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How to Identify Fake Cosmetic Product

Identify Fake Cosmetic Product

One of the challenges of maintaining a beautiful skin in Nigeria is having to deal with fake cosmetic product. It’s becoming difficult today to differentiate between original cosmetics and the fake ones.

In fact, what dominates most markets across Nigeria are the fake ones. Most of the Cosmetic shops are crazy about selling cheaper to attract more customer, and to also make more profit.

Funny enough, some fake products are also sold by major Cosmetic shops. It’s not just the small shops that sells fake products, the big ones are also culprits. However, the most faked cosmetic products are popular ones. Remember, those faking them are looking to make money.

Why You Should Avoid Fake Cosmetic Product

Even though you don’t intentionally buy fake cosmetics, you should be careful to avoid using them unknowingly. The damage to your skin may take months to correct and at a higher cost.

You probably don’t know. But if you are really observing your skin you should have noticed some damages caused by the fake products. Sometimes, it comes is discoloration of your skin. It also dry your skin and create some form of skin scale.

Another noticeable feature is rashes. Some can give you even body odor. Fake cosmetics are very harmful to your skin more than you can know.

On the health side, these bad chemical in fake, substandard or even the so called Organic cosmetics don’t end their destruction on your skin alone. They are absorbed into your body and the end up in your liver. Imagine the compounding destruction.

Tips to Identify Fake Cosmetic Product

Before now, the only way to tell the difference between fake cosmetics and the original one is through their packaging. Fake ones are usually poorly packaged. But that has changed over the years, as criminals perfect their crimes.

You can hardly identify fakes just by looking at their packaging. So, use this tips to carefully buy your cosmetics.

  • Stop Looking for cheap price
  • Buy cosmetics only at a trusted shop
  • Destroy or Keep Your Used Cosmetic Containers
  • Understand Product Form, Fluid and Texture
  • Avoid Buying Expired Cosmetics
  • Be Careful with Organic Products

Note: in spite of all these tips, one should be careful when buying cosmetics. My best advise is to only buy from a trusted shop. Avoid buying from any shop you find near you. If you trust an online store it’s also good to buy from them.

One of the reasons I would recommend an online cosmetic store is the return policy. Any reliable online cosmetic store should promote return policy if the item is fake or substandard.

Stop Looking for Cheap Price

Cheap price means Cheap product. However, one of the ways to make cosmetics cheap is by making them fake and substandard. This has been going on in Nigeria for years. Most of the cheap cosmetics you buy are actual fake products.

Also, if you really know what happens in Nigerian cosmetics you will be very careful. I always want you to remember that it’s your skin they are toying with. Fake and substandard cosmetics causes more damage to your skin.

If you can’t afford original products, please don’t just buy anything for your skin. It’s better you use palm kernel oil, which is actually healthy for your skin. But not the adulterated palm kernel oil.

Buy Cosmetics Only at a Trusted Shop

Stop buying cosmetics at any shop you see. If you haven’t been buying from a specific shop, trying finding one to stick with. It’s much safer. So that you can return it if you discover its fake.

Even if you buy online, always buy if there’s a return policy that also covers Fake and substandard products. Also, while it’s ideal to buy from big shops, it’s not only big shops that care about quality and originality.

I know there are equally some good small shops that sell original cosmetics but they are few and hard to Identify. Any shop that cannot guarantee their products and offer you return policy if it’s fake or substandard don’t buy from them.

It’s your skin they are toying with, so don’t let them. They should give you guarantee or don’t buy.

Destroy or Keep Your Used Cosmetic Containers

Don’t throw away your used cosmetics container until you have bought another one. In fact, stop throwing away the container. Rather destroy it to stop it from getting into the hands of those who make fakes.

Most of the fakes were packaged in used containers, making them look like the original from their container. Also, keeping the container can help you check resemblance with the new purchase to ensure it’s not fake.

Understand Product Form, Fluid and Texture

Every cosmetic product is different from another. But one thing is obvious is that creams in cup maybe different from lotion or tube. Cup cream tend to be thicker than lotion and tubes. And they may also contain more oil due to its thickness.

If you know an original product it’s easier to discover if there’s any changes in the quality. But if you are new to the product, it’s best to only buy from reliable shop. The kind of evil going on in cosmetic business today is alarming.

Most of these Shop owners only care about turnover and profit. But you are the one suffering from their greed. Be careful.



Avoid Buying Expired Cosmetics

This one is worst to avoid because you can only tell if a product has expired by looking at the date of manufacturing and expiration. What if there’s no date? Or the date has been carefully altered?

In case you don’t know, some of the cosmetic stores sell expired products by either altering their dates or remixing the content if the product has discoloration. Yes, they can alter the form by mixing it together with good ones and repackaging it, or adding some chemicals to restore the colour.

Honestly, I can’t even tell a better way to avoid this. Rather, what you can only do is to buy from a trusted cosmetic shop.

Shopping for Cosmetics Online

There are not many online cosmetic stores in Nigeria. The reason is because there are cosmetic shops everywhere near you. But you have to get into the idea of buying cosmetics online. It has many benefits.

Buying online gives you right to return products if you discover its fake or substandard. It also helps you to understand the content of the product and research better about its benefits to your skin before you buy.

You can also compare prices and be sure you are not being cheated or sold low priced fake cosmetic product.

Be Careful With Organic Product

Even Organic cosmetics have their fake or substandard. The real problem with Organic cosmetic is there are many of such products in the market without proper standardization. In other words, their content cannot be guaranteed to take good care of your skin.

I can tell for free that some of their chemical components are very dangerous and harmful to your skin. Don’t forget, they are also unregulated product. And, even if you love Organic how do you tell if the content of the product is suitable for your skin type.

My advise is to avoid buying Organic Products from people you can’t trust. Or better still buy from only trusted brands that are regulated. Some chemicals are not good for your fragile skin. Be careful what you feed into your skin, because it enters your body and goes through your liver as well.

Advisory: there are equally great organic cosmetic products both from regulated and unregulated sources. I have seen some myself. So, I’m not generalize the idea of fake organic cosmetic product. I’m advocating that you buy only from trusted sources for your original and quality product.


I’m not just writing this to scare you. I’m a cosmetic dealer myself and I have seen what happens in the business. The evil is beyond what one person can correct. I have to find a way to educate you to protect yourself.

If you don’t know how dangerous fake and substandard cosmetics are, it can only be compared with expired, fake and substandard drugs. If you understand the danger of fake drugs, then you will begin to understand the dangers they are causing to your skin.

However, it’s not like the right products are not in the market. Some of you won’t buy it because you are looking for cheap cosmetics. And that’s how you offered your skin for destruction.

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How to Start Selling Business Furniture

You are reading this now because you are looking for business furniture to buy. You are probably looking for the best deals at discounted wholesale prices. Or you just want to select from more varieties than what you have currently seen. Let me start by asking you some questions?

Do you know there are over 13.5 million shoppers of business furniture in Nigeria, including you right now. But there are very few options that offers you great deals. It’s just the same old high retail cost, with middlemen furniture sellers and higher markups.

You might even be thinking, why do I need to read these when I could just go online and order any business furniture of my choice. Sometimes we buy what’s available and not what’s suited for our needs, because we didn’t know there could be more than what we are being offered. Both in better price, quality and varieties.

So, you are not wasting any time reading this at all. Rather, you are saving money and making the best choice for the furniture you need for your office, church, school, hotel, and event place.

Why You Need Business Furniture?

If you are wondering if this Business Furniture fits into your need and category, let me break it down for you with a list of markets categories that needs these furniture. So check if anyone fits your category. We have them to fit the businesses listed as follows:

  • Banks
  • Homes
  • Government houses
  • Churches
  • Mosques
  • Schools,
  • Institutions
  • Training academies
  • Event centers
  • Embassies
  • Shopping malls

Even if you feel I omitted your category, just ask me why, I will find the best furniture category that addresses your needs as well.

Some of The Best Selling Furniture

Let me show you some of the best selling business furniture you can pick from. Each best selling products comes in different designs as well. Everything depends on what you want and want is still in stock when you are making enquiries.

Here are some of the best selling furniture I recommend to you. However, if you decide to buy any of them, contact me for a friendly transaction. All orders are treated as Wholesale. But note that, single order transactions may not meet the minimum order requirement.

✅ Office Furniture

  • Office workstation
  • Office tables (standard & executive)Business furnitures
  • Computer desk
  • Office chairs (regular & executive)
  • Visitors chairs
  • Premium chairs (executive & visitors)
  • Office settee
  • Airport chairs
  • Padded waiting chairs
  • Receptionist tables
  • File cabinet

✅ Homes & Hotel Furniture

  • Living room sofas
  • TV stands
  • Centre tables
  • Dining tables (Royal, glass & regular)
  • Mini single couches
  • Garden furniture
  • Hanging chairs
  • Table tennis
  • Snooker boards
  • Beds & mattress
  • Student study area
  • Wardrobes
  • Dressing Mirror
  • Kitchen cabinets

✅ School Furniture

  • Laboratory furnitureBusiness furnitures
  • Dormitory bed bunks
  • Drawing tables
  • Stainless banquet chairs
  • Training chairs & with writing pads
  • Standard white board
  • Advanced classroom chairs
  • Class room chairs (Different designs)
  • Library shelves
  • Auditorium chairs
  • Bookshelves (wooden & metal)
  • Cabinet & lockers

✅ Events & Outdoors

  • Banquet chairs
  • Chiavari chairs (Gold iron & clear resin)
  • Armless chair (stainless)
  • Party chairs & tables
  • Banquet tables (round & rectangular)
  • Royal event furniture
  • Business furnituresPlastic folding chairs
  • Oxford dining chairs
  • Pool side chairs
  • Supermarket shelves
  • Camp chairs

Why Buy Business Furniture This Way

In the traditional way, all you need to do is just search for the furniture you want and buy it off the website, or get it through retailers at a handsomely high price. But here I’m offering you the best way to get those high budget furniture at hugely discounted wholesale prices. Why pay more through middlemen and retailers when you can buy it at a low wholesale rate.

It can’t be any better than this. You get the best and varieties of any kind of business furniture you want, and at a ridiculously lower wholesale prices. It’s a big deal you can’t afford not to take.


The right things to look out for when buying business furniture isn’t just the price. You should consider the quality and the varieties available for you to pick from. If you have a technical need like installation and setup, you would like a team that can also offer those services along side your purchase.

Finally, your business furniture tell a lot about your brand. If you care for your brand image then who supplies your furniture should matter to you. Interestingly, having the opportunity to buy directly from the company without middlemen and high retail markups is a huge saving advantage.

We provide you with a one-stop-shopping for all your business furniture.

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CoronaVirus – How Best to Disinfect Your Home


The sudden appearance of the dreaded disease coronaVirus has threatened the whole world and has created economic situations around the world. And with death tolls in tens of thousands, the fear of CoronaVirus is spiking collapse of some economies.

The unimaginable scenarios are beginning to emerge. Apart from those contacting the dreaded virus, the whole of the over 7 billion population of this world has been put under strict lockdown. There’s no telling the dangers of the resultant effect of the strict controls of movement, closure of businesses, restrictions from gatherings that are more than 10 people, as it’s in the USA, and the inability to visit the mall, restaurants, airports, churches and hotels.

Even those in their homes are not safe from the spread of the virus. In some countries already, there are some who are quarantined in their homes without proper medical attention for the infected. While they are made to share same environment with members of their own families who are not yet infected.

Despite the scare of CoronaVirus, more people (about 80 percent of those infected) have recovered from the virus (without special treatment) than the reported death toll. That should give you an idea that the disease is not truly as dreadful as its being portrayed. It can be easily controlled and eradicated.

While the whole world is greatly troubled, confused and overwhelmed by the CoronaVirus, you should be well prepared against it. And in this article, I have given you important information that you need to equip yourself about this virus and to protect yourself, family and others.

What’s CoronaVirus

To understand CoronaVirus is to examine mostly its symptoms. The best definition of CoronaVirus is defined in its multiple viruses combination that causes severe respiratory infections. It’s these combination of infections that makes CoronaVirus deadly to humans.

Normally, some of the symptoms of the virus are usually isolated infections, which makes them easier to manage on their own. But with the combinations of respiratory diseases infecting a person at the same time makes it very difficult both to control and cure with one particular prescription drug.

Facts About CoronaVirus

You should be well equipped about the facts on CoronaVirus. What you know about the virus can help you in preventing both the spread and the infection of yourself, family, friends and others. Here are the facts you need to know about CoronaVirus:

  • CoronaVirus is an infectious disease
  • It’s new and not been previously identified in humans
  • It causes respiratory illness
  • You can protect yourself by washing your hands
  • And by avoiding to touch surfaces that’s likely to inhabit the virus
  • You should close your mouth with tissue when you sneeze and dispose off properly
  • The virus if exposed is easily killed by heat and alcohol
  • It can travel up to 1 meter distance from an infected person through sneezing
  • It can only survive few hours to some days on a surface exposure
  • Avoid self check test if you lack proper medical experience
  • Black skins are not immune from the virus

As more facts are discovered, I will update this list here to include new changes.

How CoronaVirus Spreads

The fear that CoronaVirus spreads through the air or can be contacted when someone breath air polluted by someone with the virus is false. The virus is not an airborne disease and cannot be transmitted through air. You can be in the same place with someone with the virus and not be infected.

The main way the virus spreads is through respiratory droplets that’s expelled from someone who already has the infection, wether by coughing or in contact with anything touched or used by such an infected person that contains droplets of the virus.

It’s therefore possible to contact the virus from someone who’s yet to show signs of the virus but has mild cough but yet to be ill from the effect of the virus. However, the period it takes for an infected person to develop symptoms is not yet known.

What Are The Known Symptoms

If anyone is infected, how do you even begin to know. If you take a look at the symptoms listed below, it may give the wrong impression, given that these symptoms are already known diseases in human. But caution must always be the reason. When someone exhibits these symptoms they should report to the appropriate medical authorities in charge of CoronaVirus control.

Also, some symptoms may not necessarily be a result of CoronaVirus infection. But it’s proper to take precaution to protect the person infected, those around the, and those they may infect with the virus if nothing was done quickly.

However, people with such existing medical problems like high blood pressure, heart problems or diabetes, cancer, are more likely to develop serious illness if infected by CoronaVirus. So, people with fever, cough and difficulty breathing should immediately seek proper medical attention.

People with CoronaVirus infection may experience the following symptoms:

  1. Runny nose
  2. Sore throat
  3. Cough
  4. Fever
  5. Pneumonia
  6. Difficulty breathing (severe cases)

Is There A Cure Yet?

Currently there are no known cure for the virus. There’s no particular medication so far that has been identified to cure CoronaVirus. Avoid myths that are circulating on social media to misinformation the public on the claim of cure for the virus. As of now, all local medications have not been proven as cure for the virus. However, some drugs are undergoing tests, and until that is proven, there’s no cure yet for the virus.

If there’s a cure for the virus, it will be made known through the appropriate channels like The World Health Organization (WHO) and in most major news media for your information. So, you should avoid news that are being disseminated from online sources that are not mainstream media. If anything is bizarre or too good to be true, or have unsubstantiated claims, treat them as irrelevant.

The only known way you can stay safe from CoronaVirus is by ensuring your own preservation. Learn tips on how to stay safe and what you need to do to prevent yourself from contacting the virus.

Preventing Spread Of CoronaVirus

There are several setbacks on the prevention of CoronaVirus spread. The virus is mainly spread by those infected through droplets from sneezing or coughing. These droplets when they come in contact with people can transfer the virus to them.

And this droplets can remain on surfaces for a period of time, like a few hours or up to several days, depending largely on different conditions like type of surface, the prevailing temperature or humidity of the present environment.

However, the most effective ways to protect yourself and other people from CoronaVirus is by doing the following:

  1. Frequently washing your hands
  2. Covering your mouth when you cough by bending your elbow or using tissue
  3. Also you need to maintain a distance of at least 3 feet from people who are coughing or sneezing

These are the tips giving by WHO on how to prevent the spread and infection of the CoronaVirus.

  • If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with suspected 2019-nCoV infection.
  • Wear a mask if you are coughing or sneezing.
  • Masks are effective only when used in combination with frequent hand-cleaning with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.
  • If you wear a mask, then you must know how to use it and dispose of it properly.

Popular Disinfectant Product

Another important step in preventing the CoronaVirus spread and infection is by using disinfectants. And since our hands have been fingered as the most likely contact with the virus, it’s important to constantly wash and disinfect your hands and surfaces that you may likely be touching.

CoronoX®: is an alcohol based home used eco-friendly disinfectant. It can be used to protect your homes, offices and environment against all viruses, bacteria and fungi that causes diseases. Use it to daily disinfect commonly touched surfaces in household common areas such as tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles, desks, toilets, sinks, railings, etcetera.



Features of CoronoX® Disinfectant

  • It’s surface spray disinfectant (alcohol based)
  • It’s eco-Friendly
  • CoronoX® kills 99.9% germs and micro organisms on contact
  • It sanitizes all surfaces, desks, door handles and knobs, railings, office desks, electronics, floor areas, toilets, furniture, upholstery, staircases etc.
  • It’s suitable for kitchens and food production facilities (food grade).
  • CoronoX® is no corrosion, no pollution, no irritation but highly effective.
  • It’s content is: 500ml

How to Use CoronoX

  • Step1: Wear gloves and ensure you have good ventilation during use of the product
  • Step2: Spray product generously on surfaces and use a microfibre cloth to spread and wipe, and allow surface to dry naturally.
  • Step3: Wear disposable gloves when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Gloves should be discarded after each cleaning. If reusable gloves are used, those gloves should be dedicated for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces only and should not be used for other purposes.

Clean hands immediately after gloves are removed. If surfaces are dirty, they should be cleaned using a detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection with SpraySurf®

Also, this product is highly flammable, should be stored in cool and safe place. It should be kept away from open flame and from children. You should also not use if allergic to alcohol. It cannot be consumed or used for any other purpose except for disinfections.


The first step in dealing with the spread of CoronaVirus is to avoid being in panic mood. This virus is not as deadly as it’s been portrayed. There’s hope of a cure. And it’s not an airborne disease. So you shouldn’t be afraid of contacting the disease excerpt you are exposed to the droplets of a carrier.

More so, you can start by disinfecting your environment, especially surfaces. If you are outside Nigeria, where the virus has spread more, ensure you are constantly updated about the spread in your city. And adhere strictly to appropriate bodies who are vested with the responsibility of disseminating information about the safety of the people during this time.

Finally, the spread has already being curtailed. The death toll is lower than we first anticipated. The recovering of many who were formerly infected has also rekindled hope of possibility of averting this pandemic. And note that the prayers of the saints are with those that have been affected either by the disease or the lockdown in many countries.


How To Pray Effectively To God
What Is Sin In Today’s Changing World?

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How to Find Profitable Products That Sell

Products that sell well

Starting an eCommerce business is no longer a tedious job. But when it comes to finding products that sell, in a competitive market, the work can become tough with risk. A good product is not just the one the solves a problem, but a product that sell.

If consumers are not willing to buy a product, it doesn’t matter how good the product is. And as competition grows, it makes it more difficult to make profit on the product. It would now require a lot of marketing efforts to win. And that comes at a high cost.

In today’s competitive world, you don’t waste time and money on products ‘nobody’ wants to buy. You don’t want to find out later that all your efforts didn’t produce return on your investment.

That’s why finding products that sell should be your most important step when starting either an eCommerce or drop shipping business. Irrespective of your niche, the right product is key to its success.

Products That Sell Online

The online market out-sells the offline market by far. Even at that, not every product that sells well online. There are still products that struggle to get online consumers attention. So, you need to identify products that sell for your niche even if you sell online.

Amazon has a list of their top 100 products that sell on the platform. You can start here to build an idea of what makes a product sell better.

Here are some of the Top Selling Categories on Amazon that made the list:

  • Toys & Games
  • Electronic Accessories & Gadgets
  • Video Games
  • Camera & Photo Accessories
  • Books
  • Clothes, Shoes, and Jewelry
  • Beauty And Personal Care

This only represents what happens with shoppers on Amazon. It doesn’t represent the entire product demand curve for all shopping experience online. However, when searching for products that sell on a niche basis, don’t just take these generalized assumption as final. Review your products critically to prove their sellable advantage for your target audience.

{1} Product Competition Rating

The first step is to confirm the product competitive rating. What are the things that make such products competitive? You will be looking at two key factors to qualify the products based on competitiveness.

The 2 things to look out for here are: the margins on the product, and to determine whether or not the product is worth it. A competitive product should have good margins and also worth the competitive hype.

Is The Product Worth It?

Where you are sourcing your products that you sell would help you determine the product worthiness. Take for instance you are using Aliexpress. Most eCommerce stores and drop shippers use Aliexpress.

You need to compare the product you sourced from Aliexpress with other online stores that also sells the same product.

After sourcing your product from Aliexpress, compare it to other stores that sell the same product. It’s important to gauge product popularity. How many other sellers Stock the product? And possibly research about the volume sold within a short period.

Identify The Price Margins

If the product have good sales volume, then the next thing to gauge is the price margin. Sometimes products that sell more don’t always have better price margin. Even though they are good in sales volume, their profitability may be an issue if you hope to optimize sales.

You need to consider advert spend when choosing products that sell. What could be your ad spend per sale? Do you pay commission for selling on marketplaces? What’s the cost of return products to you? Plus, what’s the shipping cost? Those would help you consider your right price margin for the product, with proper evaluation of your product processing and risk.

The product should have a high enough margin so that you can spend on ads to drive sales traffic and still make profit. But it shouldn’t be so high that it feels overpriced. Because customers would quickly dictate overpriced products. If not, other sellers may decide to uncut the price as a strategy.



{2} Product Search Volume

The main reason of consideration for products that sell is the volume of people who need it. The number of search volume for the product is important to picking a best seller. The more people that needs the product the better.

Your product search volume should put into consideration this very important factors. Apart from how many people that are searching for it, check for the actual search coming from your target market, and how many of the search are possibly leading to actual sells.

While you may easily find search volume for the product, actual sells may not be easily calculated. But you should gauge ad spend by competing brands or stores to understand what could be happening with sales.

Are People Interested?

People’s interest in the product is always a decider when picking products that sell. Take note of the search volume for your marketing plan. Always consider the fact that the entire search volume doesn’t represent your target sales.

There are other competitors in the market too. Use Google keyword Planner to determine if there’s enough search volume to make your product profitable. If there’s enough searches, then gauge the percentage of these search you can attempt to capture.

Be realistic with your projections. Assuming the monthly search volume for the product is 10 million. Identify the top leading competitors who’s getting the larger chunk of the traffic. Know why they are getting the highest traffic and target how much by percentage of this traffic you can attract for yourself.

Identify Consumer Interest

If there’s enough traffic, you need to know how consumers are arriving at the product through search. What trends are driving the highest search traffic? Identify those high volume keyword strings that consumers are using to find the product.

If you know what consumers are searching for, it will help you position your product details to focusing on those particular problems. You can also know how easy or hard those keywords can be ranked for.

Remember, products that sell with someone else may not necessarily sell with you. Be better positioned in search traffic. You need to tap on the consumer interests to rank better and attracts more search traffic.

{3} Trending Products That Sell

Moreover, having high search volume for the product is not just enough. You have to find out if the search volume for the product is constant, or rising or maybe falling. This is important to help identify changing consumer taste.

The potential of the product is what increases your sales. If it’s trending is stagnate, that’s good but may not be good enough considering the the search volume for your target location. And it’s always important to narrow trends to your target market. What’s trending for US consumers may not be trending in the European market.

And observe the falling trend. How deep does the trend fall sometimes? Or it’s the trend constantly falling and what difference with comparing months? Also identify what could be making the trend to fall. Sometimes trends could fall as a result of an outbreak or natural disaster. If the fall is not caused by changing consumer taste, monitor it for a while to ensure it has capacity to rise.

Is This Product Hot?

But if the product trend is rising, that a recipe for products that sell. It shows consumers interests are on the rise. However, compare the difference between months to see how it has risen in the last 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

Use google trends to determine if the product is going on and upward. This Google tools will give you all the information on the trend life of the product, including its downward, or stagnant trend.

For sure, a winning product will be on an upward trend. You should always pick products that sell by how they trend upwards. And if a product had been trending for years that’s a hot product for sure. Even if it’s just starting to trend, but has kept rising, that’s a hot one too.


In summary, any product that cannot guarantee high search volume in your target market is not among products that sell. And when picking these hot products, always consider your competitors and how much of the market share you can possibly redirect to your business.

And don’t forget to check how hard or easy it will be to compete in the search volume for the product. If all the important and high volume search keyword strings are too difficult to rank for, it may be a recipe for disaster. Avoid such product completely. Especially if the competitors are high value brands.

Always check all the keywords consumers are using to search for the products and evaluate their search volume and how easier to rank for most of them. Your ability to rank for these products is a much needed advantage. Successful eCommerce stores don’t depend on adverts hundred percent of the time.

It’s a huge advantage to target free traffic from search engines to help cut down your advertising rate for each product to increase your profit margins.

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