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6 Things To Do Before You Start Investing

Start investing

Do you want to build an investment? There are things you need to do before you start investing. But you need to know the difference between investing and business. Because it’s possible to misapply the two thinking they are the same.

In this post the focus is on investing. So, we are going to focus on those things to do before you start investing. It’s not directly related to things to do before you start a business, even though you can apply some of them and it will work.

I’m drawing this boundary for a reason. There may arise conflict when you are trying to decide which one is a business from what is investing. It’s better you know the difference, so that your mind will properly articulate these 6 things.

Business Versus Investing

To achieve financial success you need wealth creation tools. We have only two options of wealth creation vehicles. It’s either investment product or business, or you are using both.

That’s means investing and business are not the same thing, but the same tools. While a business aims to generate revenue from product and services, an investment aims to produce a return from financial instruments or markets.

But there’s a part of business that’s equally investing. Like, the money you put into starting or running a business is also an investment. In that sense you can consider your money in your business as investing.

However, when investing in business it’s not just about putting your money, it requires more than that. Rather, it brings you into ownership of the investment. That includes your time, energy, experience and efforts are all required plus your money.

Whereas in investing, all that maybe required is your money. While you work for a business, in investing your money works for you.

The 4 Types of Investments

Having clarified that, let me further hint on the 4 types of investing your money. I will just list them here, but will expand them in another post. These four main investment types, or asset classes, has risks and benefits.

However, these 4 assets classes are grouped into 2 distinct categories.

  1. Growth investments
  2. Defensive investments

The first two investment types belong to the growth investments. These are investments that are more suitable for long term investors. They also offer reliable investments, as they are able to withstand market ups and downs.

The two Growth investment types are:

  • Shares
  • Property

But the last two are categorized as defensive investments. These types of investments are more focused on generating consistent income. They are not Growth focused. And are considered as lower risk investments than growth investments.

The two defensive investment types are:

  • Cash investments
  • Fixed interest

Planning To Start Investing

Now that you have an insight into different investment types, it will be more clearer now to understand these 6 things to do before you start investing. However, you should consider these steps as your planning stage.

Unlike starting a business, which you can equally do even without capital, but you cannot start investing without capital. You need money to invest. And if you don’t already have it, then you need to plan for it.

Planning to start investing is as important as the investment. Because if you are going to risk your money, you should think properly before doing so. And that’s why these 6 things to do before you start investing is key to your investment success.

{1} Build An Emergency Fund

If you are going to build an emergency fund it means you are raising your investment capital from your Cashflow. There are several ways you can start building your emergency fund. But the best part is your commitment to the cause.

Building an emergency fund equally means denying yourself and family some needed cash to purchase those needed groceries or items that can improve the quality of your life. So, it’s a sacrifice that would need your commitment till the end.

You can choose what you need to save from. However, if you look properly into your cashflow you might find areas that won’t affect your normal life. That would make it a lot easier to save.

Tips to build an emergency fund

NerdWallet gave a great idea on how you can start building your emergency fund. The site listed some tips to help you do just that. You can read the full blog on NerdWallet here.

  1. Set a monthly savings goal.
  2. Keep the change.
  3. Tidy up your checking account
  4. If there’s no money left, cut expenses
  5. Get supplemental income
  6. Save your tax refund.
  7. Assess and adjust contributions.

{2} Pay Down Debt

Having a debt profile could affect your ability to start investing. So, it’s better to get rid of your debt to give you room to plan your investment. That also includes not getting into further debts of any kind.

You may need to cut your credit cards and any other facility that’s adding to your debt profile. Once you stop accumulating debt, the next thing is to start paying off already existing debts.

Tips to Pay Down Debt:

  1. Pay as much as you can afford each month
  2. Make cuts to your spending
  3. Double up on payments
  4. Use windfalls to pay down balances
  5. Tackle debts with the highest interest rates first

{3} Know Your Cash Flow

Cashflow is key to how you can ever start investing. To be able to start investing, you will need to know how much money you receive and how much is spent on a given period. Analyzing your Cashflow will give you an idea of your investment potential.

How you can start investing now depends on your Cashflow. If the money you have left after a given period is enough to make an investment, then you have a healthy Cashflow. Otherwise, you may need to learn how best to manage your Cashflow to minimize expenses and increase your closing balance.

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Cash Flow:

  1. Reevaluate and fine-tune the pricing of your products
  2. Replace old equipment and inventory
  3. Re-negotiate long-term contracts
  4. Improve your marketing
  5. Monitor your cash flow regularly
  6. Cut costs.
  7. Lease equipment instead of buying it.
  8. Closely track and collect overdue accounts
  9. Don’t extend credit without taking the proper precautions
  10. Keep your inventory lean

{4} Track Your Net-worth

Know your net worth before you start investing. You need to properly evaluate your personal assets. Your assets is what you own. That will include your house, household items, car, wristwatches, phones, laptops, iPads, anything of exchangeable value. If that thing can be exchanged for money, it qualifies as an asset.

Also, you need to consider things that re your liabilities as well. They are things you owe like your debt profile. You should also value them to come up with its financial value. If that thing takes money from you on a regulars basis, it’s called a liability.

Tips on personal net worth statement:

  1. List your assets, estimate the value of each, and add up the total.
  2. List your liabilities and add up the outstanding balances.
  3. To get your net worth you need to subtract your liabilities from your assets to determine your personal net worth.

{5} Define Goals And Priorities

You have to define what your investment goals should be and those you consider priorities as well. You should not start investing without a proper goal definition. What you want to achieve must be clear to you, that’s equally what helps you determine what type of investment or investments would help you achieve your goals faster or better.

And if you have more than one investment goal, it’s proper to try and prioritize them.

Tips for Setting Goals and Priorities:

  1. Choose the right goals carefully
  2. Write down the goals
  3. Put down a plan.
  4. Stick to your plan
  5. Regularly reassess your goals and priorities them.

{6} Understand The Basics

Don’t start investing unless you have understood the basics. As a beginner, this should guide how you invest. Until something is clear to you don’t invest your money. No matter how good an Investment looks like, understand the basics first.

If you must invest when it’s not very clear to you, do it with funds you can afford to lose. Never gamble with your main investment capital.

Tips to learning how to invest:

  1. Decide how and what you want to invest in.
  2. Open an investment account
  3. Set a budget for your investment
  4. And Start investing.


Every entrepreneur must think of investments beyond their business. Plan your investment from day one of starting your business. It’s okay to work for your money, but it’s better when your money is working for you.

The idea of multiple streams of income should not be to start many businesses but to have many investment portfolios. That’s the best way to duplicate yourself and still be yourself and enjoy your life.

If you must start a business it’s okay, but I recommend that you start investing. You can start multiple investment in one year but starting multiple businesses may take you a lifetime to achieve.

Having multiple businesses maybe a dream come true but having multiple investment is the fastest way to grow wealth.

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11 Smart Business Ideas to Start Without Capital

Imagine having smart business ideas but not having the capital to get it Started. Many startup ideas perish because the founder lacks capital to fund his business ideas. Come to think of it, what would you do if you know hot business ideas you can start without capital?

I want to show you some of these business ideas that are potentially profitable and you can start off right now. Of course, the reason your can Start now is because you can start without capital.

Sometimes the idea of starting without capital might be misunderstood. It doesn’t means money won’t be spent in any way. For example, you might need to pay for an internet connection to use the internet. That’s a cost, but which may not necessarily amount to a startup capital.

What’s (Smart Business Ideas) Startup Capital?

EquityNet gave us a definition of startup capital as the money that is required to start a new business, whether for office space, permits, licenses, inventory, product development and manufacturing, marketing or any other expense.

Basically, startup capital is required for those things you may not have need for unless it’s because of the business you planned to start. So, if you probably have Need of an internet even before you planned to start a business then it may not qualify or be calculated as a startup capital need.

That’s doesn’t mean when you start the business you can’t put internet as one of the business expenses.

But starting a business without capital is because those business ideas are either offered through means that may not require the need to procure expensive equipment in order to serve your target customers.

Smart Business Ideas to Start Without Capital

I have selected just 11 of these business ideas that’s guaranteed you can start without capital. The beauty of these startup ideas is their skill-based advantage. They are businesses you can start with just your skill set.

And all of them you can start online, without the requirement of having startup capital. In this case, your skill set has become your capital. You are offering your skills to potential clients in exchange for money.

However, these are not just the only business ideas you can start without capital. There are also those you can start offline as well. But here we have just these 11 ideas and I hope they address you needs right now.

{1} Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the businesses you can start without capital. I choose affiliate as number on this list because its easy to start. You can start earning money from affiliate business right away.

All you need to do to start an affiliate business is to sign up with an affiliate company. And there are many of them online. When you signup you are issued with a custom affiliate link that’s linked to your account with them.

It’s from this link that your affiliate commission work is recorded and calculated to be paid into your affiliate account. The only work required from you is to promote that your affiliate link to your audience to get them to visit the link and patronize the company or products listed on the link page.

{2} SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist is a skilled job by someone who specialized in search engine optimization techniques. It’s another business idea you can start without capital.

The job of an SEO specialist is so relevant to online businesses and their bottom line. You excel in this business if you know how to scale up web traffic faster for online businesses.

You can either setup you SEO business using a website or join freelance sites to promote and tract potential clients who need your SEO techniques to boost their online business.



{3} Social Media Marketing

The relevance of social media marketing has grown to the point that is at the top of marketing plans of most companies. You expertise in marketing for companies on social media is highly sought after skill.

But your relevance as a social media marketer grows by the level of accounts you are managing and the dollar amount behind them. There are marketers who are managing accounts worth billions of dollars.

To start as a social media marketer you may need to grow your own presence on social media, targeting potential clients who would require your services. Your social media influence is an added advantage and your promotion tool to get clients to believe in your ability to also promote them on social media.

{4} Music Ghost Writer

The music industry is one of the most profitable niche in the world. Music is branded as a global language, which gives it a global appeal irrespective of the language used in the music.

You can write songs for top musicians in the world and be paid handsomely and with royalties. You can also translate music into a foreign language to help the musician target new audience. Music ghost writing is one the best examples of a business you can start without capital.

{5} Freelance Wed Developer

Web developing services is a high demand job. With your web developing skill you can start without capital. There are several freelancing sites where you can register to promote your skills and get potential clients contact you for jobs.

Fiverr is one site where web developers can offer their services on a freelance basis. You can signup with fiver and other Freelance sites to become a freelance web developer.

{6} Freelance Service Designer

As a freelance service designer, your work is to identify any problems with the way in which customers use the service or any improvements that could be made within your client organization.

There are so many Freelance sites where you can offer your services to attracts potential clients.

{7} Sound Pack Designer

A sound pack designer compiles great tracks of sounds for special entertainment, whether in a club or private party. Sound packs is a modern DJ tool, like a plug and play tool that allows you to play great music on a 16 button grid with two hands.

You can start out as a business and get to be hired by clients on demand basis.

{8} Sound Designer

The Sound Designer’s responsibility is to obtain all sound effects, whether it’s recorded or from a live recording, for a specific production. You are also responsible to set up the sound playback equipment.

A sound designers is hired by studios or individuals for a fee. And you can setup a business offering this service to potential clients. You can also employ other sound designers under your business and allocate them to clients for a fee, while you retain their services either on wages or per job basis.

{9} Freelance UX Researcher

In the world or internet and apps, UX is a vital area every company is struggling daily with. The need to improve user experience online, especially as Apps usage is growing, is driving most companies to invest more in UX research than before.

Companies want to understand better why their UX design should be the way it is before they build. So, having a UX researcher, explore their target user expectations and needs would help them target their market with better designs.

Your an offer your services through Freelance sites like Upwork.

{10} Instagram Page

Instagram has become one of the most relevant social media platforms for businesses targeting potential customers. The owners, Facebook, has succeeded in positioning as a major marketing tool.

So, having experience in managing an Instagram page with results can give you jobs from major companies looking to grow their Instagram page.

{11} Personal Brand

Having a personal brand has its huge benefits. One of it is helping you startup a business without capital. As a personal brand you leverage on your brand personality to start without capital, irrespective of the type of business, but especially those that requires brand identity to boost its acceptability and patronage.

Benefits of Personal Brand:

  • You get to enjoy people’s trust more
  • It stands you out from the competition
  • It gives you authenticity without any proper evaluation
  • Opportunities are also attracted to you
  • Your value is higher and people will pay more for your brand
  • You enjoy expert status even with little knowledge of the niche


Finding the right business idea that you can start without capital doesn’t always come easily, excerpt you already have the required skill set. Although you can also acquire new skills online for free. There are YouTube channels that teaches skills you can learn for free.

However, to succeed in a business you can start without capital would require some diligence and expertise. Also, having a case study that clients can refer to would help promote your business and land you jobs faster.

How you do what you do will stand you out and attract potential clients to you. That means, you need to find ways to differentiate your business from the competition. Offer your service in a way that stands you out and make your customers need you more than you need their money.

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3 Things To Do Before Starting A Business

Do you plan on starting a business? Maybe you are currently employed now but you want to earn more money and you have considered business as your next option. I have something to show you in this post about things to do first before starting a business.

In most startup advise, the first thing you are told to do is to write a business plan. All that is good. You also need to plan for how you will manage your financials needs while the business is still trying to make profit.

I just want to show you 3 important things to do before you start that business. If you fail to do this, you may end up more frustrated than you were before you even thought of starting a business.

But if you get this right at this point, you will not only succeed in business, you will be well prepared for most of the things that crashes some startup businesses.

Why Do You Want To Become An Entrepreneur?

Let me digress a little here by exploring why you even want to become an entrepreneur. Of course, it’s the reason you are starting a business. No one become an entrepreneur for the love of being an entrepreneur.

You are motivated by something. The reasons are many but I’m taking the top 3 on that list of reasons. They are also why many become entrepreneurs. So, they will represent the reasons of many of the readers.

Find this list below:

  1. For financial freedom
  2. To be your own boss
  3. So you can change the world

The first group is primarily a popular reason for most people. They want financial freedom. So, they got to start a business. But their idea of financial freedom means to earn more money to be able to pay their bills and still have more than enough to play around.

While the second group are the “be your own boss” gang. Most of them here are well able to pay their bills. They work in well established organizations and are well paid. But they hate the idea of having to be answerable to someone higher, and waking up early to rush off to work. They want the freedom that comes with starting their own business.

Our third group are those who have reached the pinnacle of their career and are looking for other challenging opportunist to change the world. These ones take on an industry and reshaped it to meet their aspirations and that of others who think like them.

To Do List Before Starting A Business

If you have identified your group and why you really planned on starting a business, here is my 3 Important to do list before you finally start the business. First, let me explain my reasons for picking only this 3 even though there are many things you should do first.

I want you to decide how long you want to play. Until you make that decision and be firm about it, little things can shove you off your plan. Another reason is that I want you to be really sure what you have is worth taking a risk on.

If you quit your job to start a business, going back to look for another job after sometime would be demeaning. You have to quit for good. While my third reason is that I want you to know that there are many challenges ahead. And you are not immune to them, unless you could anticipate them and mitigate against them.

So, as I take each one of these 3 things, you can see my mindset and what I want you to start doing about your business idea. I pray your succeed.

{1} Think Long Term

The first truth about starting a business is to realize that business is a long term play. Failure to realize that might cost you so much. But thinking long term is not in the imaginary sense. You have to plan long term and build structures to sustain your long term ambition.

Sometimes entrepreneurs agree on business being a long term play but their actions shows they are actually working on short term goals.

However, playing long term helps you understand your growth stages and strategies required to grow to each stage. A business that doesn’t understand its growth stages really don’t know where it’s headed to.

When I first started a blog, I wanted it to grow immediately, until I read several reports only about how long it takes for a blog to grow organically. And because I wanted it to grow organically, I knew I had to commit to a long term goal.

{2} Product Must Be In Demand

If you have your long term plan well figured out, then your next agenda is your product. What are you offering as a business? What’s the future outlook for the product? What’s the demand potential?

In simple term, it just means for you to make sure that your product is in high demand. Don’t plan on starting a business on a product that’s not in demand. And it’s just knowing that it’s in demand, it means you should have your records to proof it.

However, don’t leave things to assumption. The demand for your product should be properly analyzed and tested with market realities. This leads us to demand analysis.

Understanding Product Demand Analysis:

This is to show the relationship between the price of the product and the quantity of product that a consumer is willing to buy for a given period of time, if everything being equal. The research gives estimate of customer demand for a product in a particular market. This covers futures demands and in retrospect to determine past success and failure.

This kind of study can help you conclude on any decision that requires risk on your part without the feeling of fear. But you need it done by a reputable consultant.

Here is the different types of demand (Culled from Economic Discussion):

  • Individual and Market Demand
  • Organization and Industry Demand
  • Autonomous and Derived Demand
  • Demand for Perishable and Durable Goods
  • Short-term and Long-term Demand

{3} Anticipate Failure Points

Having a high demand product doesn’t mean you can’t face challenges in business. In fact, starting a business is always laced with many unforeseen challenges you don’t even know exist. So, having a perfect product doesn’t stop the fair share of trouble.

And the most threatening ones maybe the ones to cause the business to fail. But if you do your product analysis, you will also identify some of these Failure points.

I would have liked to give more details on some of these Failure points but OnStrategy did quite a good job with 10 of them. See the list below and to read OnStrategy details on them click here:

  1. Failure to understand your market and customers
  2. Opening a business in an industry that isn’t profitable
  3. Failure to understand and communicate what you are selling
  4. Inadequate financing
  5. Reactive attitudes
  6. Over-dependence on a single customer
  7. No customer strategy.
  8. Not knowing when to say “No.”
  9. Poor management
  10. No planning.


It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are planning on starting. These 3 to do list is necessary. Even if it’s a service business, these ideas also apply. And the way the 3 of them are interwoven around each other, you can’t do one and skip the other.

Although, these are not full-proof mitigating business failure. If you are starting a business that won’t fail, it’s not because you did everything you are told to do. There’s a saying in the Bible that: time and chance happens to everything in this world.

But what’s your role in keeping your business from failing should not be excused. You must first do all that’s within your power to make your business succeed. And then, leave the rest to time and chance to prove you right.

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7 Businesses To Start If You’Re Good At Writing

I want to show you businesses to start if you are good at writing. Writing is an age long profession. And as the world evolves, writing has been evolving with it. When books were invented, guess who stole the show? Writers of course.

The story didn’t end there. When radio came along, writers where needed to perfect the scripts. The same with screens. Writers had to do all the work. We make the news worth watching and wrote movie scripts as well.

In this era of the internet, we are still waxing strong. We started with blogs and now we are set to rule the entire world of the internet of things. My question is, are you good at writing? Then, read through my 7 businesses you can start as a writer.

What If You’re Not Good At Writing?

I know I said this is for those of us who are good at writing. But that’s not entirely true. Even if you are not good at writing, one of this 7 writing jobs could just fit you so well.

Some of the ideas here just requires imaginative skills than just writing prowess. So if you can think constructively, maybe you are a better fit than someone who’s just good at writing. All you need is to read through these 7 businesses and you might just find how you fit in.

Writing Businesses To Start

The world of writing has changed so much that one could just record his words and have it transcribed into blog or books. That makes it possible for anyone to start writing even when you can’t write one word.

And if you a very good at writing, you stand a better chance at any of these businesses. You can pick anyone that suits you and began your writing career. I have also tried to give you their yearly earning potential so that you understand their financial standpoint as well.

However, these figures are dollarised. America is one of the countries that has fully segmented these Writing jobs with salary base. You can convert the amount to your local currency to have an idea your proposed earning potential. But earnings per country may also differ. It’s gives you an idea the huge potential for each writing business.

{1} UX Copy Writer

The most highly paid form of writing is UX copywriting. But who is a UX Copy writer? The job function covers two areas. I think to properly understand who a UX Copy writer is, let’s look at it separately as UX and copywriting.

UX stand for user experience. It’s most commonly attached to designer or web developer. A UX specialist will focus on the user’s experience. While a copywriter is a writer who focuses primarily in sales copy.

So what exactly is a UX copywriter? Combining the two functions functions as a UX and copywriter you get the definition. A user experience designer who can write in a way that encourages users to buy and interact with products.

If you’re planning on kicking off your year as a UX writer, make sure you are on top of your copy game by managing some killer copy documents, mapping touchpoints for transactional emails, and learning how to work with design tools.

Yearly earning potential for a UX Copy writer is around $250,000.

Tips on how to write UX copy:

  1. Practice simplicity.
  2. Taper instructions.
  3. Understand the product from a user experience
  4. Write better product descriptions with FAQs in mind
  5. Don’t make users beg for information.
  6. Make sure the copy is easy to read.
  7. Address your Copy to the user.

{2} Novel Writing

Are you imaginative? Writing a novel could make you rich if it features a viral story line which plays on people’s emotions heavily. If you can write a novel, you can join the writers with big earning potentials.

This one may seem like it’s only for those who are good at writing. But it’s not entirely true. Even if you are not good at writing, if you are good with imaginative thinking, you are already a novelist. You can transform that imagination into a novel with the help of a ghost writer.

The yearly earning potential for novel writing is around $100,000.

Steps to writing a novel:

  1. Define your story idea
  2. Create your book’s point of view.
  3. Determine the setting.
  4. Develop your main characters
  5. Establish the conflict and stakes
  6. Create an outline
  7. And pick your story structure.

{3} Travel Blog Writing

Do you love traveling? Then a travel blog could just be your next big break if you know your way around this niche.

You can also partner with major travel businesses like as an affiliate. This could be making you a huge income from travel blogging.

The yearly earning potential for travel blog writing is around $80,000

Steps to start a travel blog:

  1. Pick the perfect domain name for your blog
  2. Register domain and set up hosting account
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Learn how wordpress works.
  5. Use a beautiful theme that will appeal to your audience
  6. Get a logo to match your domain name
  7. Start posting contents and building your audience

{4} Ghost Writing

If you very good at writing then you could consider Ghost writing as a business. There are many small and large businesses that require Ghost writers, where you write articles and blogs for already established businesses.

The job of a ghostwriter is to write literary or journalistic works, speeches, or other texts that are officially credited to another person as the author. You have to be good at writing to get jobs as a ghost writer.

The yearly earning potential for ghost writing is around $70,000

Steps to become a Ghostwriter:

  1. Write your own books first
  2. Prove your professionalism
  3. Build your credentials with better case studies
  4. Expose yourself on the job
  5. Develop a good customer support skills
  6. Reach out for your own stories

{5} Essay Writing

You could also build a business or service for students around your essay writing skill. There are students who are knowledgeable but can’t put it into words or grammatically present their thoughts in an essay format. That’s where your skills in writing comes in.

They will pay to have essays written for them by experts like yourself. But this one is only for those who are good at writing.

The yearly earning potential for Essay writing is around $70,000.

7 Steps to Writing an Essay:

  1. Decide the kind of essay to write.
  2. Brainstorm your topic.
  3. Research the topic.
  4. Develop a thesis.
  5. Outline your essay.
  6. Write your essay.
  7. Edit your writing to check spelling and grammar.

{6} Resume Writing

You can get paid to write and perfect resumes for employable adults. A well written resume is extremely important for people to get their dream jobs.

The yearly earning potential for resume writing is around $60,000.

Steps to write a good resume:

  1. Focus on the job description.
  2. Always add achievements to your experience section.
  3. Use numbers and details where possible.
  4. Make good use of the top third of your resume
  5. Include a summary or objective.
  6. Proofread properly with tool like Grammarly.
  7. Get another human to proofread a well
  8. Write a thank-you email.

{7} Transcriber

Transcribers are always needed all over the world, either by businesses or individuals who have jobs that requires to be transcribed. You can run a business to transcribe contents for different businesses who require it.

The yearly earning potential for transcribers is around $50,000

Steps to become a good transcriber by Verbalink:

Effective Transcriptionists

  1. Be a Good Listener.
  2. Know Your Software.
  3. Move On but Come Back to listen again
  4. Stop and Rewind.
  5. Become a Good Guesser.
  6. Keep in Style.
  7. Expand Your Horizons.


Writing is a skill everyone should aspire to have. If you are good at writing there are several opportunities that exist for writers that you can take advantage of. And the opportunity are not limited to just these seven.

But I have chosen these ones because of their peculiarities and their earning potentials. And the fact that writing is more of a gift than a skill to be acquired.

You can even start as many of them as you can choose. There’s nothing limiting you at all. I personally recommend every writer to be good at writing UX Copy. We are in the internet of things generation. And that will make more impact than we may know.

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30 Profitable Small Business Ideas For Nigerians

Nigerians are very enterprising people, no matter where in this world they find themselves. Although, not much of its prowess in entrepreneurship is known outside the shores of the country, but Nigerians are daily churning out profitable small business ideas that had withstood the test of time within the country.

Even though much of it came from Ideas already developed in other countries, the Nigerian entrepreneurial spirit is adjudged as one of the best in the world, behind the Asian tigers.

But how are Nigerians coming up with these great small business ideas? And how do they even know which one is profitable? Let’s start by defining small business, and what makes small business ideas profitable in Nigeria.

What’s A Small Business

Wikilpedia described Small businesses as privately owned corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorships that have fewer employees and/or less annual revenue than a regular-sized business or corporation.

In the Nigerian concept, it simple means a business started with or without startup capital, that is struggling to grow with or without help from government or even from family and friends. If you live in Nigeria, you must have witnessed this struggle by small business owners to grow without any help or functional public infrastructures.

But here’s my own definition of a small business. It’s a business started by one or more partners, rooted in a culture to provide a solution to the needs of its immediate environment, with a view to make profit from its products or services, with or without financial backing form venture capitalists or financiers.

So, what makes small businesses profitable in Nigeria?

Why Start A Business?

Imagine if you are in front of a willing sponsor, and you are asked, what’s your reason for wanting to start a business? Interestingly, the perfect answers are not always the best. Startup pitch mentors have always tried to sway startups to come up a reasonable reasons but, what if you don’t even have a reason?

Some small businesses were started as a mistake. The owner may not be thinking of starting a business. But that kind of story is not so popular around small businesses in Nigeria.

To start a business here, there must be a reason. It’s okay if one tries to add some little white lies to those reasons. But the primary reasons most Nigerians start businesses are categorized into two: unemployment and poverty.

These two reasons alone have powdered more than 80% of small business ideas in Nigeria. In case you disagree with my assertion, here’s a test to prove me wrong or right. Do you currently have a job when you started your business? How rich are you before you decided to start a business?

Okay, let me now look at the remaining 20% reasons as well. Some of the most popular reasons 20% give for starting a business includes:

  • They claim to have a unique business idea
  • They developed a career that has the flexibility to grow with them
  • The goal to be financially independenc
  • And to invest in themselves

If you examine all these reasons you won’t wonder any more why small businesses are everywhere in Nigeria. It’s more of a fight against poverty and unemployment than a war against the problems that threatens us as a nation.

Nigerian Small Business Ideas

If you are having a hard time deciding on a startup idea this year, I have put together 30 profitable small business ideas you can pick from. Some of these ideas are not new, but they are tested and proven to be profitable business Ideas.

Even where it’s potentials may not be much, they can help turn your financial fortune around. Here are those you may be able to start with little or no startup capital.

{1} Food Truck Business

The food truck business idea in Nigeria, popularly known as mama-put is one lucrative small business idea you can start with very little or no capital at all. For startup, you should cook for very small number of clients, and increase as more people fall in love with your food or enjoy eating it regularly.

One thing about starting a food truck business is that you don’t need much capital. You can also collect food stuffs on credit, while you payback after each day sales until you can afford to make bulk purchases to increase your profit margin.

Here are a few benefits of food truck business over regular restaurant:

  • Low initial investment
  • Low operation cost
  • It attracts more walk-in customers
  • Ability to experiment with Locations
  • Opportunity to build and expand your food brand

{2} Online Tutoring Classes

In Nigeria, most of what is done in tutoring happens offline. But with the growing distancing laws, and the cost of transporting to lecture venues, some students are opting for online trainings. You can start online tutoring classes, offering your courses and trainings online using platforms like Zoom, Go-To-Meetings, etcetera.

Online tutoring service involves one-on-one with the tutor in an interactive, digital classroom. It uses real-time or recorded video lectures for easy and direct communication and sometimes an interactive whiteboard for uploading documents, plotting functions, or working out equations.

{3} Tea/Coffee Shop

This small business idea has been somehow ignored by budding entrepreneurs, because of how it’s been classified in Nigeria. The tribe known for tea business in Nigeria are the Hausas. They setup anywhere near motor parks, busy bus stops and crowded neighborhoods.

This simple idea of a coffee shop can be extremely profitable if you do it right. A clean and good location is key, and more breakfast meal verities may help boost your customer base.

{4} Cooking Classes

It may surprise you that there are over a thousand Nigerian food recipes. Most of them you have never heard of, nor know-how to cook them. And as Nigerians taste bud increases, the appetite for unknown or cross tribe delicacies are growing. Here are the top 400 plus of them pinned together for you.

People want to know how to cook dishes from other tribes that they love or have eaten in a restaurant or party they attended. More Nigerians are exploring cooking classes. You too should, if you have flair for cooking.

{5} App Developer

Nigerian online space is still very much underdeveloped. Although, there’s so much now happening at Yaba, Lagos – the Nigerian version of Silicon Valley. That gives you the idea that app development could be your best small business idea to start now.

An app developer primary responsibilities include creating, testing and programming apps for computers, mobile phones, and other types of electronic devices.

To become a mobile app developer you will need to learn coding as your first option. It’s not a standard requirement for everyone, but it will be the best route. Learning to code will give you an edge over developers who don’t know coding.

{6} Ice Cream Stand

Coldstone, one of the major ice cream brand in the country is ladies delight. Not to mention children’s love for ice cream more. You too can start a small business that sells the most ice cream brands along with beverages and other treats.

You will need to connect with suppliers and distributors, and order large batches. You can either rent an ice cream truck or rent space to sell your products.

{7} Product Reviewing

In Nigeria, product review ideas maybe differently approached. However, you shouldn’t limit your ideas to Nigeria alone, since most reviews are done online to a global audience. Build your client base to target markets where product reviews pay better.

You can also use affiliate platforms like Amazon to increase your earning power from product reviews.

{8} Web Designing

There’s huge demand for web design services in Nigeria. About 80% of small businesses don’t have a functional website. That’s leaves the rest 20% who may have a website but doesn’t know much about web designing. You can tap into this huge potential to launch your web design small business idea.

A web designer understands what is needed to make a website functional and easy to use. And also to make it aesthetically appealing to the user.

{9} Home Food Delivery Business

The idea of delivering restaurant meals to the home is a good business idea. It can either you have your own restaurants and you are offering home food delivery. Or you are only offering home food delivery services to delivery foods customers orders from popular restaurants across the city.

One have to consider how your customers would be ordering the meals before deciding on the food delivery business model.

{10} Digital Marketing

Nigeria has a population of over 200 million, but how many of it is reachable through available marketing channels? But in the last few years, the internet has connected and created the largest marketplace in the country, more than all the TV stations, radio and print media put together.

Digital marketing is promoting potential products and service online, directing them either to an online service or to patronize an offline business.

Here is a look at some of the skills to help you become a digital marketer:

  • Data Analysis
  • Writing and Editing Skills
  • SEO and SEM Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Email Marketing Skills
  • CRM Skills
  • Social Media Skills
  • Paid Social Media Advertising Skills

{11} Interior Design

If you have the flair for home inner houses should be made to display elegance and style, then you can consider Start a small business idea on interior designs.

Interior design is the art of making interior spaces functional, and safe, and more beautiful. You determine the space requirement and select decorative items, like colors, lighting, and materials.

{12} Makeup Artist

Most ladies in Nigeria have taken to makeup as a business and its booming. Now, you need to upgrade it into makeup studios. It’s same concept but with social media influence attached.

You create makeup studios where clients come in to makeup and take pictures for their social media posts.

Your job is to enhance a person’s appearance, to bring out their color and beautiful features, while hiding or smoothing out their flaws. It’s a domestic technique to create beauty on the human body. Also make them remember it for a lifetime by taking great photos of them.

Required Skills As A Makeup Artist:

  • Communication skills.
  • Working under pressure.
  • Time management.
  • Hairstyling skills.
  • Detail orientation.

{13} Photography

I grew up in a community where the villages usually have a notable photographer. He’s the only one being invited to take pictures at any occasion in the community. So, photography has been a hubby and a good small business idea right before Boys became men.

The idea of photography is for you to create images that are naturally more pleasing to the eye. It’s a practice of creating durable images by recording light or electromagnetic radiation, using the camera technology.

Key photography skills:

  • Creativity
  • Technical photography skills
  • Patience and concentration
  • Attention to detail.
  • Strong networking skills
  • Team working skills

{14} Home Decor

An Interior design creates functional spaces within a building. While home Decoration furnishes or adorns the space with fashionable or beautiful things. But interior designers may also decorate, but decorators do not design.

These accessories include such items as curtains, sofa sets, cushions, tablecloths and decorative craft products, decorative wrought iron, and so on. These items are commonly used in indoor furnishings and layout and can include cloth items, paintings, and plants.

{15} Currency Trading

Nigerian version of Forex trading is the Aboki from the northern part of the country, who buys up dollars or sells you dollar in exchange for naiara or dollars, as the case may be. Most Nigerian cant understand Forex trading any other way. But, there’s a huge potential in trading forex online. READ – How To Start Forex Trading As A Beginner. A must read for non Forex traders.

Currency trading or forex trading is buying and selling currencies for the purpose of making profit. It’s always involves two currencies at any given time. The price of one currency is linked to the price of another currency in a trade.

The currency market works like any other market, like the stock, bonds or commodities markets.

{16} Event Planning

If there anything Nigerians love to do more than anything else, it’s having colorful events. We like parties, whether it’s for weddings, birthdays, graduations, inaugurations, and even burials, we party big time.

That makes event planning an amazing small business idea you can explore today. According to International Institute of Event Management: event planning is defined as the management of projects such as a meeting, convention, tradeshow, ceremony, team building activity, party or convention.

Skills needed to become an event planner:

  • Organizational skills
  • Networking savvy
  • Resilience and Adaptability
  • A Basic Understanding of Events
  • Unbridled Creativity
  • Dedication to Client Service

{17} Fast Food Joint

The idea of fast food restaurants has taken over Nigeria. This American style of restaurants has simplified eating out. Nigerians are hungry for such treat. Almost every fast food joint is full to capacity during weekends and festive seasons. If you are considering food business, here could be your best Idea this year.

The business model of fast food joint is the ‘speed of service’ at which customers get the food served upon request. Ideally, the food are already mass prepared before customers are allowed to come in and order.

Steps to Open a Fast Food Joint:

  • Choose a concept and brand
  • Make your menu items
  • Prepare a business plan.
  • Raise capital
  • Choose a good location and a Lease
  • Get permits and Licenses of applicable
  • Buy cooking equipments
  • Find local food item suppliers
  • Make a food sign

{18} Pet Business

Five years ago, I wouldn’t have advised pet business as a business idea for Nigerians. But today, that perception has changed, with more Nigerians housing pets in their homes. Children love pets, and so do their parents who allowed them to have one. A business idea on pets would be a great one.

One of the ways to start a pet business is joining the upscale pet-products Retail stores. The model is simple, you buy products from a wholesaler, markup the price and sell them in your own store. And if you are the Wholesale outlet, you supply products to boutiques and retail stores. And that includes online stores.

The Best Pet Businesses:

  • Pooper-scooper service
  • Pet photography
  • Dog clothing and accessories
  • Pet sitting
  • Dog day care
  • Dog obedience training
  • Dog walking service
  • Tropical fish and aquarium rental
  • Pet toys
  • Gourmet pet treats

{19} Chatbot Creator

Chatbot has changed the way customer service and interaction happens online. With chatbots, hitting potential customers is easy by offering required information irrespective of the day or time.

Benefits of using chatbots includes saving time. It provide fast, automated answers to most questions. And customers are prevented from waiting a day or longer to receive responses for their enquiries.

{20} Day Care Business

In the past, when parent ps go to work they would leave the kids with their neighbors. That’s not the way of life any more. People no longer leave their kids with neighbors, even if those neighbors are family.

Day care Centre’s are springing up now. Consider a holiday centre as well, where parent can bring their kids for play and fun during the holidays. Parents want where they can drop off their kids so they can have more time for themselves.

A day care business care provides care for infants and toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children, either in their own homes or in a center-based facility.

Steps To Start a daycare business:

  1. Plan your business
  2. Form a legal entity
  3. Open a business bank account
  4. Obtain necessary permits and licenses
  5. Define your brand
  6. Establish your web presence

{21} Content Creation Service

As a blogger, I value the importance of content. I sometimes pay someone to create contents for me, even though I could do them myself. That’s to show that it’s now a huge opportunity for those who have the flair for creating powerful content in any niche.

The content on your site tells your visitors who you are. It also encourages them to browse your site and works to know more about what your company is offering. A content creator is hired to help design and write good website copy.

Steps to Become a Content Creator:

  1. Read news about your industry every day.
  2. Write on the regular.
  3. Establish a unique voice.
  4. Understand your KPIs.
  5. Network with other creators
  6. Study your audience.
  7. Offer solutions

{22} Landscaping

You may think who want to do landscaping in Nigeria? I thought so too, until I researched on it. This opportunity is a money making idea in Nigeria now.

A landscaping business involves residential work on lawns or private work for commercial enterprises. Others like public landscape works to keep golf courses groomed or work in parks.

Mowing of side road and upkeep of flowerbeds are also part of landscaping business.

Types of landscaping businesses:

  • Lawn mowing/maintenance.
  • Landscape care/maintenance services.
  • Landscape design/contracting services.
  • Weeding or fertilizer and/or pest control application.
  • Landscape architecture services.
  • Sod installation/hydroseeding.

{23} Dance Studio

Keffy, one of Nigerians best dancer, ruled the industry with her dance studio. She featured in most of the music videos and changed in millions. Dance studio is a huge small business idea to explore.

There are two ways to generate income from a dance studio. One is to rent out the studio space to dance instructors. The other one is to employ an instructor and collect class fees from dance students.

Steps to promote a dance studio:

  1. Market your brand
  2. Online registration
  3. Send out Flyers
  4. Collaboration with platforms with target market
  5. Set up a referral program
  6. Offer free classes.

{24} Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping business is a huge industry on its own. You can either join gift selling or just provide the Wrapping materials and do the wrapping of each gift for a handsome fee.

If you so good at wrapping, you could also offer personalized services for corporate clients and weddings to help them wrap their gifts in unique ways.

{25} Music Studio

Nigeria is the hub of music business in Africa. The influence of Nigerian music has grown larger in the last 10 years. This has inspired more budding talents to explore their gifts in the music industry.

A recording studio specializes in sound recording, mixing, and audio production of instrumental or vocal music, it’s performances, spoken words, and other sound works.

Services Provided By Recording Studios:

  • Digital audio post Production
  • Remote recording
  • Voice over
  • Multi-track recording / mixing / editing
  • Music production
  • DVD production
  • Mastering
  • Archiving and restoration
  • Live drum tracks
  • Sound systems

{26} Clothing Boutique

Nigerian fashion industry is incomparable. It stands out globally in the fashion world. The local print material is now in international fashion design style. A business in fashion is a goal.

A clothing boutique is a small store that sells stylish clothing, jewelry, magnets or other usually luxury goods. The mainstay for starting a clothing boutique is your store location, target market, style selection and marketing.

How to start Clothing boutique:

  1. Planning your clothing boutique
  2. Decide on the location for your boutique
  3. Pick a name you love—and can live with
  4. Create a cohesive aesthetic style
  5. Develop your boutique’s unique brand
  6. Make your products stand out
  7. Decide where you plan to source your products
  8. Use brand ambassadors to your advantage

{27} Travel Planner

Travel planner means travel agent in Nigeria. Don’t let this Oyigbo people fool you. Even though most Nigerians don’t really plan their travel with external buddy, they still need to get visas, buy tickets and book hotels. That’s where you come in and it’s a multimillion industry.

If you love travel and enjoy the planning process, you might consider becoming a travel planner or agent. There are resources to help you work through the process of starting your own travel business.

Steps to Become a Travel Planner:

  1. Create a plan for your travel business
  2. Conduct market research
  3. Develop a brand
  4. Deal with the legal side.
  5. Determine your funding strategy
  6. Choose a location and hire employees
  7. Market and launch your business.

{28} Homestay Business

Imagine if you could travel to another city, and not lodge in a hotel but another home that’s not anyone you know. It’s AnB kind of lodging. But this concert has changed recently. You don’t need to host lodgers in your private home.

It’s now a business idea, where you build such homes just to rent it out on paper need basis. In a country where rent payment is becoming difficult, and Hotel daily lodging fees are growing, people would love a monthly home rental in cities they travel to.

Steps To Start Homestay Business:

  1. Get necessary permissions and approvals
  2. Prepare basic amenities
  3. Take good photos
  4. Accept online bookings
  5. Create engaging promotion

{29} Yoga Studio

Don’t ask me why I even considered this as a small business idea for Nigerians. I struggle with it until my research proved otherwise. Yoga is a booming industry even in Nigeria. The same way people have embraced gym, they are thronging yoga studios as well.

Once the plan is to open a yoga studio, it would require you to undertake a tremendous amount of work. You will need to build a reliable team. Hire a team who understands and share your passion for yoga.

The yoga market is a massive opportunity. It has great demand and growing in popularity.

There are 14 Opportunities In Yoga Business you can start:

  1. Single-Teacher (Owner Operator)
  2. Enterprise (Several employed teachers)
  3. Shared Yoga Studio
  4. Non-Franchised Studios
  5. Franchised Studios
  6. Dance Studios
  7. Multi-Purpose Halls
  8. Gyms/Fitness Centers
  9. Home Studios
  10. Spas
  11. Resorts
  12. Rehabilitation Centers
  13. Parks
  14. Beaches

{30} Bakery Business

Baking is good, whether it’s for your family or for business. Nigerians are not much of home bakers, but when it comes to baking for business, it’s a goal. Starting a bakery is like an establishment that produces and sells flour-based food baked in an oven. The finished products includes, bread, cookies, cakes, pastries, pies, etcetera.

Steps to Start a Bakery:

  1. Write a business plan
  2. Obtain Loans and startup capital
  3. Leasing a commercial space
  4. Permits and licenses
  5. Design the Layout
  6. Order bakery equipment
  7. Hire and train the staff
  8. Plan your marketing and advertising strategies


The engine of Nigerian economy is small businesses. Even though they are largely undocumented, their are over 50 million small businesses in Nigeria with physical addresses. And there are many more without physical addresses, either operating fully online or operating without any known address.

If you want to start a business now, this list of 30 small business ideas might be useful to you. Just go through it again and you will find what fits perfectly with you.

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4 Proven Steps to Start A Business With Zero Capital

What if there’s a way to start a business with zero capital. If you are thinking of how to Start a business but lack the required capital, here is a way out for you. I have 4 proven steps you can take to start a business with zero capital now.

You may have questions about how feasible this idea can be. There are many ways to start a business with zero capital. This idea is just one of them.

If you wondering the king of business you can start with this zero capital idea, the best bet is agency business. There are so many agency type business you can start with zero capital. Although this post just gives a general idea on how to start with zero capital.

Types Of Agency Business To Start

An agency can be a business, firm, or organization. It provides a specific service. And often work on behalf of another group, business, or person.

Let’s take an example from some agency types in the marketing world.

  • Traditional Advertising Agency
  • Branding Agency
  • Design Focused Agency
  • Media Buying & Planning Service
  • Promotional
  • PR or Public Relations Agency
  • Marketing Agency
  • Digital Agency

But agency business cuts across different skills set.

Starting With Zero Capital

Yes, you can start a business with completely zero capital. That’s what I want to show you how. Although starting any business when you don’t have capital depends largely on you.

You are the main key to opening this opportunity for yourself. If you have ever heard that faith is the capital, it applies more here. But it’s not just on the religious side. Faith in yourself and your ability to discover what you can offer in exchange for money is important.

Because to start a business with zero capital means you are the capital. If you can discover your capital potential you can start any business with zero capital. However, if you don’t have the skills you need already, you can acquire them too.

{1} Learning A High Demand Skill

There are several high demand skills available to learn for free online. You can check these free training on YouTube, hubspot courses or edx courses.

A high demand skill gives you an edge over attracting high valued clients who require your services. And it makes it easier for you to get them to hire you for their job. That eliminates the problem of not getting clients to work for.

You can check out my post on High Demand Skills To Learn This Year.

{2} Offering Your Skill To Businesses For Free

Once you have the right skills you can leverage for jobs, then, offer it for free to target companies who really need your services, even if they can afford it. You should target the companies that could pass on good reference value to your service.

Even though you are offering your skill for free, doesn’t mean it’s not worth paying for. As a startup business not many of these growing business would give you a chance to work for them. They would probably hire a more experienced business to do their job.

But offering to do it for free you will get to see companies that will give you a chance since it’s not costing them money.

Your real target is to build case studies for your service that you can reference to get even more bigger paying jobs. Because the bigger clients would like to see job references you have done. It gives them an idea that you can deliver. Also, it helps them see the quality of your work.

{3} Creating Account On LinkedIn

Having acquired good case studies, you now need to start promoting yourself to get paying customers. You will need a LindedIn account to start connecting with relevant business owners.

LindedIn is the social media of choice for business networking. By having an account you open up yourself to network with potential clients who may be interested in your skill set. And then you start pushing your earned case studies to show work done and what you can do for your target clients.

How to Create A LinkedIn Account:

  1. Open LinkedIn site on a browser: (Follow the webpage instructions). It’s pretty simple.
  2. Type in your personal information like, first name, last name, email, and preferred password.
  3. Click on the button “JOIN NOW” to submit your details.
  4. It will prompt you to select country. Scroll to select, enter zip code and click next.
  5. Indicate your current status, input your job description and the company where you work
  6. Personalize how your LinkedIn feed should look like.
  7. The next prompt is to verify your email.
  8. Goto your email to check the verification link
  9. Click on the link and follow the browser to verify your new LinkedIn account.
  10. Other prompts will follow to help you add some connections, either from your social media friends or contact from your email or fresh from LinkedIn site.

{4} Get New Clients

With your new LinkedIn accounts and fresh new connections to it, you are ready to start building your clients list. You can start by identifying your niche target. This will reduce the time spend in checking every business on LinkedIn.

You can either reach out to potential clients yourself by contacting them if you know they are looking for your skills. Otherwise, it’s better to let them find you.

You should start by posting and talking about the case studies you obtained from your previous jobs on your LinkedIn profile.


This kind of zero capital idea works best for agencies. However, your choice of skills are too important, based on the niche you are targeting. Your skill set must be among the high demand skills to give you the kind of advantage you require to get clients faster.

Companies can’t resist skills they have problems finding in the marketplace. Or skills that compliment their business, which they may not have the capacity to hire as full time paid employment.

You stand a better chance at targeting clients on LinkedIn than other social platforms. Also, on LinkedIn you can target the right decision makers of the companies you want to work for, since every executive has a profile on LinkedIn.

And all of what I have explained in this article can be done with virtually zero capital.

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21 Smart Business Ideas For Student Entrepreneurs In Nigeria

If you are a student in Nigeria, you are already burdened with lots of bills to pay and little or no family assistance to help out with. The idea of student entrepreneurs in Nigeria, might just be to pay the bills, but it can also transform into a life’s opportunity for some.

As a student, you may have thought of being a student entrepreneur. Maybe not, but majority of students worry about how to pay their bills, and enjoy a decent lifestyle while in school.

Some students only think about getting jobs in local stores, restaurants and pubs. They seek ways to earning small amounts of income to argument for the meager sum they are getting from their parents from home; considering some students parents are either unemployed or they

However, there are little or no such privileges for students in most cities in Nigeria. The level of unemployment for qualified and employable people still pervade the country, making it even harder for students to get part time jobs while studying.

Nigerian Students Income Statistics

The National Bureau of Statistics puts youth unemployment rate at 34.9% in 2020. That’s the year of the pandemic, when most students are out of school and have enough spare time in their hands to be gainfully employed.

Also, a 2019 report from Statista website shows that the estimated GDP per capita in Nigeria was around $2,229.85. But with high unemployment rate, no amount of GDP per capita can change the fortunes of Nigerian students.

Furthermore, i checked for the average student salary and couldn’t find any of such report anywhere, which shows that there is little opportunity for students employment in the country. So insignificant to be recorded. But when I checked on Payscale for the average teachers salary in, here’s what I got – an average base salary of ₦437,394 per year.

Definition Of Student Entrepreneurs

What’s student entrepreneurs? What makes student entrepreneurs? Do students in Nigeria who engages in any form of business see themselves as student entrepreneurs?

Student entrepreneurs is better defined as individuals currently enrolled in a school, who are actively pursuing academic coursework and still running a business of their own or with others as partners.

It’s different from student employment, where the only requirement is having a full or part time job while going through school as a full-time student. It goes beyond a student just working in the dorms, classroom and cafeterias. It includes working outside the campus in a well established firm.

Top Ideas For Student Entrepreneurs

In the past, most student entrepreneurs simply venture into buying and selling in school to friends and course-mates. But with the advent of online businesses, their scope and concept has enlarged.

I’m sharing with you some of the current student entrepreneurs ideas you can start doing now. However, you might need to first develop the idea into a workable business before investing your time and money.

I also recommend you write a business plan to help you understand all the angels, challenges, opportunities and rewards that’s possible in any of the ideas that you choose to venture into.

Here are my list and brief citations:

  • {1} Essay Writing
  • {2} Tutoring Service
  • {3} Transport to Student Events
  • {4} Instagram Influencer
  • {5} Mobile Game Developer
  • {6} Personal Trainer
  • {7} Language Class for Foreign And Local Students
  • {8} Freelance Web Designer
  • {9} Freelance Graphic Designer
  • {10} Freelance Copywriter
  • {11} Lecture Transcription
  • {12} Student Event Organizer
  • {13} Photography Services
  • {14} Market Research
  • {15} Proof Reading Services
  • {16} Hotel Cleaning Services
  • {17} Uni Team Sport Coach
  • {18} CV Design Services
  • {19} Chatbot Creator
  • {20} Campus Food Stall
  • {21} New Student Guide And Mentor

Now let’s take it one after the other and give brief description for each student entrepreneurs idea. You may find anyone of these great idea feasible to start now.

{1} Essay Writing

Essays are common in middle school, high school and college. You may even need to write essays in the business world. It’s not called Essay in business but reports. An essay is a short piece of writing that expresses information based on the writer’s opinion.

you can also offer to write articles for blogs. I hire article writers and most of them are students.

Youc an provide essay writing services to other students at a fee.

{2} Tutoring Service

In Starting a Tutoring Service you are putting your skills and talents to work by teaching others how to do what you’re best at. And People are hiring tutors in almost every area in which skills can be taught and acquired.

{3} Transport to Student Events

Wikipedia described Student transport as the transporting of children and teenagers to and from schools and school events. School transport can be undertaken by student entrepreneurs themselves (on foot, bicycle or perhaps horseback; or for older students, by car). They may be accompanied by family members or caregivers, or the transport may be organised collectively, using buses or taxis.

{4} Instagram Influencer

Instagram Influencers are Instagram users who have established some sort of credibility in their particular niche with an audience; who can persuade others by virtue of their content, achieved trust and authenticity.

You can sell these influence to advertiser and get paid.

{5} Mobile Game Developer

Game developers are people like you with math, computer, or creative arts skills. They spend their time programming and developing games. It includes programming console, computer, and mobile video games.

It’s good game changer for student entrepreneurs.

{6} Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is an individual certified to have some knowledge of general fitness involved in exercise prescription and instruction. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients.

{7} Language Class for Foreign And Local Students

You offer language classes to students who require knowledge of your native language or culture  to learn from you, if  you have the knowledge and the expertise to teach others.

{8} Freelance Web Designer

A freelancer is a self-employed person. That makes freelance web designer a self employed developer, content writer or even a blogger. However, he contracts a small or medium but rarely large) task from various clients and receives money when the work is done.

{9} Freelance Graphic Designer

The same applies to freelance graphic designer. Get online on platforms like Fiverr to sell your skills to clients that need it on a freelance basis.

{10} Freelance Copywriter

A freelance copywriter is a self employed copywriter. Freelance Copywriters offers a large variety of copywriting, editing and proofreading, and translation services.

{11} Lecture Transcription

Lecture transcription is the transcription of lectures, seminars or presentations delivered by professors, researcher, lecturers, teachers etceterra, in classrooms and lecture halls of universities and colleges. You can offer these transcripts for money to students who missed out on these lectures and wants to grab a copy of the lectures. You can brand yourself in school easily using word of mouth publicity.

{12} Student Event Organizer

Hosting a university event, whether small or massive, takes a lot of planning, organizing, and following up. A student event organizer takes this role and harmonizes the whole operations of organizing an event to deliver the best result.

{13} Photography Services

As a professional photographer, you may have to do more than just take pictures. You must offer salable item or service to your client base. Most clients want pictures for social media purposes. You better an also create an online community targetting your immediate communities.

{14} Market Research

Market research represents an organized effort to gather information about target markets or customers. It is a very important component of business strategy. It allows business owners to determine the feasibility of a business before committing substantial resources to the venture.

{15} Proof Reading Services

Proofreading services provides authors with expert and independent services into basic grammar and consistency check on their manuscript drafts, just prior to journal submission for production.

{16} Hotel Cleaning Services

Hotel cleaning services is to perform any combination of light cleaning duties to maintain private or commercial establishments, such as hotels, in a clean and orderly manner. Duties include making beds, replenishing linens, cleaning rooms and halls, and vacuuming.

{17} Uni Team Sport Coach

Working as a Uni team sports coach offers a rewarding career helping individuals and teams across all or specific sporting areas and abilities. As a sports coach, you’ll help people participating in sports to work towards achieving their full potentials.

{18} CV Design Services

Your job is to design CV resumes to demonstrate employability of your client in a much more interesting and creative way. Making each CV a completely unique resume that no one else has. You can also teach students on how to design their CVs.

You need to constantly show that you are brimming with fun new ideas. And Organizing important resume information more clearly and efficiently. Giving each client a design that matches their profile and personality.

{19} Chatbot Creator

A chatbot creator designs a piece of software that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Some of which are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner.

{20} Campus Food Stall

The trend of pop-up food stalls around campus, and the impact it has upon student lifestyles is a new student business idea.

Hungry students are a well-known feature of university campuses across the country. Instead of a sit down meal, students, with their busy schedules, are being inundated with a new variety of pop-up food stalls throughout campus, offering quick yet tasty on-the-go meals.

{21} New Student Guide And Mentor

Student Mentors provide help and guidance to first-year students. Mentoring helps students understand how their ambitions fit into graduate education, department life and career choices.

Challenges Of Student Entrepreneurs

Do Nigerian student entrepreneurs face challenges? Yes they do and a lot of them. Sometimes it’s too overwhelming for them. Even though students might be limited by the type of entrepreneurial work they can embark on because of the school time, it doesn’t make it more easier for them than normal entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the challenges Nigerian student entrepreneurs face all the time:

  • Finding adequate funding
  • Not having proper motivation
  • Lack of external support or assistance
  • Little knowledge about being an entrepreneur
  • Balancing time between school and business
  • Inexperience about running a business
  • Providing better customer service
  • Not having the right ideas of business

Financing For Student Entrepreneurs

Although there are no specific funding program for student entrepreneurs, but there are funding opportunities for entrepreneurs. And since student entrepreneurs are also entrepreneurs, you can also explore any of these options.

Here’s my list of some of these funding opportunities for student entrepreneur that’s guaranteed to fund your ideas if you can prove it’s a bankable one.

Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program. The foundation targets 10,000 African entrepreneurs. You can explore this funding opportunity through the foundations website here.


African Development Foundation is a U.S. foundation for development in Africa. It provides seed capital for entrepreneurs, technical support and mentorship. It’s primary target is youth-led businesses. You can explore more information on its website here.

Business Development Fund For Women (BUDFOW). This funding is from the Federal mInistry of women affairs and social development, under the Bank Of Industry (BIO)program. It carters for women entrepreneurs. You can explore more information on BIO website.

African Women’s Development Fund is another funding program target at women. The support comes in form of cash and materials. Here’s the foundations website for more information.


As a student you have limited time to stay in and probably around the campus during the time of your studies there. But you can utilize this time to create a business that suits your lifestyle or knowledge.

Picking the right student business to start while you are in school should be based on your purpose, available time, potential and commitment.

You might also consider that not all student businesses can be carried over into the real world after your graduation. So, if you are thinking of continuation after school you should also pick wisely before you get started.

All these student business ideas are to help stimulate your ability to see opportunities. You can invent or discover other ideas to start as a student entrepreneur.

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Newbie Guide To Starting A Blog In Nigeria

Welcome to my blog tutorial where you can learn how to startingt a blog. First, let me show you how this training works. It’s a simple guide to help you do-it-yourself.

So, you must follow the guide to setup your blog. If you have already started a blog, this tutorial is not for you. I will recommend you click here to redirect you to another post, on How to create Stuffs Google wants to rank. It will be more beneficial for you.

But for those who are starting their blogs now, follow me on this post to learn the step by step guide on starting a blog. Every successful blog out there at one time did what you are about to do now.

This tutorial is fully optimised with pictures to help you know what to do every step of the way. And I’m your guide to help you follow the steps successfully. You can also contact me through the comment box. Ask any question. Share any view, and I will be glad to respond helpfully.

Welcome to the step by step tutorial on starting a blog. But before we get into the setup, let me guide you through the basics first. And it’s limited to just the setup process.

Why Starting A Blog?

Starting a blog is free. Most popular blog engines are free. The paid ones are few, and they are rarely used. However, there are also many free Blog engines, but only a few are widely used.

Below is a list of Blog engines where you can start a blog.

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • ExpressionEngine
  • Movable Type
  • Textpattern
  • B2evolution
  • Nucleus CMS
  • Serendipity
  •  Mephisto

Starting A WordPress Blog:

WordPress is both famous and most widely-used blogging platform. It’s the most uncomplicated and most user-friendly Blog engine for how to set up a blog.

It also has a community of plugin developers, which is a primary asset to the blogging software. The best user experience on how to start a blog. And you can find just about any theme or plugin imaginable.

And with Akismet integration, which offers one of the most active spam protection systems, makes WordPress the number blogging software.

Movable Type Blog:

Movable Type is an excellent choice if you want to run multiple blogs or a blog network. The Blog engine can handle large amounts of traffic.

It’s also acclaimed to being used by high traffic blogs. Some of the popular blog using Movable Type includes Huffington Post (adjudged as the most popular blog on the Web). Also Gawker blogs (Lifehacker, Gizmodo, etc.), BoingBoing and Dooce too.

One of the primary reasons given for the high-profile sites using Movable Type is the built-in support for multiple blogs with just one install. You can quickly create as many blogs as you want.

ExpressionEngine Blog:

ExpressionEngine isn’t free, but it’s a very robust blogging platform. It’s the best feature is the ability to publish multiple websites. You can either use different subdomains on the same domain, or multiple domains on a single install.

ExpressionEngine is suitable for bloggers who want to start a multi-blog site. Although, anyone can use the software. It has an elegant design. A single license costs $99.95. There is also an option of the free version, but with limited features. Mostly useful for personal blogs.

Starting A Drupal Blog:

This one is not your regular blog engine. Although, it has an incredible community behind the code. Many blogs also use it. But Drupal is community software.

Drupal mostly shines as a blog engine for a blogging community. For those who are interested in using it to run up to 100 blogs, Drupal can be an excellent choice.

It also has a lot of community-friendly features like forums, books (for creating documents in a “book” structure) and a tracker that allows you to follow updates and content published by other users.

Drupal is just perfect for bloggers who want to add a community to a blog with forums and other extensions.

Textpattern Blog:

Textpattern is a different kind of blog engine. It’s simpler than any of the mentioned platforms.

Although, it’s also very similar to ExpressionEngine. But it doesn’t have many of the features that ExpressionEngine provides out of the box. (You can read more about the differences between the two blog platforms.)

Textpattern is not the top choice for beginners. But it’s a stable and mature piece of software. It requires bloggers to learn the Textile language or write posts in HTML. And WYSIWYG editor is not provided by default. You will be required to install the plugin if you need the use of it.

However, Textpattern is an excellent choice for a more advanced blogger.

Starting A Joomla Blog:

Joomla is like Drupal. Although, it is gaining popularity every day. Joomla is geared more towards e-commerce. Like e-commerce blogging.

It’s very much like Drupal, in the same easy way to get anything from a simple site to a community blog in minutes. It also has lots of extensions created by its vibrant developer community.

Joomla is perfect for building a blogging community site, with added e-commerce functionality.

b2evolution Blog:

b2evolution allows for a single installation of a blog or a whole network of blogs. b2 has just 200+ plugins (compared to Joomla’s 3,400+). It’s probably due to its weakest developer community.

But many people still use b2evolution to power their blogs and blogger communities.

The software is ideal for beginners. With back-end features that are very easy-to-understand. b2 also has a built-in stats feature. Something most blogging platforms don’t have out of the box.

b2evolution also has a very small WYSIWYG editor, that is perfect for a beginning blogger.

Nucleus CMS Blog:

The Nucleus is a single or multi-blog or multi-author blogging software package. But It’s relatively comparable to b2evolution on features and development community.

It also has a list of its own extensive and useful plugins and themes that can be added to customize any installation.

Nucleus has a polished look and feel. And the backend area is clean and straightforward. Here is a demo of the site, if you want to play around with it before making up your mind. Click here to download it.

The Nucleus is an excellent blog platform for anyone needing a straightforward blogging platform for one or more blogs.

Serendipity Blog:

Serendipity is a beginner-friendly blogging platform. It keeps your plugins up-to-date, by automatically checking the plugin repository online and downloading the updated version. But it has a few libraries of user-contributed plugins.

The software has a nested and threaded comment feature. It’s not found like that in many blog platforms without a plugin of some sort.

For a new blogger, Serendipity offers a setup wizard that makes blog installation a breeze.

Mephisto Blog:

Mephisto blogging software is built on Rails and not PHP. It offers a clean look at the backend. It also has an intuitive feel to it. You can control every aspect of the look of Mephisto with the built-in template editor.

Mephisto is more of bare-bones blogging software.

Its a blogging platform for designers and web developers who can create their themes and plugins to customize the site.

Beginners might fare better-trying WordPress or Joomla. These two popular blogging platforms make customization easier with all the plugins and different themes offered.

Best Free Blogging Platform

The best blogging platform is WordPress. Home to over 35 per cent of websites in the world. It has also become synonymous with blogging.

Nine out of ten startup blogs are created using WordPress. And 80 per cent of all blogging sites recommend WordPress for beginners.

WordPress makes it super easy for new bloggers to install the software. And also to download and install automatic upgrades to plugins with one simple click.

Moreover, its pretty more natural to learn WordPress even for a first time user. WordPress is the perfect option for the new bloggers who want to do it themselves.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

There are two types of WordPress blog engine. There are and They are the different. is a platform for hosting personal blogs, like a blog for your old school classmates. Or you merely want a scrapbook to keep all the junk you find online.

But when you want to run a serious blog on WordPress, you choose If you ask me the reason, I will tell you.

WordPress is not for commercial blogging. If you don’t want to earn money from your blog, is what you need.

But if you like me, and want to earn money in Blog Publishing, then is what you need.

Starting A Blog with

To start a blog on WordPress, you will see two things to get started. One is a domain name, and the other is we host package.

I will show you how you can get both at a fraction of the cost.

However, a domain name is the identity of your blog. It should a name that people can easily relate to your blog idea. Don’t just pick any name. Think through before making that choice.

Also, finding a simple domain name may not be easy now. You can use multiple keywords to form a simple domain name for your blog. But avoid making it long or difficult to pronounce. Be creative. A domain name can cost as much as $15 for a one-year registration.

The next thing you need to get ready is a web host. There are many web hosting companies online.

  • Godaddy
  • NameCheap
  • Bluehost
  • HostMonster

There are many of them to count. And it can cost as much as $150 to get a good WordPress hosting plan for a year.

But I have secured an excellent deal for you from Bluehost for all our readers. They offer the cheapest deal ever you can get for WordPress hosting. And with a free domain name for the first one year.

I’m not just marketing them to you. You can’t get a better offer at $3.95 per month. That is even why I’m interested in sharing it with you. And it’s not only me; almost every blogger is promoting this offer. It’s the best, and everybody is talking about It.

Starting a Blog on WordPress With Bluehost:

I’m not just recommending them; I will also show you how you can setup your WordPr blog no with your Bluehost account.

This time you have to buy the hosting plan from Bluehost. Click here now to get a hosting plan. Our next steps in this tutorial will be to show you how to set up a WordPress blog with Bluehost.

Click the banner above to open Bluehost site in another page.

Trust me; it’s much easier when you are doing it as you read the steps. That is the reason you need to buy a hosting plan to continue the setup while you read.

Select Any Bluehost Plan:

Any plan you choose will be ok at this stage. But you can read the features and bonuses before deciding on your final offer.

You can Start with the basic plan. It’s just $3.95 per month. You can upgrade at any time. You will need it as your blog traffic grows. But if you can afford to upgrade to $5.95 now, go for the PRIME plan.

  1. Enter your new domain name to register it with Bluehost. Any of their hosting plans come with a free new domain a name. But if you have already registered the domain name you want to use before now, fill out your existing domain name in the next box.
  2. Click next to fill out your account information. Also, see other product options like domain privacy protection, Sitelock security, code guard basic, and Bluehost SEO tools. Check what you want or leave it at default choice and move to payment.

Payment Information is the last stage to get your Bluehost package for your blog. Fill out your credit card details. If you are like me, hit the send button in a hurry. I love to see dreams begin.

  • That will take you to password creation page to secure your Bluehost package and make it all yours.
  • Choose a hard password but something you can remember. And when you hit next, you are finally done with hosting purchase.

Welcome to Bluehost Package. Smile, you did it. The rest from now is a breeze.

Select A Theme for The Blog:

Bluehost will also tempt you also with varieties of themes for your blog. Just pick a theme. You can also change that later. You may not see the theme you want now. Don’t worry; there are thousands of theme you can pick.

I’m using a custom theme that I bought from ThemeForest. There are several theme marketplaces where you can purchase a theme for your blog. I can recommend an excellent theme site I know – MyThemeShop.

They are recognized by WordPress and would work seamlessly with your blog engine.

P.S: Did you learn something from this post? Let’s here your views in the comment box. 

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My Best 6 Passive Income Ideas For Beginners

Do you want to make extra income? I want to share with you Passive Income Ideas that will add additional income sources to your inflow this year. If you are serious about finding new ideas to invest in this year, I have many ideas I built up over past years and I will be sharing those thoughts with you this year.

This one is about passive income ideas for beginners. Even if you are not a beginner you might still find some of them you can tap into. So, I have selected the six most profitable passive income ideas you can start now.

If you are thinking of a new business or side hustle you can start this year, this 6 Income Ideas are best for you. Especially if you are looking for options that could earn you money by the side and still not be financially frustrated to Start or operate.

However, if you are looking for the popular passive income ideas, the most popular among them include investing in the stock market, owning real estate, investing in a business, or simply even keeping your money in a high yield savings account. But they all require huge up front capital.

What’s Passive Income?

The best definition of Passive Income is found on Investopedia blog. It defined Passive Income as earnings derived from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which a person is not actively involved.

That means for an investment to be classified within Passive Income Ideas it won’t require your active involvement. That’s what differentiates it from other forms of investment. It’s this same reason the rich invest in Passive Income Ideas.

They want to have free time on their hands to enjoy life and make the most of living. If you are thinking of investing in Passive Income Ideas this year as a beginner, think of these six ideas as your starting point.

My most important consideration here is to give you ideas you can possibly start now as a beginner without the challenge of startup capital.

4 Types of Passive Income Ideas

Passive income comes in 4 main categories. These are like the main branches of Passive Income Ideas. Every passive Income idea falls within one of these categories. As long as they followed the definition on Passive Income as explained above.

  1. Investment returns.
  2. Residual earnings from assets you build yourself.
  3. “Renting” assets you already control.
  4. “Reverse” passive income; that is, saving money on recurring expenses.

These 4 categories better describes what Passive Income looks likes.

Beginner Passive Income Ideas

I have also selected 6 of these Passive Income Ideas to help kickstart your drive for earning Income from passive investment. And my selected ideas are such that you could start without capital.

Some you may already have skills for. While others you may need to learn new skills to start them. Whatever suits you or best describes your dream Passive Income Ideas, just pick and begin to implement.

Note that your better knowledge of the platform for each of the ideas will matter a lot. For example, selling digital files on Etsy might require you not just to know how to package digital files but also how to sell on Etsy.

{1} Affiliate Marketing

Do you know affiliate marketing? That’s starts out our number one guide to Passive Income Ideas. Affiliates are the easiest ways to earn Passive Income off and on the internet.

Wikipedia defined Affiliate marketing as a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

So, you are getting paid each time customers buy from merchants as a result of your marketing efforts.

Affiliate marketing is my best Passive Income idea. Here’s a quick steps on what you need to do to start affiliate marketing.

  • Choose your niche.
  • Research different affiliate programs and products.
  • Build a site.
  • Produce excellent content.
  • Build an audience.
  • Promote your affiliate product(s).

And you should Repeat the steps on a continual basis. In essence what you are exchanging for affiliate commission is the traffic you are generating. It doesn’t matter on what platform you choose to operate. It could be a website, blog, social media, or even your email list.

Whatever that generates genuine clicks with purchase results would earn you commission from affiliate marketing.

{2} Sell Digital Files On Etsy

If you plan to sell digital files on Etsy, then you need to read the full guide published on The Work At Home Wife Blog. It’s broken down on a step by step guide on one of the best Passive Income Ideas for selling digital files.

How to Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy

However, I will only list the steps but more details are available on The Work At Home Wife site. It’s a perfect way to earn Passive income. Below are steps on how to get started on Etsy.

  1. Do Market Research.
  2. Create the Product and Set Pricing.
  3. Set Up Your Etsy Shop.
  4. Add Your Digital Products.
  5. Market Your Products.
  6. Get Reviews.
  7. Continue to Sell on Etsy.

The blog also gave more details like the types of digital files to sell on Etsy. So, you have a complete help there. And don’t even bother about the wife thing if you are a man.

Although the blog targets wives, but the information is suitable for anyone who wants to sell digital files on Etsy website. The best Passive Income Ideas there is are those even wives can do.

{3} Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending changes the way traditional loan facilities work. It’s a little like shark loan but in a moderate more civilized fashion. It’s a method of lending money or obtaining a loan without going through the traditional loan application process at a bank.

And now there are peer to peer lending platforms that helps to facilitate the process and also provides protection for loans.

I checked out WikiHow to show you the steps to take if you consider peer to peer lending to add it to your Passive Income Ideas. WikiHow gave us this steps to follow.

  • Evaluate Lender Website
  • Opt for guaranteed Loans
  • Consider The Risk Rating
  • Fund a Your Loan

You can read more about person to person lending on WikiHow website.

{4} Create A Course On Udemy

Udemy is the world’s leading non academic skill training site in the world. If you know how to explain things more clearly with teachable skills, Udemy might just be one of the Passive income ideas for you.

Udemy allows you to sell courses on any subject your are knowledgeable on or passionate about. What you teach on Udemy is your choice, as long as they are what people want to learn.

Here are the 4 steps from Udemy on how you can create and sell your courses on the site. It’s the 4 Ps of creating a course on Udemy platform.

  1. Plan Your Course
  2. Product Your Course
  3. Polish Your Course
  4. Publish Your Course

You should also read more details yourself on their website.

{5} Sell Your Skills On Fiverr

Fiverr became the most popular on-demand skill platform with its $5 job offer. The site gives users access to skilled workers who can do any digital work for just $5. And today it has grown to become the largest and affordable poll of On-demand skill jobs. Plus it has also liberalized its static $5 fees to give sellers options to charge more for their skills.

Fiverr on their website delivered an excellent three steps on how to start selling your skills and start earning Passive Income on the website. It’s a very simple 3 steps that shows you how it works.

  • Create a gig
  • Deliver great work
  • And get paid

These simple 3 steps makes it all easy to start selling your skills on fiverr. And I don’t see any better Passive Income idea if you plan to leverage on your skills.

{6} Sell An Ebook Online

Selling ebooks online has become much easier and faster now. According to Amazon kindle, an ebook is made up a minimum of 2,500 words. That’s easy to write a book now by just organizing the best ideas in as simple as 2,500 words.

So, you are not limited to writing bulky volumes of pages before you can convince publishers to take up your book idea. And you already know that books are the number most effective Passive Income idea.

You only write a book ones and you earn from it for the rest of your life and even after you are long gone from this world.

However, you don’t even need to know how to write a book. You can get rights to books owned by another author to sell online. You can also get a ghost writer do a book for you. The idea could be yours or theirs but the author is you.

Here is just 8 Steps to Creating and Selling Ebooks online to start earning Passive Income.

  1. Create Your Ebook.
  2. Format Your Ebook.
  3. Proofreading.
  4. Get a Cover that Sells Your Ebook.
  5. Convert Your Ebook.
  6. Add Your Ebook to a Website.
  7. Promote Your Ebook.
  8. Keep Track of Your Sales.


There are many other Passive Income Ideas you can adopt. These 6 were selected by me as my best Passive Income Ideas. I have equally used some of these 6 ideas. I believe they are easier to implement and start earning income immediately and consistently.

Affiliate marketing is the most easiest to start. You don’t need any capital or invest any time to have the product. All you need is signup with affiliate site to market their products or services. Post your affiliate links on your website, blog or social media profile and start receiving clicks and commission as they purchase the items.

Think of Passive Income Ideas as your backup Income strategy. My books on Amazon earns me Passive income every month. I barely promote it though. And if I do, it’s once in a while.

P.S: What do you think of this post? Share your views with our readers and help someone gain more from this article.

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Managing Your Business With Online Tools

The internet is no longer an option for businesses. It’s a mandatory tool for managing your business. If you haven’t been utilizing online tools for your business, you have been running your business the wrong way and not exposing your business to more potential sales.

And don’t think because your business is not doing well, it doesn’t need to apply online tools. Like I mentioned earlier, online tools are no longer an option. There will always be an online tool that will fit the way you do business. You just have to find what fits your business and apply it.

Even if you don’t know how to use many online tools, it’s time to get acquainted with most of them. It’s important to learn how to use online tools that fits into your kind of business model.

Using Online Tools For Business

When it comes to using online tools in your business, you must identify areas of your business where particular online tools may be useful. Or better still, identify certain aspect of your business process that would need application of online tools.

For example, below are some of the business processes that can you can apply online tools to:

  1. Business advertising
  2. Customer Services
  3. Customer appreciation
  4. Product order management

These are just a few of where online tools can be applied in your business. You should discover other areas in your business where you will need to apply online tools and apply them.

Business Advertising

Advertising your business online is no longer strange for most business owners. The awareness is high. But what most may not understand is how to apply most of the online tools to advertise their business. This one area you need to be well schooled about online tools.

I have noticed the some kind of aggrieved marketing on Facebook, where sellers abuse and coerce their friends to buy from them as a payment for friendship. That kind of marketing is not sustainable. Learn to let customers patronize you willingly. Victimizing your potential customers would only aggrieve them rather than make them buy from you.

The growth of the internet over the years have made online advertising one of the largest platforms for businesses to promote their products and services. Not only that, it also comes with added global market reach, which many businesses couldn’t afford using other advertising platforms.

But knowing which online tool is best for advertising your business can also be tricky. For example, most businesses advertise on all the online platforms, even though the ROI comes from just a few of the platforms.

However, most businesses utilizes the vast marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email marketing for their advertising.

Customer Services

The best application of online tools is in the area of customer communication. Imagine giving millions of customers unrestricted access to your business. They can reach you anytime and any day. That speeds up how fast your customers can get enough information to be able to make decision about patronizing your business.

Even though it can also increase how fast customers can push complains about your products as well, but in general, having online communication link to your customers can boost your sales by 40 percent.

There are several online tools available to boost customer services. Apart from the telephone which have been around for ages, online tools like Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook & Messenger, Instagram, email and the rest, are all tools you can utilize in communicating with your customers.

Customer Appreciation

The most successful businesses are those that retained most of their customers. That’s why business models like subscription based services are preferred as against one-time purchase model.

Although, Nigeria has not been able to implement subscription models in most businesses, the problem is largely due to high level of unemployment. Consumers don’t have disposable funds they can play with.

But largely, customer appreciation is key to retaining your customers even in a one-time purchase model. And there are more than enough online tools to manage customer appreciation marketing now.

Think about celebrating your customers with birthday messages. Little things makes so much difference. I used to get birthday messages from only Zenith bank, but now I also get from AIICO, and Airtel.

Most businesses think it’s only when you give discount or offer promo prices that you appreciate your customers. Get personal with them. Celebrate their children, husbands, wife, anniversaries, etc. You will be amazed what’s more important than discounts and promos.

And there are several tools you can use now to manage these alerts. But SMS alert remains the most effective for now. You can find an online tool that will automate this process for you.

Product Order Management

Businesses exist for the sole purpose of selling their product or service. Having a tool that speeds up the order management is very important. The faster your customers can buy from you the better for customer retention.

And there are better online tools now to speed up order management. The best and most utilized tool is the Ecommerce platform. It gives businesses option to automate the entire process of order management, include payment processes and even delivery.

And in a world of drop shipping, a business can operate an entire sales operation without actually doing anything themselves. You can automate an entire process from product procurement, order management, payment process and delivery using drop shipping method.


You can do anything in your business these days using online tools. The growth of online tools doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. Every day more and more online tools are being developed.

The growth of artificial intelligence will further drive the better use of online tools in business management. You can imagine incorporating your business ideas and models into an artificial intelligence and the machine takes over the setup and management of your entire business process without requiring your aid or support.

You should discover and learn to use new online tools that re coming out everyday. As they evolve learn to evolve with them. The rate at which online tools are being developed it will also increase the rate at which some of them will become obsolete.

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