A Digital Life

Build a powerful digital life. The same way you have a life offline. Let search engines be able to link you with your social profiles, blogs, email, phone numbers, and relationship ties.

The future algorithm will be using digital life to prove authority of contents produced by you. The authority of your blog will now have a human perfective.

It’s even better you start now growing your authority. Stop being unanimous online. If you want to grow online business, have a life traceable online.

Google may soon be measuring powerful blog contents by the popularity of the author. And not just by the information it contains. There are many good contents online now.

The power of Google is to give accurate information that solves problems. And Google wants to know who are the problems solvers.

Imagine, you start a new blog now. But google already knows you have been involved in that niche or similar niche for ten years running. That gives your blog instant authority with google algorithm. Over some other blogs that don’t have such past record.

Pay for My Powerful Blog Contents

Finally, I like asking for payment for reading my blog. If you benefited from this article, I demand payment for it. But my fee is cheap. All I require is for you to pay me by dropping me a great comment below.

I will like to know this post has helped you. Or if there is anything you learnt from it. Thank you. And cheers.

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What to Do If Your Blog Isn’t Getting Enough Online Traffic

Have you been blogging for a while now? And you are not getting enough online traffic. Although, it might take up to four to six month before you can begin to see significant online traffic.

That’s not an excuse to conclude why you are not getting enough traffic. But if you are new to blogging, that could be one of them.

Sometimes, you may be ranked for unpopular keywords. And that could result to low traffic or none at all.

Remember, SEO is a function of visitors searching for content relating to your blog. If no one is searching for you, no one will find you. And that means no traffic. It’s not because your blog is not good.

Do You Experience Low Online Traffic?

So, when you notice no online traffic there are a few things you can try.

It’s like a doctors diagnosis. You check for the symptoms. From your test, you can ascertain the problem. Then apply the right solution.

I have made a list of things you can try. This only applies to blogs aged from six month and above. If your blog is below, I would recommend something else. As your SEO Traffic doctor, you should listen to me for advise. Lol!

But really, this could transform all your efforts into juicy online traffic.

Is Your Blog Crawled By Search Engines?

If my blog is not being crawled, this will be the first thing I would do. When your blog is not being crawled by search engine, you can’t expect it to be indexed. And you can’t get any traffic.

Are there reasons your blog may not be crawled? Yes, there are possible reasons. If you blocked your blog from search engine. If you are using WordPress just go to setting and select reading submenu. Scroll down and you will see the option to block your blog from search engine.

Deselect this option to make your blog visible again.

Check Robot Text File

Another thing to look out for is robot text file. This file must be probably set up. This can only be configured from the root domain. You can assess this file from your domain hosting account.

The robot text file is the script that directs search engines how to crawl your blog.

It’s set of robotic commands that direct search engines’ robot on what to crawl. You can change the file setting. And add the right parameters to enable it to crawl your blog.

It sounds technical but it’s not. It’s actually simple to do. Unless you don’t even know your way around root file. Then I will suggest you get help with that. Root file is not an area for a novice.

Setup Your Blog Sitemap

Crawling your blog doesn’t make it indexed properly. It only allows crawling. But you still need to help search engine crawl all that should be indexed. Like showing it the best way you should be indexed.

A sitemap is not different from any map. Think of it as google map. It helps you locate your direction. It’s the same with a sitemap.

It helps search engine to crawl and locate your blog content. And index it in chronological order.

This has a lot to do with your site structure. If your site is well structured, you won’t have any issue with the sitemap.

Most times, structure issues are from blog theme. A good blog theme must be well structured with SEO in mind. And if you are using a free theme, you might need to check your theme for structural issues.

Use Only Premium or Custome Theme

I recommend buying a premium theme if you can afford one.

Although, they are not costly. Usually between $17 to $60 range. If that’s an investment to make for structure, it’s worth it.

However, you can simply create a sitemap using plugins. WordPress has several free plugins you can download and use.

Any of these sitemap plugins can help. The amazing thing about Blog business is that you don’t have to know it all. Just look for the right plugin and you are well cared for.

If you are using Yoast SEO Plugin, it creates a sitemap for your blog. Otherwise, I recommend installing Google XML sitemap plugin.

Optimize Your Existing Contents

You may be thinking, I have many contents that are not ranking. You can simply re-optimize them for better keywords.

Imagine you have 40 posts. You should stop posting new content and work on repositioning them first. You can squeeze so much online traffic juice out of these contents.

Some of them you just need to rank them for another keyword. Research high traffic keywords and re-optimize these posts by new keywords.

However, inasmuch as we would like to rank all our posts, just one high traffic keyword can make all the difference. Some keywords can guarantee over 10 million online traffic monthly. While some are just a few thousands.

There is no harm in trying to get ranked on a high traffic keyword. Just one volume keyword can transform your blog from zero traffic to hundreds of thousands of traffic monthly.

You can repurpose all your content. You may not know which one that would transform your blog.

Another strategy is to identify the keyword that you already rank for. And properly optimize the contents to rank even before for them.

You can view keywords you are ranking for on google console.

Grab More Headline Contents in Your Niche

Now, I want to address issues of new blogs still lacking traffic. You still have to keep on with content. A blog is a book of information. One or two blogs doesn’t present you serious.

Work on more contents. Look out for high keywords and attention-grabbing headlines in your niche. Your blog is simply as good as your content.

The beautiful design doesn’t count when a value is important. You need to prove your blog authority to search engines with contents.
If you are not good at writing your own blog, outsource it.

The battle of SEO is content driven.

I have written about how to package SEO contents that drive massive online traffic to your blog. Read this article for more details.

Finally, I like asking for payment for reading my blog. If you benefited from this article, I demand payment for it. But my fee is cheap. All I require is for you to pay me by dropping me a great comment below.

I will like to know this post has helped you. Or if there is anything you learnt from it. Thank you. And cheers.

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Blog Money: How to Monetize Your Web Traffic

As a startup blog, you need to focus on driving traffic to your blog. You need to concentrate on rich niche contents. That would delight your visitors because it’s not just blog money making.

Imagine if someone has a free gift for you. And the gift is a solution to your problem. Wouldn’t you grab it immediately?

I think you would. Nobody would walk past an excellent gift. And it’s free.

That’s what a startup blog must be doing. Don’t start with making money with your blog. Anyway, you don’t even have traffic yet. The visitors to your blog are just a few at this time.

And they don’t know you too. If you are using google analytical, you would see that you have more new visitors than returning ones.

There is also not much information already available on your blog. Many people will quickly discover that it’s a new blog. Some may even think you are not writing regularly.

They will all have an opinion about you.

But it’s up to you to give them your version of the opinion. Give something that gives them all authoritative information for free.

Where is Your Subscriber Form?

During the setup of your blog, this should be one core thing you should have done. It’s a core blog Money Making strategy. No blogger doesn’t collect emails. So, you shouldn’t be an exception.

It’s not because it’s a blog thing. It’s a broad Monetization strategy. If you don’t collect email, your blog doesn’t have a future. It will just be like a social media. Even social media would have been better.

Just take it from me, you need to start collecting emails now. Your blog is not too new to do this. In fact, it’s an affecting startup blog strategy. It will also help you buy time, while you package your blog content well.

If you don’t know whether you have a subscriber form on your blog, check now. You can even get a free one on WordPress plugin.

But I recommend using a more professional email service.

GetResponse is one I have used.I have also used email list subscriber and MailChimp too. But I switched to GetResponse for many other features it has. I’m always thinking of Blog money making tips.

So I’m always willing to invest money in it.

Strategies To Collect Emails On Your Blog

Don’t just want to collect emails. Have a plan. People are not going to hand over their private emails to you. They would need a good reason.

You should make them an offer they couldn’t resist. Understand that people are concern about spamming. And they don’t even know you. You must be willing to give something of much value.

Sometimes different visitors with different needs. I love what Sharon Gourlay did in her blog

She has different opt-in offers. What didn’t appeal to you might appeal to someone else.

But don’t create the impression that you are desperate to collect their email. Be genuine and believable in your offers. Make it relevant to your posts or page.

And don’t trick visitors into giving you their emails. Remember they can still opt-out. It can sometimes hurt to see subscribers opt-out.
The best way to collect emails is to give visitors what brought them to your blog. If I come to you for sweets, don’t give me a melon. They may be something, but they are not the same.

Spell out what you are giving out to your visitors. Don’t use compelling words or misrepresentations. In fact, make it simple and over deliver.

If they get more than what made them opt-in, they will never forget it.

I always think anything of value will work. It doesn’t have to be an ebook. If you can’t package one now, don’t worry. Give what you can offer.u

You can give a link or links that point them to a resource. It might not even be your resource. But be careful when using this kind of offer.

Give Your Best Gift

I don’t mean expensive gifts. Sometimes what you are giving is not that expensive. And don’t claim it is. Lying is not good when you are asking for your visitor’s email. It’s better if you don’t talk about the value of the gift. Let each visitor decide the cost.

But show them the critical of what you are giving to them. That should be the value you place on it.

Stop thinking you must do it the same way Blog ‘A’ did it. Think about your strategy. It should be what drives you. And not what someone else is doing.

Some blogs are not Monetize. It’s also part of the strategy. If Blog money is part of your strategy, then define how in your blog plan.

Sometimes I’m guilty of this as well. But I know it’s the right to do. Plan your Monetization strategy. Make it into a strategy you can adopt in all your blog. Like when you start a blog, what should be your focus. In the first few months or one year.

If you ask, I would say, collect emails first. Don’t try to sell anything immediately. That is not to say you shouldn’t have a strategy for Blog money.

But try not to start selling on a blog that still has fewer contents.
Remember that you are building an authority blog. Your expertise is what visitors would buy. And not just your blog vision.

You can make them see that authority first. Don’t create the impression you are just about Blog money making.

Your best gift might be your blog high-quality content. When visitors come to your blog, they find something useful. That would make them want to sign up for as simple as a reminder for a new blog post.

If you could drive email opt-in that way, your blog will surely rank tops in your keywords. It means you have higher return visits. And Google loves return visits. It automatically means visitors trust your blog to come back again. Google will rank your blog above others with fewer return visitors.

Now, you have noticed I didn’t talk about some of the known strategies. It’s on purpose. I want you to be creative in your approach. Don’t always be quick to copy strategy. Think it first. Understand it next. Then apply it. These experts that are teaching you these strategies don’t know it all.

Until you can justify any strategy you are adopting, don’t use it. Do what you understand. Unless you are guided by someone, who has used it profitably.

How to Monetize Your Email List

If you have collected emails for a while, you should be thinking of the next step. Which is Blog money making?

I have been talking about strategy in this article. It should be a part of you by now. No strategy means you don’t have a plan.

It’s important how you do things.

Blogging is not just a past time venture. It’s a blog marketing. You are marketing something. There should be a plan. Don’t just do things anyhow, even though you are not under anyone’s payroll.

That means you should have a plan or plan to monetize your email list.

The simple way is always to give value in exchange for their money. It’s about what you have to give your visitors. And like I s wrote earlier, something they want and value.

Once you have what they want, package it in any format you want. The arrangement also might impact on the cost. But whatever form, price it appropriately.

Some blog marketers would create a special landing page. While some simply link it to a secured area of the blog. And give access to its download.

Whatever you choose will be just fine.

After you have packaged your products for Blog money making, write a launch email. It’s a marketing email that gives your subscribers special privilege to buy it first. And email them all with details and link to buy it.

And I’m not making it sound so simple than it has been already. Although, it’s not all that simple. But it’s easy. Any aspect you don’t understand how to implement, outsource it for help. Or comment below and I will answer your questions.

My Blog Money Making Fee

Here is where I end this article. But I have one request from you. Please pay me for reading this. Funny, right? Yea. I need the money.

But I will like for you to pay me with a beautiful comment about what you learnt from this article. That’s just my price. I hope you will be faithful enough to pay me.

Thank you for your comments in advance.

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How I Started My First Blog – The Lessons And Missteps

My Blog biography is not very encouraging at first. But I can help you push beyond your discouragement. I had tried over 10 years ago to start my first blog.

Finally now I did. It was a very costly experience. Because I didn’t know much about blogging. But you can learn from my first blog experience and avoid my mis-steps.

My first blog experience was a disaster. I probably thought because I can write I could just take off. But with practically no knowledge of online blogging.

I was writing for a local business newspaper then. So, my thinking was that I could replicate what I had in the newspaper on my blog.
But that didn’t go very well.

How I Started My First Blog

It started with a course I attended with my boss. The publisher of the paper. It was titled “Internet Booth Camp”.

That was my first time of attending any training on the internet.
I was so inspired about the potentials of the internet. And made up my mind, I was going to tap into it.

However, the course I participated in at the booth camp was how to write attention grabbing headlines. It wasn’t about Blog.

In fact, the knowledge of Blog was relatively too low at that time. But I still thought I could start one.

I like the idea of pioneering. It gives me some sense of leadership.
I was already enjoying growing readership. Being the editor of the telecom section of the paper, I was popular among the readers.

The GSM technology was just launched in the country. And many people wanted to understand how they can tap into the opportunities.

Here I was, the inspiration to entrepreneurs. But I wanted more. I wanted to reach more people. And there were not many platforms available to me.

The internet potential was a huge dream then. But I loved the challenge. I already knew my need in that area when I got into it.

My First Blog:

I started with And there was a simple reason I did.
It just made sense to me then to be on google own product. I wanted google to love my blog. The thought was that google would favour my blog because I was using their product.

In fact, that was a misconception then for some beginner’s like me. Because there was little knowledge about how google rank websites.

But I must confess, I didn’t like It wasn’t user friendly for me. Or may be because I wasn’t familiar with blogging then.

My first misstep was how to even setup the blog. I got stuck then and abandoned it half way. And didn’t go back to it for a while.

That was how my first blog attempt was aborted.

Although, I did try again and even again. All on the same platform, Until I finally gave up when I couldn’t even remember my blog account login details.

My First Blog on WordPress:

Oh, this was another inspiring experience. The one I remembered vividly. Most of my experiences with I didn’t remember. May be because they were few.

But with WordPress it’s still fresh as breeze.

My first encounter with WordPress was inspired by an article. This article explained all the different blog platforms. And positioned WordPress as the best of them.

I thought then, something must be wrong with

That was how I visited WordPress. I was still not experienced with blogging. My first blog there was still about my write ups on ‘Success Digest’.

But this time, I was not having user experience problems. It was easy to use. I saw the first blog post by WordPress and I was inspired to drop a few posts as well.

I wrote several posts after that. And everyday I would visit the blog. I didn’t know how to gauge readership. So I could only check for comments.

And there was none. It was discouraging. I wanted to see my information devoured by online readers. It felt like what I was writing wasn’t good enough.

I Almost Gave Up

After a while, I didn’t even remember I had a blog.

Several months later, I visited my blog. There were few comments there. Mostly from my readers who found my writings online.

Few months later, I got banned by WordPress. As a beginner I didn’t even understand what I might have done wrong. But I did something wrong.

I was using the free WordPress blog. Because I didn’t know there was another WordPress.

So, I got banned probably for some commercial intentions of mine. And I didn’t have the opportunity to redress my misstep.

So, I was asked to download my files. I didn’t understand what to do with the downloaded files either.

Now, I was no longer interested in blogging. I went on social media. And Facebook didn’t even wait for me before changing their algorithm.

My First Near Successful Blog:

But I had to come back to blog again. I had to. My writing experience was growing. I have written two books. And as I look for how to promote my books, sharing it with blogs became an option.

Surprisingly, my first blog wasn’t a blog to promote my books.
It also didn’t start out quite right. I still had some issues I didn’t quite understand. But I was prepared to learn this time.

The setup of my blog had a little issue. I wanted a premium theme. And I got one though. But I haven’t installed a theme before. I wanted to outsource.

Later, I changed my mind and did it myself. I needed to gain that experience. So, I looked out for resource on the seller support page. And I set it up.

This time, I knew about SEO, which I didn’t know before. But implementation is not my expertise yet. I haven’t done SEO before on my own.

Learning to Do-It-Myself:

I wanted to outsource it but finding out the long term cost, then hanged my mind. SEO is not a one-off thing.

You can’t continue to outsource SEO throughout the life of your blog.
So, I needed to learn it for myself. And you too should. That is even why I started this blog and not a blog to promote my books.

It wasn’t like I have now mastered blogging. I’m still learning when I started. And I haven’t stopped learning. SEO is a growing innovation.
And something was different this time. I have learnt somethings about starting a Profitable Blog. I have mentors now. Those who have done it before me.

Some of my mentors I merely read their blogs. Others I bought their ebooks. And got trained by just one of them. I will talk about those I consider mentors in my blog life.

Neil Patel is definitely one of them. Jim also taught me a lot around search engine optimization. The rest I read so much blogs to gin any experience I felt was lacking. 

My Early Blog Stats:

You need to see the stats for my first blog. I didn’t do anything special. But the same simple things I have been showing you in my blog.

It’s important to know that you need to learn from those who are doing it right.

Blogs are not successful because you want them to be. It happens by the right application of revealed principles and means.

The mentors you choose defines the kind of success you want to see. I choose my mentors based on their abilities to grow successful blogs on organic web traffic.

My blogs are also built from the scratch on SEO strategy. I have patience. I can wait for things to start happening.

If you have a dream to start your own blog, think the SEO strategy. It will outlast every other strategy. Like what Wall Street is to the stock market.

My Startup Blog Advice:

Start now. Don’t wait another day. But most importantly, mark blogs where you are learning how to grow your blog.

Join our mailing list. Signup for the free email training. Get some of our books. Learn as a beginner.

If you open your mind to learn and apply what you learn, you will grow a successful blog faster.

When I read any information on blogging, it’s to apply it on my blog. I learn to use immediately. That helps me focus on those I can apply.

If I find one that I couldn’t apply immediately, I mark it for further study. I want to know more so I can fully understand and apply it as well.

My Conclusion

I also comment below posts I read for two reasons. One is to appreciate the writer. And my second reason is if I want to ask questions.

I discovered it’s the fastest way to get an expert advice for free. Every blogger want to see comments on their post.

This shows that it was useful for someone. And they can identify that someone. It also makes you a friend of the blogger. It’s not so easy to make friends online. But comments opens up that path.

Finally, learn to mail the blogger through their advertised email. Blogs are a kind of Microsystems. They are run mostly by one person.

You may just be writing directly to the owner. They are usually glad to help beginners. And you can’t imagine how much personal information you can get from a friendly email like that.

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How to Make Money With Native Language

The world is indeed a global village. What many detest in the past are now global delicacies for all. Imagine how people used to laugh at you when you speak your native language in a foreign land. That has changed too.

In fact, many people around the world want to learn your native language from you a native speaker and not from a glorified university that lacks the power or culture behind the language.

That has opened up an entirely new opportunity for online community who can now express themselves by helping others learn their native language through the school of native language. You may ask what does that have to do with my language? Why would anyone even want to learn about my native language?

Understanding Natuve Language

According to researchers, language represents the soul of a people. It’s a unique identifier of a group of people who share the same language.

It shapes their mind, identity, reasoning, actions, and words. It’s more of a spirit of the people than just the words that describe it.

You may even be less than 100 people that currently speaks your native language but the potential to preserve that language is more valuable than even the financial benefits.

And so, people who learn a second language are described as acquiring a second soul. That is why the desire to learn new languages in the native tongue is driving the new global community of language enthusiasts.

Native Language In Diaspora

Also, migrants who live in far away countries where even their native languages are never spoken of, now desire to give their children the gift of learning their native language.

As most of these migrants have lost touch with the native lands and their soul is hungry for it, but the only way they can get back is with their children.

The number of international migrants — persons living in a country other than where they were born — reached 244 million in 2015 for the world as a whole, a 41 per cent increase compared to 2000, according to data presented by the United Nations in 2016.

The figure keeps increasing annually. Migration is defined as a process in which individuals and groups of people leave their homes for various reasons, mostly for work.

The current mobility of people is higher than ever before in modern history and continues to increase sharply, becoming one of the determining global issues of the 21st century. Almost all of the approximately 200 world states are countries of origin, transit or destination for the migrants.

If international migrants lived in one state, they would constitute the fifth most populous country in the world, after China, India, USA, and Indonesia.

International Migrants Population

The majority of all international migrants live in the United States of America (46.6 million, or 19.1% of all migrants), followed by Germany with 12 million of migrants and the Russian Federation with 11.6 million of migrants, Saudi Arabia (10.1 million), the United Kingdom (8.5 million), United Arab Emirates (8.1 million), Canada (7.8 million), France (7.7 million), Australia (6.7 million) and Spain with 5.8 million of migrants (including those born outside of the country of their citizenship). In 2015, women accounted for more than one-half of the international migrants in 101 countries of the world.

Among the countries with the highest representation of women was Nepal, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia, Poland or Montenegro. While young people below the age of 20 represents about 67 million of these migrant population.

The Money Links

And if you follow the funds from these migrants, you will understand the huge potentials in native language business. The remittances have increased exponentially – from 132 billion USD in 2000 to 440 billion USD in 2010 and 583 billion USD in 2014. And the amount will keep increasing, even as more people migrate out of their native countries.

Ideas For Language Business

As the world migration level grows yearly, the demand for learning new language is equally growing. Business people are also learning how to speak the language of their host communities to enable them communicate with the locals in a way they would best understand.

An investment in local language training will definitely meet the needs of a target market yearning to learn that language.

And in today’s world, most people will patronize a language schools online. That means you can target a global audience beyond the region where your language is spoken. And you can affiliate also with a recognized language school to either offer your language to their target audience or get academic recognition for your language training.

Another untapped opportunity is teaching young people in diaspora how to speak their native language. Most parents would pay for this course for their children. Although the challenge could be the time for the study. But if you Package it as a holiday program when the children will be on holiday, it will sell.


Language is the oldest institution in the world today. It defines our cultures, relationships, boundaries and connections. But as the world grows into a global village, the world is struggling to keep most its languages from going into extinction.

Some countries are forcing their own languages to be spoken and used in business transactions over dominant foreign languages like the English and French. China refused to abandoned its mandarin even when its the largest exporter in the world.

The fight for the language is bigger than war itself. What may not become huge business is language transfers. The potentials in language school has not been fully tapped. But you can start now to plot your Investment in the language business.

P.S: What do you think about this post? Share your views, opinion or questions with my readers. I will appreciate it. I will also reply personally. 

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What To Do To Grow Your Business

Imagine you started a business with a great idea. You know your idea is big and can start turning in revenue in the six figures soon. But after some years of operating the business, it now seem like you were wrong after all.

A lot of startups spend most of their energy learning so much about how to Start their business than how to grow the business. They are merely driven by their conviction of the potential of the business.

But don’t forget that every business venture is a risk. No matter how calculated the risk is, there is no 100 percent guarantee on business success. Time and opportunity happens to them all.

Steps To Grow Your Business

You should not downplay the importance of growing your business. Or overplay it with the passion of starting up. Growth is very important in the life of any business. And it’s often the most challenging of all business endeavors.

While it’s usually simple to calculate the process of starting any business, it’s not so simple with growing a business. In the process of growth you may encounter unanticipated changes in many areas. Like, change in consumer taste, change in government policy, change in marketing trend, change in prices and sometimes even change in your own passion for the business.

All these are the more reason you should plan properly on how to grow your business with the same passion you have for starting the business.

Equip Yourself For Growth

Growth is not an accident. No kind of growth happens on its own. If you want to see growth in your business, it’s up to you to make it happen. You must be ready to grow. Sometimes, your business can only grow as you the owner grows. Don’t ask me why.

But let me clarify a little. Even though we are dealing with business here, it might interest you to know that the real you is a spirit. And that’s who controls most of what happens in your business.

Forget about most of the physical activities that is carried out in your business. The one who controls most of what will happen is YOU. And that you is the life of the business.

Imagine if that life is not growing in more knowledge of the business. You don’t need anyone to tell you what could be the outcome in your business.

Don’t Stop Learning

Yes, you heard me. Your business will grow as much as you inspire the growth. And nothing can inspire you more than new information about the business. Every time you learn something new about the business, you grow your ideas and you come up with something new to do about the business.

If you learn new things, new things will happen in your business. But if you remain at the same level as at when you started the business many years ago, how do you expect the business to grow.

You should budget for training and retraining of yourself and those that work with you. Sometimes the training you need is not just new ways to do your business or even anything related to the business.

What you need the most as a business owner is trainings that inspires you to see things differently. Imagine if you can see the current challenge you have in the business differently. Some have turned their challenges into new revenue streams.

Understand Your Customers

Over the years we have heard the phrase, the customer is king. Many misunderstood this slogan to mean the customer is always right. That’s where many business owners miss the concept.

Your customer is king simply means understand what your customers need before they even need them. It’s gotten from the idea of the medieval kingdoms where the lord can behead a servant for a simple mistake. So the idea is to know what the customer wants before he even wants it.

But how do you even begin to know what your customers wants before they want it? For a business, you don’t expect only your old customers to be patronizing you. You should expect new customers everyday. And that would heighten your pressure to keep up with knowing what your customer wants.

If you fail to keep up your business dies. So, it’s up to you to follow the trends. The trends impacts more on customer behaviors. If you follow the trend you will ahead of your customers needs.

Turn Your Customers To Marketers

You may not have the resources as a startup to promote your business to new customers, but you can leverage on existing customers to win their friends and family to your business.

A good example is network marketing. But you may not have the platform to operate such network. However, you can leverage on your product offerings to win every customer into your marketer.

People love products that work as it’s said to work. Customers want to get their monies worth. And sometimes even more than their monies worth. A business that delivers more value than customers are paying for or offering satisfying solution to a niche problem will always keep loyal customer base.

It’s only loyal customers that would promote your business to their circle of friends.

Win Loyal Customers Everyday

What if you don’t have loyal customers right now? You need to start wining loyal customers to your business. That’s why it’s important that you understand your customers. It’s easier if your business is in a particular niche.

A business that is serving a particular niche better understands the customer than one serving several niches at the same time.

By understanding your customers you can Package your offerings to better exceed their monies worth. Or better still, delivering better results than they would expect. When customers expectations are met and exceeded, they in turn become loyal to your business.

In that conviction they are bold to publicize and market your products to their circle of friends.


As a startup entrepreneur, you have a business to grow your business. Don’t take growth as trivial. Growth happens as a result of following proven methods of growing a business. It’s not wishful thinking.

For your business to grow, let it start with you first. Grow in the direction you want you business to grow. If your business is not doing much of marketing, it’s time for you to grow in the area of marketing. Learn new ways to market your business.

If you are not committed to growth, you may not see much of a success in your business.

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How to Start A Mobile Block Molding Business

Do you know block molding is a very lucrative business? Do you know that to solve the Nigerian housing deficit of over 22 million housing units. Over N6 trillion will be spent? That’s how huge the potential of the housing project in the country. And blocks make up about 60 percent of building materials needed.

You can become a major supplier of building blocks for new house owners by starting your own block molding industry anywhere in Nigeria. A single one storey of four bedroom duplex with sitting room, dinning area, kitchen and store room might require an average of 3,500 of 9 inches hollow blocks.

The price of 9 inches hand mold block is N170 per block. While the cost of the vibrated or machine mold is N190. You might want to ask what’s the difference? The vibrated or machine mold is more stronger and it’s the builders choice.

It also makes profit sense in block molding business. Apart from molding blocks more faster when its machine mold, it saves you manpower, can reduces cement waste, presses the block hard enough to make it more glued together and stronger.

Introduction to Block Molding Business

Block industries are businesses that mold blocks for house construction. There are manual Block industries and there are also machine Block industries. You can choose to start as either of them or both of them.

You can use manual when your machine is faulty. But I recommend you have machine molding as your main work strategy. Machine molds are stronger and faster. Most builders prefer machine molds for their construction. It saves them loss of too many broken blocks.

However, the competition in the Block industry is also stiff, considering the number of them around and the ease of startup for Manual block molders. But by leveraging the mobile Block industry method, you are where more Block buying customers are located.

Other Types Of Block Molding Potentials

When we talk about Block Molding Business, it’s not limited to just blocks alone. Remember, you are an industrial company, don’t limit yourself to just one product. Explore other products in the Block industry sector.

Here are some of the opportunities you should explore:

  • Paving blocks
  • Curbstones
  • Lawn stones
  • Roof Gutters

You will also need different molds for each Block type. It’s advisable you know the type or mold design customers like or better still get different mold designs of each Block type to give customers varieties.

However, you should only explore this opportunities if you have demand for them. You can make samples to display to enable you advertise and attract potential customers. You should also partner with builders and give them commission to recommend you to their customers or buy directly from you.

How Block Molding Industry Works

Block making, which is commonly known as block industry business is a lucrative venture.  Don’t dwell on the idea that block molding is a vocation for the uneducated and unskilled. It’s now a lucrative business that can be scaled to become a large employer of labour.

It doesn’t matter either if you are a school dropout, a graduate, a professional or a retiree looking for profitable business to invest. Block molding is one investment opportunity to consider.

The block molding business is growing rapidly now.

Mobile Block Industry Model

While this article looks into the general strategy for starting a Block industry, you can also tweak the concept a bit with this mobile idea. This concept targets new and developing areas.

Once you identify a new area where new building are spreading up, like estates, you setup a mobile Block industry closely.

A mobile Block industry is a small and accessible unit to your target customers. This should be a rapidly developing area, with lots of construction work ongoing. It will ensure regular demand for blocks and easy delivery of blocks to your customers as well.

Average Retail Prices Of Blocks

There are two main Block sizes used in house construction, whether you are building bungalows or storey buildings, you will need either one or two of these Block sizes. The 6 inches and 9 inches blocks. It can come in hollow or solid form.

225mm, 9-inches Hollow Block
Vibrated – NGN 190
Hand  Mould – NGN 170

150mm, 6-inches Hollow Block
Vibrated – NGN 180
Hand  Mould – NGN 160

150mm ,6-inches Solid Block
Vibrated – NGN 210
Hand  Mould – NGN 190

125mm ,5-inches Solid Block
Vibrated – NGN 180
Hand  Mould – NGN 150

Estimated Profit And Cost Of Block Industry

We are using 6 inches Block for this example. Also note that some prices may differ with what is obtainable in your city. But this example is to help you understand the cost implication and profit potential of Block industries.

The average number of 6 inches blocks you can get from a bag of cement is 50 blocks. If you mold 15 bags of cement in one day, that will be 750 blocks. In 26 days, which is the number of days your Block industry would be operational in a month, that will give you 19,500 blocks. That’s not a standard number. Your demand should determine your numbers.

Requirements for Block Molding Includes the Following:

  • Sharp sand
  • Bag of cement
  • Water
  • Labour

But in order to get an accurate profit and cost estimate, we will use estimate for a full double tipper load of sharp sand. That will help us estate number of bags of cement needed and cost of labour to come to our cost estimate for each Block.

  • Double tipper sharp sand cost: N22,000
  • Bag of cement cost: N2,500
  • Labour cost: N700 per bag
  • Cost of water won’t count Vince you require to have a borehole on site.

To mold the double tipper sand will be:

  • Sand cost: N22,000
  • 15 bags of cement: N37,500
  • Labour cost: N10,500
  • Total cost: N70,000

Profit Estimate For 750 Pieces of Blocks

From our average retail price of 6 inches blocks we have N150 for machine mold. And that will be:

  • 1 Block price: N180
  • 750 blocks: N135,000
  • The estimated cost of making 750 blocks is: N70,000
  • The retail value of 750 blocks is: N135,000
  • That leaves us with an estimate net profit of: N65,000

And if you divide the production cost of N70,000 by 750 blocks you will get the actual cost estimate of making one 6 inches Block, which is N93 And that gives you a profit of N87 per blocks you sell.

Note: I didn’t add cost of operating machine. You can deduct that operational cost from your net profit and also depreciation cost.

Classification of Block Making Machine

There are 3 best known types of Block making machines.
* Laying machine
* Stationary machines
* Automatic stationary machines

Laying machines

The laying machines comes in two variants. The hydraulic and manual types. And each of them can make both the hollow and solid blocks.

The Hydraulics are wheeled machines that produce blocks and place the blocks on a concrete floor and then move to the next position where the new blocks will be placed. This process eliminates the need for wooden or steel platforms. The mold and piston move through hydraulic cylinders, and this creates a much stronger block. It equally allows the molder to use less concrete.

The Manuals on the other hand are manually executed machines that produce blocks at low cost. It is ideal for most start-up of small-scale block industry. The blocks are placed on a concrete floor and the machine is moved by the operator to the next laying. This procedure eliminates the need for block handling platforms and manipulators that usually move the green blocks and machine platform before the next blocks can be manufactured. Any type of mould can be mounted on the machine.

Stationary Machines

The stationary machines comes in three different variants. It has the hydraulics, manuals and manuals with vibrators.

The Hydraulics are stationary machines that makes blocks, while the blocks are placed on a wooden platform and then moved to the floor by the workers. The mould and piston move through hydraulic cylinders. Any type of hollow blocks can be molded.

The Manual machines produce blocks at low cost. The blocks are placed on a wooden platform and then transferred to the floor by the operator.

The Manual with vibrator of 1 or 2 Molds are manual machines that produce blocks of 1 or 2 moulds. The vibrator improves the quality of the blocks. The blocks are placed on a wooden platform and then transferred to the floor by the operator.

Automatic Stationary Plants

This machine have batch processing, automated concrete mixing and pressing systems. The transfer of the blocks is carried out by a transfer system, usually through conveyors.

The productivity of these machines, depending on the block type, can range from 12.000 to 20.000 blocks in 8 hours. Human effort is minimal. These are the most expensive machine but the most productive.

Effective Marketing Strategy For Block Molding Industry

If you make heavy investment in Block Molding Industry, take marketing seriously. The usual strategy for most Block industries is to mold Blocks and hope builders will come patronize them. And in some cases they do patronize them. But that’s not a sure way to get rich in Block Molding Business.

I believe you started the industry to make plenty of money. And if so, you need to make marketing the most important part of your business even than just molding blocks. What’s the use of molding blocks if nobody is buying them.

You need to develop more effective marketing strategy. In Nigeria there are so many graduates looking for jobs. You can empower these graduates by hiring them as marketers. Having up to 3 to 5 effective marketers will ensure your Block industry doesn’t lack customers to sell blocks to.

Don’t worry about how they will be paid. Imagine how much business they could bring to you that you may never have gotten in the first place. However, you don’t even need to pay them salaries. They will be employed on commission basis. You give them a commission from any business they bring to you.

That way, who is not working doesn’t get paid. And if you hiring effective marketers they too will be making enough money to motivate them to hunt for bigger clients. This strategy is the most effective in turning your Block Molding Business into a money making machine.

Action Points For Block Molding Industry

Starting a Block Molding Business would require some basic materials and accessories. The major challenge however is finding the right location to site your Block Molding industry. That’s the major investment cost in starting a Block Molding Business.

However, you can also rent am empty space for this business if you can’t afford to buy one yourself. There are mostly empty lands along major roads that you can rent from the owner to start the business. The owners won’t mind renting it out since Block Molding industries don’t usually build permanent structures.

Apart from the land, the other major cost requirement is the Block molding machine and the main raw material, which is cement. Although, when it comes to exact cost to setup a Block Molding industry, one can give you exact costs because the costs vary due to factors like location and your own sourcing abilities.

Step One: Get Land Located Strategically

The first important decision you make when starting a Block Molding Business is your location. You will need a land that is strategically located. You can choose to buy the land or rent it, if you cannot afford to buy.

But having your own land will also be an added investment. The location of Block industries are usually along accessible road. Having a real estate property in a good location might become a huge Assets in future.

And ensure the location has access to water. Your source of water is important too. Some places their water dry up during the dry season. While in some places you cannot drill borehole because water cannot be found in their ground.

Verify all that before tutting down your money on the piece of property. The location should be a dry land to avoid flood destroying the blocks and other raw materials during rainy season. So, check for both commercial and technical viability of the location.

Step Two: Buy And Install Your Machines

The most important machines you will need includes:
* Power Generator
* Block molding machine
* Cement mixer

And depending on the type of Block Molding machine you want to use will depend if you would buy a mixer separate. There are Block machines that automate the process from mixing to molding. You put the required bag of cement and sand. The machines takes in water itself like a washing machine, does the mixing and sends the mixture to the mold.

Your type of machine should be determined by your capital and how big you want to make it. If you are setting up in a small town if you go bigger you usually attracts all the businesses to yourself. People in small towns like to deal with the big companies.

Step Three: You Will Need Accessories And Materials

Here is where you acquire all the accessories and materials you might need for the Block Molding Business. These are just for startup, you may need to buy them more as you may need them in the future.

You need some wooden pallets. These pallets is where your blocks stay to dry out after moulding. You can get this from your local timber market or ask a carpenter to make them for you. You can start with a few hundred pieces, like 500 to 1,000 units.

You will also need:

  • Borehole
  • 1 Cement mixing machine
  • 1 or 2 Wheel Barrow
  • 2 or more Shovels
  • 2 or more big tanks to hold water for your machines during molding
  • Security chains to secure blocks when you leave site if the site is not fenced. But I recommend that you put up some fence around the site, preferably wire fence so that the activities of the Block Molding industry will be seen by those passing or driving pass the site.

Step Four: Get Cement Distributors License

One of the major products you need in molding blocks is cement. You will be using much of cement as a Block industry. While it may okay to start by buying from local stores around you, but as the business grows you have to look beyond that.

Dangote and most of the cement companies can sell you cement directly. Let even assume you use at a least 500 bags in a month. Dangote can sell you 600 bags at just 1,300 per bag. And let you pay transport cost at 500 per bag. That would save you up to 600 from regular price.

Step Five: Construct Office/Storage Space

I usually don’t see anything wrong in having an office space. Don’t use shanti space for office. And don’t ignore creating an office. There is nothing wrong in building an office area if you own the land.

But you can start off with a moveable office space. In case the location is not attracting the customers you can move your Block industry to a much lucrative location without costing much cost.

I advise you use one of two of disused shipping container and convert it into an office. You can even create an eating area for your workers. The containers can be made comfortable as you choose including fixing air conditioners,

Step Six: Daily Operation

You must learn to harness your must important operational requirements to get the most result. There are factors you must consider in your daily operation. Factors like:

  • Location
  • Season
  • Inflation
  • Capital

Your location is an important key to your Block business. You must consider it as priority when starting your block industry. Also, note that season may affect sales of blocks. Construction works slows down during raining season. That means you will sell less blocks. So don’t mold much blocks at this time excerpt on demand.

You should also consider inflation. When a bag of cement rises or falls it affects your ability to mold and customers ability to build or buy blocks for doing so. And remember you are trading with cash. Avoid tying down most of cash. Liquidity is important in business.

Mold more blocks only when there is demand for it. And since you know the capacity of your Block machine, you should know how long it can take you to product any quantity required by customers. Plan wisely.


The Block Molding business is one lucrative business any day anytime. As long as you are well located it doesn’t stop making you money. Nigeria has high building deficit. The high demand for blocks will never stop so soon.

Imagine all the people you even know who may want to build their own houses. And everyone of the would need blocks. That’s how high demand for blocks are right now.

But the right way to beat your existing competitors is not to start beggarly but to start big time. Build the most advanced and mechanized block making industry. The bigger you go the more attractive and that’s how many customers will talk about you.

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How To Become A Distributor For Brand Products

Do you know the fastest selling products in Nigeria are brand products? These products are already household names and are in high demand daily everywhere in Nigeria. Do you know you can become a Distributor to anyone of the brand products in your city or state?

There is huge profit advantage selling brand products. The demand is higher than non brand products. They already have loyal customers who patronize those brands daily. While you as the Distributor will enjoy their market exclusivity and profit taking

Although, this article is written to help Nigerians both home and abroad tap into he huge potentials of brand products distribution, existing brands can also find distribution opportunities for their products through ideas shared in this post. Let me say this, the same way interested dealers find products to distribute, brand owners can also find good distributors for their products.



Introduction to Brand Products

If you want to make money as a distributor in Nigeria, go for brand products. Most major dealers are big time marketers in their respective cities. The represent large brands in their markets.

There are several brand products in Nigeria that anyone can become a Distributor. Although the cost of starting can be high, but it pays off over time.

What you need is to find the right brand product in the niche you want to play. For example, there are several brand products in baby diaper business. The same thing applies to all other brand products.

In the beverage industry also, we have Nestle, Bournvita, Ovaltine, and others. These companies produce similar products and compete against each other. Their market is huge and they all struggle for market dominance.

Finding brand products to distribute may take some time but it’s not impossible. Sometimes, you may find the product but didn’t have the money. While some other time you may have the money but not find the right product.

So, learn to be patient till the right brand product meets your money.

Brand Products Market Niche

If you want to go into brand products distribution business, you need to define your market niche. Don’t just distribute any brand product. Choose the niche you want to play.

It’s important. It’s not just so you can be in one particular niche. It helps to bring you more business in the future. Sometimes, competing brands would prefer giving their products to same distributors as their competing brands.

This strategy is used mostly by upcoming brands. They lack the marketing power to build their own network. So they leverage on existing networks. You can become a darling for such new brand products. And it’s usually cheaper to take up their products than that of big brands.

Different Market Niches

Here are the some of the product niches you can startup as a brand product Distributor.
1. Beverages
2. Drinks
3. Baby Diapers
4. Baby creams
5. Car batteries
6. Car spare parts
7. Designer perfumes
8. Brand phones
9. Laptops
10. Soaps and detergents
11. Toothpaste
12. Cooking oil
13. Engine oil
14. Electronics

This list is inexhaustible. You can add those you know of. Although the challenge with brand product distribution is that they may not be open for new distributors to come in.

But don’t also think no opening will exist among the big brands. Even if they are taken, some also become available later if the original holder is no longer in business or the company is expanding or restructuring their distribution network for more efficiency.

How Brand Products Distribution Works

If you have been involved in managing brand products, you will realize that most of the work is not done by TV, radio and newspaper advertisements. The real work is done using market insertion strategy.

Even before the big brands start advertising their products on TV, radio and newspapers, they have built a distribution network nationwide. These network is what makes their products available and accessible throughout all the markets in Nigeria.

Do you sometimes wonder how these products become available and accessible everywhere in a short time? Yes, it’s not just because they are big brands. Any small brand can use the same methods and grow its small brand to big brand overnight. It’s not magic but it works faster than using radio, TV or newspaper adverts.

In fact, the only reason big brands even advertise on TV, radio and newspapers is because their products is already everywhere. And they know it.

Challenges of Brand Product Distribution

The big brands needs distributors to sell their products everywhere in Nigeria. If you know how big the Nigerian market is, you will agree that no one brand possess the huge financial muscle to finance, manage and control their products and money in these markets successfully.

Those brand who tried in the past either lost the market or lost so much money through corruption that they made fast retreats.

So, the big brand needs the distributors to sell their products in the markets. It’s much easier for brand owners like Nestle to have just 100 major distributors to deal with than trying to deal with every dealer of Nestle products in the country.

These 100 distributors would rather interface with the hundreds of thousands of sub distributors and retailers who sell Nestle products. And that saves Nestle cost of managing and controlling their product distribution.

They are only concerned with delivering their products in containers to their major distributors, and the rest is left for distributors and retailers to handle. And money comes to Nestle in bulk through the distributors. There are no much debtors to deal with as well.

What It Takes To Become A Distributor

To think that becoming a Distributor is quite profitable, the startup is also quite huge. Although, for a start you can begin with smaller or new brands to learn the business. Remember, nobody is really an ‘expert’ in marketing.

But if you can afford the cost, you will need to first register a company. It doesn’t really matter if it’s an enterprise. A business name is what is required to start. Once you have a business name, the next thing is to acquire a warehouse.

For a start, it doesn’t have to be big. I recommend you get a spacious office in a popular street in your city. Brands like anything popular, because they want to remain popular. It will also give them an impression that you are a serious business.

Finally, have some good money. Distribution business is a money business. That’s the reason the brands are counting on you. You take up their problems and you get compensated with huge commission. And you need to have enough capital to buy in large quantities.

Cost of Brand Products Distribution

There are no particular cost when it comes to brand products distribution. But the bigger your capital the better you can play. For example, companies like Nestle might require distributors who can purchase products in the hundreds of millions.

While smaller brands like Sunfree baby diapers might just be as low as six million. The bigger the brand the bigger the cost implication.

And if you just think you have the money to get into the big brands, the problem is that most of they are not always available. And when they do, it’s usually hot cake and these brands are careful with new entrants. They prefer experience distributors who have handled bigger brands before.

Action Points For Brand Products Distribution

This article is unintentionally short. We cannot actually cover all the aspects of Brand Products Distribution in just a single article. I have also written another article before along this lines. You can read them as well HERE.

However, this article is to further enlighten you on the opportunities in the brand products distribution. And to help you balance your thoughts on what’s possible. But if you are a small or new brand owner who wants to expand into the market, I have shared little secrets of the big brands. It’s called market insertion. Contact me for more details on how it actually works and how your brand can develop its own market insertion campaign.

But to start your dream in product distribution, get these thoughts below:

Step One: Form a Business

I always advise that any business that requires more than one million to start should be a registered business. Stop doing things off the books. Start as a business. It doesn’t cost much to register business name in Nigeria.

For as low as N15,000 you can register a business name. You can even get it done lower if you go now to CAC office in your state to register a business name yourself. Unless you want to register a limited liability company then you need a professional like lawyer or accountant.

Step Two: Write A Business Plan

The problem with most people about business plan is that they think they may never get to read it again. Think of a business plan as a way of researching your new business idea to enable you discover the potentials and challenges that may arise along the way.

There are things you might discover from writing your business plan that you may never know until you have a plan.

Also, you may not write it yourself but don’t let it just be a document. Business plan contains more information about the business you intend to start than you may ever know. So, get one written for you even if you can’t write it yourself.

Step Three: Choose Your Product Niche

Don’t set out to distribute any product you may find. Have your eyes on particle product niche or niches as your case may be. Never do general merchandise. That’s a strategy for failure. Don’t buy the idea that you can’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Big brands don’t like confused distributors. They are only attracted to specialized distributors. Because brands are specialized too. Every brand product have their niche. They also want their distributors to be niche oriented, so they don’t dilute their brand identity in the market.

And having a niche helps you focus both your energy and resourcing in building a good reputation in an industry. For example, I grew my market insertion Business from promoting baby diapers in the market. Now, I easily attract diaper brands.

Step Four: Start Small With Small Brands

If you are waiting till when you find big brands to distribute you may never start your business. Imagine there are no new brands to distribute, won’t you start your business? Don’t wait, look for a small brand in your niche with good prospect and startup immediately.

Remember, the big brands of today where once small brands of yesterday. They grew big because distributors like you partnered with them to grow their markets nationwide. You too should do the same and reap the dividend as they grow big in the future.

Step Five: Don’t Squander Your Capital

Big brands don’t always play fair. They want to control the market. And that includes controlling the distributors as well. By controlling the distributors they control the distribution and their competitors as well.

So avoid falling for their trap. Avoid squandering your own money because the brand is giving you excess credit facility. They give you this credits to make you cash trap and dependent. And so you think you can use your money to buy properties and grow other businesses.

Don’t fall for this. Once you are trapped in their money they start giving exclusive conditions that limits you from dealing with other similar brands or ever having any stake in competing brands.

Step Six: Learn More Before You Start

If you want to know why Igbo businessmen are more successful than other tribes, it’s because they learn their trade. The same way you attend university to study medicine and become a medical doctor, go and learn trading business.

Don’t take this lightly. And don’t think you are too old to learn trading. Distribution business is trading with large money. If you don’t know how to trade even with small money, how do you intend to succeed with large money.

Find a store that deals largely with brand products and start your internship.


The market is complex and no particular product will dominate forever. The old may die and the new will rise. So, don’t look down on new and small brands. If you don’t know the passion nor the vision behind the brand, don’t call it small or new.

Brand products distribution is not just about trading on products, it’s also helping brands gain market shares in areas where they are low or non existent. You have the brands needs. You are important and equally indispensable.

And if you are a brand owner who think expanding into more markets is a challenge, you can leverage on market insertion to grow your brand overnight. If you need us to help or advise you on your brand products distribution dream, you can reach us on the following contacts: WhatsApp/Call/Text: 08139006120, 07087770518 or email:

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