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New MTN Mobile Data Plan That Actually Last 1 Month

MTN Mobile Data Plan

Do you know new MTN mobile data plan that last for 30 days? Yeah, it’s the package that’s getting attention now among MTN data subscribers in Nigeria.

If you want to have a monthly Mobile Data plan to reduce how much you spend on Data or place yourself on a regular Data budget, this new Data plan is what you need.

Forget about all those one month Mobile Data plan that doesn’t last even a week. Some get exhausted few days after purchasing them. This one is different and won’t fail or get exhausted in one day or one week until your full 30 days subscription time expires.

The question now is, is this Mobile Data plan for you? Your answer would determine if you should consider reading or you may just read on for the sake of information.

✅ Which MTN Mobile Data Plan Do You Use?

Let’s start with how much you are currently spending on MTN Mobile Data. There are so many ways you can figure this out if you are not taking count of it.

🔹️What MTN Mobile Data plan do you usually buy?
🔹️How often do you buy this data plan daily, weekly or monthly?
🔹️How much does this Mobile Data plan cost?
🔹️And how much gigabyte data do you get for this data plan?

These questions would help you figure out your Mobile Data cost for one month. But that’s not all because you also need to have an affordable monthly data plan.

✅ How Much Can You Afford To Pay For Data Monthly?

If what you are currently paying for Mobile Data is poking holes in your finances, you may need to review it. However, Data in today’s world is equivalent to life.

When you don’t have data it’s almost as if something is missing in your life. Of course, people need to communicate more now than before.

But due to the cost of telephone calls, most people use internet calls to keep in touch cost effectively. It’s the reason for the growing adoption of chatting apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, etcetera.

So, looking at your current Mobile Data, how much would you consider affordable for you?

✅ What’s The New MTN Mobile Data Plan?

MTN Mobile Data Plan

If you are an MTN subscriber and you spend at least N1,000 to N3,000 weekly on Data, I want you to consider this new monthly data plan.

Well, the decision to adopt this plan is entirely yours but maybe when you know what it is you may try it out.

This new MTN monthly Mobile Data plan gives you actual 30 days full usage. You won’t run out of data in those 30 days. The plan gives you 45 gigabyte of data for one month. But this 45 gigabyte data is shared and allocated daily for 30 days.

That means you get only the daily allocation for use every single day of the 30 days limit. If you divide 45 gigabyte by 30 days you will get 1.5 gigabyte everyday.

That way, the Mobile Data plan last for the whole 30 days and not be exhausted by over usage in a particular day. But it’s not unlimited data plan – rather it allocated daily usage limit. You should only buy this plan if the daily allocation falls within your daily data need.

✅ How Much Does This Mobile Mobile Data Plan Cost?

The cost is also affordable compared to what’s charged for most data plan. If you are on the 3 gigabyte MTN monthly data plan, you pay N1,500. If you exhaust it within a week that means in one month you would have used 12 gigabyte and paid N6,000 for it.

But this special monthly Mobile Data plan cost just N6,000 for 45 gigabyte of Mobile Data.

✅ How Do You Get This MTN Mobile Data Plan?

MTN Mobile Data Plan At this point, what’s more important is how to get this data plan now. 45 gigabyte of data for N6,000, with 1.5 gigabyte daily allocation for 30 days is worth it. But it’s only available for MTN subscribers, and available on their mobile app.

Yes, you can start using this Mobile Data plan immediately. And it’s not a promo offer, nor a one-time offer. This 45 gigabyte mobile data is yours every month as you renew.

✅ Do You Have MTN App?

If you don’t have MTN App you can download it now on the IOS or play store platforms. The App is user friendly and it’s not just for this new data plan.

You can use it to connect your NIN (National Identity Number) with ease, buy and share airtime, subscribe to any MTN data plan – especially the special offers for only MTN App users. Most importantly, you can solve any of your support issues on the app or connect to their WhatsApp support through the App.

✅ Conclusion

Although, this Mobile Data plan is for only MTN subscribers, anyone can also use it by purchasing a new MTN line or migrating your existing number to MTN network.

If you current network can’t give you a cost effective Mobile Data plan, you should consider other network that can.

Finally, drop us a comment if this post is helpful to you. And if you were able to successfully start using this service do let us know so it can encourage others that it works.

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How to Continue Paying Old DSTV or GOTV Subscription Rates

New GOTV Subscription Rates

MULTICHOICE recently increased its DSTV and GOtv subscription rates. The rates are as much as 12% increase on the old rates. This silent increase which takes effect from April 2022, is already having its negative impact on the pay TV Subscription in the country.

A lot of Nigerians can only afford TV entertainment as the economy continues to harden up for an average worker. Most especially GOTV is found many homes of average workers. And it’s the only entertainment option for the entire family, including festive periods like Christmas, Easter and Sallah holidays.

But MULTICHOICE is blaming the economic situation in Nigeria as its reason for increasing its rates for both TV programs.

✅ MULTICHOICE New DSTV & GOtv Subscription Rates

The new rates are just over 12% increase from the old rates. The pay Tv company also cited the rising cost of inflation and business operations as some of the reasons for the increase.

✅ New DSTV Subscription Rates:

Package 1: Xtraview + PVR access fee
?️Old rate: N2,300
?️New rate: N2,900

Package 2: Business – N2,669

Package 3: Padi
?️Old rate: N1,850
?️New rate: N2,150

Package 4: Yanga
?️Old rate: N2,565
?️New rate: N2,950

Package 5: Confam
?️Old rate: N4,615
?️New rate: N5,300

Package 6: Compact
?️Old rate: N7,900
?️New rate: N9,000

Package 7: Compact Plus
?️Old rate: N12,400
?️New rate: N14,250

Package 8: Premium
?️Old rate: N18,400
?️New rate: N21,000

✅ New GOTV Subscription Rates:

Below is the new rates for GoTV subscriptions.

Package 1: Max N3,600 N4,150
?️Old rate: N3,600
?️New rate: N4,150

Package 2: Jolli
?️Old rate: N2,460
?️New rate: N2,800

Package 3: Jinja
?️Old rate: N1,640
?️New rate: N1,900

Package 4: Lite
?️Old rate: N800
?️New rate: N900

✅ How to Continue Paying Old Rates

MULTICHOICE is also making it easier for its subscribers to pay their subscription fees cheaper. Here’s the catch and it’s worth exploring if you don’t want to pay the new subscription rates.

Subscribe before April 1st, 2022 and pay the old subscription rate. You can even upgrade your subscription and still pay old fees. And if you re-subscribe before the end of your monthly subscription you will still pay the old bill.

This offer is valid as long as you don’t let your subscription expire, and it’s possible for the next 12 months.

Another way to pay the old rates is by subscribing for multiple months. And if you subscribe for 10 months you will get the 11th and 12th months for free. That includes paying the old rates.

But this offer is only valid if you subscribe before April 1st. This is not April fool offer, as long as you do this in the month of march 2022.

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