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How to Earn Daily Passive Income With Position Exchange

How to Earn Daily Passive Income With Position Exchange

Position Exchange is a decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange. You can buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies on the exchange. You can also earn daily passive income by staking POSI coin or other coins in the pools and farms.

Passive income is opportunity to earn income without necessarily doing anything. You only need to set it up and it starts earning you income daily. A very common example of passive income is books. You only write the book once and it keeps earning you income for life.

However, crypto passive income works like conventional banking fixed deposit account – where you fix certain amount of money and get paid returns in percentage.

What’s Position Exchange Passive Income

Let’s explore Position Exchange passive income opportunity. If you want to earn passive income with Position Exchange you need to understand all the different options available.

The options are not the same. Each opportunity to earn is different from the other. Some are designed to last as long as the platform would last – which means they have no end. While some are designed with limited time – and they will end someday.

By understanding each of them, you will be able to make your decision properly. You will also need to know how to activate each of the options, the benefits and disadvantages associated with them.

However, the options are categorized into POOLs and FARMS. Each of the passive income are found in either one of the categories. Below are options to earn passive income with Position Exchange:

  • POSI Classic Pool
  • PTX Pool
  • POSI NFT Pool
  • POSI Bond
  • BUSD Auto Farm
  • BNB Auto Farm
  • POSI-BUSD Manual Farm
  • POSI-BNB Manual Farm
  • Stablecoin NFT Farms
  • POSI Chains Validation

Moreover, Position Exchange now operates a dual token ecosystem. This new ecosystem allows it to pay earnings with PTX token instead of with POSI coin.

How POSI Staking Works

Staking is like bank fixed deposit. The only difference is that Staking is more flexible. But they are similar. It requires you to stake or fix certain funds for a period of time and get paid some percentage in return.

That means the Staking pool or farm will provide conditions like, what to stake, how to stake it, what to earn, and how to earn it.

However, you must understand the differences in each of POSI daily passive income opportunities. You will see each pool or farm present different offers, benefits, fees, and limitations. Understanding each pool or farm will help you take advantage of the best option possible for you.

POSI Classic Pool

POSI classic pool the simplest pool to activate. All you need is to buy POSI and staked it in the classic pool and you will start earning passive income immediately. This pool is also one of the lowest earning pool because of its low APR (Annual Percentage Return).

But when depositing your fund Position Exchange will take 1% fee from your investment sum upfront. Also, harvest is locked up for only 12 hours.

PTX Pool

PTX (Position Token X) Pool is also like POSI classic pool. However, you can only stake PTX in the pool. The returns are also low like POSI classic. To activate this pool, buy PTX token from Position Exchange spot trading platform and stake it in the pool to start earning immediately.


POSI NFT Pool is a unique earning opportunity with POSI NFTs. It gives you opportunity to cast NFTs with POSI coin and stake it in the pool to earn passive income. You can cast an NFT with any amount of POSI token.

However, when you harvest your earning, POSI deducts 5% from your revenue.


POSI bonds are unique passive income opportunity. They provide you with stable and high earning annual percentage return (APR), but with limited time offer. That means a bond is designed with duration in mind. For instance, some bonds can be for 1 month, or as long as 2 years.

But once the time is reached you have to liquidate your investment. To activate a bond you will need POSI coin to buy units of the bonds from POSI bond exchange. However, no matter how much you bought the bond it has a fixed amount at liquidation period.

For instance, if you bought a unit for 50 POSI and the fixed rate is 13 POSI, during liquidation time you will get just 13 POSI instead of the 50 POSI you paid for it. But POSI bonds have the highest APR.

BUSD Auto Farm

BUSD auto farm is the simplest way to invest in POSI farm. It does two major functions for you. It helps you create an LP token, which is one of the basic requirements for investing in POSI farms.

It also helps you reinvest by compounding your earnings at specified times daily. But the biggest challenge with auto farm is the cost of compounding. To invest in auto farm you must have a lot of funds to invest. At least from $3,000 and above.

BNB Auto Farm

BNB auto farm is the same with BUSD auto farm. The difference is just the coin used in the investment. While BUSD is a stable coin, BNB is not. But they both function the same way, excerpt for the number of daily compounding times.

To activate BNB auto farm you need only BNB coin.

POSI-BUSD Manual Farm

POSI-BUSD manual farm is advisable for investors with small amount of funds. Although, the farm functions like the BUSD auto farm but with manual capabilities. It doesn’t offer auto compounding and won’t create your LP token for you.

So, for this manual farm you need to create LP tokens and compound your earnings manually at your own volition. But you will need equal amount of POSI and BUSD coins to create an LP token to active your farm.

POSI-BNB Manual Farm

POSI-BNB manual farm is also another version of BNB auto farm without the auto functions. It works in the same way as POSI-BUSD manual farm. The only difference between the two is that POSI is paired with BNB instead of BUSD.

The main difference between BUSD and BNB is that BUSD is a stable coin while BNB coin is not.

Stablecoin NFT Farms

This farm is NFT liquidity farm using stable coins instead of POSI. But you will still earn rewards in PTX token. The primary stable coin in use is BUSD coin, which can be paired with any of the following stable coins (DAI, USDT, and USDC) to create the NFT liquidity token.

The main benefit of this farm is that it doesn’t experience impermanent loss. Which is value depreciation if price dips below your purchase cost.

POSI Chain Validation

POSI chain is Position Exchange Blockchain. To help validate transactions investors are also giving opportunity to stake their POSI in the POSI Blockchain. This gives rights to investors to become validators. For those who can’t afford to become validators, they can delegate their POSI coin to a Validation and also earn share in the network transaction.

The validators are what powers POSI chains Blockchain.


You have to login to Position Exchange website to start analyzing these opportunities for yourself. Examine requirements for each pool or farm. Check the APR and possibly calculate your earnings based on what you plan to invest.

Also, consider some fees like deposit and harvest fees. For APR calculation, mirror it to as low as daily earnings. Moreover, the earnings from each pools and farms won’t be same with others.

You must decide your plan. Some in esters prefer POSI classic pool and NFT pool because they want to keep all their investment in POSI. While some use the farms to earn more passive income. Those who invest in bonds have short term plan, but desire high APR.

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How to Network People to Give You Money

How to Network People

The people you know maybe holding the key to your wealth. I’m only going to show you how to get to them and collect the money in a legit way. So, I want to show you how to network people to give you money.

What if all the people you know are damn broke? Lol! Nobody is actually that broke, they just don’t know it.

They may not have enough money to give you but they may know someone who does. Whichever way, you will start earning from them right now – I mean starting from today.

Sometimes all you need to do is tell yourself the truth. If you are broke you need money. And I want to show you how to earn money the easy way, using the help of people that you already know to get started.

✅ Network People Money Secret

Do you know why everyone needs money? Forget those who claim they don’t want to be rich. Everyone needs money, whether they want to be rich or not.

Money answers to all things – including insults. Have you ever been insulted by money? Wait till you get sick and the doctor says you need $10,000 to pay before treatment can commence.

Money can insult you that way. Now your life is dependent on just $10,000. Imagine if you have the money to pay. It won’t mean anything to you. Your life is more important than $10,000.

If you can’t afford to pay $10,000, not just for medicals but any bill at all, you have to read through this post with rapt attention. You are the one who really to start this business now.

✅ How Do You Start?

You will need some money too. Aha, I can hear you scream “that’s the catch. But I don’t even have that kind of money”. Then, I will show you how to start with zero money.

Money is everywhere around you. If it’s not in your hands now it’s with someone else. Find someone who has it and let them pay for you to start earning money from them.

“Is not that simple,” you would say. Yes I know but that’s why I’m going to make it simple for you.

At the end of this post I will make you an offer to get you started for free. But there’s a catch. It’s a simple thing to do using what I have taught you here.

✅ Why You Should Do this Business?

I don’t want to sound too optimistic, but imagine what $500 daily can do for you. We are talking about over N250,000 daily income by conservative estimate.

Okay, let me not make it sound like marketing. I really want you to see this opportunity and to take advantage of it.

It’s not going to be that easy for everyone, but if you stick to this plan you will surely start earning $500 daily.

Do you know that everyone is looking for how to make money? And people will listen to you if you show them how they can make more money.

Let’s start first by helping you find those people around you. Shall we?

✅ How to Calculate Your Net-Worth

What is your net-worth? Most people don’t know their net-worth, and they are wondering why they are still broke.

If you don’t know how much you are worth, you will feel inferior and unmotivated to attempt anything that can make you rich.

?️Take this test and never forget it:

  1. How much money have you minted since you were born?
  2. How much money have you received from other people since you were born?

Which of the question has a ‘YES’ answer, A or B? I can even answer for you. All the money you have came from other people. You don’t mint money. You are not central bank.

So, to calculate your net-worth, it’s not about the money in your hand or your bank or your business. But all the people you know, and that you can meet, or reach, or connect with.

Your net-worth is people. If you value people you will be rich. And I’m going to show you how to reach them and what you can use to continually collect money from them.

If you want to be rich fast enough, here’s the secret you may have been ignoring all your life. But you need to be prepared for this.

✅ How Prepared Are You?

You need to prepare yourself before you can convince someone else to listen to you. I can hear the murmuring, “yeah, yeah, me that can’t face people”.

If you are BOLD enough to face POVERTY you should be able to face anything, including the ugly faces of other BROKE PEOPLE like YOU.

I sounded so blunt, right? Yes, I know, but that’s my way of telling you not to give any damn excuse to continue living a miserable life.

Those people you may be afraid to face will be happy to face you if only you can help them find money like I’m showing you right now.

So, get ready to start using your net-worth to make money without fear or apology.



✅ What You Should Know

I’m not asking you to go and acquire more university degree. In fact, you don’t need any form of education, and you don’t even have to be able to speak English – unless the people in your network speak only English.

What you need is what I’m going to hand over to you at the end of this post. If you take it quickly, then you are prepared. If you don’t…I reserve my comment.

✅ How to Network People for Money

Now that you understand your net-worth, you need to start working on your network.

You already have a network. What you need to start doing now is to organize them the way you want to use them.

?️How big is your network? Let’s do a simple test:

  • How many people do you know personally?
  • How many people do the people you know-know personally?
  • How many people do they people they know- know personally?
  • How many people you don’t know that you can meet, reach and connect with?

You can see how big your network really is. Now you can start networking.

✅ How Many People Do You Need?

One of the major fears of networking is thinking that you need many people in your network. I’m sure you don’t even know many people.

If that has been fear in networking, then you don’t have to be afraid of networking any more. You really don’t need many people to start a network.

Here’s the exact number of people you need – 2 people. Do you know at least 2 people? Can you get 2 people to join your network? Do you know 2 people that you can convince to invest money in a business if you introduce them?

If all your answers is ‘YES’, then start networking today. You are going to be rich beyond your widest dream.

✅ What to Sell to Your Network

Let me help you solve this other problem. Most people think what you sell to your network is product – and because most people don’t like to sell product, they won’t buy it.

In networking, you don’t sell product or service or business. Rather, you sell MONEY. Everyone buys MONEY. Someone may not need the product or service or business you are offering in your network, but everyone needs money.

Sell them MONEY and they will buy it from you. If you are wondering; how do you sell them money, you need to read further. I have explained it in this post as well.

✅ Find Money to Give Them

Here is the hard part. You need to find money to give all these people you are bringing into your network.

The more money you can give them the better. I have been doing this for a long time now. I should know how it works best.

Remember, what I told you earlier, everybody is looking for money. If you have money to give to your network they will follow you.

✅ Give Them Network Money

Every network has money to give. As a networker, you have to structure your network in a way that everyone who joins you makes money, whether or not they are able to sell or not.

That’s the key to successful networking. Everyone that joins your network should start earning money.

In my network, once you join, in less than one week you will earn your first income, if not immediately.

Now, imagine joining a network that quickly gives you back the money you paid instantly, and start paying you returns almost immediately.

✅ Here’s My Network Money for You

I’m making you 2 simple offers right now. That’s the beauty of networking. If you join now you are in a better position to start earning money now.

  1. I’m offering 10 free registrations every month (conditions apply)
  2. Money-Back-Guarantee if you registered with money

✅ How to Register in My Network

The first step is to join the group on Telegram. Yes, it’s important. In order to work with me you have to begin to know me. I don’t work successfully with strangers, and I believe that applies to everyone.

?️By knowing me you will get to understand the following:

  • How my network works
  • What my network is all about
  • How you can register in my network
  • How you can make money in my network
  • How to start your own network
  • How to start giving network money to your network

I have made too many promises in this post. Yet, all of it is true. Now it’s your turn to test my offer for yourself. Click this LINK HERE to JOIN MY TELEGRAM CHANNEL.

✅ Conclusion

️F-E-A-R has 2 meanings:

  1. Forget Everything And Run (FEAR) or
  2. Face Everything And Rise (FEAR)

The choice is yours. I have done my part to show you the path to MONEY. You have to follow the path to find if you want to find MONEY.

If you have any question, concern, request and remark, you can also use the comment box and I will respond to it quickly.

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10 Local Businesses for Nigerians In Diaspora

Nigerians in Diaspora

If you live outside Nigeria these may interest you so much. Every Nigerian living abroad wants to invest back home. So, I have packaged the best 10 local businesses Nigerians in Diaspora can start while living abroad.

I have carefully looked into how some of these businesses can be done without constant supervision. For those living abroad, you may have experienced how family members or friends squander investment you put them over to manage for you.

So, I’m not going to put you in that situation at all. These businesses are carefully chosen for Nigerians in Diaspora. You can monitor them successfully while still at your based abroad.

Nigerians In Diaspora Local Businesses

That you are living abroad doesn’t mean you can’t invest and make extra income from Nigeria. As a citizen, your country of residence should never take over your country of origin. Some Nigerians are not even thinking of coming back home because they don’t have any source of income in Nigeria.

Now, I’m showing how you can ensure you live abroad and still make money at home. The exchange rate is highest in history now. Don’t think it’s ever going to go down. This is your opportunity to earn little abroad and invest bigger in Nigeria by taking advantage of the high exchange rate.

According to a PWC document, Nigerians in Diaspora would send a total of US$25.5bn, US$29.8bn and US$34.8bn in 2019, 2021 and 2023 respectively. That’s huge money coming back home. And with CBN new policy on forex transaction for Diaspora remittances, you can be sure your money exchange rate is fine.

So, you have the money, it’s time to plan how to invest it securely back home. Also, I’m going to discourage you from doing investments through family and friends, unless they have experience in investment. Stop giving your money to people who are in financial needs or lack requirement investment experience.

Steps to Start Local Business From Diaspora

As you plan to invest back home, don’t do it ignorantly. Don’t jump on any offer that looks good. While every business is good enough, there is always secrets how each business works successfully. And steps to be taken to avoid making wrong investment.

Do not neglect the services of experts. Pay good money to get the professional help when starting your business. It’s worth every penny than losing millions in investment. You know the value of using consultants abroad, don’t come back home and be trying to get free information. You are only preparing to invest your money with less professional help. That’s failure in disguise.

I have put together some steps to guide you. Take them seriously, avoid trying to cut corners or do ‘over-sabi’.

  • Do Your Own Research
  • Hire An Experienced Local Consultant
  • Write A Local Business Plan
  • Plan Your Funding Sources
  • Choose A Business Structure
  • Pick And Register Your Business Name
  • Get License And Permits
  • Choose Your Accounting System
  • Setup Your Business Location
  • Get Your Team Trained and Ready
  • Manage Your Business Promotion

Identify Local Business for Nigerians In Diaspora

I want to assume that you will still live abroad while operating your local business in Nigeria. So, I will devise you that you consider the business ideas carefully and select only what is applicable and suitable for you to do from abroad.

The reason for these Diaspora Business Ideas is to help Nigerians in Diaspora to invest back home in Nigeria without returning to help run or manage the business. The ideas advanced in this article are practically businesses that can be better managed or have the Diaspora investor control important aspect of the business from their base.

However, another reason is to get you involved in the daily operation of the business. For example, operating a gas plant may look like something you can’t manage remotely. But being the one to handle the purchase of the gas whenever you need supply helps you control sales as well. And you can do this from the diaspora.

List Of Nigerians In Diaspora Business Ideas

Below is the list of carefully selected businesses you can do as a Nigerian in Diaspora. Make no mistakes, don’t go into any of these business unless you have better information to guide you or hire the services of an expert.

  1. Bitcoin Exchange Business
  2. LPG Gas Plant Refill Business
  3. Built To Rent Real Estate
  4. Build To Sell Rea Estate
  5. Car Wash Business
  6. eCommerce Business
  7. Product Supply Business
  8. Hair Barbing Salon Hub
  9. Fashion Design Business Hub
  10. IT Engineering Business Hub

#1 – Bitcoin Exchange Business

Bitcoin is becoming popular in Nigeria now but every transaction is done from sites domicile abroad. Nigerians in Diaspora can tap into this huge potential to provide a trusted exchange for Nigeria on Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

This business is practically online. That gives you the advantage to operate it from your based abroad. You can add a physical office just to authenticate the legitimacy.

#2 – LPG Gas Plant Refill Business

If you are looking to get into a multimillion naira investment with guaranteed success in Nigeria, here’s one you can do now. Nigeria has huge untapped potential for cooking gas. I have written several articles on the potentials and guide on how to setup profitable cooking gas plant anywhere in Nigeria.

However, I also strongly recommend that hire a gas consultant. Doing business blindly is the cause of most business failures. There are basic principles that must be followed during startup and if you miss those basics the possibility of the business failure could be higher.

Since the business deals with specific volume and measurements, you can control gas supply from your based, while monitoring daily sales lodgments through your online banking.



#3 – Built To Rent Real Estate

This one is not new to Nigerians in Diaspora. It’s been done over the years. I’m only going to add a twist to it to adopt it properly for Nigerians in Diaspora best interest. Furthermore, I advocate for Nigerians in Diaspora to do this when investing in build to rent business is to develop rental spaces that’s irresistible to the target market.

As a Diaspora investor, creating a little rental app could give you the power of your tenancy agreements and renewal dates. That way you can monitor and know exactly when rents are due, whose rent was due, how much are expected and which tenants have defaulted in their payment.

Instead of giving your building to your family members to manage, get a real estate lawyer to manage your properties.

#4 – Build To Sell Real Estate

Still on real estate business that Nigerians in Diaspora can invest into without running risks of family interference and liabilities. You can build to sell properties. You can build apartments to sell. It’s just the usual but having your own special designs.

#5 – Car Wash Business

Car wash is a very lucrative business if done well. Although, the challenge is usually managing it properly with people being in control while you are based abroad. But a friend of mine shared with me his secret of running his multiple car wash business.

Additionally, you don’t even need to return from the Diaspora to run your car wash business. Nobody does that, believe me. I have explained the new management secret for car wash business. It works for anyone whether you live in Nigeria or abroad. You can’t wait to read more about that HERE.

#6 – eCommerce Business

The current eCommerce business in Nigeria needs more investors. The Nigerian market is in dire need of quality and trusted products. Nigerians in Diaspora have access to these foreign goods that would sell in Nigeria.

There’s a huge market for demand for quality products. You can create an eCommerce Dropshipping store to sell anything from overseas, from diapers, soap, creams, etc. All you need is to offer it in bulk purchase to make the offer what the shipping cost. Then, you arrange local delivery partnership.

If this is done better it will be a huge market for basic foreign goods.

#7 – Product Supply Business

This one is similar to the Diaspora eCommerce business. The only difference is that it might not be online based. You just find potential bulk buyers of any quality product abroad and supply it. My cousin brings foreign version of some popular soaps in Nigeria.

But as long as people can trust your source that’s it quality and foreign you have a business.

#8 – Hair Barbing Salon Hub

Now, let me come back to fully home grown option again. This time, it’s not just an ordinary salon. You are not starting a salon business. You are going to rent big shop in a major location in the city, build a standard salon and rent out either the entire salon or per space or seat, as the case maybe.

You are collecting rent as a landlord, while the head dressers and barbers are your tenants. You don’t have to worry about how many hair done per day. You just calculate rent per day. This business is suitable in a busy high brow area, where rent is expensive and these barbers cant afford the rent or the luxury salon.

#9 – Fashion Design Business Hub

This fashion Hub works the same way with salon Hub. It’s just for the fashion designers. You also build a well equipped fashion hub with all the fashion machines required to start a cloth and finish it in the Hub without going outside to get any extra help.

#10 – IT Engineering Business Hub

This IT Hub is slightly different but works in similar way with all the other hubs. Also, IT Hub now is mostly targeted at the highly demand handset market. There’s huge demand for handset repairs.

Moreover, an IT Hub can have its own service parts store and rent out space to technicians who does the phone repairs. That way, you earn money from the space rent and also from parts sold.


Finally, Nigerians in Diaspora has suffered so much loses trying to invest back home. Because, they either fall into the hands of family members or trusted friends, who only aim is to extort money from their Diaspora relatives.

It has helped to build discouragement and cold feet among Diaspora Nigerians who would have been a large source of direct foreign investment into Nigeria. Most Nigerians in Diaspora has resorted to waiting till when they are ready to return back to Nigeria to fully setup and manage their businesses themselves.

But, I’m not even the only one who feels Diaspora Nigerians shouldn’t relent in trying to build multiply source of income back home while still living abroad. I have also stumbled on a website (HELPMEWAKA.COM) that helps Nigerians in Diaspora to do anything they want to do back home without using their family members.

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Grow Your Money Personal Finance

How to Make More Money In Nigeria

Make more money

Money has rules. If you want to make more money, you must understand the rules of money. And this money rules are governed by laws. The simple money law is that – problems gravitate towards their solution.

This simple law of money is what makes the rich to be richer and the poor to become poorer. That’s why the rich are confident that they will never be subject to the poor. It’s also why the poor never seems to understand why they are not rich.

2 Ways to Make More Money

But to make more money, be the solution to problems that others are willing to pay you money for. As long as that problem remains you will always be rich. However, for someone under employment, the process of making more money is controlled by 2 simple ideas, which are:

  • {1} Increase Income
  • {2} Decrease Expenses

How to Increase Your Income

If you desire to increase your income, there are things you might want to do. As a working class you may not go for those options that are possible for the non working class.

You need to pick your options carefully. Anything that will not interfere with your 9 to 5 job is good to increase your income. Here are some ideas to help you increase your income without quitting your main hustle.

Start A Side Hustle

Starting a side hustle is one good way to make more money. It gives you an opportunity to earn from your skills without compromising your commitment in your 9 to 5 job. And there are numerous ideas for a side hustle.

The best side hustle for you might just be that same skilled job you do on a 9 to 5 employment. Before you start thinking what can I do to increase my income, think about your skill set.

If it was good enough to make your employer hire you, the. It’s good enough as a side hustle on Freelance.

Get a Second Job

If you current job permits, you should also get a second job. In most African countries, especially Nigeria, it might be tough to be employed in 2 separate jobs. But that doesn’t totally makes it impossible.

Think of another job you can add to your current job. Some jobs might hire you to work from home. So, look for such opportunities as a second job.

Get a Promotion

Ask for a promotion on your current job. Promotion usually comes with a raise. That’s an increase in your income from your old salary. However, you may not get a promotion because you asked for it.

Look out for what is important to your organization that would earn you a promotion. Then channel your efforts towards achieving it for your organization. That would earn you a promotion even if you are not yet due for promotion.

Get a Better Paid Job

Another way you can make more money to increase your income is by getting a better paid job. There are always jobs that pay better than your current employment. Review your skill set and opportunities that provides you with higher pay.

Also, identify organizations that pay more for your skill set. Make out a plan to get employed by anyone of these organizations based on your valued skills. Send in your proposal outlining how you can best serve the company better.

Don’t forget to mention the problems you have identified your role as a team member would bring to the company. Do your research well. If it’s a big organization most of what you need are already in the news or common knowledge.

Invest in Dividend Stocks

Take this option with open arms. Even if you didn’t explore any other option here, don’t miss this one. However, you need to invest wisely when dealing with dividend stocks. It’s important you use the services of a stock analyst.

Investing in stock is equally risky. But investing wisely could make you more money and increase your income.

Start an Online Business

There are many online businesses that you can start while still employed in a 9 to 5 job. This one is easy. All you need is to identify an online business you will like to start. Learn more about it online, including how to set it up, the operating procedures before launching such online business.

WebSiteSetup listed on their blog 27 “Easy to Start” Online Business Ideas. You can read the full list and pick the right online business ideas that suits you.

Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is one way to make more money. You can manage your channel on your free time, after your day job. And your channel can be about anything that’s interesting to you and your target audience.

You may need to setup a brief studio in your home or just post amateur videos. It all depends on your audience.

Follow this tips to start a YouTube channel:

  1. What’s Your Content Idea?
  2. What Equipment do you need?
  3. What’s your Inspiration?
  4. What Editing Software do you need?
  5. How do you Optimize Your Videos to rank on YouTube search algorithm?
  6. Start Building and promoting Your Network.



Become a Freelancer

Freelancing gives you the power of self employment without quitting your main job. There are great ways to become a freelancer today without it interfering with your job. Online freelancer platforms about where you can offer your skills.

10 Best Freelance Websites:

  • Toptal
  • SimplyHired
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Craigslist
  • Guru
  • PeoplePerHour
  • iFreelance
  • 99Designs

How to Decrease Expenses

While it’s okay to learn about ways you can increase your income while you are still employed in a 9 to 5 job, it’s equally important you decrease your expenses as well. Your dream of making more money will be greatly boosted if you decrease your expenses.

So, we are going to look for ways you can decrease your expenses to help you have more money you can either save or invest into ways to increase your income.

Spend Less Money

This one is simple but may seem ambiguous. But having a conscious plan to spend Less money is really how it all starts. It will open you up to the things that usually cost you more but needs to be cut down or off from your list of needs.

Also, this list might be longer. The only way to handle this properly is to categorize your expenses and prioritize them, before identifying those expenses to cut off or cut down.

Eat Out Less Often

This one might be a major challenge for someone who doesn’t even eat much at all. So, there may not be something they think can be cut here. Apart from cutting cost of your eating preference, you can also look at food waste.

Those who don’t eat much, may also be wasting much. So look at how to cut either from eating or wasting it.

Learn to Shop Smarter

Shopping is another way you spend so much without realizing it. Consciously look into your shopping and think of ways to shop better and smarter. You may need to avoid impromptu shopping that happens when ever you got some money.

And always make a list of what you need before going for shopping.

Switch Providers

Most times, your service provider could be charging you more from what the competitors are willing to give you for less. Another point is when you are paying for services that you don’t really make good use of. The offer may be bogus but check if you are really using all that’s offered.

If not, it’s time to cut or switch to a cost effective option with offering that you are more likely to need.

Use Discount Coupons

These days most shopping malls and online stores give away discount coupons to make you shop with them. Always look out for coupons that help you save cost on your shopping and utilize them.

Buy Less Material Objects

Most women can relate with this one. The most annoying trend now is the aseobi trend. Most ladies are pressured to buy uniforms for weddings and traditional marriages of their friends and family.

In a month the number of aseobi’s in your wardrobe grows into huge expenses. And most you don’t reuse them again. Spend Less on these material objects. You can buy popular aseobi color of high designs and make them into outfits for occasion.

Eat Home Cook Meals

This is not like a healthy meal advise. No! The idea is to save you cost of eating out regularly. The cost of making home meals is cheaper than paying for your meals from the restaurant.


In summary, there’s only one sure way to have more money as a paid worker. And that’s to decrease your expenses as a percentage of your income. While you can start a side hustle or even a business, they are not guaranteed to succeed or save you from spending more. And they might take a while before you start seeing significant improvement.

But having to cut on your expenses will help you have more money instantly. However, you should be careful with cutting expenses so as to cut only what needs cutting.

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10 Money Habits to Make You Wealthy

Best Habits To Become Wealthy

Do you want some money habits that can make you wealthy. To become wealthy is not by wishful thinking. There is a way to be rich. Moreover, nobody stumbles on wealth excerpt they inherited it from someone who worked for it. So, if you want to become wealthy you must do what all the wealthy people did.

In fact, wealth and riches are not the same thing. Many people become rich, and so could you. Sometimes riches come to those who don’t even deserve it. And little efforts can also lead to riches. But when it comes to wealth, it’s a different ball game.

However, this post is not about steps to become wealthy. You can find just a few steps below that I have outlined for you. The main trust of this blog post is to guide you into the habits that drives those investment steps that will make you wealthy.

Why Money Habits?

  • Develop Your Career and Expertise
  • Save Diligently and Invest for Growth
  • Create or own Intellectual Properties
  • Build a Business
  • Invest in Real Estate
  • Hire a Financial Adviser
  • Make Smart Investments
  • Create a Financial Plan

Learn to Become Rich First

Your journey to become wealthy starts from becoming rich. That’s the first journey you have to make. And when you achieve the first one it will lead you to achieving the next.

In other words, according to StreetDirectory, the simple difference between a rich person and a wealthy person is that a wealthy person has sustainable wealth. That is to say, a person who’s wealthy will always be wealthy, whereas someone who is merely rich may only be so for a period of time until the money is gone.

But in a quest to become wealthy, one must first become rich. And here are a few simple thoughts on how to proceed to riches.

  • Change the Way You Think About Money.
  • Develop an Understanding of the Power of Small Amounts.
  • With Each penny You Save, You Are Buying Yourself Freedom.
  • You Are Responsible for Where You Are in Your Life
  • Consider Becoming an Owner of Things You Understand as the First Step to Building Wealth.

Money Habits of Wealthy People

To start, you out on your journey to become wealthy, you have to acquire the habits of the wealthy. You must know this and believe it strongly: as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. And this law is what governs wealth and wisdom, which are the two most powerful possessions on earth.

The habits selected in this blog is to guide you in the right direction. Also, they are money habits proven by the wealthy.

{1} Be Willing To Invest

The first thing about becoming wealthy is moving from the job economy to investment economy. And you must be willing to invest. You determine your financial destiny more with an investment than with a job.

Interestingly, you start first by understanding how to invest. What do you know about investment? And how do you start your Investment as a beginner?

In addition, lets explain the definition of an investment as an item acquired for the purpose of generating income or appreciation, you will begin to know what you can do to have an investment. However, from an economic sense, an investment is more of the purchase of goods that may not be consumed today, but are used in the future to create wealth.

So, this should drive your willingness to invest. You cannot succeed in investment if you do not have a willing heart. The process it takes to make it from investment to wealth doesn’t always go in a smooth direction. It will take so much from you to become wealthy.

{2} Don’t Gamble

You may think there’s money to be made from the lotteries. Not so folks. Hardly anyone whose wealthy from gambling. Moreover, most of those who play the game are struggling financially and are hoping it will change their financial fortune. But it never does. That goes for every investment that is a gamble.



{3} Stay Focused

You achieve more if you focus on important things. There is an illustration Jesus gave in the Bible. He said, if your eye be single, your whole body will be full of light. It shades more light on being focus. You get more done when you focus on what’s more important at a time.

Ways to Stay Focused:

  1. Plan your day the night before
  2. Do the most difficult things first
  3. Eliminate distractions and time wasters
  4. Renew and maintain your energy
  5. Stay on your ultimate goals and Constantly remind yourself of it.

{4} Block Out Distraction

You win better when you are not distracted. So, your ultimate goal in staying focused is to eliminate distractions. Although you can create your own distractions to help you renew and maintain your energy and zeal. But don’t let anything distract you when you should be focused.

However, the main causes of distraction are:

  • The lack of ability to pay attention
  • Lack of interest in the object of attention
  • Or the great intensity, novelty or attractiveness of something else other than the object of attention.

And it can come from both external and internal sources.

6 Tips Avoid Distractions:

  1. Learn to put your phone on silent mode and keep it away from you
  2. Turn off Internet access when you are not working online
  3. Take a deep breath when you’re about to get distracted to maintain your focus
  4. Make a demand for your privacy when it’s being invaded
  5. Plan on Getting enough seep every night. At least for eight hours.
  6. Learn to Prioritize your tasks. Use a tool like

{5} Constantly Optimize Your Process

Nothing makes a difference more clear than excellence. In whatever you do, drive for excellence. It stands you out and attracts the best customers. However, this will not happen over night. You need to constantly optimize your process to perfection.

Go above and beyond in work and business. Work the process until it’s working for you. You need to indent If what should represent excellence in your job or business. Sometimes, just being polite or timely could earn excellence.

Steps to Optimize Your Process:

  • Identify what to optimize
  • Analyze
  • Implement
  • Monitor
  • Keep repeating the process

{6} Live Within Your Means

You are not going to be able to become wealthy if you are already living above your means. TheBalance blog has a better description on Living within your means. It wrote, to “live within your means” means that what you spend each month is less than or at least equal to the amount of money you bring in each month.

Ways to stop living beyond your means:

  1. Pay down your debt
  2. Start saving
  3. Cut your housing costs
  4. Choose to pay cash over credit
  5. Put a stop to emotional spending
  6. Stick to a budget
  7. Become a savvy shopper

{7} Have A Mentor

You start by connecting with a good mentor. A good mentor possesses the following qualities:

  • Is willing to share skills, knowledge, and their expertise.
  • A good mentor teaches you all what he or she knows
  • He or she accepts the mentee where they currently are in their professional development.
  • Good mentors serve because of their personal experience of what it was like for them when they were just starting out in the field.

What To Gain From A Mentor:

  1. Mentors can develop your leadership skills
  2. You gain valuable advice from a more experienced person
  3. And you grow your professional network

{8} Learn Every Day

Learning should be everyday thing, because it provides you with an escape when you need it, especially when you are faced with a challenging situation. Surely, it helps you with knowledge when you seek it, and can be a great pastime that reduces stress.

Ways to Keep Learning Everyday:

  1. Read. Get in the habit of always reading something new
  2. When you do enjoy screen time, watch films you can learn from.
  3. Surround yourself with like-minded people, who have sometime you can learn from.
  4. Keep up with current news.
  5. Make a list of things you want to read or learn.
  6. Take an online class.
  7. Do something with what you learn everyday.

{9} Constantly Make Yourself Uncomfortable

When it’s your choice to be uncomfortable means it’s driven by a situation you no longer like or want changed. So, it’s a good idea to make yourself uncomfortable when you need to move to something better than you current state.

Learning To Make Yourself Uncomfortable:

  1. Get Started
  2. Don’t quit easily
  3. Push yourself past your comfort zone
  4. Embrace bad situations and deal with it
  5. Be around like-minded people
  6. Recognize your improvements and pursue it
  7. Repeat process that Build habits of success

{10} Control your Emotions

Maybe, emotions are more powerful than you may think. Most of what happens in your life is triggered by your emotions. And most of what emotions does in ones life are with negative connotations. After all, that’s the reason you need to control your emotions. That way you can manage what you allow your emotions to produce for you.

Ways to control your emotions:

  1. Don’t react right away. Give it sometime before you address the issue.
  2. Ask for divine guidance and counseling.
  3. Find the right approach to deal with situations that triggers you emotionally.
  4. See the bigger picture of what your emotions can destroy if you let it.
  5. Replace the wrong thoughts with good ones
  6. Forgive the things that triggers you emotionally.

Inspired by Huffpost 6 steps to controlling your emotions.


In summary, the money habits to make you wealthy is not difficult at all. But their simplicity is what even makes them unpopular with many people. Also, its the same reason people easily misunderstand riches for wealth.

They are not the same thing. You may be rich and not wealthy. But definitely every wealthy person is rich. That’s just the best way to make the comparison.

You can take advantage of this post to either begin your quest for riches or climb over board to become wealthy. The choice is yours. But the full benefit of this post is to help you understand how to begin your pursuit to wealth beyond mere riches.

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21 Business Ideas For Student Entrepreneurs

Student Entrepreneurs

If you are a student in Nigeria, you are already burdened with lots of bills to pay and little or no family assistance to help out with. The idea of student entrepreneurs in Nigeria, might just be to pay the bills, but it can also transform into a life’s opportunity for some.

As a student, you may have thought of being a student entrepreneur. Maybe not, but majority of students worry about how to pay their bills, and enjoy a decent lifestyle while in school.

Some students only think about getting jobs in local stores, restaurants and pubs. They seek ways to earning small amounts of income to argument for the meager sum they are getting from their parents from home; considering some students parents are either unemployed or they

However, there are little or no such privileges for students in most cities in Nigeria. The level of unemployment for qualified and employable people still pervade the country, making it even harder for students to get part time jobs while studying.

Definition Of Student Entrepreneurs

What’s student entrepreneurs? What makes student entrepreneurs? Do students in Nigeria who engages in any form of business see themselves as student entrepreneurs?

Student entrepreneurs is better defined as individuals currently enrolled in a school, who are actively pursuing academic coursework and still running a business of their own or with others as partners.

It’s different from student employment, where the only requirement is having a full or part time job while going through school as a full-time student. It goes beyond a student just working in the dorms, classroom and cafeterias. It includes working outside the campus in a well established firm.

Nigerian Students Income Statistics

The National Bureau of Statistics puts youth unemployment rate at 34.9% in 2020. That’s the year of the pandemic, when most students are out of school and have enough spare time in their hands to be gainfully employed.

Also, a 2019 report from Statista website shows that the estimated GDP per capita in Nigeria was around $2,229.85. But with high unemployment rate, no amount of GDP per capita can change the fortunes of Nigerian students.

Furthermore, i checked for the average student salary and couldn’t find any of such report anywhere, which shows that there is little opportunity for students employment in the country. So insignificant to be recorded. But when I checked on Pay scale for the average teachers salary in, here’s what I got – an average base salary of ₦437,394 per year.

Top Ideas For Student Entrepreneurs

In the past, most student entrepreneurs simply venture into buying and selling in school to friends and course-mates. But with the advent of online businesses, their scope and concept has enlarged.

I’m sharing with you some of the current student entrepreneurs ideas you can start doing now. However, you might need to first develop the idea into a workable business before investing your time and money.

I also recommend you write a business plan to help you understand all the angels, challenges, opportunities and rewards that’s possible in any of the ideas that you choose to venture into.

Here are my list and brief citations:

  • {1} Essay Writing
  • {2} Tutoring Service
  • {3} Transport to Student Events
  • {4} Instagram Influencer
  • {5} Mobile Game Developer
  • {6} Personal Trainer
  • {7} Language Class for Foreign And Local Students
  • {8} Freelance Web Designer
  • {9} Freelance Graphic Designer
  • {10} Freelance Copywriter
  • {11} Lecture Transcription
  • {12} Student Event Organizer
  • {13} Photography Services
  • {14} Market Research
  • {15} Proof Reading Services
  • {16} Hotel Cleaning Services
  • {17} Uni Team Sport Coach
  • {18} CV Design Services
  • {19} Chatbot Creator
  • {20} Campus Food Stall
  • {21} New Student Guide And Mentor

Now let’s take it one after the other and give brief description for each student entrepreneurs idea. You may find anyone of these great idea feasible to start now.

{1} Essay Writing

Essays are common in middle school, high school and college. You may even need to write essays in the business world. It’s not called Essay in business but reports. An essay is a short piece of writing that expresses information based on the writer’s opinion.

you can also offer to write articles for blogs. I hire article writers and most of them are students.

You can provide essay writing services to other students at a fee.

{2} Tutoring Service

In Starting a Tutoring Service you are putting your skills and talents to work by teaching others how to do what you’re best at. And People are hiring tutors in almost every area in which skills can be taught and acquired.

{3} Transport to Student Events

Wikipedia described Student transport as the transporting of children and teenagers to and from schools and school events. School transport can be undertaken by student entrepreneurs themselves (on foot, bicycle or perhaps horseback; or for older students, by car). They may be accompanied by family members or caregivers, or the transport may be organized collectively, using buses or taxis.



{4} Instagram Influencer

Instagram Influencers are Instagram users who have established some sort of credibility in their particular niche with an audience; who can persuade others by virtue of their content, achieved trust and authenticity.

You can sell these influence to advertiser and get paid.

{5} Mobile Game Developer

Game developers are people like you with math, computer, or creative arts skills. They spend their time programming and developing games. It includes programming console, computer, and mobile video games.

It’s good game changer for student entrepreneurs.

{6} Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is an individual certified to have some knowledge of general fitness involved in exercise prescription and instruction. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients.

{7} Language Class for Foreign And Local Students

You offer language classes to students who require knowledge of your native language or culture  to learn from you, if  you have the knowledge and the expertise to teach others.

{8} Freelance Web Designer

A freelancer is a self-employed person. That makes freelance web designer a self employed developer, content writer or even a blogger. However, he contracts a small or medium but rarely large) task from various clients and receives money when the work is done.

{9} Freelance Graphic Designer

The same applies to freelance graphic designer. Get online on platforms like Fiverr to sell your skills to clients that need it on a freelance basis.

{10} Freelance Copywriter

A freelance copywriter is a self employed copywriter. Freelance Copywriters offers a large variety of copywriting, editing and proofreading, and translation services.

{11} Lecture Transcription

Lecture transcription is the transcription of lectures, seminars or presentations delivered by professors, researcher, lecturers, teachers etcetera, in classrooms and lecture halls of universities and colleges. You can offer these transcripts for money to students who missed out on these lectures and wants to grab a copy of the lectures. You can brand yourself in school easily using word of mouth publicity.

{12} Student Event Organizer

Hosting a university event, whether small or massive, takes a lot of planning, organizing, and following up. A student event organizer takes this role and harmonizes the whole operations of organizing an event to deliver the best result.

{13} Photography Services

As a professional photographer, you may have to do more than just take pictures. You must offer salable item or service to your client base. Most clients want pictures for social media purposes. You better an also create an online community targetting your immediate communities.

{14} Market Research

Market research represents an organized effort to gather information about target markets or customers. It is a very important component of business strategy. It allows business owners to determine the feasibility of a business before committing substantial resources to the venture.

{15} Proof Reading Services

Proofreading services provides authors with expert and independent services into basic grammar and consistency check on their manuscript drafts, just prior to journal submission for production.

{16} Hotel Cleaning Services

Hotel cleaning services is to perform any combination of light cleaning duties to maintain private or commercial establishments, such as hotels, in a clean and orderly manner. Duties include making beds, replenishing linens, cleaning rooms and halls, and vacuuming.

{17} Uni Team Sport Coach

Working as a Uni team sports coach offers a rewarding career helping individuals and teams across all or specific sporting areas and abilities. As a sports coach, you’ll help people participating in sports to work towards achieving their full potentials.

{18} CV Design Services

Your job is to design CV resumes to demonstrate employability of your client in a much more interesting and creative way. Making each CV a completely unique resume that no one else has. You can also teach students on how to design their CVs.

You need to constantly show that you are brimming with fun new ideas. And Organizing important resume information more clearly and efficiently. Giving each client a design that matches their profile and personality.

{19} Chatbot Creator

A chatbot creator designs a piece of software that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Some of which are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner.

{20} Campus Food Stall

The trend of pop-up food stalls around campus, and the impact it has upon student lifestyles is a new student business idea.

Hungry students are a well-known feature of university campuses across the country. Instead of a sit down meal, students, with their busy schedules, are being inundated with a new variety of pop-up food stalls throughout campus, offering quick yet tasty on-the-go meals.

{21} New Student Guide And Mentor

Student Mentors provide help and guidance to first-year students. Mentoring helps students understand how their ambitions fit into graduate education, department life and career choices.

Challenges Of Student Entrepreneurs

Do Nigerian student entrepreneurs face challenges? Yes they do and a lot of them. Sometimes it’s too overwhelming for them. Even though students might be limited by the type of entrepreneurial work they can embark on because of the school time, it doesn’t make it more easier for them than normal entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the challenges Nigerian student entrepreneurs face all the time:

  • Finding adequate funding
  • Not having proper motivation
  • Lack of external support or assistance
  • Little knowledge about being an entrepreneur
  • Balancing time between school and business
  • Inexperience about running a business
  • Providing better customer service
  • Not having the right ideas of business

Financing For Student Entrepreneurs

Although there are no specific funding program for student entrepreneurs, but there are funding opportunities for entrepreneurs. And since student entrepreneurs are also entrepreneurs, you can also explore any of these options.

Here’s my list of some of these funding opportunities for student entrepreneur that’s guaranteed to fund your ideas if you can prove it’s a bankable one.

Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program. The foundation targets 10,000 African entrepreneurs. You can explore this funding opportunity through the foundations website here.

African Development Foundation is a U.S. foundation for development in Africa. It provides seed capital for entrepreneurs, technical support and mentorship. It’s primary target is youth-led businesses. You can explore more information on its website here.

Business Development Fund For Women (BUDFOW). This funding is from the Federal ministry of women affairs and social development, under the Bank Of Industry (BIO)program. It carters for women entrepreneurs. You can explore more information on BIO website.

African Women’s Development Fund is another funding program target at women. The support comes in form of cash and materials. Here’s the foundations website for more information.


As a student you have limited time to stay in and probably around the campus during the time of your studies there. But you can utilize this time to create a business that suits your lifestyle or knowledge.

Picking the right student business to start while you are in school should be based on your purpose, available time, potential and commitment.

You might also consider that not all student businesses can be carried over into the real world after your graduation. So, if you are thinking of continuation after school you should also pick wisely before you get started.

All these student business ideas are to help stimulate your ability to see opportunities. You can invent or discover other ideas to start as a student entrepreneur.

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