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How to Become A Successful LPG Consultant – Earning Millions Annually


Do you want to become an LPG consultant earning over N500,000 monthly in Nigeria? LPG or cooking gas is needed in every home and more investors want to tap this huge potential. And so they need those who can help them get started.

I know because I have been doing this since 2019. There’s growing need for LPG consultants in Nigeria. And it doesn’t require special qualification or any professional body approval.

Your job as an LPG consultant is to provide the right information and assistance to help LPG plants, either existing ones or new plants at setup stage.

But you will need to be mentored on this job by an experienced LPG consultant. All you need is the right information on what you are required to do as a consultant.

Do you know there are currently very few LPG plant installation and maintenance engineers in the country? Most consultants don’t do engineering but they outsource. Of course, you need to know the right people you can outsource your job.

Although, the practical engineering is not part of the consulting course but if you have this skill you are in money. Installation fee for a 20MT plant is between N1.5 million to N3 million. Learning the job can cost over N500,000 on apprenticeship.

✅ Who Should Take This Online Mentorship Course

You should only consider this mentorship course for these reasons only. It’s for those who are interested in LPG.

🔹️If you are a consultant in any other field
🔹️If you want to become an LPG consultant
🔹️If you hope to start LPG plant one day
🔹️If you own an LPG plant already
🔹️If you need extra income source
🔹️If you want to work in LPG plant as a manager

Furthermore, you should continue reading if you qualify for this course based on the reasons listed above.

✅ How LPG Consulting Works

LPG consulting is not entirely new but its made this popular by the emergence of LPG plants. The growth of the LPG industry and growing demand for cooking gas for domestic use is what’s creating the demand for LPG consultants.

Also, since cooking gas plant can be setup anywhere across the country, LPG consultants are needed everywhere in the country. So, there won’t be shortage of work for you.

Your job is to provide the needed guide for those starting up LPG plants and help existing ones resolve their challenges. If you know how to help them successfully, you get paid as a highly sort after LPG consultant.

✅ Target Market for LPG Consulting

Who are those to pay for your services? This should be your first consideration before you decide on my mentoring course. Here are those who would hire you as a consultant.

🔹️Those who own Existing LPG Plant
🔹️Those who want to start NEW LPG Plant

As a consultant, I have done jobs for different clients living in different countries. Many of which are Nigerians living abroad. But I have also done jobs for clients in other African countries who are not Nigerians.

✅ How Much LPG Consultants Charge

Consultancy fees are not cheap. If you have not encountered a consultant before, then the closest example I can give you are medical consultants. They are like demi-gods.

Their fees are non negotiable. They even collect appearance fee like lawyers, just to come see a patient. LPG consultants are not cheap too, but it has to be modeled according to your target market.

However, the lower the fees the less value your clients would place on you. It’s better you can deliver a very good job but your fees are high, than you charge small fee but your job sucks.

✅ Different Aspects Of LPG Consulting

If you are wondering what you will be in the consulting online mentoring courses, I have the list for you. The fees for this mentoring course are also affordable but not listen here for a reason to enable me apply special discount for the first 20 mentees. You only pay for the topic you are interested in.

So, chose your course or courses and pay for my mentorship. Duration for each course differs but most are within a week of online mentoring.

🔹️LPG Feasibility Study
🔹️LPG Setup Cost Analysis
🔹️LPG Location Assessment Study
🔹️LPG Licensing Service
🔹️LPG Real Estate Services
🔹️LPG Training Services
🔹️LPG Employee Management Resource
🔹️LPG Installation and Maintenance Services
🔹️LPG Plant Management
🔹️LPG Plant Civil Works Engineering

You can start any of these services as a consultant after the mentorship. You can also outsource those you can’t personally handle. I’m not an engineer but I can take LPG installation and maintenance job and civil works engineering.

However, specializing in some of these can help you a lot. And if you pay for 2 topics or more THIS WEEK, you will get one extra topic for free. What’s even more important is how often you can get clients. Your marketing is key to all of these.

✅ LPG Feasibility Study

Learn how to package realistic LPG business plan and Feasibility reports. You will also get a template on word or excel document to help you understand what’s required of you. An LPG business plan cost between N50,000 to N200,000.

✅ LPG Setup Cost Analysis

Nigerians always want to know the cost to startup. Although, they want it done for free. But you can get paid drafting LPG setup cost analysis. In this course I will provide you with Cost template . But always ensure your costs are current and verifiable. I charge as much as N20,000 to N50,000 to provide cost estimate.

✅ LPG Location Assessment Study

LPG plant is location based. Most times the owners may not know the value of this until their plants starts failing, after they must has invested millions into the project.

This assessment helps to identify the viability of the plant based on the proposed location and equally assess foreseeable risks to mitigate them. It’s a skill job that can earn you up to N200,000 per assessment.

✅ LPG Licensing Service

LPG plants are licensed by government. Some clients don’t want to do this on their own. They hire a consultant for it. You will learn all about the licensing , requirements, procedures, and cost implications. You can charge up to N200,000 for this service.

✅ LPG Real Estate Services

Finding the best location to setup LPG plant isn’t always that simple. You can learn all you need to find the best location for LPG plant. If you are a real estate agent this course will expose you to what’s best location for LPG plant and what meets DPR licensing requirement.

Many LPG dreams died because of inability to find suitable location. You will learn the secrets, what affects LPG location choice. What makes a location suitable. Land size and DPR requirements. And constraints with ministry of lands.

I charge N50,000 to N100,000 just to inspect location. Imagine how much you can charge finding suitable one, plus earning commission on the purchase.

✅ LPG Training Services

Training is an important aspect of any business. Training the workforce would help reduce mistakes and loses. For a start, every LPG plant would need to train its workers before employing them. You can learn how to conduct proper LPG trainings and getting paid for it.

✅ LPG Employee Management Resource

A startup plant would need to hire competent workforce. You can help them draft an employee handbook – a guide to hiring, firing and job description. This training will also provide you with a template as bonus.

✅ LPG Installation and Maintenance

Service Installation is huge and fees are determined by the installers. This course deals only on the consulting aspect. If you want to learn the practical installation see more details at the end of this post.

If you know how to install you will make more money. You can also earn as a consultant if you get installation jobs from client.

✅ LPG Plant Management

This one is huge. Most investors who are abroad would need an experienced plant manager they can TRUST. The word TRUST is key. Experience is considered lesser here than TRUST.

You need to learn how to manage LPG plant – understanding supply chain, customer support and maintenance, employees management and general administration. Also, develop a management model that works for you and your clients.

It’s the best job for a consultant. You earn with ease. And you can manage multiple plants and in different cities.

✅ LPG Plant Civil Works Engineering

This course is more suitable for construction engineers. But a non engineer can also undertake this and make good money handling projects for client as a consulting engineer.

You will need to know how to manage LPG plant projects. Different aspects of the civil works and how to source materials to reduce cost.

✅ Bonus Topic: How to Attract Potential Clients

You need to attract clients for your consulting services. There are easy ways you can start attracting these clients. If you saw this on MyBlog, that’s one of the ways I reach out to attract potential clients.

But there are other more effective ways. Spending money to advertise is not a viable option. You need to explore free publicity that’s available online and offline.

Moreover, targeting clients in your city may give you an edge over others. You will learn how to do it well and targeting the right clients.

✅ Why I Want to Mentor New LPG Consultants

You maybe wondering why I can easily give away my trade secrets that’s making me millions in income annually? Yes, I know some might think that way, but I will let you in on my limitation and why I think training others would help me more.

There are two major issue with LPG consulting – one is distance and the second one is trust. Some won’t hire you because you are not in the same city with them. While some don’t even trust you because they are scared of being scammed.

Moreover, if they ask me to recommend another consultant in their city, I usually don’t know anyone I can recommend that can do exactly what I would have done for them.

So you see, if I have you in a city I can direct most of my jobs to you and trust that you can deliver. That’s why I’m offering this Mentoring course at affordable fees.

✅ Why Buy My LPG Consultant Mentorship

Now I have made it so easy for anyone who wants to become an LPG consultant to be mentored by me. Firstly, I have made the fees affordable. I also broke it down into modules to help you access the one that applies to your current field or job description.

You can decide to buy a single module or multiple modules. Anyone that requires physical or hands-on training will be done as on the job training.

However, most of the Mentoring will be online to ease things and also speed up the learning process. But here’s why you should take my mentoring offer now:

🔹️It’s affordable now. I might change the price if more people are interested.
🔹️You need an easy additional income source that fits into your current work schedule.
🔹️Have limited number of people I want to mentor for each state
🔹️I can only handle limited number of mentees at a time.
🔹️I will also be working with my first set of mentees as my affiliate consultants in the respective states

✅ Conclusion

If you are considering this offer is, then it’s for you. Anyone can be an LPG consultant, as long as you have some sense, can travel to site location, or have prior experience in related field.

For example, a real estate agent can become an LPG real estate consultant. A mechanically engineer can become an LPG maintenance consultant. While a construction engineer can become an LPG plant civil works engineering consultant.

There are roles for everyone whose willing to try. You will be trained on how each one will be done to make you money regularly.

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Lesson 7: How to Sell Your Cryptocurrency

Sell Your Cryptocurrency

The best part of learning Cryptocurrency investment is to know how to sell your cryptocurrency when it’s profitable, especially when you live in Nigeria, where a silent crypto ban is in enforce.

You need to have options to convert your crypto into cash and receive it into your bank account. You should also apply caution due to the some government regulation when cashing out in country with crypto ban.

But this won’t even beginning to happen until you start making money from your crypto investment and you want to take some profit.

When that time comes, you need to know what you have to do. I strongly advice that you start making such preparations now. The reason being that centralized exchanges require you to do KYC.

This process might take a while to verify and give you proper access to the platform. KYC is required before you can move your crypto earnings to your bank account.

✅ Crypto Lessons Table of Content

Before we continue, if you missed any of the lessons go back and go through it first. Here is the table of content to help you navigate through the entire course from any part of this lesson.

  1. ️INTRODUCTION – Learn Cryptocurrency Investment
  2. Lesson 1: How Cryptocurrency Investment Work
  3. Lesson 2: How to Setup Token Wallet Address
  4. Lesson 3: How to Claim Free Cryptocurrency
  5. Lesson 4: How to Trade Cryptocurrency
  6. Lesson 5: How to Pick Cryptocurrencies to Buy
  7. Lesson 6 How to Farm Cryptocurrency
  8. Lesson 7: How to Sell Your Cryptocurrency

So, this lesson and the other lessons will focus on teaching you WHAT TO DO. So much theory will be overlooked and the focus would be on practical.

✅ How Selling Your Cryptocurrency Works

To sell your Cryptocurrency you have to first identify the following:

  • Which exchanges works in your country
  • What’s the preferred transaction method
  • What’s the mode of payment
  • What’s the right currency of exchange

Once you can identify the crypto exchanges that works in your country, you go ahead and register with them. It’s best to register with multiple exchanges. You might need them at different times.

Some of these exchanges have services they maybe more better in, or provides cheaper and prompt services than their competitors. If you have these options it would help you switch exchanges when you have to.

Also, if you live in countries like Nigeria, where government is always dabbling with Cryptocurrency transactions for their selfish ambition, the method of transaction for each of the exchanges should be important to you.

A peer to peer (P2P) transaction may be ideal in such situation, protecting you from government prying eyes and sanctions.

✅ Understanding Crypto Exchanges

The first step on how to sell your Cryptocurrency for fiat currency is to signup for an exchange account. These exchanges acts like your normal banks – for your crypto assets.

They provide you with services to enable you buy, sell and exchange Cryptocurrency with fiat currency or transfer fiat currency into your regular bank account.

Here I’m going to make some recommendation for crypto investors in Nigeria:

  • The best exchanges to cash out your crypto money
  • The exchange that works best by my experience
  • How to easily cash out your money

Let’s do this after I have explained the basic KYC requirements. You will need to register first on these exchanges before you can proceed to withdrawal. And KYC is the go-between process that must be completed.

✅ Basic KYC Requirements

KYC (Know Your Customer) is just a legal requirement compelling some crypto exchanges to collect information to help identify customers operating on their platforms.

Although, KYC helps to prevent against fraud and scams, the main reason is government monitoring. However, you need to complete KYC to use any CEX (Centralized Exchange) around the world.

Here are the basic requires to complete a KYC application:

  • Personal (non-confidential) details
  • Residential or location address
  • Picture or/and video recording
  • Personal identification document
  • Utility bill with proof of address

The process of KYC is to ensure you are really who you claim to be, and you do not have a previous account or plan to have another account with the same exchange.

Contrary to what some Exchanges may tell you, it’s not for the security of your crypto assets. And this process is not always smooth or that simple. Sometimes it can take months before you get a verified KYC application.

✅ How to Cashout With Binance

The first exchange I’m recommending is Binance. It’s the biggest exchange with presence in many countries around the world, including Nigeria.

It also provides P2P services for countries with government regulations against crypto transaction.

Also, most of the tokens are built on its Smart Chain (BSC) Network. You will also find it’s coin BNB as a widely means of exchange for most tokens.

You need to have a verified Binance account to cash out your crypto profit. Follow basic KYC requirement above to verify your Binance exchange account.

If you have a verified Binance account here’s how to proceed:

  • Swap the tokens you want to cash out into BNB smart chain or BUSD or USDT preferably.
  • You need the correct wallet address copied from Binance for the coin you want to transfer.
  • Follow Trustwallet transfer process to move coin from Trustwallet to Binance Exchange.
  • Note that you will need BNB Smart chain coin to pay network transfer fees.
  • After receiving the transferred coin into your Binance wallet, you can swap it for fiat currency or sell it through P2P marketplace (depending on what works in your country)

✅ How to Cashout With Remitano

Remitano is not also different Binance in the way you can cashout your tokens. However, the exchange is limited to some target markets in Africa, South America and Asia.

Just like Binance it also has P2P marketplace to help customers in challenged markets like Nigeria to cashout their crypto earnings without flaunting government ban.

From my experience, Remitano P2P service is much faster and user friendly than Binance. But you will get less money for your cashout than you would get cashing out on Binance.

If you already have a verified Remitano account here’s how to proceed:

  • Swap the tokens you want to cash out into either of BNB smart chain or USDT preferably.
  • Copy the correct wallet address from Remitano for the coin you want to transfer.
  • Follow Trustwallet transfer process to move coin from Trustwallet to other wallets.
  • You will also need BNB Smart chain coin to pay network transfer fees on transactions on Trustwallet.
  • After receiving the transferred coin into your Remitano wallet, you can swap it for fiat currency or sell it through P2P marketplace (depending on what works in your country).

✅ Conclusion

The examples I used for cash out are not the only exchanges you can use. You can find others options suitable for you in your country of residence. These two options worked best for countries like Nigeria where there are government restrictions on crypto transactions.

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Lesson 4: How to Trade Cryptocurrency

How to Trade Cryptocurrency

There’s a difference between buying/swapping Cryptocurrency to trading Cryptocurrency. Sometimes it’s often used interchangeably. But you need to understand the difference. When someone is buying or swapping crypto it’s not the same as when you trade cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency trading is usually misunderstood. I’m going to clarify it for you. Although, everyone involved in crypto business can be considered as engaging in crypto trading. But there’s such a thing known as trading cryptocurrency in the crypto ecosystem.

So, I’m going to focus more on just that aspect of crypto trading. These traders are only engaged in buying and selling as quickly they can spot tiny profits or suspect little losses. They can even engage in this using AI (artificial intelligence) called Trading ROBOT or BOT for short.

However, i have also included the explanation on buying/swapping of tokens before I explain on the trading. This would help further clarify them for you. The purpose of this lesson is to give you some knowledge on Cryptocurrency trading.

Below are the content of this lesson:

  • How to Buy Tokens
  • Payment Currency to Buy Cryptos
  • Exchanges to Buy Tokens
  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency Trading

✅ Crypto Lessons Table of Content

Before we continue, if you missed any of the lessons go back and go through it first. Here is the table of content to help you navigate through the entire course from any part of this lesson.

  1. ️INTRODUCTION – Learn Cryptocurrency Investment
  2. Lesson 1: How Cryptocurrency Investment Work
  3. Lesson 2: How to Setup Token Wallet Address
  4. Lesson 3: How to Claim Free Cryptocurrency
  5. Lesson 4: How to Trade Cryptocurrency
  6. Lesson 5: How to Pick Cryptocurrencies to Buy
  7. Lesson 6 How to Farm Cryptocurrency
  8. Lesson 7: How to Sell Cryptocurrency

So, this lesson and the other lessons will focus on teaching you WHAT TO DO. So much theory will be overlooked and the focus would be on practical.

✅ How to Buy Tokens

By now you should know that there are two types of cryptocurrencies. They are called coins and tokens. They are the same but with a little difference, which is because one has its own Blockchain, while the other doesn’t.

I made this clarification because we are dealing with tokens here only. That means crypto that doesn’t have their own Blockchain yet.

But before you can start buying tokens there are things you will need to know and probably have. Here are a few lists:

  • Crypto wallet (Trustwallet or Metamask)
  • Binance Smart chain (BEP20) or Ethereum (Ether)
  • Access to decentralized exchanges

For crypto wallet, I strongly recommend Trustwallet and Metamask. But in Crypto Lessons we use only Trustwallet. You should have downloaded one by now.

But note that this recommendation is not made for Cryptocurrency trading. In crypto lessons we focus only on basic lessons for Beginners. It’s a do it yourself lessons. Crypto trading doesn’t fall within a do it yourself class.

✅ Payment Currency to Buy Tokens

When buying tokens you will need some coins to pay or swap for tokens. Depending on the token that you want to buy or swap, there are coins often used as mediums for such exchange. Here are the most popular ones.

  • Binance Smart chain (BEP20)
  • Ethereum
  • Binance USD (BUSD)
  • USD Tether (USDT)

In order to be able to buy or swap tokens you would need any of these coins. You have to find out which of the coins is acceptable for the token you want to buy or swap.

✅ Exchanges to Buy Tokens

The best place to buy tokens are on decentralized exchanges (DEX). There are many decentralized exchanges where you can buy tokens. Some of these exchanges may only allow you to buy or swap tokens built on certain Blockchain network.

For example, some Exchange may only allow you to buy or swap tokens built on Ethereum Blockchain. The same way for tokens built on Binance Blockchain network. As you progress you will understand all these more clearly.

Here are some popular decentralized exchanges (DEX) to buy or swap tokens:

  • PancakeSwap
  • Uniswap Exchange
  • Poocoin app
  • Dextool app
  • Position Exchange
  • Bogged finance
  • Sushiswap
  • 1Inch Exchange

✅ Tips to Trade Cryptocurrency

Crypto trading is the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies or exchanging of one crypto for another crypto assets or coins. The idea is to buy at a low price and sell at a higher margin.

There are different types of crypto trading strategy you can explore:

  • Day trading
  • Swing trading
  • Scalping
  • Position trading

✅ Day Trading:

This is the most popular trading style. Day trading, as its name implies, is the method of buying and selling crypto with in the same day.

✅ Position Trading:

This is to buy and hold strategy. This strategy is suitable for beginners. However, when it’s done by an advanced trader, it can be a form of active trading.

Position trading uses longer term charts, anywhere from daily to weekly to monthly in combination with other methods to determine the trend of the current market direction.

This type of trading may last for several days to several weeks and sometimes longer, depending on the trend.

✅ Swing Trading

Swing traders get in the game when a trend breaks. At the end of the trend, there is usually some price volatility as the new trend tries to establish itself. Swing trades are usually held for more than a day but for a short time than position traders.

✅ Scalping

Scalping is one of the quickest strategies employed by active traders. It includes exploiting various price gaps caused by bid-ask spread order flows.

The strategy generally works by making the spread or buying at the bid price and selling at the ask price to receive the difference between the two price points. Scalpers attempts to hold their positions for a short period.

✅ Crypto Trading Technique

If you want to start trading cryptos, then you need to figure out what type of trader you want to be. You should know the technique you will be using. It’s important for every trader to have their own trading technique that works for them.

Here are two main trading techniques:

  • Fundamental analysis
  • Technical analysis

You can use any of the techniques or both. It’s important that you discover what works best for you and stick with it.

✅ Crypto Trading Strategies

A trading strategy is a trading fixed plan designed to achieve a profitable return, either going long or short in Crypto market. There are four different types of trading strategy. You will need to decide the method you want to use.

However, for every trading strategy you need to define the crypto to trade, your entry and exit points, and apply your money management rules. A bad money management can make a potentially profitable strategy unprofitable.

Here’s how to formulate a trading game plan? You do it on paper before going into the market. This is where a lot of traders fail.

✅Types of Crypto Trading Analysis

After figuring out the kind of trade that you want to be the next thing you need to put in mind is type of analysis you’ll be using for your trade. We have to type of analysis and they are

✅ Fundamental Analysis

This is a method of measuring a coins intrinsic value by examining related economic and financial factor. The end goal is to arrive at a number that an investor can compare with the coins current price in order to see if the coin is undervalue or overvalued.

✅ Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is just the discipline that is used to evaluate crypto investment, and to identify trading opportunities by analyzing statistical trends gathered from trading activities. Here are the activities that are analyzed, price movements, trade volume, moving average, time frame and etcetera.

✅ Analyzing Coins

You must also know how to be able to analyze a coin, to know the ones that have great potentials for trade; by checking their market capital value, the volume of the coin, the most use of the coin, the team behind the coin, the technology behind the coin and how the coin is currently in demand.

✅ Risk Management

You need to know how to minimize your risk. Crypto trading is risky and the market is volatile. But by setting stop loss, having a plan and sticking to the plan, without allowing greed to control your trading, you will bulletproof your investment from unnecessary losses.

✅ Diversify Your Portfolio

Have a diversified portfolio. Don’t put all your money in one coin. Spread your money in different coins. Even if you have love in one coin, you can also gain in other coins to help cover the loss from one coin.

✅ Conclusion

Generally, Cryptocurrency trading is not for everyone. You need some technical knowledge to trade crypto. Although, you can buy and sell anytime you want. That doesn’t mean you are trading Cryptocurrency.

To really trade Cryptocurrency you have to use platforms that allows you to do so. But first, you have to undergo a training on trading. Because the risk of losing is higher than the gain of winning. And trading risks are permanent, unlike staking and farming that has impermanent loss.

It’s not advisable to engage in Cryptocurrency trading without adequate training on how to trade either of spot, features or even derivatives. If you know very little about Cryptocurrency it’s best to stick with more guaranteed investment options like staking and farming – that has little risk, which is also impermanent in nature.

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Lesson 1: How Cryptocurrency Investment Work

crypto investment

What’s cryptocurrency investment? Cryptocurrency is money but a different kind of money. Unlike your dollar or naira that’s of stable value, Cryptocurrency can grow or decrease in value. However, the value is depended on factors of commerce like demand and supply – which makes it volatile and at the same time potentially more valuable than normal money.

Since both are money, let’s look at which of the money is better for you. Here are a few list of things to consider:

  • Control over your money
  • Future of your money
  • Value of your money
  • Investment of your money
  • Security of Your Money

✅ Crypto Lessons Table of Content

Before we continue, if you missed the introduction go back and go through it first. Here is the table of content to help you navigate through the entire course from any part of this lesson.

  1. ️INTRODUCTION – Learn Cryptocurrency Investment
  2. Lesson 1: How Cryptocurrency Investment Work
  3. Lesson 2: How to Setup Token Wallet Address
  4. Lesson 3: How to Claim Free Cryptocurrency
  5. Lesson 4: How to Trade Cryptocurrency
  6. Lesson 5: How to Pick Cryptocurrencies to Buy
  7. Lesson 6 How to Farm Cryptocurrency
  8. Lesson 7: How to Sell Cryptocurrency

So, this lesson and the other lessons will focus on teaching you WHAT TO DO. So much theory will be overlooked and the focus would be on practical. This lesson one is just to give you that familiarity as a first timer.

Among the things you will be learning in lesson 1, you will also get to understand the following:

  • What’s Coins and tokens
  • What’s a Smart contract
  • Different types of Blockchain network
  • What’s Crypto wallet
  • What’s Crypto exchanges

✅ Cryptocurrency Investment Versus Fiat Currency

Let’s start with giving you a clear view on Cryptocurrency as money, different from your normal or fiat currency. Fiat currencies are money issued and controlled by governments. An example is the US dollar and Nigerian naira.

Here’s what you should know about Cryptocurrency in comparison to fiat currency.

✅ Control Over Your Money

Let’s start with control of your money. One of the huge benefits you get with crypto is that you are in control of your money. No government has control over your crypto.

That’s why they don’t like crypto, because they can’t control your money. You don’t have control over your dollar or naira, the government does, and they can change the exchange rates as they want.

✅ Future of Your Money

Crypto is the future of money. As much as governments don’t like it, crypto will eventually take over the monetary systems of the world. The earlier you start growing your crypto money the better for you.

The reason for the high adoption of cryptocurrency, which of course would continue, regardless of government disagreements, is the fact that crypto value grows. If you have 10 crypto today and it’s worth $10, the value have the ability to increase or even decrease in the future. But that’s not possible with your normal or fiat currency.

✅ Value of Your Money

Let’s look at value creation. Your normal money doesn’t just increase in value overtime, it can only increase in value when compared with another currency, like the value of naira to dollar.

For cryptocurrency, it’s value doesn’t rise only in comparison with another crypto. The value is control by demand and supply. The value of another crypto doesn’t necessarily affects it that much, excerpt that what may affect Bitcoin price for example can equally affect Ethereum as well.

For example, Bitcoin price some years back was worth $0.1 per 1 Bitcoin. But today, the value has grown to as much as $60,000 for 1 Bitcoin. If you had bought 1 Bitcoin then, it is worth much more now.

✅ Investment of Your Money

If you have money in the bank, you can invest it into savings to earn more money and the percentage can be so small. But with crypto you can earn as much as 100 percent monthly on your crypto savings.

For example, if you staked (saved) $1,000 worth of some cryptos, in 30 days you could end up with $1,000 return. That’s why many are rushing into crypto Investment. Even if you get 10, 20 or even 50 percent per month, it’s huge compared to anything the bank can ever offer you.

Your money in the bank is actually a waste of investment. The right place to save your money is in crypto.

✅ Security of Your Money

One of the reasons many are being discouraged about Cryptocurrency is the issue of security. Thieves are everywhere, even in the banks. In fact, the worst thieves are those in the banks who have access to your money.

In crypto you are the only one that has access to your money. Before anyone could steal it, it’s either you let them into your wallet ignorantly as many have been doing or you foolishly handed over the keys to your wallet to them.

✅ How to Get Rich With Cryptocurrency Investment

Apart from Crypto being digital money, it’s also a digital asset. It’s a combination of monetary and value assets. That’s what makes crypto different from normal money.

By holding crypto means you are holding a digital asset which has potential to increase in value overtime. By simple demand and supply principle, any crypto can increase its value overtime.

Let’s use Bitcoin to illustrate this simple fact. The price of one Bitcoin is already in the tens of thousands. But the price started from some fraction of a cent some years ago.

The much longer you hold a crypto the more likely it’s value would increase overtime.

✅ Guide to Crypto Riches

You are going to get Rich if you invest in Cryptocurrency but you have to follow some simple guide. Here is my guide to help you succeed:

  • Get more knowledge about crypto investment
  • Know how to invest and farm crypto assets
  • Buy cryptos early before they become popular
  • Understand the crypto you buy before you buy
  • Have your own crypto investment strategy
  • Avoid buying crypto when it’s pumping
  • Buy crypto mostly when the price is in the dip
  • Don’t sell in the dip unless you have a better plan of recovering your capital
  • Understand crypto impermanent and permanent losses
  • Don’t be tempted to buy every Cryptocurrency you see
  • Avoid being harmed by crypto speculative rumors and reviews
  • Don’t allow greed control your crypto investment strategy

✅ What’s Coins and Tokens?

There’s really nothing much to explain about coins and tokens. So, I’m not going to waste your time with bogus explanations. Coins and tokens are relatives – almost the same but slightly different.

The value of a Cryptocurrency is not improved because it’s either a coin or a token.

But here’s what makes the difference, and that’s all that should matter. A coin is a Cryptocurrency that has its own Blockchain. While a token is a Cryptocurrency that’s built on another Blockchain that’s not its own. However, a token can migrate or upgrade to become a coin.

✅ What’s a Smart Contract?

A smart contract is what defines the trade in a Blockchain or crypto project. It’s a legal agreement that’s electronically programmed to execute the agreement of a binding contract. These programs are set to run or execute an agreed contract when certain conditions are met.

A crypto smart contract helps you understand how a token project would work, what’s possible in the project and who’s responsible for certain functions of the agreement, and what’s the benefit when certain conditions are reached.

In a simple more clear way, a smart contract is what makes Cryptocurrency project possible and trustworthy.

✅ Different Types of Blockchain Network

First, let’s understand Blockchain. The best way to understand Blockchain is to look at what a Blockchain can help you achieve.

  1. It’s a system that records information
  2. Makes it difficult to change, hack or cheat the system
  3. It duplicates and distributes information across the network
  4. It creates permanent, public and transparent data

However, a Blockchain is simply a digital ledger of transactions. But let’s look at the different types of Blockchain networks, which is more important for an investor. Here’s a few of them:

  • Ethereum
  • Smart chain
  • Ethereum classic
  • TomoChain
  • Thunder token
  • GoChain
  • POA network
  • Callisto
  • Tron
  • Vechain
  • Waves
  • Kava
  • Solana
  • Wanchain

✅ Difference Between Crypto Wallets & Crypto Exchanges

A wallet and an exchange are not the same. Don’t mix them up. Although both can work together and can be used to store cryptos, but they are not the same.

Let’s look at some of the main difference between them.

✅ What’s Cryptocurrency Wallet?

A wallet can be a physical device, program or service which holds access to your cryptocurrencies.

Crypto wallets don’t technically store your crypto, but they store the public and private keys that’s required to buy cryptos – while also providing digital signatures to authorize the transactions.

There are different types of crypto wallets, but here are a few that I recommend:

  • Trustwallet
  • Metamask
  • SafePal

However, for this class I’m going to be using Trustwallet as my preferred wallet. So, go download it on Google Playstore or IOS platform.

✅ Understanding Crypto Exchanges

A crypto exchange simply facilitates the transaction of cryptocurrencies with other assets like digital and fiat currencies. They act as intermediaries and marketplace for buyers and sellers of Cryptocurrency assets – while they make money through charging commissions and transaction fees.

There are two main types of crypto exchanges:

  1. Centralized exchanges and
  2. Decentralized exchanges

The centralized ones are under the preview of government and requires to follow some business legislative rules like KYC (know your customer) requirement by law. They are also required to register and be legalized in the countries of operation.

But a decentralized exchange is completely the opposite of a centralized exchange. They are simply gateways to access, buy and sell crypto assets. They may not hold your assets or require KYC process.

There are many crypto exchanges in the world, here are a few of them:

✅ Conclusion

Although, this is all there’s to know about crypto investment. But it’s a starting point. As you make progress in this lessons you will learn more. And the more you get involved into Cryptocurrency market you will learn even more by experience.

Don’t limit yourself and don’t stop learning. Cryptocurrency market is very dynamic. Things equally changes regularly. You have to keep learning to keep updated all the time. As long as you stay in the crypto space you will not lack knowledge.

Join Crypto Lessons Groups: You can join our groups on WhatsApp and Telegram.

?️Disclaimer: Crypto investment generally is volatile. This post doesn’t encourage a risk-free investment. You have to consider all your options and possibly Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing in any crypto project.

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Crypto Lessons – Learn Cryptocurrency Investment for Beginners

Crypto Lessons

Welcome to Crypto Lessons! The Cryptocurrency marketing is growing all around the world, despite government’s efforts to frustrate the currency. These lessons are packaged to help you understand Cryptocurrency Investment from a beginner point of view.

I’m Chinedu David – I’m your Crypto Lessons instructor. My students call me BOSS, because I make them to become bosses with money. If you joined this class to make crypto money then welcome.

So, don’t try to confuse yourself with what they do or teach elsewhere. Ours is different, and you will see as you stay here with us. I advise that you also join the groups on both WhatsApp and Telegram for practical knowledge.

The purpose of this beginner lessons on Cryptocurrency is to help you learn things you should be doing as a beginner. But the best way to benefit from these lessons is to practice what you learn.

Each of the topics have been carefully selected to help you learn what’s more important for a beginner. If after going through the lessons you still can’t do it yourself then you haven’t practiced what you learnt. Keep repeating the lessons until you get it right.

There are 7 lessons in this course. Study and practice at least 1 lesson per day. Don’t rush it. If you spend a day practicing on what you have learnt it will help you get better.

Here’s how to know if this lessons are for you.

?️Do you know what is cryptocurrency?
?️Do you have any Cryptocurrency?
?️Do you know what a crypto wallet is?
?️Have you ever purchased Cryptocurrency on your own?
?️Do you have most of your money in the bank?
?️Do you know what Bitcoin really is?
?️Do you know how to invest into Cryptocurrency?

Now, these are just few questions to help you assess yourself and to decide if you need to follow the lessons. After reading the questions, provide answers to all of them and score yourself. If you got anything less than 55 percent, you desperately need to take this lessons.

If you qualify for this basic Cryptocurrency lesson, here’s what you are about to learn. However, if you scored above 55 percent but don’t know much about the content of the lesson described below, you still need to partake in the lessons.

✅ Crypto Lessons Table of Content

Here’s the content of the lessons. Each of the lessons have links to the content of the lessons. To participate in each lesson you have to click on the link of the topic you want to learn.

?️Lesson 1: How Cryptocurrency Investment Work
?️Lesson 2: How to Setup Token Wallet Address
?️Lesson 3: How to Claim Free Cryptocurrency
?️Lesson 4: How to Trade Cryptocurrency
?️Lesson 5: How to Pick Cryptocurrencies to Buy
?️Lesson 6 How to Farm Cryptocurrency
?️Lesson 7: How to Sell Cryptocurrency

✅ Lesson 1: How Cryptocurrency Investment Work

The first lesson is an introduction. The idea is to help you understand Cryptocurrency market. It will help to explain how Cryptocurrency Investment work. And many other things as:

?️Smart contract
?️Blockchain network
?️Crypto wallet
?️Crypto exchanges
?️Coins and tokens

You will also be able to understand the different Blockchain networks. It will just give you the basic crypto Investment knowledge without the fluffs.

✅ Lesson 2: How to Setup Crypto Wallet Address

This lesson addresses the issue of wallet only. It’s more practical than theory. First it will help differentiate between wallets and exchanges. Then, You will learn:

?️How crypto wallets Works
?️How to setup new wallet address and
?️How to secure your crypto wallet

✅ Lesson 3: How to Claim Free Cryptocurrency

Crypto also offers some free money. This lesson will help explain about this free money, who’s more likely to give away free money and why. So, this lesson will teach you the following:

?️Tools you will need to claim free cryptos
?️Where to find these free cryptos
?️How to protect yourself from scam tokens
?️How to create a separate wallet for Airdrops

✅ Lesson 4: How to Trade Cryptocurrency

Here’s the most important aspect of Crypto Lessons. It’s actually the main reason I started this free class. You need to know how to do it yourself. This lesson will teach you:

?️How to buy tokens
?️Payment currency to buy cryptos
?️Different Apps to buy tokens
?️Introduction to Cryptocurrency Trading

✅ Lesson 5: How to Pick Cryptocurrencies to Buy

Here you will learn it’s not all crypto that’s worth buying. You must be Strategy on what crypto to invest in. So, you will be learning about:

?️Different types of tokens to buy
?️What makes each token different
?️Benefits of each token for your portfolio

✅ Lesson 6 How to Farm Cryptocurrency

This lesson is the fastest way to earn passive income in crypto now. Learn it and apply it. If you want to make regular income, here’s your key to massive daily earnings from crypto. You will learn:

?️What’s digital farming?
?️How digital farming works and
?️How to start farming digital currency

✅ Lesson 7: How to Sell Cryptocurrency

Here you will learn how to sell your crypto profits and transfer the money into your bank account. It’s one of the most asked questions by Beginners, and it will be answered for you here.

Although you are yet to start earning money from crypto but it’s important that you know how to get your money into your bank account. You will learn the following:

?️The best exchanges to cash out your crypto money
?️The exchange that works best by my experience
?️How to easily cash out your money


If you have completed this course you should already be making money. If you haven’t started making money then it’s proved positive that you haven’t completed the lessons yet.

If you have gone through lesson 6 and 7 you should have earned some money. Lesson 6 teaches you how to make money the same day you study it. But you won’t even know what to do until you have done lesson 1 to 5.

While lesson 7 shows you how to get the money you have earned into you bank account if you wish to do so. If that’s not yet your experience, repeat the lesson again until that has become your experience.

✅ Comments & Testimonials

Here’s what should pay for this free course. Drop us your own comments about this course, detailing your testimony of how (if any) this course has made you successful in Cryptocurrency investment.

Remember that you got this knowledge for FREE. This comment and testimonial is the only fees you will ever pay for this free crypto knowledge. Pay it with joy.

Also, by sharing your own personal testimony, you inspire someone who may have doubts to quickly resolve any doubt and also take this free course.



?Disclaimer: Crypto investment generally is volatile. This post doesn’t encourage a risk-free investment. You have to consider all your options and possibly Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing in any crypto project.

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Lesson 6: How to Farm Digital Currency

Farm Digital Currency

Farming now has a new baby – digital farming. It’s even more lucrative than farming food crops. Unlike food farming, to farm digital currency yields returns daily. And the percentage yield is huge and can make you a million dollars faster than you can imagine.

Interestingly, digital farming is the easiest way to earn quick returns on crypto investment. This post is to show you all about it – how it works, all you need to know about farming crypto, and how you can start farming immediately.

The best way to explain what really happens in digital farming is to give you this explanation using one of the examples of digital farming returns. In this case scenario, a $1,000 can yield over 1,000 percent annually without compounding returns.

That’s if you invested $1,000 now in the next 12 months you can earn $10,000. You can also compound your earnings monthly here’s the kind of returns you can expect. This example is for estimates only. Your earning will depend on prevailing percentage at the time of investing.

Startup Capital – $1,000 on monthly compounding:

  • Month 1 approximate earning – $830 ($1,830 compound invested fund)
  • Month 2 approximate earning – $1,500 ($3,348 compound invested fund)
  • Month 3 approximate earning – $2,779 ($6,127 compound invested fund)
  • Month 4 approximate earning – $5,085 ($11,212 compound invested fund)
  • Month 5 approximate earning – $9,305 ($20,517 compound invested fund)
  • Month 6 approximate earning – $17,029 ($37,546 compound invested fund)
  • Month 7 approximate earning – $31,163 ($68,709 compound invested fund)
  • Month 8 approximate earning – $57,029 ($125,738 compound invested fund)
  • Month 9 approximate earning – $104,362 ($230,100 compound invested fund)
  • Month 10 approximate earning – $190,983 ($421,083 compound invested fund)
  • Month 11 approximate earning – $349,499 ($770,582 compound invested fund)
  • Month 12 approximate earning – $639,583 ($1,410,165 compound invested fund)

How much you can start with may depend on you or the minimum allowed by each farm. I used $1,000 as startup for the calculation just to give you an idea of the earnings. Its strongly recommend investing more or as much as you are willing to risk.

✅ Crypto Lessons Table of Content

Before we continue, if you missed any of the lessons go back and go through it first. Here is the table of content to help you navigate through the entire course from any part of this lesson.

  1. ️INTRODUCTION – Learn Cryptocurrency Investment
  2. Lesson 1: How Cryptocurrency Investment Work
  3. Lesson 2: How to Setup Token Wallet Address
  4. Lesson 3: How to Claim Free Cryptocurrency
  5. Lesson 4: How to Trade Cryptocurrency
  6. Lesson 5: How to Pick Cryptocurrencies to Buy
  7. Lesson 6 How to Farm Cryptocurrency
  8. Lesson 7: How to Sell Cryptocurrency

So, this lesson and the other lessons will focus on teaching you WHAT TO DO. So much theory will be overlooked and the focus would be on practical.

✅ How to Farm Digital Currency

If you know about Cryptocurrency it’s a lot easier to understand digital farming. But I know that everyone understands what farming is. Your knowledge of farming will make it easier for you as well.

In the context of farming, you require SEED and FARM LAND. Yes, digital farming also need CRYPTO (the seed) and CRYPTO PLATFORM (the farm land). The crypto or seed will be planted on the platform or farm – and that’s how digital farming works.

However, unlike the food farming, this one can start earning you harvest immediately. The moment you planted your token or coin to farm, you start seeing your earnings immediately.

And you can start harvesting too. Although, some farms may lock harvest for a certain period of time – like first 10 hours or 24 hours or even more. But once the lockup time elapses you can start harvesting your earnings anytime you choose.

✅ Who Can Farm Digital Currency?

It’s someone who’s farming cryptocurrencies. That’s the simple way to explain it. Digital currencies provides investors opportunity to earn more cryptos while holding a particular token or coin.

A holder of a token or coin that can be farmed and utilizes the platforms provided to Farm those cryptos is a digital farmer. In return you earn either more of the same token or coin that you staked (planted) or you could earn another token or coin depending on the offer from the farm.

A digital farmer earns from digital farms. That’s not to imply there are no risk. A good farmer must understand the risks involved, and ways to mitigate against it.

✅ Different Types of Digital Farming

In farming crypto you may encounter these different types of farming. Sometimes, it may be described as staking or liquidity pool. Whatever name it’s called, they are all farms. You are required to plant tokens or coins to harvest more tokens or coins.

Let me further explain the common types of crypto farming you are going to be encountering.

  • Single Pool Farming
  • Liquidity Pool Farming
  • NFT Pool Farming

✅ Single Pool Farming

Crypto offers rewarding single pool farming. This option is the farming of a particular token or coin to earn the same token or coin or a different token or coin. It usually involves the staking of a particular token or coin.

Simple pools are one of the most risk free digital farming in crypto investment. The only risk there is, could be the risk of the token price fall. If the price falls, the value of the token or coin earned through farming equally depreciates.

✅ NFT Pool Farming

NFT means Non-Fungible Tokens. A unique digital asset that represents ownership of real items like music, videos, clips, arts and more.

NFT staking is a new way of farming digital assets and it’s gaining more grounds lately. It involves the casting of NFTs in Staking pools to earn tokens or coins.

The process involves the purchase of NFTs from either NFT marketplace or from NFTs provided in the particular project, and staking it in the pool to earn more tokens or coins.

✅ Liquidity Pool Farming

A liquidity pool is one of the most useful type of digital farming that contributes to the overall activities of the Blockchain. Every token or coin project needs a liquidity pool to help facilitate buying and selling transactions.

Crypto platforms gives investors the opportunity to provide this liquidity to enable efficient transactions and equally earns them rewards for doing so.

Liquidity pool (LP) farming involves the pairing of two approved tokens or coins into an LP token and staking it in a pool to earn rewards. You can earn as much as 3% daily from your investment in a liquidity pool. That makes it one of the most profitable investment in Cryptocurrency.

But liquidity pool is not without its risk. Although, this risk is so described that most people get terrified of it.

✅ Liquidity Pool (LP) Impermanent Loss

In all of crypto investment it’s only in liquidity pool staking that its loss is so identified and also so described. Impermanent loss may be confusing to many crypto investors. Moreover, it’s important that you truly understand how this loss accrues to your farming assets.

Impermanent loss simply means a loss that can be short lived. Some of the best synonyms are uncertainty, fluctuation, hesitation, inconsistency, insecurity, etcetera.

In order words, impermanent loss may not become a loss until you pull out your LP token from the pool. An understanding of some vAMM Blockchain technology would give more clarity to how LP pool farming works.

✅ How Impermanent Loss Occurs

A liquidity pool requires the staking of two paired tokens or coins. The pairing requires the tokens or coins must be in equally monetary value.

But since crypto prices fluctuates, these values change regularly, and affecting the paired value of the two coins. If the price of one or both tokens depreciates it leads to impermanent loss, if LP is pulled out of the pool. This loss can be recovered over time if LP is still staked in the pool.

To maintain this paired value, the Blockchain vAMM would help to balance the pair values by automatically selling any excess value of one pair to buy back equal value of the other pair to keep them both at par on equal monetary values.

This maintenance can cause impermanent loss for one or both of the tokens.

✅ How Much Can Digital Farmers Earn?

Farming pool earnings are calculated in annual percentage returns (APR) or yield (APY). I have also done a simple calculation above using an approximate monthly compound investment plan. That should give you an idea and help you calculate your earnings as well.

However, there are other things you may need to consider when calculating your farm earnings. What you can earn from a farm would depend on the following:

  • How much percentage the farm offers
  • How much you invested
  • How much you can compound
  • How many times you can compound (daily, weekly or monthly)
  • How long you can stay in the farm

Note that there may be cost implications as well. The cost of buying the token or coin to farm maybe constantly increasing, thereby increasing your cost of investment. Also, there will be network charges for things like:

  • Staking fee per staking processed
  • Harvest fee per harvest processed
  • Network fees to pair LP tokens
  • Network fees to unlock LP tokens
  • Network fees to un-stake your tokens

These different costs depends on the Blockchain network and the farm you are using. No cost is fixed. The time and traffic can also affect the cost – either increase it or reduce it.

✅ How to Find Good Farms Early

As a digital farmer, your advantage lies in finding good digital farms early enough. Finding new farms early is a huge advantage you should explore. It’s not everyday you find farms with 1,000% APR.

Finding a new farm early means you have the advantage to buy the tokens at a pretty cheaper rate. Having the opportunity to buy in early is the number one advantage in digital farming.

There are several platforms where you could find new digital farms as they are launched, but there are many scams out there as well. You need to be guided as a beginner.

? To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, click or copy Link , paste in your TrustWallet or Metamask DAPP to connect to Position Exchange.

✅ Follow A Mentor

You will be needing a mentor, if you are new to cryoto. A mentor is just a guide who can help you learn how to Start farming. It’s not a complicated process but it can seem so for a beginner.

Following someone who is already farming with success could be your fastest route to start farming cryptos.

Since you are reading this post now, I assume I can be your mentor in this regard. If you feel the need to follow me, then connect with me on telegram. This Link Adds You To My Group Of Others Like You Who I’m Mentoring.

Please note that I don’t take spamming lightly, and will remove and block you on telegram without warning if you spam the group. Be there to learn only and I will help you on how to start earning from digital farming.

✅ Time to Invest to Farm Digital Currency

I will have to show you to start your first farm. You must know that in investment things change with time.

Here are list of first farms I will encourage you to start with:

There are many other crypto farms out there. But be guided to make the best decision. The decision to invest in any of the farms is up to you. If you have limited funds and looking for the right farm to guarantee the best Return on your Investment, I will recommend POSI FARM for a start.

However, if you have large funds and wants to explore every opportunity to earn more, you can invest in all of them or as many as your funds can take. But make sure you truly understand the costs, return on investment, and attendant risks.

✅ Conclusion

If you are smart, here are some videos to get you started. In farming crypto, learning is important. Don’t assume anything. Ask questions and find out why, rather than working on assumptions.

Watch this Video on POSI:

Furthermore, when you are done, click on the link to link POSI with your Trustwallet or Metamask to buy and start farming POSI. You can also READ MORE ABOUT POSI FARMING HERE.

?️Disclaimer: Crypto investment generally is volatile. Estimates are for learning purposes only. This post doesn’t encourage a risk-free investment. You have to consider all your options and possibly Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing in any crypto project.

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Lesson 3: How to Claim Free Cryptocurrency


Let’s make some free money. I want to show you how you can start collecting free cryptos. How much you collect will be up to you. I bet you can collect free crypto coins worth tens of millions of dollars.

But realistically, let me make it easier for you, maybe you can collect $10,000 worth of free coins in a few weeks or months. There are many coins being launched. You can’t buy them all.

In fact, many of them will fail. Some were even designed to fail – as scam to defraud investors of their money. So, it’s not all safe. That’s the more reason you shouldn’t dole out money to buy every coin that’s released these days. If you want to know more about scam free cryptos to buy, READ THIS ONE.

I want to show you how you can get these free crypto coins every time they are available. I hope you have your second trustwallet account dedicated for Airdrops. It’s always important you have a separate wallet just for collecting free crypto coins.

How Free Cryptos Works

If you are new in Crypto you might have been doubting these free crypto coins when you hear of them. You remember the old saying, nothing good comes easily. Well, I can modify it for you, anything cheap comes easily.

When companies start their Crypto coins they would need to get people to start buying it. That usually doesn’t always happen. People who buy cryptos do due diligence before they buy.

They want to know how many others have bought the coin, how many social followers they have, how trendy is the coin before they buy. Even the exchanges don’t list new coins until they have met some requirements which also includes certain number of address holders.

Crypto companies know these things too. So, at the initial stage they want to get as many people to get their coins. And it’s easier to give away free coins than advertising for people to buy.

✅ Crypto Lessons Table of Content

Before we continue, if you missed any of the lessons go back and go through it first. Here is the table of content to help you navigate through the entire course from any part of this lesson.

?️INTRODUCTION – Learn Cryptocurrency Investment
?️Lesson 1: How Cryptocurrency Investment Work
?️Lesson 2: How to Setup Token Wallet Address
?️Lesson 3: How to Claim Free Cryptocurrency
?️Lesson 4: How to Trade Cryptocurrency
?️Lesson 5: How to Pick Cryptocurrencies to Buy
?️Lesson 6 How to Farm Cryptocurrency
?️Lesson 7: How to Sell Cryptocurrency

So, this lesson and the other lessons will focus on teaching you WHAT TO DO. So much theory will be overlooked and the focus would be on practical.

Process Of Collecting Free Crypto Coins

The process is very simple. Hope you created the second trustwallet account as I told you. If you didn’t, create one now before you continue.

✅ Step 1: Buy BNB Smart Chain Coin

You need some BNB smart chain coin. I suggest you buy at least $10. If your funds cant get that much, just buy like $5. Although, most sellers won’t sell that low. Unless they already have it on trustwallet to sell to you. But you need BNB coin in your free coins trustwallet account.

?️NOTE: The reason for this coin is to enable you pay for network fees. When you claim free crypto coins, it passes through the network, and network charges apply. It’s from this coin you will pay for network fees when claiming free cryptos. Networks fees for airdrops like this is usually cheap. Some are like $0.36 or less or sometimes more. But usually below $0.50.

✅ Step 2: Start To Collect Coins

Once you have your bnb smart chain coin in your trustwallet it’s time to start collecting free cryptos. The process is very simple. Free crypto offers will provide you with the web link from where you can claim the crypto coins.

?️Note: This kind of free crypto is different from those Telegram Airdrops that requires you to do certain tasks

and now wait for a date for the airdrop to be sent to your wallet. Most times you don’t even get those telegram airdrops. Most of them don’t fulfill their promises.

But this method of collecting free crypto coins works instantly. You get the coin deposited into your wallet once you follow the process I’m going to outline for you below.

✅ Step 3: What You Need to Start

Let me outline what you would need to get this process now started. I will also provide you with an example you can do now and collect some free crypto coins. You will need the following:

?️A. Website link from the crypto company with the claim offer.
?️B. Information to help you add the new Crypto details into your wallet
?️C. Knowledge of how to add custom crypto wallet address on Trustwallet
?️D. And your Trustwallet account

✅ Step 4: Creating A Custom Crypto Wallet Address

Before you start creating a new custom coin, do a search to be sure it has not been added already on Trustwallet. Here’s the steps to follow to setup new coins that are not already setup on trustwallet.

In your trustwallet you have at the top of your wallet, above the account balance, five things to note.The first one from the left hand corner is

?️A bell image
?️Followed by tokens
?️Then finance
?️And collectibles
?️Before a unique sign

That unique sign opens to where all the coins are hidden from view. And if you scroll to the end downwards, you will see ADD CUSTOM TOKEN. This is where you get to setup the new tokens.

?️Select ADD CUSTOM TOKEN. and a new form box will open. You will need the following to fill the form and submit it to create a coin profile on trustwallet.

?️A. Network – you need to select the Network of the coin. By default it shows Ethereum. Click and select the actual network for the coin. In this case, it’s Smart Chain. So select smart chain.

?️B. Contract address or CA for short. Every coin has a contract address. That’s what makes it different from another coin. And that’s why if you send a coin it will get to the address anywhere it’s located on the internet because of the contract address.

?️C. Name – every coin has a name to differentiate it from others. You enter the name of the coin you want to setup.

?️SYMBOL – Coins are also given symbols like Naira sign or NGN that’s used for Naira for easy recognition.

?️Decimal – It’s a number that’s usually 0, 9, 8, 6,18 or any number. But each coin has its own decimal. You don’t just put any number you want. Find the decimal for the particular coin and add it there.

?️CKICK DONE – at the top of your screen. Your new coin will be setup now. Note that some new coins may already have its profile image displayed, while some don’t at the beginning stage but will have later.

✅ Step 5: Claim The Free Crypto Coins

If you have the website link for the free coins, copy it, open “DApp” on your trustwallet. DApp is a web browser on your Trustwallet. Once you open, paste the web link for the coin you copied earlier and press enter. It will open the website with instructions on how to claim the free crypto coins.

?️Note: make sure the coin you want to claim is already setup or exist in your Trustwallet account.

✅ Step 6: Pay Network Fee

The final step in collecting free crypto coins is paying the network fee to transfer the coins to your wallet. Note that the network icon at the top of your wallet.

Click on it to select Smart Chain. Fees goes to the platform you are using to collect the free coins. They are small fees. Once you accept to pay the fees, the coins will be deposited into your wallet.


Follow the examples below to setup any token wallet address that doesn’t already exist on Trustwallet. Please do what is specified in this lesson step by step. If you don’t follow it you won’t understand what to do and you will be asking unnecessary questions.

Here’s details for creating token wallet address:

?️A. Copy the contract address and paste it in your Trustwallet token search, and click on the Add Custom Token to create the wallet address for that token using the parameters provided for each different token. See the example below.
?️B. Change network to Smart Chain
?️C. Enter this contract address:
?️D. Name is CRYPTO

?️Note: Click DONE to setup coin. Make sure it’s not already in your Trustwallet before setting Up custom coin. If you still have unanswered questions? Let me know in the comments.

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Nigerian Gospel Music Best Videos of 2023

Nigerian Gospel Music Best Videos of 2020

What’s best Nigerian gospel music video to you? I enjoy music videos, but you can technically tell when a video is amazingly good and when it’s just amazing. Don’t just take my word for it. You can make your own best gospel music videos of 2020.

I didn’t have a hard time picking my best videos. I have watched them over throughout last year. I had to agree that they quality, content and choreographer are all the best work of art.

Let me give you my top 10 Nigerian gospel music best videos of 2020. Judge the picks for yourself, and make your comments below.

1. St Greg – Mgbomgbo Ekele (thanksgiving) ft. Victor Ike

If you miss any video in this list, don’t miss this one. That’s why I positioned it for you. I can’t help but thank God profusely. This song will make you want to dance, want to jump, want to shout, but most important it will help you say thank you to the king of kings and Lord of Lords. If you have something to be thankful for, go watch this video again and again.

2. Congratulations by Ada Ehi, ft. Buchi

This song might make you want to cry tears of joy. But it’s all good. It’s one of the best congratulations that anyone would love to hear this year, this month, week, today and this very hour. I wish you congratulations as you watch this video.

3. Obinasom by Mercy Chinwo

This song in audio is simply amazing. Now, imagine how the video would be. I won’t give you any more details on it. You have to check it out yourself. If you happy about what Hod has done for you, here’s the song for you.

4. Lover by Jimmy D Psamis, ft. Prospa Ochimana

You need to see this video now. Apart from the perfect message of the song, well delivered and very touching, the next best thing about it is the video perfect quality. Thanks Jimmy D. psalmist.

5. On God by Eben

This video is simple but with a punch. The message is clear, the impact is felt. It’s Eben, delivery yet another video of his song in a very impactful and heart touching. It’s one video you should watch when hope is dim or there’s trouble on every side.

6. Idinma by Judikay

An amazing video. So natural and with an impactful message. How often do you tell God that He’s good? Let Judikay help you do that today with this song. Don’t sleep tonight without watching this video.

7. God Alone by Joe Praize

It’s Joe Praise strong and melodious voice, in one of his best grateful songs, God Alone. You need to watch the video to get the full message and sing along with one of gospel music greatest artist.

8. Mai Taimako Na (My Helper) by Solomon Lange

Oh, Solomon Lange, you did justice to this video with your soft soothing voice. What a way to cry out to God. The song flows from deep inside the spirit. Solomon made me fall in love with this song again. Watch this video and testify.

9. Capable God by Judikay

Nothing is impossible. That’s why Judikay made again a second time in this Nigerian gospel music best videos. This one is even better and bolder than the first video I showed you. I enjoyed the video. So would you.

10. Have Your Way by St Greg, ft. Iyke Onka

You can’t beat this duo, St. Greg and Iyke Onka, in an awe inspiring worship song, Have Your Way. You can imagine yourself in that situation, alone in your room, and crying out your heart to God – have your way Lord! You need to watch this video by St. Greg now. I reserved it just to make a proper closing that if you let God have His way in your life, everything will be beautiful.

Finally On Nigerian Gospel Music

Nigeria gospel music videos have come of age. It used to be just about any visual is good. Anyways, they think it’s just gospel music. But that impression has changed in the last few years.

It should be the best video because it’s the gospel. Jesus gave us the best. We should always give Him the best at all times. That’s why it’s important that we rate Nigerian gospel music videos to help you appreciate the efforts artists are giving into this gospel.

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How To Start A Solid Retirement Plan In Nigeria

Retirement plan in Nigeria

What if there’s a better retirement plan than your pension fund? How do you see a retirement plan that can guarantee 300% returns for you in every 16 months? Imagine how much your current monthly salary deduction paid into your pension fund can return to you in every 16 months.

Let’s even do the maths. If your monthly pension deduction from your salary is N100,000. That’s about $200 in today’s exchange rate. How Much returns do you get from your current pension fund?

I did a pension calculation on Leadway Pensure, and here’s what I got. It asked me how much I want as my monthly pension when I retire, and for how many years I want it paid? Plus how many years I still have left to retire, and how much interest rate I want on my pension fund?

I picked the following: N50,000 as my monthly pension salary after retirement. I said, I have only 2 years left to work. That I want 15% interest rate, and I want to collect the pension for 10 years. Here’s what the result gave me. That I would need to have a retirement saving account (RSA) balance of N2,780,225.16 from a monthly contribution of N100,050.98 for the next 2 years before my retirement.

Just do the calculation. I would have paid N2,401,223.52 in 2 years to my pension fund managers. It’s from this money they will now pay me N50,000 monthly, after they have invested it, for the next 10 years. I’m only reaping from the profit they earned from investing my money. And I will only get N600,000 in one year and total of N6,000,000 from them in 10 years after my retirement.

What happens after that 10 years? That’s for me to figure out, right? That is what many pensioners are going through already. And some are still planning to go through it also. Please, I beg of you, don’t go through it too.

Collapse Of Pension Funds In Nigeria

No matter how juicy your pension fund managers talk about their retirement plan for you, it can never be the best deal for you. What they are actually doing is a retirement plan for their owners. The best retirement plan is the one you can control and plan for yourself.

Don’t forget that in a system like Nigeria, the pension fund has always been a major source of corruption. It has never worked, because the pension fund in Nigeria has collapsed long ago. Those currently managing it knows that, and has since been stealing from it. Even the government steals from it from time to time, and calls it loan.

When you will realize what has happened will be when it’s time to pay up. That’s for civil servants. However, for the private sector workers, it’s even not the best deal they are getting. You can see the calculation Leadway Pensure gave me. With that you can’t get anything better to live on when you retire.

Retirement plan in Nigeria

Nigerian Total Working Population

One of the problems with retirement plan is the number of people who maybe retiring, the current number of retirees and the available resources to cater for them. Nigeria has a large workforce with no adequate plan for their retirement.

According to Proshare Nigeria, the site lamented that out of the total workforce of 69,470,091 in Nigeria, only 7,348,028 workers has a retirement savings account (RSA) with any pension fund manager. It’s even an old report of quarter 4 of 2016. That’s just 10.8% of the total workforce. At the current date, the figures might even be worse.

If you think it’s because Nigerian workers don’t like to plan for their future, then you lied. Nigerians like to plan even for the dead. That’s why government officials are stealing state funds. They are planning for their future and their children with stolen funds.

But legitimately, Nigerians would use pension funds if actually it guarantees a good deal for them. Hence the reason for the boycott, because it doesn’t offer any retirement plan when you are tired. But I have something that will surprise you. It’s better, it’s cheaper to start, and it’s in dollars, so you won’t have to worry about naira devaluation and inflation. I will soon come to that.

Different Types Of Retirement Plan

The best way to understand retirement plan is to see it as a savings account where you put aside some monies you earn monthly for use when you retirement from employment. So, I decided to take a look at some of the retirement accounts available. Some of them are not applicable in Nigeria, but it’s good you know what’s out there too.

  • IRA (Individual Retirement Arrangement)
  • SEP (Simplified Employee Pension)
  • PSP (Profit Sharing Plans)
  • DBP (Defined Benefit Plan)
  • 401(k) Plans
  • Roth IRAs

You can take sometime and read up all about these different pension plans on Bankrate website. But let me just talk about one only. The PSP (Profit Sharing Plans). You will love this one, as much as I do.

Profit Sharing Plans (PSP)

Imagine if your current employer is sharing profit with you. How much do you think you would be getting monthly? Just imagine. I don’t expect you to know exactly how much. But its surely way big, right? That’s the point. But they won’t like to share, rather they want to suffer you by deducting from your present salary in the guise of planning a future for you. Bullshit!

But think about it. A profit sharing plan will make you more money and you won’t have to be planning for retirement. In fact, you shouldn’t be planning for retirement. You should be planning on sharing profits with big and existing multinational companies.

I know you want to ask me, how?

What Is Your Retirement Plan?

Let me even ask you what you have been planning for your retirement. If you don’t have a better retirement plan, now is the time to make a quick adjustment. You cant just leave everything to chance. I might even shock you with some of the ways people are knowingly or unknowingly planning for their retirement.

  • Some invest in stocks
  • Some buy or build properties
  • Some invest it in different businesses
  • Some even invest it in their children
  • While some ignorantly put it in the banks or pension funds

You see all these retirement plans, they may not protect you when you are tired. Even the children you gave birth to may not care for you. The stockmarket can crash, like it did in 2017 and many pensioners lost heavily. All their life savings gone in one stock market crash.

You might think building properties are better, but the question is, how do you earn from your properties? Mostly through rentals. But how much is rentage fee in Nigeria? Even if you get N600,000 per annum for 3 bedroom flat, which is better than your pension fund, how many flats would you build from your salary?

You can’t plan with that, unless you just want a hand-to-mouth kind of life when you should be enjoying life in your retirement.

This Should Be Your Retirement Plan

If you understood the Profit Sharing Plan (PSP), that’s what I want your retirement plan to follow. Think of how you can share profit with a multinational company.

Let me give you a blueprint on how to plan your retirement with a PSP. If you are currently working, you stand a better chance to use this blueprint better. Even if you are not presently employed, or you are self employed, you too can use this blueprint.

The first point to note is that it’s cheaper to start. And that you can start with as low as $100. That amount would guarantee you 10% returns on a monthly basis. If you work it around your monthly pension deduction, some of you pay more than $100 monthly.

That means if you plan to retire in 2 years, you would have saved $2,400 with a compounding interest of 0.45% daily or 10% monthly. In 16 months lifespan for each of the $100, you would have a return of About 300%.

Let me even say that you can only invest $100, because you have so much bills to pay monthly and can’t afford to be deducting $100 monthly. In 6 years on a compounding interest of 0.45% daily, see what I calculated for you using TheCalculatSite: $80,252.67 total interest will be earned in the period.

You are rich on retirement if you do this now. Think about how many more years you still have in active service before your retirement. Think about how much a $100 can become for you in the next 5 years and 7 months to be precise. $80,252.67 is equivalent of N40,126,335. And you can still invest even after you have retired rich.

Compare that with your pension fund of N6,000,000 in 10 years from a contribution of over N2.4 million of your salary in 2 years deduction. If you can invest $500 or even $5,000, think of what the returns would be in the same period. Some of you can afford to do up to $25,000. And that’s a return of $75,000 in just 16 months. While $50,000 would give you $150,000 in 16 months.

Retirement plan in Nigeria

How This Retirement Plan Works

I have already told you. It’s a profit sharing plan. I have found this comoany for you in the U.K. (United Kingdom), with global presence in over 100 countries including Nigeria. This company is willing to share their profit with you.

Here’s how it works. They have several investment packages, from $100 to $50,000. And they pay returns from the profit they generate. You get 0.45% daily or 10% monthly on a compounding interest.

You role here is just to invest the amount you wish. The company will give you an online portal where you can monitor your investment, make withdrawals when you want or upgrade your investment package at any time.

What You Should Do Now

Get more information on this. You shouldn’t just take my world for it. Even though I have painted this as the best retirement plan for you, find out more for yourself. Moreover, somebody has to introduce as your referral or sponsor to the company. That’s how it works.

So, you will need a referral or sponsor. The sponsor will also help educate you more, and guide you throughout your investment period.

For example, if I’m your sponsor, my responsibility includes helping you to get more information, ensure you get adequate training on how to invest wisely and better usage of the portal. I should also be standby for you whenever you need guidance pr have questions on anything regarding the investment. You sponsor can also guide you on how much you should start with.

After you have invested for your own retirement plan, and started earning returns, then you can help sponsor others,like your colleagues in the office.

What To Do About Your Colleagues

Don’t plan for yourself alone. Help others to also discover this retirement plan. Your colleagues should be the first to know after you starts seeing returns from your own investment.

However, don’t rush immediately to tell them. Wait till after few weeks, like 2 or 3 weeks. It’s enough time to start seeing some revenue trickling into your account. You need some proof to show them. And because it’s in dollars it will be more convincing.

Remember, you will also earn up to 10% for sponsoring your colleagues. Yes the company pays for referrals, it’s one time, and it’s based on the initial amount the person invested.

Not just your colleague, including your friends. Target when salary is usually paid so they won’t say there’s no money. Remember, you are helping them make a better decision about their own retirement.


There’s no better retirement plan than a proper investment. But as a civil servant or private sector worker, you are limited to mostly pension fund, which is deducted from your salary.

There’s no guarantee on that, as long as Nigerian government are the ones controlling it. Even the private sector led pension managers, the kind of pension you get are not inspiring.

That’s why you need to plan something else for yourself. If you in an organization where pension deduction is actually done from source, you may not be able to shop it. But that shouldn’t stop you from planning your retirement better. I have shown you that with just $100 you can generate a better investment plan in less than 6 years, of over $80,000 in returns.

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Rapture: For Those Who Believe

That you are a Christian, born again and speaking in tongues doesn’t qualify you for Rapture. There are basic facts you need to know about the rapture of the church. It’s not a flight for Christians. Because some Christians will also miss Rapture. So, why would they miss Rapture?

Let’s begin to examine this topic and to give insight on why you have to believe that Jesus is coming soon.

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