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Position Exchange Bond Fixed Passive Income Opportunity

position exchange bond

I’m not asking you to take any risk. There’s zero risk with Position Exchange bond. Although there’s volatility with Cryptocurrency investment, but this is one of a kind crypto passive income. And I will be explaining it more clearly in this post.

You may have heard a lot about BONDs. But before I even go into clarify what bond is, let me give you some brief overview and what to expect from Position Exchange bond – in case you want to make quick decision.

  • It has fixed duration
  • It has fixed earning
  • You can stake it to earn daily passive income
  • The staking APR (Annual Percentage Return) is also fixed
  • You can trade or cash-back your investment
  • It’s safe and secure

And you can START HERE if you are bold enough to launch right into POSI BOND. That’s the link to connect you to position Exchange website. Now let’s start with explaining the bond.

✅ What’s A Bond?

According to Investopedia, a bond is a fixed-income instrument. And a fixed-income security or instrument is an investment that provides a return in the form of interest payment that eventually returns the principal at maturity.

This bond represents a loan made by an investor to a borrower. A type of I-O-U between the lender and borrower that specifies what is to be loaned and the payments.

✅ What’s Position Exchange Bond?

Position Exchange Bonds work exactly like traditional bonds. Its a financial instrument that represent a loan from a lender to a borrower for a fixed return.

However, Position Exchange Bonds are integrated on-chain as BEP20 tokens and powered by smart contracts. These bonds can be Issued, Exchanged and staked for a fixed and high Passive income.

Position Exchange Users can purchase POSI bonds and also stake it in the Bond Pool. This pool is with a stable and fix APR. The duration is determined and once the bonds reach maturity, the issuer pays back the investment plus interest.

The bonds are also backed by crypto assets as collateral and locked in smart contracts. While Payment to investor when bonds reach maturity will be ensured and guaranteed by Position Exchange.

✅ How POSI Bond Works

Imagine “A” is an investor who’s interested in purchasing the bonds with $1,000,000. “B” being the issuer will receive $1,000,000 from “A”. While “A” will receive 1,000,000 bond units.

But to make the bond secured and working, the issuer “B” must provide a security for the bond. This security will be used to pay investors “A” in case the issuer “B” defaults in payment upon the maturity of the bind.

After the agreed duration in years, the issuer “B” must pay back “A” the investor $1,200,000 (the face value $1.2 of the $1 per bond). The issuer “B” can claim the underlying asset, investors “A” can claim the face value from the smart contract.

In case of payment default of the face value, the underlying will be distributed among investors.

Also, “A” can decide to stake all the bond into to the staking pool to earn extra passive income with a fixed APR.

✅ Explaining More About Position Bonds

Let’s explain how the bond interest is calculated. You earn from bonds on a fixed return. Bond are sold at a fixed amount and returns are also paid on a fixed amount. If a bond is sold for $1 per bond, the returns maybe calculated at $1.2 per bond.

Example: (please note that this is just an example). Position Exchange (issuer) decides to issue bonds:

  • Issue price: $1.0
  • Underlying asset: 500,000 POSI (as security deposit for the bond)
  • Face value (par value): $1.2 (Price returns at maturity)
  • Quantity to Supply: 1,000,000 units
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Stake APR: 250% (to earn extra income by staking bonds in POSI pool)

The staking is the extra earning to enable you leverage your bonds. That helps you earn more income while waiting for your bond maturity.

✅ What’s Duration of Bonds?

Before investing in POSI bonds, you should know about the duration of your investment. Bonds are not short term investment. The duration may vary, but it’s from one year to any number of years.

POSI bonds have duration of two to three years or more. That means your bonds are invested for those periods. However, there’s option to cash back anytime.

✅ It Has No Impermanent Loss

Another big advantage of POSI bond is the issue of no impermanent loss. You know what impermanent loss means? Well, it means loss that’s not permanent – and that proves there’s no loss at all for POSI bonds, whether permanent or impermanent.

✅ Safe and Secure Investment

That brings us to the secure nature of POSI bonds. Remember that bonds are secured instruments. They are backed by guarantees, like insurance to guarantee your payment, as at when due.

So, your investment in POSI bonds is secured and backed by huge deposit by the issuer to cover for any inability or challenges of payment.

✅ Trade or Cash-back Your Investment

Although, bonds are long term investment, POSI bonds gives you opportunity to cash back at anytime you need money. That means you can sell your bonds if you need to raise money with it.

So, you shouldn’t be afraid of tying down your money for a long time without access to the funds in emergencies. With POSI bonds you can cash back anytime by offering your bonds for sale in the Position Exchange bond marketplace.

You might ask, why would anyone want to buy another person’s bond? Well, I will explain it more better in the next sub head.

✅ How to Exchange POSI Bond

POSI bond also have a marketplace. You will be able to exchange bonds through a buy and sell platform. Position Bonds can be bought and sold in Position Bond Exchange.

The marketplace is for those who missed buying a bond offer? They can get to buy from the bond marketplace, where those who purchased the bond offering can resell them. The seller might sell you the bond even at face value but you stand to earn from the bond pool from staking.

The Bonds are fully powered by Smart contracts and are implemented as BEP20 tokens. Once the Bond Exchange is fully operational, users will easily exchange Bonds like normal BEP20 tokens.

✅ Stake Bonds and Earn More

POSI bonds are stakable. If you have ever invested in POSI pool, you will love this one. POSI pool are the best choice for guaranteed passive income in the crypto space. You earn daily when you invest in POSI pools.

And POSI has also extended this great feature to its bonds. After you have bought your bonds, POSI allows you to use that bonds and earn extra passive income by staking it in the bond pool.

You will get paid in POSI token daily based on the annual percentage return (APR) defined during the bond sale.

By staking pool the bond, investors now could earn more Yield to Maturity (YTM).

✅ POSI Bond Fixed APR

Yes, the APR (Annual Percentage Return) is fixed. POSI offers you a fixed percentage earning for staking your bonds in the pool. Let me place some assumptions to help you understand the huge benefit of this fixed APR.

POSI bond APR can be 300% or 400%. That depends on the selling proposition for each bond being offered. But these APR are fixed for the duration of the bond contract. That means it doesn’t fluctuation or reduce because of the number of bonds staked.

You will earn exactly the amount stipulated in the APR for the years agreed. Assuming you invested 1,000 POSI in a bond. A 400% APR means you will earn extra 400 POSI from your bond. Remember this is different from the interest paid on the bond.

✅ Conclusion

If you ask me where to invest $1 million right now, I would say POSI bonds. Think about the huge returns from the fixed APR, plus the interest earned on the bonds. That’s a massive YTM (Yield to Maturity).

And you can start with any amount of POSI, depending on the minimum POSI equivalent for a unit of the bond. You can get started now by connecting your wallet to POSI site. The best wallet to use is either Trustwallet or Metamask.

Once you have your wallet connected to POSI, you can buy the bonds or any other investment product on the POSI portal.

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Lesson 2: How to Setup Token Wallet Address

Token Address Setup on Trustwallet

How do you setup new token wallet address? If you are new in Crypto there’s so much to learn. These are not things you will figure out yourself. You need someone to guide you.

This guide applies to shitcoins. Most new tokens to be launched or even newly launched shitcoins don’t always have their token address setup on Trustwallet.

In case you don’t already know, newly launched tokens are called shitcoins, especially those ones with very high volume of a billion and above.

You don’t get to find those shitcoins on major crypto centralized exchanges (CEX). So, the only places you can find them to buy are from decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Since these tokens are only available on decentralized exchanges, you need to learn how to buy them.

✅ Crypto Lessons Table of Content

Before we continue, if you missed any of the lessons go back and go through it first. Here is the table of content to help you navigate through the entire course from any part of this lesson.

?️INTRODUCTION – Learn Cryptocurrency Investment
?️Lesson 1: How Cryptocurrency Investment Work
?️Lesson 2: How to Setup Token Wallet Address
?️Lesson 3: How to Claim Free Cryptocurrency
?️Lesson 4: How to Trade Cryptocurrency
?️Lesson 5: How to Pick Cryptocurrencies to Buy
?️Lesson 6 How to Farm Cryptocurrency
?️Lesson 7: How to Sell Cryptocurrency

So, this lesson and the other lessons will focus on teaching you WHAT TO DO. So much theory will be overlooked and the focus would be on practical.

✅ What’s Token Address?

To start creating token address, you need to know what we are actually talking about. What’s a Crypto wallet address?

When buying crypto you need a wallet to store them. These wallets assign address to each individual token you buy. This address also makes it easy to transfer or sell these tokens.

Every token is linked to a unique contract address. No two tokens or coin can share the same contract address, usually abbreviated as CA. Sometimes, it’s referred to as smart contract address.

Each wallet address is linked to this contract address. That’s how any Blockchain network or Exchange would recognize the token you are buying or selling and to identify the wallet to send it to.

✅ How to Setup Wallet Address

The first thing you need to do when setting up a token wallet address on Trustwallet or any other compatible wallet, like Metamask, is to know the parameters required to set it up.

Once you know what you need, the next step would be to know how to set it up.

Here are what you would need below:

?️Blockchain network the token is built on (Important)
?️Contract address (CA) of the token (Important)
?️Name of the token (Optional)
?️Token symbol (Optional)
?️Token decimal number (Optional)

Just for Example – NFTSEA Contract Aaddress on EtherScan:

?️Blockchain Network: Ethereum ERC20
?️Contract Address (CA): 0x5b31B8cA1770CF1F817146B4cD2078Bf8629bf8a
?️Name: NFTSEA
?️Symbol: NS
?️Decimal: 18

Those I branded important are a must. If you don’t know them you can’t even setup the address on Trustwallet or any other wallet for that matter. But those I regarded as optional simply means you can bypass them.

Trustwallet can let you pull out these optional parameter if you don’t know them. That’s why I consider them optional. It’s no that they are not required or can be omitted. They are required, if not, the address won’t work.

✅ How to Find Token Contract Address

Among the two important parameters for setting up a token Address, the contract address is very sensitive. You need to have the correct address or nothing would work.

It’s easier to know what Blockchain network a token is built on because it’s usually more publicized than contract address. But you have to ensure the contract address it’s the right and correct one for the token you want to setup.

Like every kind of address, it must be correct. It’s better to COPY it directly from where it’s found than writing them down. The numbers can be tricky and complicated to write down.

Here are two popular places to search for token contract address using the name of the token:

?️BSC Network:
?️Ether Network:

✅ Steps to Setup Token Address

♦️Step 1: Open Trustwallet & Click On Token Search Button

token wallet setup


♦️Step 2: Scroll Down And Click On Add Custom Token

Token Address Setup 1

♦️Step 3; Select Token Blockchain Network

Token Address Setup 2

♦️Step 4: Copy & Paste Contract Address Using Paste Button

Token Address Setup 3

♦️Step 5: Click On DONE

Token Address Setup 4

Note: If you paste the contract address and the other parameters didn’t populate, you can add them manually. However, be sure that you are using the right contract address, and you selected the right Blockchain network.

✅ Conclusion

If this is your first time of doing this, kindly drop a comment below. It will be appreciated. You can also share briefly your experience in Crypto.

? Start earning over 1,000% in digital farming with POSITION EXCHANGE. Use this link swap, stake or farm POSI Token, click to link account or copy to paste in your TrustWallet or Metamask DAPP to connect to Position Exchange 

? Get a crypto account with Binance Exchange. click link below to register

?️Disclaimer: Crypto investment generally is volatile. This post doesn’t encourage a risk-free investment. You have to consider all your options and possibly Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing in any crypto project.

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POSI Vault – How to Earn Over 100% APY

POSI Vault

POSI vault is magic. Until you have tested it you may never understand. It’s the fastest way to earn MILLIONs of dollars in 1 year. And I’m not exaggerating.

If you have never see auto compounding at work, here’s the best form of it in POSI money magic vault. I’m going to show you how it works and help you follow my guide to turn it on for yourself.

The first thing to understand about POSI vault is that it works by compounding your earnings. That’s how the magic starts.

This means if you are harvesting your earnings you won’t benefit from the vault auto compounding power. But if you hold your profit in the vault, it will turn to a million some day. I though I should let you in on this earlier so you don’t get wrong idea and start spending like you won the lottery.

✳️ How POSI Vault Works

The best way to understand how POSI vaults work is to compare it with how the normal farm LP staking works. You start by swapping either BUSD or BNB to POSI. Then, you pair the two tokens to create and LP token.

You now go on to stake the LP token into the pool. As you earn, you harvest your earnings and repeat the same prices again to reinvest your earnings in other to compound it.

Now imagine all the above process can be done just by 1 single click. That’s the power of POSI Vault.

✳️ Benefits Of POSI Vault

?️The best User friendly interface of vault
?️Auto compounding
?️Higher annual percentage yield (APY)
?️Cost saving in gas fee
?️Option to earn the Profit in any of the paired token
?️Option to also withdraw in POSI or BUSD or BNB, etcetera

✳️ POSI Vault Reward Currency

Each of the POSI vault is built on a particular Cryptocurrency. The same way the rewards are calculated. For example, BUSD vault calculates your rewards in BUSD, which is shown at the top of each vault display.

POSI currently has 2 vaults:

?️BUSD Vault
?️BNB Vault

However, to harvest your rewards you will have 2 options of cryptocurrencies to choose from. The BUSD Vault gives you option to harvest in BUSD or POSI. The same with BNB vault – with option to harvest in BNB or POSI.

✳️ What’s POSI Auto Compounding?

Auto compounding is the most important feature of the POSI vault. The vault is not actually different from POSI Farm. They both share the same features – providing liquidity for the POSI ecosystem.

But auto compounding is what separates the POSI vault from POSI Farm. The vault gives you the advantage to compound your earnings automatically. And saves you the high cost of manually compounding your rewards each time you chose to.

The work of POSI auto compounding feature is best described in two ways:

?️To help you reinvest your earnings easier, faster and cost effectively
?️And to help you earn more money by maximizing your investment

✳️ How Compound Interest Work

POSI Auto compounding interest is easy to understand. Your rewards are compounded and included as part of your vault pool. That means you also earn rewards on your already earned rewards.

That increases your earning in the POSI vaults after each 7 hours compound circle. The compounding power of POSI vault is what makes it truly special.

For a newbie, if you multiply how much you currently have staked in the pool by the monthly APY percent, it will give you the reward for one month.

Compound interest turns a simple percentage Earning into a super charged earnings. In POSI vault you can earn more with $300 invested in a month than with $1,000 invested in the POSI farm.

?️Note: Your earning amount is the amount used for compounding. That means once you harvest you won’t gain from compounding those earnings. To earn more from auto compounding, you need to hold your earnings in the vault.

✳️ What’s POSI Annual Percentage Yield (APY)?

Another attractive feature of the vault is the high APY. POSI vault rewards are calculated in APY. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is often confused with Annual Percentage Return (APR). Although, they are both similar but not exactly the same.

While they are both Percentage earnings calculation, APY calculates with annual compound interest earnings. But APR is only calculated in exact percentage returns without compound interest.

So, POSI vaults earns helps you earn more by auto compounding your rewards to earn you more.

Furthermore, the daily and weekly income is showing in $ while its actually calculated in POSI. So if a $100 amount is giving a daily income of $2.19, its actually 2.19 POSI per day.

✳️ What’s POSI Vault Impermanent Loss?

POSI vaults is not without its risk. The very common one is LP pool impermanent loss. Just like any other liquidity pool, POSI vault suffers the same loss.

You need to understand impermanent loss to know how it affects your Investment in POSI vault. Liquidity pool farming requires a pair of 2 tokens. These pair must constantly remain at the same equivalent value.

But, there’s bound to be price fluctuations. And since both tokens may not have to experience price increase or decrease at the same time, one token must makeup the value of the other when it decreases.

Even if you staked BUSD you still provide liquidity pair with POSI. So, your BUSD (assuming its $1,000), will be split into POSI and BUSD and wrapped into LP tokens automatically by the vault auto mechanism.

When the price of POSI goes down, then you suffer impermanent loss and your overall value of your staked LP (BUSD) will decrease as well. It’s called impermanent loss because it can also be reversed when POSI price goes up.

But at the time POSI price is lower the value of your LP in the vault reduces as well, including your earning. During that time the value of your LP is lower you are suffering some loses.

✳️ How to Use POSI Vault

The vault simplified everything about staking in POSI liquidity pool. In a simple clicks you can perform all the 4 steps, from creating an LP token to depositing it in the pool.

?️Step 1. Click on Approve BUSD or BNB (as the case maybe) and confirm
?️Step 2. Click on Stake and confirm

Note that Staking LP into the vault requires BUSD for BUSD vault, and BNB for BNB vault. The vault will now automatically buy POSI with half of the deposited funds to pair into an LP token.

This process is done for you automatically. All you are required to do is to deposit the token of the vault you want to stake into and the vault will perform the rest of the task of pairing the token with PODI, creating the LP token and staking it in the pool for you.

✳️How to Migrate Your LP Tokens

If you already have POSI LP tokens you can also migrate them. That would mean that you have the corresponding LP to the vault you want stake into. POSI allows BUSD and BNB vaults. So, you would need POSI-BUSD LP or POSI-BNB LP to migrate to the vault.

Here’s what to do. Go to vaults, click on more (below the vault you want to migrate to), click on migrate then input the amount of the LP. You might need to first withdraw your LP tokens from the current farm before you can migrate.

✳️ How to Harvest From POSI Vault

Your earnings from the vault can be harvested once you have accumulated some earnings. But, the harvest function doesn’t start to work until after the vault has auto compounded your first earning.

That means your first harvest can only be after the first 7 hours of staking LP in the pool. And you also have a choice of which token to harvest.

Each vault would present you the option to harvest your rewards in any of the LP pair. For example, you can harvest in POSI or BUSD from the BUSD vault.

✳️ Vault Harvest Lockup Time

The vault has a feature that locks up your earnings till after the first 7 hours or after the first auto compound. Until this happens you cannot be able to harvest your earnings.

It’s only for 7 hours. So that shouldn’t be a problem. 7 hours is. To a long time to actually have earned so much to be in a hurry to harvest – unless you have a million dollar LP in the vault.

✳️ What’s POSI Bounty?

The auto compounding feature is not really automatic. To auto compound every 7 hours, someone has to trigger the compounding feature manually. The POSI bounty provides that manual trigger.

POSI bounty is a reward for who ever gets to first trigger the auto-compound for the vault by clicking and successfully claiming the bounty. After each claim the bounty restarts the countdown for another 7 hours.

In order to make the auto compound actually working, you have to trigger the function on the smart contract. This function can be triggered every 7h but must be performed manually.

So, the lucky one who manage to claim that bounty triggers the compound function of the contract and gets rewarded with POSI for doing the job.

✳️ POSI Farm Versus Vault – Which 1 is More Profitable?

If you are looking to invest in POSI liquidity pool, which one of the farms is better – POSI farms or POSI vault? This question is growing concern among investors right now. They are confused about which one to go for, especially those who are already in the farming pool but wants to migrate.

Before you move your LP token from the farms to the vaults, you need to know what advantages and disadvantages are there for you. Let’s look at these two opportunities from Position Exchange website to pick the one that’s more profitable for you.

Although both of them are the same product, but certain features differentiates them from each other. The best way to differentiate the farm and the vault is to say the farm is manual and the vault is automatic.

✳️ How POSI Farm Work

POSI Farm allows investors to stake LP token and earn rewards. The pool requires a pair of either POSI-BUSD or POSI-BNB to create LP token to stake in the pool.

The rewards are calculated based on defined percentages and credited to the farm account as being generated per seconds.

✳️ How POSI Vault Work

POSI Vault allows investors to stake LP token to earn rewards. This vault pool can do so much for you than you can get from the normal POSI farm.

Unlike the normal farm, the vault does somethings for you. In normal farm you will need to create the LP token yourself, and if you need to reinvest your earnings, it’s also done manually by you.

✳️ Huge Benefits of POSI Vault

If you have invested in POSI Farm you will find POSI Vault more profitable because of the auto compounding feature. You will be enjoying some automatic services – like do-it-for-you kind of features.

?️Create LP token automatically
?️Reinvest your rewards to earn more (auto compounding)
?️Harvest in multiple tokens

POSI vault does everything for you automatically. Even your rewards are reinvested for you 2 to 3 times in a day. The power of compound interest is multiplied on your vault investment.

If you are wondering between the farm and Vault where to stake your LP token, the vault is the ultimate advantage.

?️It’s cost effective to invest and reinvest
?️It runs on auto pilot, saving you time
?️It’s the best investment option for your LP
?️It also has high APY (Annual Percentage Yield)


POSI vault is the real deal for digital Farmers. If you understand the power of compound interest you won’t miss investing in POSI vault. But you have to obey the law of compound interest earnings.

To earn big with POSI auto compound you have to avoid harvesting your rewards for a period of time to accumulate your target earning.

It’s better to set quarterly or annual target. Assuming you want to compound for the next 3 or 6 or 12 months before you harvest. That means you are compounding all your earnings for the period you chose.

? Start earning over 1,000% in digital farming with POSITION EXCHANGE. Use this link swap, stake or farm POSI Token, click to link account or copy to paste in your TrustWallet or Metamask DAPP to connect to Position Exchange

? Also, you can get a crypto account with Binance Exchange. 

?️Disclaimer: Crypto investment generally is volatile. This post doesn’t encourage a risk-free investment. You have to consider all your options and possibly Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing in any crypto project.

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Lesson 5: How to Pick Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy

tokens to buy

If you are looking for how to make money now, invest in crypto. But that’s not all. Even though cryptos are a great store of value for investors now, there are fraudulent cryptos posing to scam investors off their money.

The best crypto tokens are now difficult to spot. One has to look well to see what’s being offered and why it’s worth risking his funds in the project. While many crypto projects don’t prove the identity of the founders or their ability to operate a crypto project, one can find some solace to invest in some project by picking the right ones.

Yes, if I would have to wait for a long while to see value in the crypto project I invested in, I might as well ensure I invest in the right ones. The projects are too many now. So, using your time for only what would work best for your money is the right way to go.

Although, this article doesn’t address the issue of fraudulent token projects, but it does show you what types of tokens can earn you the most value in your Investment. It will help you find which crypto tokens are best investment for you and why you should trust them as a store of value for your money.

✅ Crypto Lessons Table of Content

Before we continue, if you missed the introduction go back and go through it first. Here is the table of content to help you navigate through the entire course from any part of this lesson.

?️INTRODUCTION – Learn Cryptocurrency Investment
?️Lesson 1: How Cryptocurrency Investment Work
?️Lesson 2: How to Setup Token Wallet Address
?️Lesson 3: How to Claim Free Cryptocurrency
?️Lesson 4: How to Trade Cryptocurrency
?️Lesson 5: How to Pick Cryptocurrencies to Buy
?️Lesson 6 How to Farm Cryptocurrency
?Lesson 7: How to Sell Cryptocurrency

So, this lesson and the other lessons will focus on teaching you WHAT TO DO. So much theory will be overlooked and the focus would be on practical.

✅ How Crypto Tokens Work

Tokens are used as a medium of exchange. They are tradable and can be used to exchange for goods and services, whether online or offline. But more uses for crypto tokens have not yet started. The world will one day wake up to other uses for crypto tokens in the future.

Right now, tokens are created to as a digital replacement for conventional currency. They are built on Blockchain technology, which provides some high level of anonymity. That way users can exchange and transact with tokens without revealing their identity to one another.

Crypto tokens also provides a fast means of payment for goods and services. But the primary reason investors flock the Blockchain to buy tokens is for its store of value. It’s one of the fastest ways of acquiring great wealth with little capital.

Those who bought Bitcoin at the early days can attest to it. Bitcoin price has grown from an insignificant value from its early days to what it’s today. The same applies to many other crypto currencies. It’s also the reason many new tokens are flooding the market, looking for a share of this new found wealth.

✅ Types Of Tokens to Buy

There are different types of tokens investors should always consider before buying. I will show you these tokens and reasons behind each one to help you understand the best tokens you should be buying. Each of them presents some benefits for your Investment.

While you can pick and invest in all the tokens I have explained here, you should use this to find the tokens that provides huge benefits in all the categories.

?️Exchange Tokens
?️Staking Tokens
?️Utility Tokens
?️Tokens with Reflections (RFI)
?️Meme Token

Note that some tokens may have a combination of two or more of the different token types. That makes them better choice for investors.


Exchange tokens are native tokens of an exchange. They can serve as utility and staking tokens as well. They are high in value and their price do appreciate faster more than order tokens.

Every exchange token belong to its own exchange where the token is the primary token of transaction. Some exchange tokens are also used as primary tokens outside their exchange. An example is Binance Smart chain token.

There are two major types of exchanges – centralized and decentralized exchanges. You can buy any token as long as it has the native token of an exchange.

The benefits of buying exchange tokens are many:

?️The price rises faster thereby increases your return on investment. Example is Pancakeswap, which started in 2020 and by 2021 the value has reached $24 per token.
?️You can stake the token to earn more tokens while you wait for price to rise.
?️The token is listed on the exchange from day 1 giving it an advantage above other tokens. And it does get opportunity to list with more exchanges as well than other tokens.

✅ Examples of exchange Tokens

There are so many exchange tokens in the market now. I will just give you a few examples. From the explanation you can easily identify a DEX token when you see one.

?️Binance Smart chain
?️BItMart token
?️POSI Token


These kind of tokens are investors delight. They help you earn money from crypto on daily basis. It’s like fixed deposit investment. You stake your tokens to earn more of the same tokens or of a different tokens.

Every token is stakable. However, while some built their own platform to operate staking, some don’t have their own platform, making it difficult to stake them. Also, some partner with other staking sites to stake their tokens.

This should not really be a way to classify tokens but it’s important when buying into a new crypto project. It’s helps you maximize your investment from inception – at the time nothing much is expected from the token.

The benefits of buying staking tokens are huge:

?️You earn more tokens while waiting for token price to rise
?️The value of your staking rises as the value of the token rises increasing your return on investment.
?️It’s the best way to earn daily income from crypto
?️Annual Percentage Returns (APR) are usually higher than you can ever get from any other investment .
?️It’s the fastest way to multiply wealth in crypto investment

✅ Examples of Staking Tokens

What really makes the difference for each token is the APY (Annual Percentage Yield). Some tokens yield more than others. However, some new token projects create their own Staking pool, making them stakable as they are launched.

Almost every major Cryptocurrency is stakable. So my examples will explore few new tokens that have established themselves from the beginning, with their own ecosystem for staking.

?️POSI Token
?️WSPP Token
?️Fresh Cake Swap


Utility tokens are tokens with use-cases. This has been the plan for tokens until Dogecoin changed everything, and added meme token to the list. Every token is designed to have a use case.

That’s what makes tokens valuable and useful as a currency. Although every token project may claim use case just to get users interest, you have to evaluate the present and future uses before buying into any project.

The benefits of buying utility tokens are huge:

?️the price appreciates much faster
?️It has user case and attracts a lot of investors interest
?️You can trade or easily swap it with other tokens
?️It’s get easily acceptable to exchanges and increases its speed of listing

✅ Examples of Utility Tokens

?️POSI Token
?️Ekta Token
?️Binance Coin (BNB)


This kind of auto-staking tokens was made popular by Safemoon. It’s the easiest way to stake your tokens while your tokens are still in your wallet address. This uses the RFi technology that rewards token holders with some percentage of the gas fee.

It works by taking a percentage of every token buy and sell and sharing it among the existing holders. BabyDoge Coin takes 12% when you buy or sell but only 5% of it is shared among holders.

So, this works only when there’s a buy or sell of the token. It’s not a guaranteed way to earn from staking but it does have a huge potential for investors.

The benefits of buying reflection tokens are huge:

?️It doesn’t require any staking fees or network charges to earn reflections
?️It discourages holders from selling fast and helps to increase token price
?️You can earn huge reflections when buying and selling gets high
?️It’s the easiest way to stake your token without actually staking it

✅ Examples of Reflection Tokens

?️POSI Token
?️Babydoge Coin


This one really took the world by joke. Yes, meme tokens are tokens without proper utility or started as a joke like Dogecoin. The concept was started by Dogecoin. But the huge disadvantage is their large token volume and lack of any use case.

The benefits of buying meme tokens are:

?️It usually have huge fan base supporting the meme
?️It discourages holders from selling fast and helps to increase token price
?️It can generate high ROI in a short time with pump and dump

✅ Examples of Meme Tokens

?️Babydoge Coin
?️Akita Inu
?️Shiba Inu

✅ Conclusion

You don’t have to keep wasting money to buy any crypto out there just because they promised heaven and earth in their white paper. You should know what you stand to gain from the project if you buy.

There are so many scam token projects out there. They can promise quick return on your investment but that’s just to rip you off. Learn about crypto investment and stop throwing your money away at every seemingly promising project.

If you would like to learn more about crypto investments join my telegram group. Click this LINK to JOIN CRYPTO LESSONS NOW.

? To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, click or copy Link , paste in your TrustWallet or Metamask DAPP to connect to Position Exchange

?️Disclaimer: Crypto or any other investment generally is volatile. This post doesn’t encourage a risk-free investment. You have to consider all your options and possibly Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing in any investment project.

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How Much You Can Earn With $1,000 In POSI Farm


Welcome to Crypto Lessons on MyBlog TV. I recommend you hit the subscribe button right now and also activate the notification bell to get new videos once I post them. If you are the first to know you will also be the first to earn.

The link to start earning with POSI is in the description box. If you find this helpful, Give this post a thumbs up, write us a good comment to help encourage more of our viewers and share it with your friends.

I want to show you how much you can earn with POSI Farm with $1,000 investment. So, let’s go…

POSI is a native token from Position Exchange – a decentralized derivatives trading protocol. POSI has two LP farms currently. It hopes to increase the number of farms soon. But I’m going to analyze the current 2 farms for you.

I want to show you how much is possible with $1,000 in POSI Farm. The $1,000 is not a limit, and not a minimum either. If you want to earn better with POSI farm, the more you invest the better.

✅ POSI Overview

You can see total locked value. This is huge. Also, POSI currently has more than 300,000 holders. They are currently targeting 5 million by December. The current token price is around $5.5 per POSI.

Although POSI has 100 million total Supply, the circulating Supply is still around 6 million. For those who just buy and hold, the RFI will still give you some POSI tokens from 1% of all transactions.


The first POSI pool I will talk about is the POSI-BUSD pool.

?️The speed is times 2
?️The reward is in POSI
?️APR is currently at (884.83) – expect it to fluctuate. But that’s the highest APR you can get from any solid project like POSI.
?️No deposit fee required
?️Harvest lock up is only for the first 8 hours

1⃣ 1 Day Earning – is about 2.42% or 4.35 POSI per day without compounding. Note that the percentage and earning fluctuates as well with the APR rate. If APR goes up the earning percentage goes up. If it goes down, the pay go down as well.

2⃣ 7 Days Earning – is about 18.25% or 32.78 POSI per week with compounding.

3⃣ 30 Days Earning – is about 105% or 189.30 POSI per month. Note that this calculation is done with compounding earnings. If you are not compounding your earnings will be a little less than this.

4⃣ 365 Days Earning – is about 638,523.63% or 1,124,913.84 POSI per year with compounding interest. At the current POSI rate that’s $6,384,417.67


The second POSI pool I will talk about is the POSI-BNB pool.

?️The speed is times 1.4
?️The reward is in POSI
?️APR is currently at (873.2 ) – expect it to fluctuate. But that’s the highest APR you can get from any solid project like POSI.
?️No deposit fee required
?️Harvest lock up is only for the first 10 hours

1⃣ 1 Day Earning – is about 2.39% or 4.36POSI per day without compounding. Note that the percentage and earning fluctuates as well with the APR rate. If APR goes up the earning percentage goes up. If it goes down, the pay go down as well.

2⃣ 7 Days Earning – is about 18% or 32.34 POSI per week with compounding.

3⃣ 30 Days Earning – is about 103.24% or 185.54 POSI per month. Note that this calculation is done with compounding earnings. If you are not compounding.

4⃣ 365 Days Earning – is about 559,138.45% or 1,004,828.78 POSI per year with compounding interest. At the current POSI rate that’s $5,591,420.43

✅ Finally, you have to do you own research (DYOR). Okay guys thanks for watching, and join me and invest in POSI farms. If you have any question drop it in the comment box.

? To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, copy Link below, paste in your TrustWallet or Metamask DAPP to connect to Position Exchange:

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Position Exchange – How to Turn Tiny Amount of Crypto Capital Into A Fortune

Position Exchange - POSI Token

As a new Decentralized Trading Protocol, Position Exchange is powered by a vAMM and operating on Binance Smart Chain. The exchange is aiming to bridge the gap between investors and the cryptocurrency markets, by enhancing trading experiences.

Position Exchange is offering crypto investors an easy, cheaper and accessible option in Derivatives Trading. Users can trade Crypto Derivatives products transparently, with high security, and privacy. The plan includes expanding into other assets in the future.

Moreover, Position Exchange platform is designed to deliver all the advantages of Decentralized Finance, and bringing the traditional Centralized Finance experience and tools onboard. Some of these benefits include, high leverage, low slippage, and low costs, as well as limit orders. It’s also solving the liquidity issue using the vAMM.

Position Exchange platform is designed to be user-friendly, with an attractive interface that allows traders of all kinds to trade with ease.

✅ What’s POSI Token?

The platform is also empowered by the POSI token, its native deflationary utility token, which is the backbone of its Ecosystem.

POSI holders can benefit from these multiple advantages, while using POSI in the different developed features. POSI holders can use this utility token for Staking, Farming, and can Cast NFTs that grows with their POSI balance, as well as participate in Position Exchange’s governance that shapes its future operations and growth.

There are 4 main features for investors in Position Exchange app. Here’s the list and possible returns they can help investors achieve with their POSI tokens.

?️POSI Staking Pool
?️POSI Liquidity Farming Pool
?️POSI Derivatives Trading Protocol

✅ How to Buy POSI Token on Position Exchange

The best place to buy POSI token is on Position Exchange app. Although, POSI token is also available on other exchanges like PancakeSwap, it’s still better buying it from Position Exchange app.

You can link any wallet of your choice to buy POSI from Position Exchange. The preferred wallets includes Trustwallet and Metamask.

To setup the POSI wallet on Trustwallet or Metamask you will need the following details. Moreover, POSI wallet may already exist on these wallets. You can do a search with the POSI contract address.

✅ POSI Contract Aaddress on BscScan:

?️Network: SmartChain
?️CA: 0x5CA42204cDaa70d5c773946e69dE942b85CA6706
?️Name: Position Token
?️Symbol: POSI
?️Decimal: 18

After setting up your POSI wallet address on Trustwallet or Metamask, you can proceed to buy your POSI Token. The best two places to buy POSI tokens for now are PancakeSwap and Position Exchange.

I recommend you buy from Position Exchange using the link below. The reason is very simple.

?️It’s POSI token native exchange
?️It’s user friendly as well
?️The slippage rate is set automatically at 2%
?️You can swap to POSI Token using any of the other tokens available on the app

✅ Step-By-Step Process to Buy POSI

It’s simple to buy POSI from Position Exchange. One of the experience you would have on Position Exchange is the sweet user interface. It makes it all simple and easy to use any feature on the app.

To buy POSI or even any other token, or to swap your other tokens back to POSI or BNB or BUSD, works so effortlessly. Here is a clue of how simple the steps are:

?️Open the Position Exchange app
?️Select Exchange in the menu
?️Choose the pair you will be using to pay or swap
?️Enter amount you are paying to buy or swap
?️Select the pair you are buying or swapping
?️Click on Swap Button
?️Check the details of the Confirmation page
?️Then Confirm Payment

? To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, copy Link below, paste in your TrustWallet DApp to connect to Position Exchange

How to Earn Over 500% Staking POSI

Staking is one of the ways of earning consistent income daily from crypto investment. Position Exchange provides its platform to crypto staking. Staking POSI, which is the native token for Position Exchange is very lucrative.

You can earn an APR of over 500% for staking POSI Token. An average monthly earning from POSI staking pool is around 40 to 60%. An amazing return for your investment.

✅ What’s Crypto Staking?

Staking in crypto is the process of participating in transaction validation. With a minimum required amount of balance of a particular token, you can validate transaction and earn staking rewards.

There’s huge potential in staking crypto. It’s one of the easiest and lower risk crypto investment, with higher yield as well.

✅ How to Start Staking POSI Token

Staking POSI is very simple. All you need is the right amount of POSI Token. Although, Position Exchange doesn’t demand a minimum amount of tokens you can stake, but staking little amount of POSI tokens would simply means paying high network fees for little benefits.

However, a $100 POSI stake can give you the right start in POSI pool. Following the calculator for staking rewards on Position Exchange website, you can explore what your returns would be from $100 staking power.

To stake in POSI pool just click or copy this link and paste in your DApp browser to access Position Exchange website. iPhone users may need to connect POSI site through Apple native browser.

✅ Step-By-Step Process To Stake POSI

?️Go to POSI WEBSITE (copy the website link and paste in your wallet DApp browser)
?️Choose your preferred pool in the pool section
?️Unlock your wallet (This would require small network fee to unlock)
?️Enter the amount of POSI tokens you want to stake
?️Click on Stake
?️And your stake will be activated immediately

? To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, copy Link below, paste in your TrustWallet DAPP to connect to Position Exchange.

How to Earn Over 1,000% Farming POSI LP

Liquidity Pool is the biggest revenue earner in crypto investment. If you are looking for high return on investment, then think crypto liquidity Pool.

✅ What’s Liquidity Pool?

A liquidity pool is a market maker that provides liquidity for trading crypto that helps to prevent large price swings. It helps to control how market prices react with a particular asset.

✅ How Liquidity Pools Make Money

One sure way to earn from liquidity pool is a cut of the transaction fees. These fees are distributed among all the liquidity providers in a particular pool. The more crypto LP assets you stake in a pool, the more you will earn from it.

Another way to also earn from a liquidity pool is through rewards. Some liquidity pool offers incentives to encourage investors to farm in its pool. These incentives are also shared proportionately to the amount of assets you have in the farming pool.

✅ What’s POSI Liquidity Pool?

POSI liquidity pool is an investment that guarantees POSI holders high yield returns on their POSI LP token in POSI liquidity pool. POSI liquidity pool comprises of the pair of POSI and other tokens like, POSI-BUSD and POSI-BNB pairs.

The POSI liquidity farm is a very profitable pool for investors to earn more from their tiny investment. It provide a high yield returns daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

With as little as $10 you can stake your LP token in POSI liquidity pool. This pool supports low startup. But staking the right kind of amount may help cover for fees and give you better return on your investment.

Also, the higher the amount you stake the higher your yield. The right minimum recommended should be $100. While a good liquidity pool investment for optimum returns should be around $1,000 POSI LP token.

POSI is a native token of Position Exchange platform.

To farm in POSI liquidity pool you will need POSI LP token. PODI LP token are created in pair of POSI-BUSD and POSI-BNB. You can create POSI LP pair token easily with POSITION EXCHANGE app.

✅ How to Farm POSI Liquidity Pool

Copy this link here and pate it in your Trustwallet or Metamask DAPP browser and connect to your wallet to begin transaction. Click here to watch the video on how to create POSI LP token.

Note: An LP token is not a different token you have to buy. It’s just a pair of two supported token in the POSI liquidity pool. POSI allows you to pair the following tokens in its liquidity pool.


The process of creating this LP token is also simplified by Position Exchange. Position Exchange makes it all easier to create supported LP Token pairs with POSI token.

?️Click on DETAILS below any of the POSI LP pair
?️Select POSI-BUSD or POSI-BNB LP (depending on the pair you choose)
?️Enter the amount for each token in the pair (both monetary values must be equal)

POSI Compound Yield

What Is POSI Compound Yield. If you are staking or farming POSI token, you can earn more by using the POSI compound yield formula. Let me show you how this works and how you can make it work best for you.

The first step to achieving compound earning with POSI token is buying more. The right minimum amount to invest is $1,000, but you can start with $500 and grow it over time. However, if you have less than any of this amount I mentioned, you can also compound your POSI yield but the frequency won’t be like those of $500 or $1,000.

How POSI Compound Yield Work

If you know what POSI earnings means you will also know how POSI compound yield work. POSI Compound Yield simply means reinvesting your POSI stake or farm earnings to yield more for you.

You earn POSI compound yield when you reinvest your POSI earnings. It’s like compound interest. The idea is just to increase your pool value by reinvesting your pool earnings to enable you earn more from the pool.

If you have 100 POSI in a pool that earns you 5 POSI daily, and you wish to reinvest it that would increase your pool value from 100 to 105 POSI. It will also compound you pool earning from the additional 5 tokens.

POSI Compound Yield Frequency

To decide how to compound your POSI earnings you must know what you earn daily, weekly and monthly. And since POSI earning is directly proportionate to your POSI stake in the pool, you can know what you earn by what you have in the pool or hope to have in the pool.

How much do you have in the pool? How much do you earn daily, weekly or monthly? What’s the network fee chargeable when reinvesting POSI? What’s that cost in relation to how much you are compounding?

So, if your frequency in a month is more, your compound yield in that month will also increase. Imagine what a daily frequency compound yield would be like. But that’s only possible based on your initial pool value and cost implication of reinvesting your earnings daily.


If you want to earn regularly from crypto, you can do that effortlessly from Position Exchange. You can start now by copying the link embedded below start earning amazing income from Position Exchange.

Let me know your views on Position Exchange earnings. And if you have any question or need clarity on any issue concerning POSI token, just drop a comment and I will be glad to answer it.

? To swap, stake or farm POSI Token, copy Link below, paste in your TrustWallet DAPP to connect to Position Exchange.

✅ Follow my Crypto Lessons on Telegram

✅ Exchange Where you can buy and sell crypto:

?️Get a POSI Exchange Account
?️Get a Binance Exchange Account

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How to Pick Scam Free Crypto Tokens to Buy

Crypto token

If you know how to pick scam free crypto tokens you will make it big in crypto investment. Of course there are no crystal balls to peep into that will tell you which token is be scam free and which one isn’t.

Many tokens fail within the first month of releasing them. That’s investors money going down the drain because these developers, whether prepared or not push their tokens out there and expect it to work. If it didn’t work they pull the plugs on investors and disappear.

Also, there are many scammers out there looking to exploit new investors. They can organize scam presale without any intention of starting a token project. They can also start a token project and once people have invested in it they will pull out the liquidity and shut down the token.

The question now in the lips of every crypto investor is how do I pick scam free crypto tokens to buy?

How Scam Free Crypto Tokens Work

If you can find scam free crypto tokens to buy then you should know how it actually works. A token is a version of a coin built on an existing Blockchain that belongs to another coin. So the difference between a token and a coin is that coins have their own Blockchain but tokens don’t.

So, anybody can create a token, even without any experience in Blockchain technology. However, a token is also indirectly controlled by the price of the coin on the Blockchain it’s built. Examples of Blockchain networks are Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, etc.

But a token must first be built before it can become profitable. And there are processes it’s required to follow to achieve that. As an investor, your primary job is to find out which of the token has the potential to become profitable before you buy.

There are things you need to check when buying a crypto token.

Check The Current Price

Start with knowing the current price you are buying the token. The price of the token determines the quantity you can purchase. If it’s a new token, consider the number of zeros in front of the price. If you like buying into a coin when it’s launched newly, the more zeros in relation to the total supply the better. But if you prefer a tested project, the less zeros might be better.

When checking the price, always relate it with the total token supply, minus the burn token and the current market cap.

Check Token Total Supply

The total supply of the token has a lot to do with your decision to buy and the quantity you should be buying. The higher the volume could mean more zeros to kill off before reaching 1 dollar. So, the total Supply is an important key when deciding to buy a particular token.

One more thing you should know about token total supply is that it’s directly related to its market capitalization. If the token supply is much, it might take longer time to reach its full market cap. And that means it might take longer time for the token price to reach $1 USD.

Check Transaction Log

A transaction log keeps record of all the transaction about a particular token. It gives you the impression about the market response to the token. A token without recents transaction log can mean either it’s just launched or it has failed.

It can also give you the impression of high or low demand for the token. The last few purchases should either show recent or old. And it gives indication if the demand is constant or distant.

Check Market Cap

Market capitalization is the real value of the project. It’s also what’s used to benchmark a token again another token. Market cap means market trust on the token. It’s simply the amount of money in US dollars that investors were willing to put into the token.

It’s the amount of the token purchased in monetary value. The market cap can increase as more investors buy into the token, or decrease as investors sell their investment in the token.

Buying at a lower market cap may be a good time to invest into any token, especially if that token is newly launched. It gives you enough potential to benefit from the token more than those coming in later at a higher market cap.

Check Liquidity Level

The liquidity of a token is your door to exiting the project at any time if you ever got in. Liquidity means the amount of cash available in the token pool that anyone can exchange for the token if he or she chooses to sell their tokens.

Liquidity is your exist door. If you are going to take some investment risk, it’s proper to check if theirs a way out. Where there’s no liquidity or even adequate liquidity, you should be careful with such investment.

Another thing to check about liquidity is how the liquidity is added. Does the token have auto liquidity pool? How much of the liquidity in percentage of the amount already invested in the project?

Check Rug Pull Feature

Rug pull is a form of crypto scam. Although, not all rug pulls are scam. Some are actually token failure. The real idea of a rug pull is when developers take out the token liquidity, making it impossible for investors to cash out, which makes the tokens worthless.

A failed token project also makes the tokens worthless. However, whether failed token or a result of rug pull scam, they both face similar problems, liquidity drain.

One way to ensure the token is not going to be rug pull is to check ownership control, if ownership control is renounced or not. A smart contract creates room for community control and limiting the control of the developers to what they can change and not change.

Check All Time High (ATH)

All time high or ATH is the highest price the token has ever attained. It’s important to know what the token has been able to achieve before buying into it. Especially if it’s not a new token. That would help give you understand the potential or possible failure.

All Time High (ATH) means the token has attained a higher price in the market than it’s currently being sold. Most investors consider ATH as an important indicator for picking a profitable token to buy.

Another very good benefit of checking the All Time High (ATH) of a token before buying it, is to help you understand how low or high in the price chain you want to get into the project.

Check Active Marketing Plan

Marketing plan is important to an overall success of the token. Apart from reading a detailed road map on the token website, what have they been doing to grow the token. Tokens with better marketing plan tends to do better than those without one.

I stopped buying older token because they really don’t have marketing plan behind them. The initial idea of crypto project is community driven mindset. But that’s not working much nowadays. Like the saying, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

If a token doesn’t have better marketing plan, it will grow dull and die. There are many new tokens coming out like everyday. And I have also observed that new tokens with good marketing plan grow faster and hit higher market cap than those without a proper marketing plan.

Check The Tokenomics

This gives you an idea how the token works in terms of who gets what, what goes where, and why. You need to read the tokenomics of any project before investing your money. Key things to find here are:

  • Total token supply
  • Number or percentage of burned or to be burned token
  • Percentage of transaction tax
  • Holders reflections
  • Liquidity pool supply
  • Percentage for Charity work
  • Marketing budget
  • Developers token

A good project should have some key tokenomics in place, like:

  • Good Percentage of transaction tax for liquidity pool
  • Good Percentage for marketing efforts
  • Good percentage of planned burn or auto burn mechanism

Note that most burn at the initial stage only makes it higher for investors to get into the project. And really doesn’t help the price from an investment perspective. Although it makes it easier to attain the full market cap. But burning when the project is at a peak pushes the price way up and builds new level of confidence.

But developers shy away from burning when the project is at the peak because burning early at the start gives them more money, and burning during peak gives more money to the Investors.

Check For Community Activity

Most importantly, before buying a token, to check for its community activities on social media platforms. Search for all the platforms where it has presence and check for user activities. The more activities on a platform the better for the project.

Token is a community driven project. The presence of a community works magic on new investors. Even though you can allocate huge amount for marketing, drive more of your marketing through the community.

The more people talking about the token would attract even more people to buy into the token. Do everything possible to have a vibrant community. Number is important but don’t neglect activities. It’s the fuel that drives the engine.

That means you should equally have more moderators and assign roles to them or what areas of enquiries they should handle. However, as an investor, a token that doesn’t have community activities is not the right place to invest your money.

Check For Audits & Exchange Listings

How secured the project is should be another checklist you need to verify. Have they been certify by any organization responsible in verifying crypto projects? Owners control or control renounced? What are they saying about their certification? Do they have any exchange listing currently or they are in view?

Techrate and Certik are two popular certification companies in the crypto world. You need to know if the token has been certified by any or both or even any other company. Check what they have been certified for.

Another thing to check is listing on exchanges. When a shitcoin is listed on exchanges is proof that it has been verified by other reputable crypto organization as well. But most of exchange listing happens after the token has been launched and probably garnered certain number of holders.

However, you can check their exchange listing plans and see if they are making moves to get listed or they simply ignored that part. You can also see in their white paper their road map to know when they want to get listed on exchanges and what target exchanges they have planned out.

Check For Presence Of Whales

One of the major cancerous problems with shitcoins growth is the huge presence of whales. This same problem is also a blessing to young tokens in disguise. The absence of whales in any newly launched token could dull the entire project and dissuade potential investors.

The whales put in large monies into newly launched tokens. Something that small investors wouldn’t dare to do. They also help to create the first impression about the new token, helping it drive its market cap in record time.

But the modus operandi of whales is what makes investors disdain them. They pump in more money to shore up the market cap, and help bring in more new investors, but as soon as the price starts adding up they would also pull out their investment with such force that sends the token crashing.

You should check for the presence of whales. Too much of whales in a token is dangerous to the project. You have to check the list of highest holding accounts. Any account from 2% above could be Whale account. If there are many of such accounts in that project be careful how you invest.


Crypto market is volatile, but that’s not all the problems with the market. There are scammers, whales, failed projects and so on. If you have to navigate your way, you need to know what to look out for when you want to buy tokens that can give returns on your investment.

Although there’s nothing general wrong about whales. But the havoc they can wreck to a token could be devastating. Their modus operandi is what makes them deadly. But every token really needs the presence of whales at the initial stage to build momentum and attracts small investors who are hoping to also take in profits from their small investments.

Finally, always do your own research (DYOR) before investing in any new token.

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Crypto Investment – Newbie Guide for 2023

Crypto investment

If you are still confused about Crypto investment, let me simplify it for you. It’s like buying stocks. How many of you have bought shares of a company before? You probably didn’t even know much about trading stocks, yet you bought stocks.

Someone helped you to buy it. Someone can also help you to buy your first cryptos or even be buying for you all the time. It’s your choice. But this group is to help you learn the basics so that you can handle most of your Crypto investments yourself.

“I have a group on WhatsApp where I explain crypto investment to newbies. Your an Join this group and have the opportunity to learn. WhatsApp have limited number of contacts that can be in a group. So, hurry to join now before it’s full.

Click this link to join my WhatsApp group

What’s Crypto Investment?

Investors buy crypto coins or tokens to hold till the value appreciates and they sell it for profit. Some stake their cryptos or loan it through exchanges for an annual percentage return. These activities doesn’t require a daily routine like crypto trading.

At a while or at maturity, the coins or tokens can be exchanged back to stable currencies like Naira and dollar.

Cryptocurrency can be a good investment if you follow the right strategies for investment, which includes having a better understanding the crypto market. You cannot afford to start crypto investment without knowing the basics of crypto business. At this early stage of crypto market, it’s a highly profitable investment, with a long term assessment.

If you are hoping to invest now and reap it the next day you would be wrong. The shortest possible time to expect any reasonable return on your crypto investment is between 12 months and 5 years.

Crypto Investment Versus Trading

There’s difference between crypto investment and crypto trading. Although, what’s more popular and mostly advertised is crypto trading. Not much is explained about crypto investment.

Trading involves the pair for two crypto currencies or with an asset. Wikipedia summaries crypto trading as Cryptocurrency exchange that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies for other assets. The purpose is to make quick gains, daily or depending on the duration of a trade. But in crypto investment you are not exchanging the currency for quick gain but for a long term return.

Buy to Hold Strategy

The best strategy for a newbie in Crypto is to buy and hold. This strategy doesn’t require any experience, and you can start immediately. You simply buy cryptos of your choice and hold them till when it appreciates and you sell them for profit. With as low as N1,000 you can start buying cryptos.

But for a newbie that may not be easier for you but have in mind that at least N5,000 can get you some coins. But on a professional note, I would recommend starting with between N30,000 to N100,000. Your an buy more as later too. Never stop buying. Well, as you learn more you can buy very cheaper when the coin is very new, like days or weeks old.

How to Buy And Hold

You can buy cryptos yourself. There are many crypto wallets you can use. In the last lesson I mentioned Trustwallet, Binance, Roqqu, Remitano and There are so many other wallets. You will get to know more as you grow in the business.

To start buying, you learn of cryptos that are selling to buy. The wallets have features to help you buy them. You can also request the assistance of someone else who has been buying to help out for a start.

What to Buy And Hold

There are many Cryptocurrency coins available now. The most popular once are Bitcoin, Ethereum, ripples and the likes. But there are so many unpopular once. In fact, some cryptos just launched and some are yet to launch. What to buy is never in lack.

However, for a newbie focus on new coins. New coins are cheaper and has the potential to make you money as the price rises. You can purchase millions or billions of new coins at cheaper prices.

Where to Buy And Hold

New coins or shitcoins, as they are mostly referred cannot be bought from every wallet. There are different process of getting shit coins before they listed on major crypto exchanges. The number one place to buy shitcoins is TRUSTWALLET. You see why I said you should download trustwallet.

There are others but this one is very okay and simple to use. I will put a simple guide on how to download and activate trustwallet this evening for those who may issues with the process.

When to Sell Your Crypto Hold

If you are going to buy shitcoins, it’s better to buy them early. Most of these coins are released at $0.00000003, making them so cheap to buy. However, buying from Nigeria is a bit more ‘costlier’ since you can’t buy directly from your ATM card or bank. However, buying at any price around $0.000009 is still good if the coin is doing well in the market. But that would require more capital investment if you want to buy volumes.

So, if you bought at a good price, it’s upto you to decide at what price is good for you to sell. I always buy with projections. Like, if I’m buying a million coin, I’m thinking when can I be able to sell this coin. In 3 months, 6 months or 12 months? Then, I mark my selling price, either at N1 per coin or N10 or N100 or even $1 per coin. I can even mark it lower than N0.1. It depends on my coin volume.

Where to Sell Your Crypto Hold

While this maybe something you would require later but it’s also important we discuss it now. It’s a lot challenging to sell coins in Nigeria if you are just starting out. You know there’s a ban on banks by the government that stopped them from supporting Crypto trades. So selling your Crypto won’t be easy but it’s not impossible. Later, things would change but we have person-to-person (peer to peer) trading on most of the major exchanges like Binance and Remitano.

Finally, you have to make a choice to start today. If you want to buy yourself, go ahead and give it a try. If you need someone to help you out, go for it. I want to see those who are serious and would buy some coins today.

How Much It Cost to Buy Cryptos In Nigeria

Let’s analyze the cost implications of buying shitcoins in Nigeria. For most people they may feel cheated when they buy from a vendor. Yes, I felt that way in my first Crypto investment because someone helped me to buy it.

I didn’t wait till when I have known it all myself. I knew that crypto prices increased every second. I wanted in immediately. So, I used my mentor to buy my first cryptos. Although, I got some high figures, their dollar equivalent didn’t match with what I paid. At one transaction I queried him.

I felt cheated and decided to learn what he knows. I wanted to save cost for myself. However, I also faced some stack realities of what he was facing too. Although, you cannot compare the cost of buying it yourself to someone buying it for you. I will show you the difference in it.

Shitcoins Have Challenges

Shitcoins are cheap if you buy them early. But there are transaction costs as well. Sometimes the transaction cost are higher than the cost of the coins you are buying. Imagine buying a $10 coin and paying $9.80 as network fee.

That’s even the lesser challenge with shitcoins. Network fees can even be more if you are using Ethereum Network. If you don’t understand these you might pay higher than you could have paid. If you are buying it yourself, it could be a mistake you make if you don’t know about it.

When it comes to buying shitcoins, most of them ask for higher gas fees. Imagine paying over 30% of the volume of the coins you are buying as GAS FEE. Yes, in Crypto investment you pay gas fee, and it’s the major charge when buying or selling shitcoins.

The real cost issue with buying shitcoins in Nigeria is that we have little options of payment. With banks banned by government from supporting Crypto purchased, you can’t buy cryptos with your ATM card. You are not even allowed to do Crypto transactions with the bank.

So, be careful with what you do when buying Crypto, so you don’t put yourself into trouble. That’s why you need to learn first and understand many things before you start your crypto investment.

Where to Buy Crypto Yourself

Okay, it’s time to talk about do it yourself Crypto buying option. You need to know how to buy cryptos yourself. It’s nothing difficult but you will need some guide. There are also videos that can help you.

I will advice you decide first Crypto websites or apps you are going to use then learn how to use that website or app. Although, in Crypto you may need to use multiple sites and apps to operate your Crypto investment.

Your first step would be to signup to some of these websites and apps. I recommend you first register on the websites, then download the apps to use . Unless the site only has app.

Here are my selected websites and apps where you can buy cryptos in Nigeria. Note that each site or app may have certain advantages you may need. So, I recommend that you register in multiple Crypto Exchange sites. I’m registered in all the wishes I’m sharing with you here.


This one is a must have. It’s just an app, and it doesn’t have a website. You can download the app on google play store or IOS store. If you are going to be in eating in new and unlisted coins you will need trustwallet.

Binanca Exchange

This one is another must have. It has both website and app. I buy most of my cryptos here. It offers Nigerians peer to peer (PP) transaction, where you can buy coins from sellers in Nigeria. Since Nigerian ATM is banned in Crypto sites, we only use (PP) transactions to purchase coins online.

Here’s the link to register for an account on this site:

Binance website link

Remitano Wallet

It’s also one account that works for Nigerians. The company is based in South Africa. One of their main market is Nigeria. So, you will be okay doing business on this platform.

Here the link to register on the Remitano site:

Remitano website link

Roqqu Wallet

It’s purely a Nigerian exchange. It as working fine before the government ban. They are trying to revive it back. It depended solely on the bank transactions and it was the best because you can easily cash out into your Nigerian bank account. They are coming back strong, so you should also get an account here.

Here the link to register on the Roqqu site:

Roqqu website link

These platforms are good for you to start. I advice that you register on these platforms today. Don’t leave for next time. If you are serious about investing in Crypto, one this you shouldn’t do is procrastinate.

Join A Crypto Group

You need to join a Crypto group to learn even more. I have a Crypto WhatsApp Group your an Join to learn more for free. Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

How To Get FREE Cryptos

In the world of cryptos you can enjoy a lot of freebies. It’s only in cryptos that give aways are real. Few days ago, I woke up to 1 billion FREE coin. It may not worth anything today, but it might worth so much in the future. When Bitcoin and Ethereum started they were first giving away to people. Those free coins made so many millionaires.

My special give away was meant to help you learn and prepare you for the lessons I’m about to share with you this week. Using wallets like Trustwallet and their likes requires you know how to activate coins, buy coins through pancakeswap and swap 1 coin for another coin. If you are not following the give away, even if you don’t submit an entry, do the assignment. It’s to help you learn.

Welcome to this special lesson where I will teach you how free crypto coins work. In fact, starting from today I will be sharing opportunities to get free coins. It will be a huge bonus for joining this group. But first, let me explain how it works.

Types of Free Coin Drops

There are two types of free coin drops. There are Airdrops and Selfdrops. These are give aways from either yet to be launched cryptos or already existing ones that doesn’t have lots of holders yet.

The deferred ones are usually free, while the instant ones would cost you some tinny Network transfer fee.

Each one takes different process as well. The Airdrops requires you to do some tasks and get listed to receive the free coins at a certain date set by the crypto company. But the Selfdrops not so free instant one, which require you pay Network fee to receive it instantly, doesn’t require any task from you.

How Much FREE Coins Do You Get

If you are new in Crypto world you might be scared by the figures being mentioned – millions, billions, trillions, quadrillion, etc. I got 1 billion free coins recently. In fact, I could get up to 10 billion free if I wanted. Instead, I chose to buy 250 billion of the coin.

There’s no limit to how much coins you can get for free. There are many free coins flying around in the crypto world. Once a new Crypto is coming out, many of them do free give aways to get lots of attention and grow their holders address.

In the WhatsApp group, I will be posting many of them for you. Below are some of the recent free coins you can take advantage of now. That’s why I asked you to get *TRUSTWALLET*. If you have your wallet downloaded, now is the time to use it to get free coins.

However, you need to have a different wallet for airdrops than for your paid coins. Don’t wait to find out why. Just do as I said.

NOTE – Airdrops are also risky. It can help hackers have access to your account. That’s why you don’t just go for every airdrop you see. If you are new follow the advice of someone who knows better than you.

Click this link to joinmy WhatsApp group:

How To Download & Activate TrustWallet

If you have not downloaded TRUST WALLET here’s what to do now. You need an android phone with an internet.

Step 1: Go to Google play store
Step2: Search for Trustwallet (the image should look like this)
Step 3: install
Step 4: Open
Step 5: read and follow the instructions in the app to activate it

Note: It doesn’t require password or email. But it gives you some keyword phrase. Keep those keyword phrase secured. It’s your only password to access the wallet when you download into another phone or need to recover your wallet.

How to Create A Second TRUSTWALLET Account

It simple to have a second wallet inside your existing trustwallet. That’s why your wallet has name. The name is to help you differentiate one wallet from another. Now that you have named your first wallet, it’s time to create a second one and name it as well.

To start, click on SETTING at the bottom right corner of your Trustwallet. As it opens, click on Wallet and click on the PLUS + sign at the top right corner of the screen. And it will open for you to start creating a new wallet as you did the first time. Remember to also save the 12 keyword seeds. It’s a separate account. But it works together in the same app.

Steps To Buy Coins With Trustwallet

We have talked about Airdrops. You need it. It’s not every coin you should buy. More than 50 percent of the coins out there will fail. That means you will lose your money in them. Buying coins it not 100% secured investment. There are risks too. So, you need to find ways to get some for free. Like I advised, create a separate wallet for your free coins.

However, today we will be looking at how to buy shitcoins. In this case, I’m only going to address buying it from trustwallet. I hope you have downloaded trustwallet. I will advice that you also practice buying it yourself.

Here are the easy steps to follow:

✅Step 1: Download the App TRUSTWALLET and setup your wallet
✅Step 2: Purchase BNB or BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
✅Step 3: Go to DApps tab in your Trustwallet and click on PancakeSwap
✅Step 4: Change the network logo from Ethereum to Smart Chain
✅Step 5: Connect your Trustwallet to PancakeSwap
✅Step 6: Click select a currency and enter the contract address into the search box for the shitcoin you want to buy and select the coin when it’s displayed.
✅Step 7: Before swapping, click on the wheel (cog) and set slippage to the right percentage for the shitcoin.
✅Step 8: Set the amount of BNB you want to spend for the shitcoin and press the PancakeSwap button.
✅Step 9: Confirm the transaction is correct and click continue.
✅Step 10: Verify the network fee amount and total amount you are paying for the shitcoin and Confirm Transaction.


Starting out in crypto as a newbie may be a little confusing trying to understand how the whole process work. It’s usually easier to buy the major crypto coins, but not so easy when you have to deal with shitcoins.

But your success as a newbie starts with understanding shitcoins. Unless you have money to invest in major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, your starting point is with shitcoins.

Click this link to join my WhatsApp group:

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Cryptocurrency Nigeria

Nigeria is no doubt the current leader of global Cryptocurrency trade – Bitcoin to be precise. According to Statista 2020 report, 32% of Nigerians are involved in Cryptocurrency trade, which makes it the highest number from any country. But when it comes to volume of transaction, Nigeria comes behind United States.

Moreover, the Cryptocurrency market is exploding in prices. The demand and relevance of digital currencies are gaining momentum even from irrelevant quarters. It’s no longer news that Tesla CEO, Elon Musk even added $1.5 billion in Bitcoin to its balance sheet.

And there are even speculations that Bitcoin might hit the $100,000 in value soon. Whether that would happen soon or not it’s not even the reason for this post. There’s huge potential with cryptocurrencies that should get everyone’s attention now.

If you haven’t gotten yourself a Crypto wallet, now is the time to do so fast. Those who bought into this currency when it was still unknown have become millionaires, if not billionaires, without much effort. And there’s still more room for new millionaires from Crypto world.

What’s Blockchain?

The first thing to understand about Cryptocurrency is the technology in which it’s built – called Blockchain. This technology works as an open distributed ledger that records the transactions between two parties. It’s done efficiently, in a verifiable way that makes it permanent, and is resistant to any modification of the data.

That means it doesn’t require a middle person, doesn’t need the banks to verify transactions as well.

It’s not like the current monetary system that’s reserved in the banks, backed by governments. Which requires you to have an ATM, or a connection to the bank to transfer money to other people. That monetary system involves middle person – which is the bank. But Blockchain does require any intermediary.

What’s Cryptocurrency?

What properly defines Cryptocurrency is that it’s MONEY. But digital money. It’s one currency that’s not managed or controlled by any governments or world power.

Even the identity of the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, which happens to be the first Crypto, is still a mystery. That has not changed the fact that cryptocurrencies have taken their rightful place in the market of currencies.

So, Cryptocurrency is a form of currency available only in digital or electronic form, not in any physical form. It’s also referred as the following:

  • Digital money
  • Electronic money
  • Electronic currency
  • Cyber cash

Cryptocurrencies are only transacted on Blockchain technology. Normally payments in this way are instantaneous.

How Cryptocurrency Work

It’s a way to store and exchange value. And about exchanging values, it doesn’t follow traditional and bank payment methods, which often aligns it with the term ‘dark web’. A term used to describe internet activities that’s not within the purview of government scrutiny and judicial control.

However, Cryptocurrency relies on a technology called “Blockchain” – its function is to share transactional database, with its entries which must be confirmed and encrypted.

Now cryptos are used in paying for goods and services. But much of its relevance is in the speculative trade transaction, which is currently driving the prices off the roof.

Benefits of Digital Currency

There are lots of benefits of Cryptocurrency. Here are just the few important ones:

  • Reduces corruption – as one entity do not have control
  • Eliminates extreme government money printing
  • You control your money instead of giving away your control
  • It cuts out the middle person who always takes a cut
  • And serves the people who don’t have access to the banks

Different Types Of Cryptocurrencies

There are 3 types of cryptos. Here is the list below:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Altcoins
  3. Tokens

What’s Bitcoin?

Let me summarize the whole concept of Bitcoin for you. Bitcoin is a digital currency that was invented without links to government or any country’s central bank. That means, it’s neither regulated by the government nor the banks.

According to reports, it was invented in 2008 by an unknown person, who goes by an imaginary name ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. However, the currency came into use in 2009 through a digital app.

How Bitcoin Works

The way to understand Bitcoin better is to related it to a computer file that’s stored in a digital wallet app. Anyone can send Bitcoin to your digital wallet, and you too can send to other people.

Furthermore, bitcoins are generated by competitive and decentralized process called “mining”. Bitcoin mining is done by the individuals, who in return are rewarded by the network for their services. These Bitcoin miners receives bitcoins as a reward for completing ‘blocks’ of verified transactions , which are then added to the Blockchain.

In recent times, the prices of Bitcoin are going so high. Some speculate that since there are only 21 million bitcoins in total, there will be less circulation of the currency. And as more people become aware of the scarcity, demand rises, it’s resulting in a higher price.

Also, as many companies and some government agencies buy Bitcoin that shows a high level of confidence, which pushes the appreciation up and it makes Bitcoin more desirable. Bitcoin popularity is making investors believe there’s further upside.

What’s Altcoin?

If you have been involved in cryptos you may have heard about altcoin – alternative cryptocurrencies that got launched after Bitcoin achieved success. The number of altcoins are growing everyday.

Even within Bitcoin Blockchain, altcoins have emerged. The likes of Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin classic, etcetera. Here are some list of altcoins currently in use.

  • Ethereum
  • Ripples
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • Litecoin
  • Polkadot
  • Tether
  • Cardano
  • Filecoin
  • POSI

And many others still coming out till date. While there will only be one Bitcoin, there’s going to be endless versions of altcoins.

What’s Token?

Tokens are a type of cryptocurrency. They represent asset or used for specific needs.

Crypto tokens are created, distributed or sold, and circulated through the standard initial coin offering (ICO) process that involves a crowdfunding exercise usually meant to fund project development.

Crypto tokens or crypto assets, are special kinds of virtual currency tokens that are built on their own blockchains and represent an asset or utility. They are mostly used as fundraise for crowd sales. They can also be used as a substitute for other things.

In an example, one can have a crypto token that represents a particular number of customer loyalty points on a blockchain. And that is used to manage such details for a retail chain.

What’s Cryptocurrency Used For?

One of the challenges some have with Cryptocurrency is they can’t understand what it’s used for. They have argued that, it cannot be used primarily as a means of exchange in a real world, considering the price.

Gold is not even a currency but it’s a medium of exchange. Cryptocurrency is serving its purpose as a medium of exchange, in a much better way – making many rich.

Moreover, Crypto trading is a trending business, growing to equal or surpass Forex trading. If that’s the only use for cryptocurrencies that would have been awesome.

Top Cryptocurrencies In Nigeria

If you are new in Crypto business, you would like to know what other Nigerian Crypto investors are buying and why. It’s not like their choice is the best. But if those who got into the bushes before you are buying certain cryptos it’s a sign that they could be good for you as well.

However, you need to know the motivation behind these choice. Most Nigerian got into crypto simply for profit. So, their first motivation is how much they can make from any Cryptocurrency. If you have the same motivation, then you have consider what they are buying.

In the recent Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) ban on cryptocurrencies, three of the cryptos that were continuously referenced are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. But that’s not the only cryptos Nigerians buy. See a few list below:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Ripples
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • POSI
  • Zugacoin

These list represents the most traded cryptos in Nigeria. Bitcoin and Ethereum are top cryptos globally. Anyone would understand the reason they are top buy for Nigerians. But the love for Dogecoin is still a speculative investment. However, this coin is fighting to gain relevance.

You may be reading about Zugacoin for the first time here. Yes, zugacoin is a Nigerian Coin. I believe in visions and I know that if this coin didn’t become popular elsewhere it will be in Nigeria and Africa. Already there are insinuations that the biggest African car manufacturing company Innosson Motors has partnered to accept Zugacoin for payment for its cars.

What’s Ethereum?

Ethereum was built to help developers build apps for Ethereum Blockchain. The transaction time on Ethereum is also faster, within seconds. It also has more coins than Bitcoin – with a current number of 100 million ether coins. And more can be created.

What’s Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash is a spin-off or altcoin that was created in 2017. In November 2018, Bitcoin Cash split into two cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that is a fork of Bitcoin, designed to be transactional Cryptocurrency that functions as a peer to peer electronic cash payment system.

What’s Ripple?

Ripples is the bankers coin. It’s centralized, unlike other Blockchain coins that are decentralized. With global banks involved, it’s also under government control. It’s also an alternative to fiat currency. It has the potential to become acceptable to most countries government and even widespread.

What’s Litecoin?

Litecoin came from the same Blockchain as Bitcoin. They are both similar but with different features – an improvement on Bitcoin, for speed and cheaper transaction. It takes just seconds to process, and much cheaper for micro transactions.

What’s Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency invented by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, who decided to create a payment system that is instant, fun, and free from traditional banking fees. Dogecoin features the face of the Shiba Inu dog from the “Doge” meme as its logo and namesake.

What’s Crypto Wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a device, some are physical medium, program or an app service which stores the public and/or private keys for cryptocurrency transactions. Apart from it’s basic function of storing the keys, a cryptocurrency wallet also offers the functionality of encrypting and signing information.

So, with cryptocurrency wallet, users can store and retrieve their digital assets. In an example, a user who acquires Crypto such as Bitcoin can store it in a wallet, and can from the wallet use it to make transactions.

Best Bitcoin Wallets for Nigerians

  • Exodus is good Best for Beginners.
  • Electrum is good for more advanced user interested in only Bitcoin
  • Mycelium is best for mobile users.
  • Ledger Nano X is a hardware wallet
  • Trezor Model T is best for storing large number of Cryptocurrencies
  • Ledger Nano S hardware wallet is a cheaper option

Crypto Exchanges for Nigerians

Crypto Exchanges are not the same as crypto wallets. You have to know the difference. In Nigeria, not all crypto exchanges accept transactions from Nigerians. For example, Coinbase don’t accept users from Nigeria. It’s not just Voinbase, some other exchanges don’t accept users from Nigeria. Below are some tested exchanges where you can register to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from Nigeria.

Binance Crypto Exchange & App

Binance is number Crypto exchange in the world. One it’s major users are Nigerians. The beauty of Binance is that you can buy crypto in naira and pay directly from your bank account. And you can also withdraw your Crypto sales into your naira bank account.

My Assessment Of Binance
  • Binance is a good crypto Wallet for Nigerians
  • You can easily buy Crypto directly from your bank account
  • It’s also easy to withdraw your Crypto in naira equivalent into bank account
  • You can also buy or sell Crypto with their peer to peer transaction feature
  • However,its withdrawal charge is around 0.005 or $27 per Bitcoin transaction.

Signup for Binance account here.

Remitano Crypto Exchange & App

Reminato is also a popular Crypto platform among Nigerians. Although the company is based in South Africa, but its main African market is Nigeria.

My Assessment Of Remitano
  • Remitano is a good crypto Wallet for Nigerians
  • You can easily buy Crypto directly from your bank account
  • It’s also easy to withdraw your Crypto in naira equivalent into bank account
  • You can also buy or sell Crypto with their peer to peer transaction feature

Signup for Remitano account here.

Roqqu Crypto Exchange & App

Roqqu is made for Nigerians. It’s target market is Nigeria. Although, it’s not the only Wallet that serves Nigerians, but I have so many reasons to endorse this particular Wallet above the others. Here are my key reasons, and if you feel they are good you can also sign up with Roqqu using the link below.

My Assessment Of Roqqu
  • Roqqu is a good crypto Wallet for Nigerians
  • You can easily buy Crypto directly from your bank account
  • It’s also easy to withdraw your Crypto in naira equivalent into bank account
  • You can also buy or sell Crypto with their peer to peer transaction feature
  • It charges one of the lowest transaction fee, as low as 2%

Signup for Roqqu account here.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency

Once you have created a Crypto Wallet, you can start buying Cryptocurrency immediately. Although, you may need to verify your account. Some wallets would request for your government ID, bank verification number, and may even take your selfie.

And with your bank account you can buy your first Cryptocurrency from any of these crypto exchanges like Binance, Remitano or Roqqu in Nigeria.

How to Sell Cryptocurrency

Also, when you want to sell your cryptos, it’s also that simple. Most exchange use peer to peer for Nigerians. The beauty of using P2P is that everything is simplified and paid into your bank account. It’s as easy as clicking on withdraw, enter the amount you want to withdraw, and it’s quickly deposited into your local bank account in naira.

What is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Crypto trading is the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies or exchanging of one crypto for another crypto assets or coins. The idea is to buy at a low price and sell at a high margin.

There are different types of crypto trading strategy you can explore:

  1. Day trading
  2. Swing trading
  3. Scalping
  4. Position trading

Day Trading:

This is the most popular trading style. Day trading, as its name implies, is the method of buying and selling crypto with in the same day.

Position Trading:

This is to buy and hold strategy. This strategy is suitable for beginners. However, when it’s done by an advanced trader, it can be a form of active trading.

Position trading uses longer term charts, anywhere from daily to weekly to monthly in combination with other methods to determine the trend of the current market direction.

This type of trading may last for several days to several weeks and sometimes longer, depending on the trend.

Swing Trading

Swing traders get in the game when a trend breaks. At the end of the trend, there is usually some price volatility as the new trend tries to establish itself. Swing trades are usually held for more than a day but for a short time than position traders.


Scalping is one of the quickest strategies employed by active traders. It includes exploiting various price gaps caused by bid-ask spread order flows.

The strategy generally works by making the spread or buying at the bid price and selling at the ask price to receive the difference between the two price points. Scalpers attempts to hold their positions for a short period.

Crypto Trading Technique

If you want to start trading cryptos, then you need to figure out what type of trader you want to be. You should know the technique you will be using. It’s important for every trader to have their own trading technique that works for them.

Here are two main trading techniques:

  1. Fundamental analysis
  2. Technical analysis

You can use any of the techniques or both.

Crypto Trading Strategies

A trading strategy is a trading fixed plan designed to achieve a profitable return, either going long or short in Crypto market. There are four different types of trading strategy. You will need to decide the method you want to use.

However, for every trading strategy you need to define the crypto to trade, your entry and exit points, and apply your money management rules. A bad money management can make a potentially profitable strategy unprofitable.

Here’s how to formulate a trading game plan? You do it on paper before going into the market. This is where a lot of traders fail.

Types of Crypto Trading Analysis

After figuring out the kind of trade that you want to be the next thing you need to put in mind is type of analysis you’ll be using for your trade. We have to type of analysis and they are

Fundamental Analysis

This is a method of measuring a coins intrinsic value by examining related economic and financial factor. The end goal is to arrive at a number that an investor can compare with the coins current price in order to see if the coin is undervalue or overvalued.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is just the discipline that is used to evaluate crypto investment, and to identify trading opportunities by analyzing statistical trends gathered from trading activities. Here are the activities that are analyzed, price movements, trade volume, moving average, time frame and etcetera.

Analyzing Coins

You must also know how to be able to analyze a coin, to know the ones that have great potentials for trade; by checking their market capital value, the volume of the coin, the most use of the coin, the team behind the coin, the technology behind the coin and how the coin is currently in demand.

Risk Management

You need to know how to minimize your risk. Crypto trading is risky and the market is volatile. But by setting stop loss, having a plan and sticking to the plan, without allowing greed to control your trading, you will bulletproof your investment from unnecessary losses.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Have a diversified portfolio. Don’t put all your money in one coin. Spread your money in different coins. Even if you have love in one coin, you can also gain in other coins to help cover the loss from one coin.

How to Earn Free Bitcoins

Okay, bitcoin prices are high, I get that. But how about getting some Bitcoin pennies on a daily basis. The small amount of crypto you get daily may not be really much, but over time it can accumulate to something.

There are several ways one can earn bitcoins for free. Here are some possible options:

  • How To Get Free Bitcoins With These 5 Methods
  • Join affiliate programs and earn free bitcoins
  • Download CryptoTab and earn free bitcoins from browsing
  • You can start mining Crypto to earn Bitcoin
  • Earn free Bitcoin from taking surveys
  • Earn free Bitcoin with a Crypto interest account
  • Get free POSI altcoins from POSI farm and pool and convert to Bitcoin


In Nigeria, cryptocurrencies are the focus of most startup investors. With as little as N1,000 you can start trading cryptocurrencies. There’s no limitation to what you can achieve with cryptos.

The nature of crypto coins makes it easier to acquire and multiply. Sometimes you could find free coins online. Some other time it could be available to purchase at a very ridiculous rate.

Start your plan to acquire Crypto coins now, even if their current value is anything much. That was how Bitcoin started in 2009, and today its the most valuable currency in the world.

The whole idea here is to help you get started with cryptocurrencies. That’s why I added several links to different sites and applications involved in crypt business. Take your time to click on the links to review the sites behind them. Some of them might be very helpful to you.

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How To Create The Perfect Residual Income

Perfect residual income

If you live in a harsh economic environment like Nigeria, where monthly minimum wage is N30,000 or almost equivalent of $50 (by the time this present exchange rate hits N600 to $1), you really need a residual income. How can you live on such meager income for a whole month, when some people are earning over $50 on residual income daily?

Let me compare your $50 monthly minimum wage to a residual income of $50 per day. That’s $1,500 or N750,000 on an exchange rate of N500 to $1. Don’t ask me why I’m using non official exchange rates. If you must know, much of what happens online in Nigeria is through unofficial transactions in dollar currency.

Nigerians are in control of their online activities, that’s why the government is trying at every point to frustrate the online community in Nigeria. So, it’s either you are building a residual income to take care of your regular expenditures, or you are building income for your retirement.

In this post, I’m exploring the world of residual income. Although, I will be drifting more into online income opportunities. Because that’s where everyone can play equally now.

What’s Residual Income?

If you work in the next 20 years, what’s going to be your income in 20 years? How much of your time and resources would that have cost you? Your income from work is only commiserate to the time and energy you put into the work.

Perfect residual income

That’s what I call “manpower” income. Laughing out loud! But how else can it be described than by what it is. However, when you practically do nothing, or little at the inception and then let that initial effort or input work for you continually, you have created an income that’s residual in nature.

This kind of income continues to come in even after you have completed the work that’s producing the income. And every Nigerian needs this kind of income.

How Residual Income Works

When it comes to residual income, two things are at play – how much you want to earn and how much you have to invest to earn it. Since I’m considering mostly online investment programs, the only factor that’s in consideration here is – profit percentage accruable from your investment.

The best way to understand residual income is to consider any of its examples. Take for instant residual income from intellectual properties like books, music, videos, etcetera. You write the book once, or the music or video is only done once, but you keep earning from those materials over a long period of time.

As long as their are people willing to pay for any of those works, you keep earning residual income from that one-time effort. If you are thinking, what if I can’t write a book, or produce music or videos? Like I mentioned, those are just examples. There are many other ways to earn residual income, even if you don’t have any skill.

Investment Opportunities And Risk Assessment

Online residual income opportunities has flooded the internet since after COVID19 lockdowns. More and more people are looking for residual income to argument for the low income effects from the pandemic.

There are so many of these income opportunities right now on the internet, and most of them are actually scam. So, you have to be careful. Moreover, even when such opportunity is not really a scam, note that every business venture is a risk investment.

You have to be cautious and invest wisely. The first thing you have to do is ask yourself, how much can I possibly lose now and it won’t affect my finances? That should be the amount to start with. Never be in a hurry to earn from untested and unproven opportunities.

Start with small amount, and increase later if the opportunity proves to be legit. Another thing you should know about even legit businesses is that non is 100% risk proof. Invest only the amount you can possibly risk at first, and pull out funds as the returns starts piling up. Don’t get greedy.

Some Typical Examples of Residual Income

From the first examples I gave, you already know what is residual income. You can easily identify an opportunity when you see one. While most of the examples are still good as residual income, I’m going to emphasis more on online based residual income. But first let me give you some list of passive income.

  • Investment in stocks, forex and crypto
  • Investment in Real Estate
  • Creating an Online Course
  • Starting a YouTube channel
  • Having a membership site
  • Writing a Book
  • Building a network marketing group

Like I mentioned, we are going to explore online opportunities. And before I proceed, don’t ignore network marketing opportunities. I know some people don’t like the idea of network marketing.

Since there are no proven online residual income in Nigeria, you have to explore those from other countries. Unless you want to create your own residual income business. My suggestion is to find investment opportunities and plug in your money to earn income daily, monthly or annually, as the case maybe.

Residual Income Ideas

Let me expose you to some of the existing residual income Ideas. The internet has truly changed the way anything and everything works all over the world. It’s not only the simplicity, but also the transactional nature of doing things.

There are several passive income Ideas online that you can start. The internet has given more people the opportunity that was once reserved to a select few. And you earn as much 10% returns on your investment. But before you invest in any one, study the opportunity. If possible, attend physical or online trainings to learn more about how you can earn from the opportunity.

Forex Residual Income Idea

Right now, one of the biggest investment opportunity online is Forex trading. It’s not new, but what’s new is opportunity for everyone including non traders to invest in the forex market. All you need is buy up an investment package from a trading company, and you get returns daily as the package stipulates.

If this kind of passive income interests you, here is another post you should read – HOW TO START FOREX TRADING AS A NON TRADER.

Crypto Residual Income Ideas

Cryptocurrencies are also taking its huge share of the currency market. Almost all the exchange platforms are also offering opportunities to trade cryptocurrencies as well. Even so, platforms are springing up asking for investors to buy trading packages with them for a guaranteed return.

Both the forex and crypto markets work almost the same. Apart from the fact that forex markets only operate 5 days in a week, as against crypto market that’s open every day of the week.

NOTE: The passive income investments that I recommend includes – OMEGAPRO, AX TRADER, BEURAX, and PETRONPAY.

Residual Income Business

Someone has asked me one day, is residual income a business? There’s a business aspect of residual income, and there’s also non business part, where you sit and earn passively. I have also listed some of them in the examples of passive income Ideas.

Residual income businesses are those income you setup and earn from over a long period of time. You may or may not own them 100%.

Real estate is one of them. You invest in properties and keep collecting rents over a long period of time. The problem with real estate business is that it still needs you to manage the business. This aspect of passive income in common, not just in Nigeria but all over the world.

Perfect residual income

Best Residual Income To Invest With

The best residual income is actually the one that keeps paying you for a long time to come. However, you may not be able to predict which online investment will last for years to come. So, your primary target now should be to keep growing your income.

For example, to grow your income with passive income, you should look for investments that can guarantee some good percentage on a daily or monthly basis, if you don’t have much fund. Like, 0.45 to 5 percent daily income.

But if your target is a retirement plan, you should go for a longer passive income investment that gives 10 percent returns on a monthly basis. It will only require that you invest big. Like, $10,000 would give you guaranteed $30,000 returns in 16 months period, on a compounding interest rate.

Note that, going for a short term investment has a higher return and higher risk as well. A long term investment has lower ROI and also lower risk of failing. But if you are like me, I do the long term for secured returns, and I risk the short term and cash out before it has the potential to fail.


Residual income is not new. You probably have heard of it all your life but have never made it work for you. We are in an era where this kind of income is not only required but it’s also possible for anyone to start earning passively.

From as low as $10 you can start earning from a passive investment. This post is to help you start your journey of residual income. Don’t stop at reading it. Take action. Search for opportunities and ask around what others are doing to earn passive income.

Don’t rush into any investment. Do your homework, and ask those who have invested before you how their investment is doing before you put yours. As good as online passive income may sound, the risk is as much high too.

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