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How Binance App Works for Beginners

How Binance App Works

Hello guys, welcome to crypto lessons on how to use Binance app for beginners. Although it’s difficult to master the entire Binance app due to the huge products and features it’s offering, plus the increasingly new features it keeps adding from time to time, but we can learn the most basic for beginners like you.

However, if you are new to crypto, I will make it very simple for you to understand. Also, I will encourage you to explore other beginner lessons that I have also posted in the past. You can also join CRYPTO LESSONS on WHATSAPP and TELEGRAM if you haven’t joined yet.

There are several reasons you should learn how to use Binance app. Let me give you a few of them below:

  • Binance is the number one Crypto exchange in the world
  • It’s a Centralized exchange for cryptocurrencies
  • It has crypto wallet for storing cryptocurrencies
  • You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies on Binance exchange
  • You can also earn passive income on Binance Exchange

You can also add your own reason in the comment section if you have any just to inspire others. I believe these reasons are the primary ones. However, let’s explore what you will be learning in this special Binance app lessons:

✅ What You’ll Learn In Binance App Lessons

If you are wondering what this lesson will be about, let me clarify them for you. This lesson may explore more than is listed here. But use this list as a guide on what maybe discussed here,

I have also shared another lesson on how to use Trustwallet app for beginners. You should also explore this lesson to expand your knowledge as it relates to Binance as well. And you will find it very interesting and would learn lots of new things you never knew before.

Here’s the topics for this lesson:

  • How to Download, Register & Verify Binance Account
  • How to buy Cryptocurrencies on Binance
  • How to Swap/Convert Cryptocurrencies
  • How to deposit Cryptocurrencies to Binance
  • How to Withdraw cryptocurrencies from Binance
  • How to Transfer cryptocurrencies Within Binance Wallets
  • How to Withdraw Crypto Money into Your Bank Account
  • How to Earn crypto Passive Income On Binance Exchange

If any of these topics interests you, let me know in the comment. To know that this lessons are helpful will encourage me to share more lessons with you that will help more people as well.

✅ Understanding Binance App Services

Binance is a crypto exchange under the category of Centralized Exchanges (CEX). One of the primary categorization perimeter for CEX is the requirement for KYC (Know Your Customer).

Every customer on a Centralized exchange like Binance is required to provide personal information about themselves. The information is required by law for government investigations and other related enquiries in case of incidents that requires personal verification of the user.

Binance also simplified its app by providing two separate but intertwined apps to help users navigate their way better. The apps are bundled into one downloadable software, but can be access like a flip of a page between the two apps.

Here are the two apps from Binance:

  • Binance lite app
  • Binance pro app

You can flip between the two apps with ease in the same app download. The two apps gives you access to features for newbies and advanced users when you graduate to a pro.

Binance also has a website which you can access on your computer, laptop or tablet/mobile phones. The features here are mostly the advanced and full Binance features.



✅ Binance Lite App

Binance lite is the simplest version of Binance app. It offers the simplest and most basic of Binance features, it’s advisable for beginners to start with Binance lite. It’s the fastest way to begin mastering Binance features.

It’s also very user friendly and you can master it within minutes. It’s actually made for beginners like you or those who just want to use Binance basic features to buy, sell, send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Here are the basic features of Binance lite:

  • Buy feature
  • Sell Feature
  • Convert feature
  • Withdrawal feature
  • Deposit feature

Most of the lessons will be focused on this lite version of Binance app. Although, we will also explore other basic features you need to know of from the pro version of the app.

✅ Binance Pro App

Binance pro app is a version for professional or advanced crypto investors. It contains all the basic and advanced features anyone can imagine. While most of this lesson won’t cover some of these features, it will still be nice to mention them.

These features are required for the kind of professional or advanced crypto investment that Binance customers require to carry out.

Here are some of these features that are popular among users:

  • Deposit
  • Referral
  • Trading
  • Earn
  • P2P
  • Send
  • Auto invest
  • Swap farming
  • Staking
  • NFT
  • Pool
  • Savings
  • Transfer
  • Buy
  • Deposit
  • Orders
  • Withdraw fiat
  • Rewards
  • Task centre
  • Gift card
  • BNB vault
  • Crypto loans
  • Launchpad
  • ETH 2.0
  • Etcetera

You can imagine the huge catalogue of features packed into the Binance pro app. If you are new it can be complicating. That’s the reason the company also provided a lite version for those who might be new to crypto or even Binance itself.

✅ Download, Register & Verify Binance App Account

The first step in using Binance app is to register as a user. The registration gives a user login details to enable you access the app and perform any of the functions

Also, the process involves the following steps:

  • Downloading Binance app from Google play-store or IOS store
  • Registering a BINANCE ACCOUNT

Binance needs to verify your account after registering for it. The process is to ensure the following:

  • The account is not duplicate
  • The person registering is the actual user
  • The information supplied is owned by the same person registering
  • To protect the platform from scammers
  • It also removes anonymous status of Blockchain and IDs every user on the platform

I have also posted a FULL GUIDE on Binance Account Registration and Verification. You can access this information to learn more on this subject.

✅ How Binance App Login Works

Logging into Binance app may require some process as well. Remember, part of the verification process may require both email and mobile phone verification. Once these verifications are done, you will be required every time you want to login to confirm your email or phone.

You will also be using this kind of confirmation for transactions as well. However, Binance will give you the option to either login with your email or phone, which will be confirmed. So, it’s important you have instance access to your email if that’s what you would need to login all the time.

That means anytime you want to login, Binance will require you to verify your email or phone by entering a code number they will send to your email or phone depending on which one you chose to login with.

✅ Basic Binance App Features

Now that you have registered and verified your Binance account, let’s proceed with the basic features. Binance made it easier to use its basic features by even providing a simpler app – the Binance lite version for it.

We are also going to explore some basic features in the pro version that are essential for most of our students. Note that some Binance features may not be available in your country, depending on which part of the world you are residing.

But you are most likely to see most of these features there. For most countries what’s not available maybe the P2P (Peer to Peer) feature. This feature is mostly available in regions where governments placed some restrictions on crypto like in Nigeria.

Here are the basic features and the step by step guide on how they work:

  • Buying Feature
  • Selling Feature
  • Convert Features
  • Transfer Feature
  • Withdrawal Feature
  • Deposit Feature
  • P2P Feature

So, we are going to be exploring these features and learning how they work in a step by step guide starting below. But it would be best explained in the way they are designed to work than just in their simple features.

✅ How to buy Cryptocurrencies on Binance App

The first thing to do with Binance after downloading the app, registering an account and verifying your identity is to buy tokens/coins. That’s probably one of the primary reasons for using a Binance app.

So, we are going to explore how this works in Binance with a simple guide you can follow.

  • Step 1: Open your Binance app and login. Your fist Login will open Binance lite app.
  • Step 2: To switch between Binance lite and pro version, click on the human icon at the top left side of your screen. And click on the ENABLE button to switch between versions. You can buy tokens from any of the Binance app versions.
  • Step 3: to buy from Binance lite click on the yellow rectangular shaped icon below the screen and the buy button will appear.
  • Step 4: Click on BUY to proceed. A screen will open to select the crypto you want to buy
  • Step 5: Select the crypto to buy or search in the box to reveal it. Select and proceed to amount.
  • Step 6: enter the amount in your currency you want to spend on buying the crypto and click on BUY button
  • Step 7: choose your payment option. For Nigerians choose BANK TRANSFER/P2P and click on CONFIRM button. Note the confirm button has timer. If the timer reads zero it will show REFRESH button. Click on it to refresh and then click confirm to proceed
  • Step 8: Click on MAKE PAYMENT button to reveal seller account details for you to transfer the amount from your account to the seller bank account.
  • Step 9: After transferring the amount to seller go back to Binance app and click on TRANSFERRED, NOTIFY SELLER button. But you should make sure this transaction happen within the time limit allowed by Binance. The timer is activated once you get to this point. If you fail to make payment within the time allotted the transaction is automatically cancelled. Binance can penalize you if you keep violating this timer rule. So, don’t initiate transaction unless you are ready to make payment immediately.

Note: This should help you buy token using a P2P or even credit card option, depending on the payment option available to you or allowed by Binance for your location.

✅ How to Swap/Convert Cryptocurrencies

Binance uses the word CONVERT for SWAP on its app. That may confuse those who are used to SWAP to think that CONVERT means some different feature. It’s the same as SWAP and works exactly the same way.

And if you are used to some other services or exchanges like PancakeSwap you will probably understand how Binance Convert/Swap feature works. It means to convert or swap on crypto for another crypto. The exchange of the value in one crypto for another crypto.

Assuming you have Bitcoin in your Binance wallet but decided you no longer want Bitcoin. Let’s say you want to keep your assets in Ethereum now; You don’t have to sell off Bitcoin to buy Ethereum with the proceed. Binance let’s you convert that Bitcoin value to the same value in Ethereum.

Although, the convert feature is a basic Binance feature, it may not be available in Binance lite in some countries. So, I will demonstrate how to do this from the Binance pro version.

Steps to Convert Your Cryptos:

  • Step 1: Switch your Binance app from Lite to Pro version. The pro version home page will open once you switched
  • Step 2: Click on MORE to open more features in Binance pro version
  • Step 3: Scroll to subcategory TRADE and click on CONVERT to open the feature
  • Step 4: Select the pairs you want to convert. The crypto you want to convert your asset to should be the one below. Click on MAX to convert all the crypto you hold in that coin or enter only quantity you want to convert. Click on PREVIEW CONVERSION to view the intended result of your conversion.
  • Step 5: Click on APPROVE CONVERSION if the preview and rate of conversion is acceptable to you. If rates changes, system will demand a REFRESH before approving the conversion.

Note: if everything is done right, the crypto will be converted to your new asset. The balance equivalent will be sent into the appropriate wallet.

✅ How to Deposit Tokens/Coins to Binance

Depositing cryptos into your Binance account is rally not much of your responsibility. It’s the responsibility of the sender, excerpt where you are also the sender. Assuming you are sending a token from your other wallet to your Binance wallet.

First you need to ensure Binance also accepts such token. Because you can’t sent just any token to any wallet. It must be a token that the wallet also supports. For example, you can send Bitcoin or Ethereum to Binance wallet because it’s support by the exchange.

The two things required to make crypto deposit into Binance wallet or even any other wallet for that matter are two wallets.

  • The wallet that have the crypto
  • And the wallet to deposit the crypto into

Crypto deposit is actually a transfer of crypto from one compatible crypto wallet to another. It also requires some carefulness. The wallet address must be correct and you can only send Bitcoin to a Bitcoin wallet and that applies to every other Cryptocurrency out there.

Steps to Deposit Crypto to Binance Wallet

  • Step 1: Click to open Binance wallet
  • Step 2: Select deposit option to open
  • Step 3: Click on crypto and Select the coin you want to deposit into. You can use the search bar to find coin.
  • Step 4: Click on the compatible wallet option to open for copying
  • Step 5: Send the copied wallet address to the person to deposit the crypto to your wallet. If you are sending it yourself from another wallet, paste it into the option for send wallet.

Note: we will demonstrate how to send crypto to wallet when we learn about the feature on withdrawal.

✅ How to Withdraw Tokens/Coins from Binance App

This feature is just the opposite of deposit feature. When you deposit tokens you are simply adding to your wallet. But when you withdraw, it’s a minus from your wallet. And when you are withdrawing it means someone or another wallet is gaining those cryptos.

The same way when you are receiving deposit, another wallet is losing those cryptos. So, withdrawing tokens from your wallet is a reverse of the process when you are depositing tokens.

Steps to Withdraw Tokens from Binance Wallet

  • Step 1: Click on WALLET to open
  • Step 2: Click on WITHDRAW to open feature
  • Step 3: Select CRYPTO and click on the coin to withdraw or search to find coin
  • Step 4: Copy and paste wallet address that’s receiving the withdrawal . System can detect network automatically. Or you can select the network of the crypto.
  • Step 5: enter the amount of the crypto to withdraw or use MAX if you are withdrawing all. The system will add network transfer fee to the total amount to withdraw
  • Step 6: Click on WITHDRAWAL button to withdraw
    Step 7: Binance TRANSACTION VERIFICATION will appear for you to verify you are the owner of the account. If you. It will request you to send a CODE to your email or phone number. And you will receive the code and enter into the space provided for it and SUBMIT to verify the withdrawal.

Note: once you do everything correctly, the coins will be withdrawn to the new wallet. This process

✅ How to Transfer Cryptos Within Your Binance Wallets

Apart from transferring cryptos in and out of Binance exchange, you can also transfer within your own Binance account. Binance have several wallets in one account. These different wallets are designed for specific uses within Binance app.

It can also be complicating to know which wallets to use for certain services. But here’s how to know which one to use. Here are the wallets within Binance:

  • Spot wallet
  • Futures wallet
  • Funding wallet
  • Margin wallet

The SPOT WALLET is like your receiving inflows into Binance and sending outflows as well. It’s like the General wallet. While the FUNDING WALLET is associated with your withdrawal account, like when cashing out through P2P or directly to your bank account.

Futures and margin wallets are for the respective crypto trading protocols. If you are a crypto trader on Binance you will be familiar with those.

If you have ever had challengers with your funds when you want to sell them it’s probably the funds are in one wallet and you need to transfer from one wallet to another, depending on what you want to do.

Steps to Transfer Crypto Within Your Binance Wallets

  • Step 1: Switch to Pro version
  • Step 2: Click on MORE to display other features
  • Step 3: Select TRANSFER to open feature
  • Step 4: Select the crypto you want to transfer within your account
  • Step 5: Ensure the wallet holding the crypto is positioned at the top of the transfer or select the right wallet or switch to position it on top
  • Step 6: Enter amount to transfer to other wallet or use MAC to input all fund
  • Step 7: Click on CONFIRM TRANSFER to complete the transaction

✅ How to Withdraw Crypto Money into Your Bank Account

The best part of crypto is taking profits. If you haven’t taking profit from crypto it means you still don’t know how to tap into the huge profits of the market. It’s always exciting to cash out your profits into your bank account.

So, I’m going to show you how I do this and how you too can. It’s a step by step guide as usual but I will use live graphics of my recent transaction to demonstrate it. Note that this process is just how to sell crypto on Binance and cash out the money into your bank account.

At this point it’s important you have setup your bank account details with Binance. You can also set it up from Binance SETTING and select PAYMENT METHOD. Use the payment options available for your country. If you are in Nigeria select P2P payment method.

Steps to Withdraw Profits Into Your Bank Account

  • Step 1: Switch to pro version to access advance functionalities
  • Step 2: Click P2P to open the feature
  • Step 3: Choose the crypto you want to cash out from. Note the limited options available. If the crypto you want to cashout is not in any of the cryptos listed here, you can swap that crypto for any of these options. Also, note that BUYING and SELLING have different market within. Choose SELL to cashout.
  • Step 4: Scroll through the listed BUYERS and select only BUYERS offering to BUY within the range or amount you have for sell. For example, if BUYERs Limit is N10,000 to N200,000 it means this BUYER can only buy from those selling within the limits it has defined.
  • Step 5: Enter amount you want to sell. Select your bank account or setup a new bank account. Note that you might be required to enter BVN to verify the account it’s yours. Then, click the button SELL WITH 0 FEE.
  • Step 6: Wait for the buyer to pay into your bank account. This process can take as much as 40 minutes or the time set by the buyer to respond with payment transfer. If payment isn’t received within specified time the transaction will be automatically cancelled by Binance. But if buyer makes payment, the PAYMENT RECEIVED button will turn yellow.
  • Step 7: Click on PAYMENT RECEIVED button to confirm you have received payment from buyer.
  • Step 8: CONFIRM that payment was exactly the amount calculated by Binance. If it’s short notify Binance by selecting the appropriated answer before clicking CONFIRM button.
  • Step 9: Verify that you are the one conducting this transaction by sending a Binance code to either your email or phone and entering the number received into the space provided and click submit to approve,
  • Step 10: DONE. If you are seeing this it means the transaction is completed. Both parties are satisfied. You can click on FONE if you want or just move out of the app if you have nothing else to do there.

Note: this process applies to every cashout process. Although, P2P is not available in every country, the alternative option would work slightly the same. Just find your way to sell feature on your Binance app and the rest will be easy to follow.

✅ How to Earn Passive Income On Binance Exchange

Another important feature of Binance app is its passive income opportunity. And many investors hasn’t discovered this in Binance. However, most of these crypto passive income started with Binance.

However, this feature is found both in the lite and pro version of Binance. It’s because of its relevance in the scheme of things for Binance users. I will only clarify that it’s not such of a huge opportunity because of its low APR/APY, but they still offers better ROI than traditional passive income opportunities.

Two ways you can earn with Binance are:

  1. Crypto Staking
  2. Crypto Savings

But you should be familiar with staking by now unless you are relatively new in crypto market. Staking is similar to bank fixed deposit service. Crypto savings is same as bank savings. You earn interest on your crypto assets. Savings is the easiest way to generate crypto reward with zero risk.

Steps to save your crypto assets on Binance:

Select your crypto and enter the amount and get rewards sent to your spot wallet every day. You can withdraw your crypto instantly with no hidden fees or lock times.

Moreover, Binance staking makes it so easy to earn from crypto investment. It offers short term Staking of 30, 60, 90 and 180 days.

  • STEP 1: Select SAVINGS to open features
  • Step 2: Select the crypto asset you want to earn rewards from savings or use search to locate it and click on SUBSCRIBE. You can also enable auto-subscriber to keep re-subscribing when your savings subscription expires.
  • Step 3: Enter the amount of Crypto asset you want to subscribe for savings or use MAX to subscribe all. Click to accept Binance agreement on savings offer and click CONFIRM to complete transaction.

Steps to stake crypto assets on Binance:

  • Step 1: choose crypto assets you want to stake on Binance. The best way is to scroll through cryptos listed on Binance staking to decide the best offers.
  • Step 2: then buy that crypto assets of the amount you want to stake. Note that earn asset has minimum quantity you can stake.
  • Step 3: go back to Staking page, select the asset and click on STAKE NOW
  • Step 4: Select the number days you want to stake your asset. Remember each selection has different APR (Average Percentage Return)
  • Step 5: Enter the amount of the asset or use MAX to select all of the asset. Note that if your asset exceed the available quota it will indicate error.
  • Step 6: Click on the Binance staking agreement to give your consent.
  • Step 7: Click on CONFIRM button to approve transaction. Note that the button should be YELLOW to indicate its active for confirmation. If it’s not hello it’s indicative of error and I completed information in the Staking form.

✅ Conclusion

Finally, there’s so much to learn about Binance app. But since this lesson is focused on the basic features, it’s best to leave it at that and not complicate things. From this lesson you can boast of important knowledge of Binance as a beginner.

Also, I will like to hear from you if this lesson has helped you in any way. Share your thoughts with me and others who may be reading this as well.

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How to Register & Verify Binance Account in Less Than 24 Hours

Verify Binance Account

If you are new in crypto, you need a verified Binance account for many reasons. As a student in crypto lessons, one of the CEX (Centralized Exchange) we recommend and use is Binance Exchange. But to do that you will have to verify Binance account in your name and with your identification documents.

While some people just gets approved easily, so many others are having difficulties verifying their Binance account in Nigeria. So, I want to help you overcome that challenge and help you understand how Binance Account Verification works and how best to get verified within 24 hours.

This lesson will teach you everything you need to know about registering and verifying a Binance account. It’s a step-by-step guide. So, follow it religiously if you want to get result. You should also join our WHATSAPP and TELEGRAM class if you haven’t joined yet.

✅ Why Verify Binance Account?

Although it’s the biggest and number one crypto exchange in the world, but that’s not even one of the reasons you should have an account with them. Binance is useful for 2 important reasons I will mention below:

?️To buy BNB coin for your smart chain transactions on Trustwallet
?️To sell your crypto profits with ease and instantly

You can see that none of the reasons includes being the biggest exchange in the world. But it’s the best platform to buy BNB coin because the coin also belongs to them. It’s safer and better to buy Binance coin from them. It’s equally cheaper in transaction fee when sending it to Trustwallet.

Another plausible reason is that Binance also owns Trustwallet. So, it’s like sending from Binance to Binance when you send from Binance to Trustwallet.

My second reason is about taking profits, especially if you are in Nigeria. When you want to cashout your crypto profits, you need an exchange that can send the currency equivalent directly into your bank account.

Binance offers P2P (person-to-person or peer-to-peer) transaction, supervised by it – that offers Nigerians opportunity to cash out directly into their bank account.

When you want to sell your crypto on Binance, it offers your crypto to someone on its platform who buys it from you. The person will pay the fiat equivalent to your bank account while Binance will release your crypto to them once you confirmed that you have been paid the accurate amount.

This happens within some minutes. Sometimes in less than 10 minutes this kind of transaction is concluded. Binance leads in this kind of service for the Nigerian market.

✅ How to Verify Binance Account

The registration process for a Binance Account is very simple. Binance registration process starts on the website. If you are using the mobile site, it’s a little more simplified than desktop site.

At the home page you will see a REGISTER NOW button to quickly direct you to the registration page. If it’s your first time visiting Binance website, it will require a confirmation of your country or area of residence.

Due to different laws of business operation in different countries, Binance has different sites for countries to ease off the way of doing business and to customize services for each country or location.

Once you confirm your location you can proceed to create an account. The options available for account creation are:

  • Create personal account
  • Create entity account

Your choice of account creation would determine the requirements and services to be provided by Binance. When you complete the simple account creation steps, you will proceed to account verification.

✅ Important Verification Factor

Binance reserve the right to approve or not to approve based on their requirements. Don’t assume anything until you have completed every process to the satisfaction of Binance system. he process is automated and you can’t bribe or beg or scam your way through.

Also, Binance has no reason not to approve your account if you follow the prescribed process. If you know what verification process seek to do you will not have any problem getting verified.

The reason some people can’t get their Binance account verified includes:

?️No Identification or unclear image of your ID card
?️Poor image or video submission
?️ Different names in your ID and registration

You will be surprised that even though some people have proper identification they are still rejected by Binance. The reason is simple, your image or video submission is very poor or not clear.

If your phone camera is very poor or too old, you should change it or use someone’s else phone camera to login and verify your account. The requirement for video submission is to avoid fraudulently using another person’s documents to register.

The video submission is too important to ignore. And it must be done according to Binance requirement. You must read the instructions given for each submission and follow it to the letter.

✅ KYC – Know Your Customer

The only thing Binance Verification process seek to achieve is KYC. They want to know who their customer is. KYC is not a difficult process. It’s just for identification purpose. Binance just want to know who you are.

In a digital world there is really not many options left for KYC verification than documentation. You are providing your documents to prove your identification. So, Binance KYC or any KYC for that matter seek to identify who you are – period!

If you can prove to them that you are the person in the ID, Binance will approve your account. KYC is actually the most simple process because it all depends on you and not on Binance to approve you.

✅ Binance Verification Levels

Moreover, you don’t need to get all the Verification process right. Binance now offers 2 levels of Verification, let’s see what they are and how to get verify at each level.

Binance is offering the following verification levels:

  • Verified
  • Verified plus

These levels gives you some privileges. However, the idea of different levels is to make it easier for most people to pass the minimum Verification stage and starts using their Binance account for transaction, while they can upgrade their account to the verified plus to increase their access.

✅ Binance Verified Account

To qualify for minimum Verified Binance account here are requirements:

?️Personal information (Name, email, phone number, BVN (optional), address, etc)
?️Government issued ID card (Drivers License, Voters Card, National Identification Number (NIN), International Travel Passport, etc.)
?️Facial recognition (current video or picture recording of yourself)

Personal information may include your name, email, phone number, personal identification, BVN (for Bank Account verification if applicable), residential address, etc. These are equally things you can easily provide. Note that your email and phone maybe required to verify them by accepting a code and verifying the receipt of that code on Binance website.

Government ID card can be drivers license, international passport, NIN, and voters card. Any of these 4 can be used for ID Verification. But for facial recognition you will need to send a video or picture of yourself with that ID card provided.

The basic reason for facial recognition is to confirm your identity with the ID card provided. That you are the actually person sending the documents and it’s you. Note that anybody can claim to be somebody else. But with facial recognition that is abortive.

✅ Binance Verified Plus

Since this is just an upgrade of Verified Binance, the requirement is just one document, the proof of your address. Remember, you gave them an address when entering personal information. Now to fully verify you they want a proof of that address.

This would require government issued documents like utility bill, receipt of purchase of the house, or your bank statement with the address on it. One thing that’s basic about this proof of address is that it must have your name on the document.

✅ When Is Your Binance Account Approved?

Once you pass the first Verification level, which is the Binance Verified, your account is approve to start transacting on Binance app and sites, but with some limitation. At this level as a beginner you can do more than what your beginner experience can allow. So, this is actually okay for you for now.

✅ Binance Account Limitation

Let’s see what you can do with each of the Binance level of verified account – Binance Verified versus Binance Verified-plus. Let’s start with the first one:

Fiat Currency Limits On Binance Verified

  • Deposit limit is $50,000 daily
  • Withdrawal Limit is $50,000 daily

P2P Limit on Binance Verified is unlimited

Crypto Limit on Binance Verified:

  • Deposit limit is unlimited
  • Withdrawal limit is $8 Million BUSD

Fiat Currency Limits On Binance Verified-plus:

  • Deposit limit is $200,000 daily
  • Withdrawal Limit is $200,000 daily

P2P Limit on Binance Verified-plus is unlimited

Crypto Limit on Binance Verified-plus:

  • Deposit limit is unlimited
  • Withdrawal limit is $8 Million BUSD

You can see that the only difference in their Limits is in fiat currency limit, which practical doesn’t concern Nigerians because you can only buy and sell through P2P transaction. So, in reality you don’t need Binance Verified-plus level.

✅ Conclusion

if you take this information into consideration and follow the requirements you will be able to get your Binance approval done in less than 24 hours. Although, Binance can ask for up to 72 hours to process your request.

But if the information is correct and meets the system auto verification, it gets approved without any human verification process. Always ensure you provide the right information.

Most importantly, your names must be the same in all your documents. If you use 3 names, all your documents must have 3 names and must also be presented in the same way or format.

Let me know if this is useful for you. And if you followed this guide to get your Binance account verified also notify me. Believe me, in crypto market you need Binance wallet. They are not number one for nothing.

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Trustwallet App – How to Use App for Beginners

Trustwallet App

Hello guys, welcome to Crypto Lessons on the basic use of Trustwallet app. In this special Beginners lessons, you will be learning how to use different features in Trustwallet.

I will also provide some video to help you understand my explanations practically where necessary. Your duty will be to go through this lesson and practice what you learn with your own Trustwallet app.

It will be in your best interest to download Trustwallet from the play store and set it up before starting this lesson. So, let me take you through the process in a jiffy.

✅ What to Learning About Trustwallet App

This lesson is focused on learning how to use Trustwallet app. So, we are going to explore the features on the app. But these features were designed to help you do certain things. Your focus during learning should be on what each feature would help you do.

You will know how to do the following after this lesson:

  • How to send tokens from your wallet to other wallets
  • How to buy tokens with Trustwallet
  • How to secure your Trustwallet app
  • How to Setup new token address on Trustwallet
  • How to Receive Tokens from other Wallets
  • How to Swap One token for another
  • How to find and enable Tokens already in the wallet
  • How to Create Multiple Trustwallet Account
  • How to Change the currency of your wallet
  • How to Setup Price Alerts when monitoring a token
  • How to buy NFTs

By the end of this lesson you will become an expert in using Trustwallet app. So, you should take this lesson seriously.

✅ Download & Activate Trustwallet App

Trustwallet app is one of the most popular and trusted crypto wallets. If you are investing in crypto IDOs and new projects this app is the best to use. Although, there’s also Metamask, but Trustwallet is the simplest to use by far, and it easily connects to apps to buy tokens on Binance Smart Chain Network.

To download an app on play store is simple, unless you haven’t done it before. Trustwallet is best with android phones. iPhones may have some limitations due to Apple policy on dApps browser.

Go to play store and search for Trustwallet. Once it’s found, open it and click on install. The speed of installation is quite fast. After downloading it will prompt you to open app. Click on open to go straight to the app for activation.

✅ The 12 Security Keyword Phrase

The unique 12 keyword phrase is the only access to your Trustwallet. It doesn’t use passwords or usernames. So during activation, it will give you 12 keyword phrase. You must not alter this words the way it’s arrange or lose it.

The key phrase is your secret unlock key to access your wallet should you change your phone or reinstall Trustwallet in any phone.

It’s best to copy this keyword phrase and save it securely. Note that during the first activation, it’s proper to copy this keyword out to enable you re enter them during activation.

One thing you must always adhere to about your 12 security keyword phrase is not to ever share it with anyone else. It’s private and the only access to your wallet. Anyone who has your keyword phrase has unrestricted access to your wallet.

✅ Understanding Trustwallet App Features

Now that you have downloaded and activated your Trustwallet app, you need to understand the features and how you will use them. A lot of people don’t know half of the features in their Trustwallet. Don’t be like that.

It’s sad people don’t pay attention to learning but they want to be rich. Wealth is in the knowledge you keep ignoring. Learn to use your Trustwallet or someday it will cost you dearly. That day is coming if you don’t prevent this danger by learning today.

I’m going to take through the features and how they function. Since you have your phone and have downloaded Trustwallet, I will encourage you to practice this part of the lesson as you learn.

Below are key Trustwallet features:

  • Wallet
  • Discover
  • DApps
  • Settings
  • Send Button
  • Receive Button
  • Buy Button
  • Swap Button
  • Notification Icon
  • Token List Icon
  • NFTs Display Page

We will take each one with graphic explanation to help you see and practice along. Each feature may lead to more features like the SETTINGS. It has several other features in the settings. Each one will be explained with clarity.

✅ Wallet Features

There are key reasons you should really understand the wallet features. This feature not only helps display the tokens you have bought, it’s also were you can setup new token address.

Sometimes, you may have downloaded new Trustwallet and can’t find your token. You can search for it on your wallet. If it’s not there you may have to setup the missing addresses again. Once it’s setup your old tokens will come back too.

To setup new token address requires some understanding. Cryptos are built on smart contracts. So, each token project is assigned a smart contract address or CA. This address is what differentiates one token from another.

In order to manually setup new token you will need to have the following:

  • The network the token is built on e.g. Ethereum or Smart Chain)
  • Contract address (CA)
  • The token name
  • Token symbol
  • Token decimal

The contract address (CA) is the most important because that’s the Blockchain identity of the token. The contract of that token is represented by the contract address (CA). While the token name and symbol are just readable identities to help you pronounce or ID the token.

But the decimal is another thing. It refers to how divisible a token can be – from a zero (0) to 18. So, a token can have a different decimal from another. The popular decimals in use are 8, 9, and 18.

✅ How to Practically Setup Token Address

Here are the steps you can follow to setup a new token address, provided you already have the parameters described above.

  • Step 1: Open your Trustwallet and click on token icon at the top right side of your screen
  • Step 2: Use the CA to search to ensure the token is not already set on Trustwallet
  • Step 3. Scroll down and click on ADD CUSTOM TOKEN if the token isn’t found
  • Step 4: Select the right network token is built on
  • Step 4: Click on paste to auto paste the contract address. This will also help you populate other fields in the form
  • Step 5: If fields didn’t populate, then add remaining fields manually.
  • Step 6: Well done click on DONE at the top right side of your screen

Your token address is now setup on your Trustwallet. The more you practice doing this, you will master it fast.

✅ Token List Icon Feature

This feature is represented with an icon. It’s at the top right corner of your Trustwallet. If you have used the wallet feature explained earlier to setup a wallet address, you would have used the token list icon.

This icon gives you access to all the token address you may need. You can also hide tokens you don’t want to be seen on your wallet front page. You can go here to enable or disable any token from either showing or not showing on the front page of your wallet.

It’s also through the token list icon that you can access the ADD CUSTOM TOKEN feature.

✅ How to Find and Enable Tokens Already in the Wallet

If you are looking for any token address or want to make that token appear on your front page, here’s how to go about it. Sometimes, after deleting your wallet or if you recovered your lost phone or bought a new one, when you reinstalled Trustwallet you might not find most of your tokens on the front page.

If they are not showing on the front page, they are probably hiding in the token list, which you can find when you click on the token list icon.

  • Step 1: Click on token list Icon to open token list
  • Step 2: type the name of the token in the browser to search for token. If token has multiple tokens with similar name or clones of the same token, please use more secured option to search
  • Step 3: Search with contract address (CA) for accurate identity of the token
  • Step 4: Click on enable or disable button depending on what you want to do.
  • Step 5: If token is not found after searching with CA, you have to add token address again.

Note that if you have bought that token before it will still be there. Once you setup the token address it will all appear again.

✅ Discover Feature

This feature is sort of silent but it has its uses as well. It’s called discover for a reason. It’s a doorway to more discoveries in the crypto world. You will be amazed what you can discover in this feature.

One of the things Trustwallet developers want you to discover with this feature is the world of crypto passive income.

Crypto has several passive income opportunities that you need to be aware of and be taking advantage of. They include high risk, medium risk, low risk and no risk opportunities. And they are categorized as follows:

  • Staking
  • Nodes
  • Lending/borrowing
  • Mining

Each of them has its huge advantage and equal disadvantages as well. You will need to understand each kind of opportunity to understand how you can maximize your returns or minimize your risk.

Although, up coming crypto passive income opportunities may not appear in discover feature, it’s still a starting point to begin your discovery journey into passive income.

I will recommend you take advantage of all the bountiful opportunities for passive income offered by POSITION EXCHANGE.

✅ DApps Browser Feature

The DApps is one important Trustwallet feature you will find very useful. It’s your gateway to other apps and websites through your Trustwallet. The DApps helps you connect your wallet to apps so you can do the following:

  • Swap – Buy or sell tokens or NFTs
  • Stake or farm tokens
  • Trade Tokens On DEX platforms

The basic reason for DApps is to connect your wallet to other platforms so when you swap, buy or sell tokens or NFTs; including staking and farming, your wallet identified will be used and the transactions will be credited to you.

You should take this lesson online on How to buy tokens with your Trustwallet. The primary function of the DApps is as a gateway to the internet through your wallet. If you want to connect your wallet to any app or site, the DApps is what helps you do that.

✅ How to Buy Tokens with Trustwallet App

One of the most important features of Trustwallet is access to buy newly launched tokens. If you are an enthusiasts of newly released cryptocurrencies, you should master buying tokens with Trustwallet.

I have also published other lessons where I explained this process, especially how to buy tokens on PancakeSwap. I will include the links here so you can also go through that lesson. But here I will explain how to buy tokens through Poocoin App.

Things you would be needing to buy tokens includes:

  • Binance Smart chain (BSC) coin
  • USDT coin
  • BUSD coin (Binance USD)

Steps to Buy Tokens

These 3 tokens are what you need to buy other tokens on BSC network. Poocoin app is one of the easiest ways to buy BSC (Binance Smart Chain) tokens. Follow this steps to buy tokens on Poocoin App:

  • Step 1: Click on DApps to open the browser
  • Step 2: type into the search browser to open the App
  • Step 3: Click on CONNECT to link your wallet with Poocoin App.
  • Step 4: Set it to BSC smart chain. Click on the network option and select Smart chain
  • Step 5: Enter the name of the token in the App search bar to access the token information. The best way to search is with the CA (Contract Address). Using the CA to search ensures you don’t mistakenly buy a scam, similar or clone token.
  • Step 6: Click on TRADE Button below the search bar to open the trade function. Poocoin will automatically place BSC coin as the payment coin on-top and the token you are buying below.
  • Step 7: Enter the amount you want to spent to buy the token beside the BSC coin or enter the amount of token you want to populate the actual cost.
  • Step 8: Set the Slippage to auto if it’s not already in auto slippage. Note that slippage rate defines the amount
  • Step 9: Click on SWAP to proceed to CONFIRMATION page
  • Step 10: Confirm that you are OK with the transaction to proceed to PAYMENT page
  • Step 11: Confirm payment after checking that the bill is ok by you

if you got everything right your new token should be in your wallet by now. Just go back to your wallet and check your newly purchased token.

✅ Trustwallet App Send Button Feature

Sending tokens out of your Trustwallet needs only one feature. That’s the send tokens from your wallet to another wallet. It’s so simple to do this. What you need is just the following:

  • The token you want to send
  • The wallet you are sending to
  • Decide the quantity you want to send
  • Have smart chain token to pay for the network fee

This feature is primarily for transferring your tokens from your Trustwallet to any other Blockchain wallet.

Note that in Blockchain, you can only send a token to a corresponding token wallet. I mean, you can only send Bitcoin to a Bitcoin wallet address. If you send Bitcoin to an Ethereum address, you will automatically lose that Bitcoin. And such mistake is irreversible.

✅ Steps to Send Tokens to Other Wallets

  • Step 1: Click on the token you want to send out to another wallet
  • Step 2: Click on SEND button to open the send functions.
  • Step 3: Paste the wallet address you want to send token to (Note that the address must be correct. Any mistake will cause you to lose money. Copy correctly the address you are sending tokens to and paste properly inn the right box).
  • Step 4: enter the quantity you want to send or click on MAX to send everything in your wallet.
  • Step 5: Click on CONTINUE at the top right of your screen to move to confirmation page
  • Step 6: Click CONFIRM to complete the transfer.

And your tokens will be transferred to the specified wallet address. The receiver can then confirm receipt. But note that Blockchain transfer are irreversible. Once it’s sent you can undo it. If you send to a wrong address the money is gone forever. Since Blockchain address are unanimous, you can’t even identify who got your money or able to contact them.

✅ Trustwallet App Receive Button Feature

After you learnt how to send tokens to other wallet addresses, you should also learn how you too can receive tokens from others. This feature is the simplest to use since it only requires you to copy the address and send it to the person sending you token.

You are just receiving, and so you are the one sending your wallet address to the person sending to you.

Trustwallet Receive Button allows you to access your token address to receive tokens with it. Each token address is unique and different. So, you must ensure you are copying the right one for the token you want to receive.

✅ Steps to Receive Tokens in Trustwallet App

  • Step 1: Search and click to select the token you want to receive from another wallet
  • Step 2: Click on RECEIVE Button
  • Step 3: Click on COPY to copy the wallet address for the token or click on share ICON to share it
  • Step 4: Click on the app you want to share with, select the contact of the receiver and confirm to share

Note that this feature is only used when you want to receive tokens from another wallet.

✅ Trustwallet App Buy Button Feature

Another way to buy tokens on Trustwallet is to use the BUY button. This process is different from the other way of buying tokens on Trustwallet. This one is a direct buy with debit or credit card.

But it’s not applicable to most countries like Nigeria, where crypto purchase with debit cards are banned. You still need to know how this work for future use, when government will remove their ban on crypto purchase through the bank.

However, this feature only allows you to buy certain tokens. Any token that can be bought directly on Trustwallet must have the BUY button. You can also search for tokens approved for buying on Trustwallet.

✅ Steps to Buy Tokens on Trustwallet App

  • Step 1: Click on BUY button and search for tokens to buy or open the token you want to buy and click on BUY button.
  • Step 2: Enter the amount you want to spend to buy token. Trustwallet allows minimum purchase. If the minimum purchase is below what you want to buy you can enter the right amount.
  • Step 3: Click on the third party supplier to select your preferred supplier.
  • Step 4: Click next to redirect your transaction to the suppliers order page to make payment with your debit/credit card.

Note that once your transaction is completed the purchased tokens will be credited to your Trustwallet account.

✅ Trustwallet App Swap Button Feature

This feature is rarely used in Trustwallet. But if you just use it, we will explore how it works. The feature allows you to swap selected coins for another. It’s like an exchange. You Exchange one coin for another,

It must be approved coins only. You can’t just swap any coin you want. It has to be only those listed in the Trustwallet swap list.

✅ How to Swap Tokens on Trustwallet

Follow this steps to swap your tokens directly in Trustwallet if you have to.

  • Step 1: Click on SWAP button to open feature
  • Step 2: Chose token you want to swap for another token and enter amount
  • Step 3: chose token you are swapping to
  • Step 4: Click SWAP to proceed
  • Step 5: View transaction confirmation page and click CONFIRM to compete transaction

✅ Trustwallet NFT Page

Trustwallet is not exploring NFT that deep for now. It’s only offering it’s simple wallet feature for storing your NFTs. You can use your Trustwallet to buy NFTs in OPENSEA marketplace for example or any other NFT marketplace.

Remember, Trustwallet only allow you to carry out such function on DEX (Decentralized Exchanges). You need to connect your Trustwallet address to any of the marketplace to be able to buy NFTs with your Trustwallet address.

✅ Trustwallet App General Settings

The settings are very key features you need to master too. It has most of the features you enjoy on Trustwallet. The SETTINGS will help you do a number of things including:

  • Switching from one wallet to another
  • Creating additional wallets
  • Remove or add additional wallets to your app
  • Activating screen dark mode
  • Setting up security features
  • Get notification on transactions
  • Setup preferences like currency choice and DApp functions
  • Get notification of price changes
  • Connect to other wallet apps

There’s so much to learn in the SETTINGS but they are pretty simple to learn. Let me list them as they appeared in Trustwallet so you can understand what we are learning from each feature.

  • Wallets
  • Dark mode
  • Security
  • Push notifications
  • Preferences
  • Price alerts
  • WalletConnect

So, we will be exploring them feature by feature so it will all be clear and you will know which feature does what for you. It’s also important that you explore each feature as you learn.

✅ Wallets Settings

This feature allows you to do three important things with your Trustwallet. You can:

  • Create additional wallets
  • Switch from one wallet to another
  • Remove or add additional wallets to your app

Let’s explore how this can be done step by step:

  • Step 1: Click on Settings and select WALLETS
  • Step 2: Click on the PLUS + at the top right side of your screen and follow the prompting to create additional wallet like you did the first time.
  • Step 3: You can now switch between the wallets by clicking on any wallet you want to open it
  • Step 4: You can also remove any wallet from the app by clicking on the DOT icon beside the wallet to open delete request. Click on delete and the wallet is deleted from the app. Note that this feature doesn’t delete the wallet from Trustwallet. It only REMOVES it from the app.
  • Step 5: To add or Re-add a wallet to the app, click on the PLUS + at the top right side of your screen. And click on already have a wallet. Copy your wallet 12 keywords and paste it into the required space and click IMPORT.

✅ Dark Mode Setting

Dark mode setting is just to darken your wallet display. You can enable and disable dark mode at any time.

To enable dark mode click on SETTINGs and select DARK MODE. Then click on BUTTON to either enable or disable dark mode.

✅ Push Notifications Setting

This features let’s get alerts on transactions done on your wallet. You just set it once and it does the notifications when you send tokens, or receive tokens, or swap tokens, etcetera.

✅ Preferences Setting

You will like this feature like I do. It provide three main functions like:

  1. Setting your Currency choice
  2. Erasing DApps browser history
  3. Disabling DApps from online activities

The currency setting allows you to set your display currency to any currency of your choice. It has both cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or BNB and all the fiat currencies of the world.

You can also erase your browsing history and make your DApps offline when you don’t want it online. It’s also a security feature itself – helping you secure your Trustwallet from unauthorized access through the browser.

✅ Steps to Setup Your Wallet Preferences

  • Step 1: Click on setting to open settings options
  • Step 2: Click on Preferences to access the feature
  • Step 3: Click on Currency and chose the currency you want as display currency for your wallet. That’s all there is.
  • Step 4: Click on DApp Browser to open browser Preferences
  • Step 5: Click on ENABLE button to enable browser or disable browser. Blue colour shows browser is enabled.
  • Step 6: Click on CLEAR BROWSER CACHE to erase your browser history. You will get an option to clear browser, click (OK) or CANCEL is you want to change your mind

✅ Price Alerts Setting

This feature allows you to get price notifications for any token on your wallet. This alert will notify you when price moves up or down within a particular range.

To setup price alert just do the following:

  • Step 1: Click on PRICE ALERTs to open feature.
  • Step 2: Click on Price Alerts button to enable or disable alerts.
  • Step 3: Click on PLUS + at the top right side of your screen to add any particular token you want if not displayed
  • Step 4: To erase any price alert swipe the token left and click on DELETE button displayed beside it

✅ WalletConnect Settings

This function is rarely used but it helps you to link another wallet to your Trustwallet account. This features uses QR code scanner to link or import other wallets into your Trustwallet.

To access this feature, Click on WalletConnec, enable your camera to use walletConnect feature, point your camera to the QR code you want to scan and import into your wallet; and walletConnect will automatically read the code and performs the link process.

✅ Security Feature

I purposely skipped the security feature so I can treat it as the last feature, even though you will find it in the third row after wallet and dark mode. This feature holds the most important security feature for your Trustwallet.

This features prevents unauthorized access to your wallet. It’s like the security lock key. Since you don’t need passwords to login into your Trustwallet, it crated a lock key using your existing phone passcode and fingerprint (biometric) features.

The security feature will help you do the following:

  1. Automatically lock your wallet when it’s not in use
  2. Request transaction signing before a transaction can be allowed

Here are the list of options to enable or disable for security on your Trustwallet:

  • Passcode
  • Auto-Lock
  • Lock Method
  • Transaction signing

The passcode can includes 4 digit security number and finger print. You will need to use it each time you want to access your wallet or conduct transaction. This feature ensures that everything done on your wallet gets your personal approval.

✅ Steps to Setup our Trustwallet App Security

  • Step 1: Click on security to open features
  • Step 2: to enable passcode click on the button beside passcode to turn it blue/on. You can also disable it by clicking on it to turn it ash/off. Also make sure you have passcode configured on your phone or it will direct you to configure passcode before you can enable it here.
  • Step 3: to Set your auto lock timing click on auto lock and click on the time you preferred for your Trustwallet security to lockup when it’s idle. You can also change the time to any option in the menu.
  • Step 4: To set lock method click on it and chose between passcode only or both passcode and biometric (fingerprint)
  • Step 5: To enable transaction signing click on the button to enable or disable it as per your choice.
Here are ways to help protect your Trustwallet:
  • Don’t share your key-phrase with anyone
  • Lock your phone at all times
  • Setup your security passcode on Trustwallet
  • Activate transaction signing on Trustwallet
  • Always clear your case browser after use
  • Disable your DApp browser when not in use

For the Trustwallet security you set it up once in the security section of the app. Go to your wallet SETTINGS and select SECURITY.

  • Activate PASSCODE
  • Increase AUTO-LOCK time on your phone
  • Choose double LOCK METHOD

The browser settings must be reset everything you finish using Trustwallet. The DApp browser is the only access your wallet has to connect to other Apps and site on the internet. It’s also the only access for other Apps and sites to access it. And that includes online hackers having access too.

If you don’t want to expose your wallet to hackers, always clear your DApp browser and disable it when you are done using it. And enable it only when you need to use the DApp browser.

✅ Conclusion

Trustwallet is number one crypto mobile wallet. And most of crypto transactions are mobile based. Your knowledge of this app is important in your crypto investment journey.

However, the security of your wallet should be top priority. With sophisticated hackers, learn to keep your wallet safe and offline when not in use.

That includes disconnecting from any site or DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) after every transaction. Exchanges are most hit for hackers and if your wallet is connected during such hack, it may lead them to you.

Finally, a lot of efforts was put into writing this guide. If you benefited from it please share with us your experience in the comment section. Thank you.

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Crypto Updates

How POSI NFT Staking Works With Up To 200% Rarity

POSI NFT Staking

In today’s lesson, I want to spice up things a little bit. There’s so much to learn about POSI NFT but I want to push ahead to explain how to stake POSI NFTs. It’s like staking tokens. But it doesn’t mean you are going to be rewarded with NFTs.

Staking NFTs is like staking tokens. The only difference is in what you are staking and how differently the values are measured.

POSI NFT Staking might be more profitable than staking tokens. That’s because NFTs may have rarity which makes one NFT more valuable than another. It’s also based on these NFT rarities that the value of your NFT staking (mining) power is calculated.

This post will explain more on how to go about staking NFTs and the advantage it has over staking tokens.

✅ How to Stake POSI NFT

Staking NFTs would require an NFT project that allows you to stake their NFTs. You can’t just buy any NFT and stake them. It has to be an NFT created on platform for staking. That’s the reason you should know the utility of an NFT before buying it.

You can buy NFTs for staking by casting one yourself, or minting NFTs or simply buying one off the NFT marketplace where it’s offered for sale.

✅ NFT Staking Metrics

Before considering NFTs for staking, you have to understand the benefits it’s affecting. Apart from APY or APR, NFT staking offers some hidden benefits like:

  • Mining Efficiency
  • Mining Power

✅ What’s Mining Efficiency

Different NFT cards have different mining efficiency based on the rarity of the card. Higher the level of NFT, the higher the mining efficiency. That means each NFT card will have different value based on its mining power. You can calculate the mining power of the NFT based on the mining efficiency.

✅ What’s Mining Power

Mining power means (Mining Efficiency Multiply Par Value) of the NFT. You will be receiving rewards based on the NFTs mining power, which depends upon the type of your NFT, and the token you used for casting, minting or buying it from the marketplace.

However, par value simple means the the original value of the NFT. That’s the amount or value of the token used to acquire the NFT. While the mining power is like a bonus increase to the original value of the NFT.

Let assume you bought an NFT with 100 token, and the mining efficiency of the NFT is 200% that means the mining power will be 200 tokens instead of the original 100 tokens you paid for it. Your earnings from staking the NFT will be calculated by 200 tokens and. It by the original 100 tokens.


One of the easiest ways to start staking NFTs now is with POSI NFT Pool. You can get mining efficiency between 110 to 200 percent. The higher the efficiency of your NFT the more POSI you will earn.

However, POSI NFT Pool has low APY compared to the farms and vaults. The motivation for investors is to get higher mining power. But you may also need to invest more to get the chance of a higher mining power.

Let’s look at the chances of getting POSI NFTs with higher mining power.

  • Farmer NFT (110-120% efficiency) – You have 50% chance of casting a POSI farmer. That’s because 50% of POSI NFTs are farmer NFT.
  • Janitor NFT (120-130% efficiency) – You have just 30% chance of casting a POSI Janitor. Only 30% of POSI NFTs are Janitors.
  • Accountant NFT (130-140% efficiency) – 10% of POSI NFTs are accountants.
    If you cast a POSI NFT, you chances of getting accountant NFT is just 10%.
  • Engineer NFT (140-160% efficiency) – just 8% of POSI NFTs are engineer. You only have 8% chances of getting and engineer NFT.
  • Pilot NFT (160-180% efficiency) – only 1.8% of POSI NFTs are pilot. To cast and get a chance of POSI pilot NFT is just 1.8% luck.
  • Boss NFT (180-200% efficiency) – You can rarely get a boss. The chances are just 0.2%. It’s the hardest POSI NFT to cast. Yet, it’s the NFT with the highest mining power.

✅ Conclusion

POSI NFT Staking is one of the best ways to get into NFTs now with some guaranteed return on your investment. POSI is not the only NFT Staking project. There are so many other projects and more coming out with staking.

POSI NFT Staking earnings are huge compared to normal token Staking. Because NFTs has mining power, which increase the value of your NFT in the Staking pool, and gives you more returns as well.

I would chose NFT Staking anytime over normal token Staking. The advantages are huge. And if it’s NFTs you bought, Staking it increases the value as well, and earns you passive income while you hold to sell at a much higher price.

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Crypto Updates

5 Important Crypto Buying Tips for Beginners

crypto buying tips

If you are new to crypto, learning should be your focus now. Don’t get carried away about how to make money without learning how it works. However, your learning should be 20% theory and 80% practical. Practice anything you learn about crypto to make it stick.

You may have problem catching up to what crypto is about as a beginner. Don’t get discouraged or leave the class. If you run away today, you will be meeting us again in the future. By then you have lost years of advantage.

For those who are already enjoying crypto future potential greatness, here’s what you may be missing now. Learn how to buy crypto. This may sound strange to you but I will explain this in one of the lessons this month and probably in an audio lesson so you can get it much better.

Also, you know this is a free class, you won’t be getting any special attention or one-on-one guide. So, the best way to learn is to practice. I’m an investor like you too. I’m not a teacher who doesn’t practice what he teaches. That’s why I won’t have private time to attend to you unless I consider the situation critical.

We have old students here too who knows about crypto and they can help out. Always ask your questions here instead of sending it to me privately.

✅ Why Learn About Crypto Buying Tips:

There are two main reasons you should learn about crypto investment. The fist one is:
Negative reasons…

  • It will save you from scams
  • Save you from investment loses
  • Save you from wasting your time in wrong investments
  • Save you from yourself (Over-sabi mindset or I too know people)

The positive reasons are:

  • Learn to make passive income
  • Maximize your little capital
  • Know the right crypto projects to invest into
  • Learn to save your money in crypto instead of the banks
  • Learning to focus on real crypto investments and not following the crowd
  • Understand why you should invest in any crypto and how

There are probably more good and bad reasons you should be learning about crypto but I think this list is ok to explain my points for now. Let me also show you what you should be learning now.

✅ What To Start Learning As A Beginner:

Here are the few things you should start with if you want to go far. I will be teaching you more about them. I also have a 7 days free Beginners class lessons you can take. The link is at the end of this post. You will learn a lot as well from it.

  • How to buy shitcoins
  • The best strategy to buy shitcoins
  • How to analyze the right shitcoins to buy
  • Where to buy shitcoins
  • How to Claim Free crypto airdrop
  • How to protect your crypto wallet
  • How to define your own crypto strategy
  • How to earn passive income with your crypto investment
  • How to minimize your risk in crypto investment
  • How much you should start investing
  • Why you need to stay in a crypto group

There will be more to learn but here’s the best place to start this year. But let’s get to the process. What you need as a beginner investor to get Start is equally very important. Here we learn to do and not just learning for knowing sake.

✅ Important Crypto Tools for Beginners

Crypto is technology driven. If you don’t know the internet and how to use apps, you are already going to have challenges in this business. Now you will understand why you should have learnt about the internet all these years.

It’s still not late to learn because you will need your knowledge of the internet and mobile apps to navigate your way in the crypto space. Here are apps you will need:

  • Trustwallet app
  • Binance app
  • Telegram app
  • Twitter app
  • Discord app
  • Reddit app

These are just a few very important once. Download them and learn to use them. Apart from Trustwallet and Binance which are basic crypto app, others listed above are purely informational apps. A lot of crypto info flows through them and should follow the info if you want the money.

✅ Learn Fast With Practice

My job is to guide you on what you need to learn. It’s your job to learn and practice what you learn. I will not fail you. Don’t fail yourself. You may not have anyone motivating you to be better for yourself this year. But you have to motivate yourself.

Here’s the link for the 7Days/7 Lessons on Crypto Investment for Beginners. If this lesson is helpful, let me know in the comment box, which part you would want me to explain next.

It’s important you practice what you learn in crypto. Things change faster. Even crypto developers are struggling to catch up with the trends. And the speed of change is faster than you can imagine.

✅ Buy Into Good Cryptos Projects

Investing in crypto doesn’t mean you buy any crypto project out there. Pick what you buy. It’s best if you can get good recommendations. But don’t take every so called expert lists of cryptos to buy. Some of them are just doing adverts for respective projects.

It’s best to learn useful criteria for picking good crypto projects yourself. Knowing things for yourself will make a lot of difference in the end.


You shouldn’t dare to buy every crypto you come across, because you can’t. Stick with some cryptos and have a perfect plan of what you are buying, why and how. But the most important is learning about the projects you invest into.

Having one successful crypto investment is better than having many unsuccessful ones. If you focus on growing your investment in one successful project, it will go a long way to making you rich than tiny investments in many crypto projects.

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Position Exchange Bond Fixed Passive Income Opportunity

position exchange bond

I’m not asking you to take any risk. There’s zero risk with Position Exchange bond. Although there’s volatility with Cryptocurrency investment, but this is one of a kind crypto passive income. And I will be explaining it more clearly in this post.

You may have heard a lot about BONDs. But before I even go into clarify what bond is, let me give you some brief overview and what to expect from Position Exchange bond – in case you want to make quick decision.

  • It has fixed duration
  • It has fixed earning
  • You can stake it to earn daily passive income
  • The staking APR (Annual Percentage Return) is also fixed
  • You can trade or cash-back your investment
  • It’s safe and secure

And you can START HERE if you are bold enough to launch right into POSI BOND. That’s the link to connect you to position Exchange website. Now let’s start with explaining the bond.

✅ What’s A Bond?

According to Investopedia, a bond is a fixed-income instrument. And a fixed-income security or instrument is an investment that provides a return in the form of interest payment that eventually returns the principal at maturity.

This bond represents a loan made by an investor to a borrower. A type of I-O-U between the lender and borrower that specifies what is to be loaned and the payments.

✅ What’s Position Exchange Bond?

Position Exchange Bonds work exactly like traditional bonds. Its a financial instrument that represent a loan from a lender to a borrower for a fixed return.

However, Position Exchange Bonds are integrated on-chain as BEP20 tokens and powered by smart contracts. These bonds can be Issued, Exchanged and staked for a fixed and high Passive income.

Position Exchange Users can purchase POSI bonds and also stake it in the Bond Pool. This pool is with a stable and fix APR. The duration is determined and once the bonds reach maturity, the issuer pays back the investment plus interest.

The bonds are also backed by crypto assets as collateral and locked in smart contracts. While Payment to investor when bonds reach maturity will be ensured and guaranteed by Position Exchange.

✅ How POSI Bond Works

Imagine “A” is an investor who’s interested in purchasing the bonds with $1,000,000. “B” being the issuer will receive $1,000,000 from “A”. While “A” will receive 1,000,000 bond units.

But to make the bond secured and working, the issuer “B” must provide a security for the bond. This security will be used to pay investors “A” in case the issuer “B” defaults in payment upon the maturity of the bind.

After the agreed duration in years, the issuer “B” must pay back “A” the investor $1,200,000 (the face value $1.2 of the $1 per bond). The issuer “B” can claim the underlying asset, investors “A” can claim the face value from the smart contract.

In case of payment default of the face value, the underlying will be distributed among investors.

Also, “A” can decide to stake all the bond into to the staking pool to earn extra passive income with a fixed APR.

✅ Explaining More About Position Bonds

Let’s explain how the bond interest is calculated. You earn from bonds on a fixed return. Bond are sold at a fixed amount and returns are also paid on a fixed amount. If a bond is sold for $1 per bond, the returns maybe calculated at $1.2 per bond.

Example: (please note that this is just an example). Position Exchange (issuer) decides to issue bonds:

  • Issue price: $1.0
  • Underlying asset: 500,000 POSI (as security deposit for the bond)
  • Face value (par value): $1.2 (Price returns at maturity)
  • Quantity to Supply: 1,000,000 units
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Stake APR: 250% (to earn extra income by staking bonds in POSI pool)

The staking is the extra earning to enable you leverage your bonds. That helps you earn more income while waiting for your bond maturity.

✅ What’s Duration of Bonds?

Before investing in POSI bonds, you should know about the duration of your investment. Bonds are not short term investment. The duration may vary, but it’s from one year to any number of years.

POSI bonds have duration of two to three years or more. That means your bonds are invested for those periods. However, there’s option to cash back anytime.

✅ It Has No Impermanent Loss

Another big advantage of POSI bond is the issue of no impermanent loss. You know what impermanent loss means? Well, it means loss that’s not permanent – and that proves there’s no loss at all for POSI bonds, whether permanent or impermanent.

✅ Safe and Secure Investment

That brings us to the secure nature of POSI bonds. Remember that bonds are secured instruments. They are backed by guarantees, like insurance to guarantee your payment, as at when due.

So, your investment in POSI bonds is secured and backed by huge deposit by the issuer to cover for any inability or challenges of payment.

✅ Trade or Cash-back Your Investment

Although, bonds are long term investment, POSI bonds gives you opportunity to cash back at anytime you need money. That means you can sell your bonds if you need to raise money with it.

So, you shouldn’t be afraid of tying down your money for a long time without access to the funds in emergencies. With POSI bonds you can cash back anytime by offering your bonds for sale in the Position Exchange bond marketplace.

You might ask, why would anyone want to buy another person’s bond? Well, I will explain it more better in the next sub head.

✅ How to Exchange POSI Bond

POSI bond also have a marketplace. You will be able to exchange bonds through a buy and sell platform. Position Bonds can be bought and sold in Position Bond Exchange.

The marketplace is for those who missed buying a bond offer? They can get to buy from the bond marketplace, where those who purchased the bond offering can resell them. The seller might sell you the bond even at face value but you stand to earn from the bond pool from staking.

The Bonds are fully powered by Smart contracts and are implemented as BEP20 tokens. Once the Bond Exchange is fully operational, users will easily exchange Bonds like normal BEP20 tokens.

✅ Stake Bonds and Earn More

POSI bonds are stakable. If you have ever invested in POSI pool, you will love this one. POSI pool are the best choice for guaranteed passive income in the crypto space. You earn daily when you invest in POSI pools.

And POSI has also extended this great feature to its bonds. After you have bought your bonds, POSI allows you to use that bonds and earn extra passive income by staking it in the bond pool.

You will get paid in POSI token daily based on the annual percentage return (APR) defined during the bond sale.

By staking pool the bond, investors now could earn more Yield to Maturity (YTM).

✅ POSI Bond Fixed APR

Yes, the APR (Annual Percentage Return) is fixed. POSI offers you a fixed percentage earning for staking your bonds in the pool. Let me place some assumptions to help you understand the huge benefit of this fixed APR.

POSI bond APR can be 300% or 400%. That depends on the selling proposition for each bond being offered. But these APR are fixed for the duration of the bond contract. That means it doesn’t fluctuation or reduce because of the number of bonds staked.

You will earn exactly the amount stipulated in the APR for the years agreed. Assuming you invested 1,000 POSI in a bond. A 400% APR means you will earn extra 400 POSI from your bond. Remember this is different from the interest paid on the bond.

✅ Conclusion

If you ask me where to invest $1 million right now, I would say POSI bonds. Think about the huge returns from the fixed APR, plus the interest earned on the bonds. That’s a massive YTM (Yield to Maturity).

And you can start with any amount of POSI, depending on the minimum POSI equivalent for a unit of the bond. You can get started now by connecting your wallet to POSI site. The best wallet to use is either Trustwallet or Metamask.

Once you have your wallet connected to POSI, you can buy the bonds or any other investment product on the POSI portal.

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Beginners Crypto Investment Plan for 2023

Crypto Investment Plan

This year try and be Strategic in your crypto investment plan. Don’t just buy any crypto that’s being advertised out there. Buy crypto with a purpose. If you do it right you will make it big next year. If you buy during the market dip this year, you will surely be in profit when the bull market season sets in.

I’m also going to show you the best approach to investing in crypto this year – starting from a beginner level. Even if you just discovered crypto today or you are new to Crypto Lessons. This guide will help you with step by step approach to successful crypto investment this year.

It will also help you to understand what you should focus your attention on. It’s not everything that’s going on in crypto space is there to make you rich. Some would try to take money away from you.

So, be smart and don’t be greedy. It’s easy to exhibit greed where money is involved. But if you know you are going to be rich faster if you are patient, you will avoid greed.

✅ Copy My Crypto Investment Plan

Don’t invest in crypto without an investment strategy. If you don’t know what you are doing here everyone will be pushing you around. When they say this coin is doing well (PUMPING) or will do times 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 you will jump from one crypto to another.

You can’t buy every crypto out there, and you shouldn’t try to. It’s not every crypto that will be successful. So, find the one that has the chance of succeeding and invest in only them.

You must define your own strategy or adopt a strategy that’s proven to work.

Some people have bought $100 worth of Bitcoin because they heard Bitcoin will soon reach $100,000. They don’t have any strategy they are following.

Even As NFTs and metaverse will boom, many will make same mistakes. If you don’t have a plan you are already on a failed move. NFT and Metaverse are currently the sellers market. I will explain that later.

If you follow a crypto investment strategy you will minimize your mistakes and your loses. Because most of the crypto projects out there will fail sooner or later. Just a few will survive.

✅ Crypto Risk Assessment

Risk is a major part of crypto investment but you should define your risk level. You can’t just expose your money to risks you haven’t assessed it’s impact on your Investment.

Although crypto risks level can do two things for you – it’s either making you rich fast or making you poorer faster.

However, If you invest only on low risk you should also be comfortable with low returns. They go together. But you can engage high risk investments that has very high returns but requires very little capital investment.

✅ How The Rich Invest In Crypto

If you are following what the rich are investing in crypto you will fail. The rich has a different perspective when buying crypto. Unfortunately, they control much of what happens in crypto space. Their perspective shouldn’t be something you should follow.

The rich consider this more:

  • Security of their capital invested

And not this:

  • Much about Return on their investment

The reason being that they invest a lot of money and there’s no way their returns would equal or exceed their capital. This is why you shouldn’t be investing in Bitcoin now.

You have missed Bitcoin boom and you shouldn’t be attempting a catch-up. I will show you what cryptos you should be buying this year and why.

However, You should be considering this when buying crypto:

  • High Returns on investment

And not just this:

  • Security of your investment

And that’s not to mean you don’t care about your investment securities. Rather, what you are investing is too little compared to what you should be looking to gain. You should rather do somethings differently.

Also, that’s why the rich invest only in bitcoin and Ethereum. They only consider any Cryptocurrency as an investment option if it can guarantee more of the security of their capital.

That’s also why you shouldn’t invest like them or what they invest in. Some beginner investors throw their money in Bitcoin and that’s a waste. Look at annual returns on Cryptocurrency and see why you shouldn’t buy Bitcoin or Ethereum as a beginner investor.

✅ 1 Year ROI on Bitcoin, Ethereum & Shiba (Shitcoin)

  • Bitcoin ROI for 2021 was 70 percent only – price started around $30,000 and ended at $48,000 per Bitcoin. For a rich investor that’s huge because he or she put in millions of dollars.
  • Ethereum did ROI of 530 percent in 2021
  • Shiba Inu’s Year to date gain is 61,451,955 percent ROI. With your $100 investment in Shiba you are in millions with this kind of ROI.
  • Solana did 14,322 percent ROI
  • Sandbox did 10,923 percent ROI

Just multiple any amount by each of the annual percentage for any of the crypto I have listed here and see how much you would have made in 2021 if you bought any of them in January 2021. You can see Bitcoin and Ethereum made the least ROI.

So many people criticize shitcoins like Shiba Inu but are ashamed to see it’s result in just 1 year. Bitcoin was once a shitcoin. There were those who bought it as shitcoin and today they are rich. I invest only in shitcoins with huge potentials and passive income opportunities.

✅ Crypto Learning Guide

I recommend you invest more in learning about crypto investment. Crypto is not a do it for me. If that’s what you think, you won’t go far in it. Rather, it’s a Do-It-Yourself. Learn how to do it for yourself and you will be on your way to success.

Things to focus On Learning ABOUT Crypto Investment Plan:

✅ To Get basic knowledge about crypto – especially if you are a beginner. Learn with practice.
✅ To Learn crypto passive income opportunities. If you are not generating crypto money every single day you are not a wise investor
✅ To Learn to save your money in crypto. Banks are using your money to make more money for themselves. Save with crypto to make more money with your money
✅ Learn about NFTs. The world is changing faster than you know it. NFTs are the Cryptocurrency of things – just like the Internet of things. If you miss out this early you will never be able to catch-up later.
✅ Metaverse needs NFTs to thrive. So both will evolve at the same time. Things are still cloudy now about the potentials and how everyone can benefit but it’s going to be huge – more than the Internet itself. But it’s worth learning now and taking your place early enough.

✅ Conclusion

Crypto Lessons are posted everyday from Monday’s to Friday’s. Don’t miss a lesson if you want to benefit from this free class. I’m not going to be providing any private lesson for anyone this year.

If you miss any class, there will be no repetition this year either. I’m going to be more busy this year than I was last year. So, I advice you don’t seek my attention outside this class. It won’t be readily available.

I will teach you the best way possible for you to learn. Invest your time to learn. Thank you.


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Tips to Start Crypto Passive Income In 2023

crypto passive income

Crypto passive income is the most sweetest part of crypto. It’s one aspect of crypto Investment that guarantees you some consistent income.

If you want to start earning money in crypto from the first day you started crypto Investment, tap into the passive income. It’s mostly referred as crypto daily free money.

And it’s not hard to find one. Your only challenge would be having the confidence to invest much money. Or not having much money to invest. This lesson will explain all about it and how you can journey into this world of crypto daily free money.

Earning passive income with your crypto makes investing in crypto sweet, while you wait for your token to appreciate. It takes away the frustrations of watching the flip flop side of crypto market volatility.

✅ What’s Crypto Passive Income?

For those who don’t even know what Passive Income means, let me explain briefly to a lay man’s understanding. It’s money you make while you sleep and do nothing.

It’s like a bank fixed deposit account, where you fix some amount of money and the bank pays you returns on daily basis. But the returns is based on a percentage of the amount of money Your deposited.

That means your returns is on your amount of investment. If you invest $5,000 for example, and you expect 1% daily returns: you will be earning $50 everyday or $1,500 every 30 days from that amount.

✅ Types of Crypto Passive Income

Depending on the project you are investing into, the type of passive income opportunity available may differ. There modus operandi may also be different but the results are the same – you will earn passive income daily.

Here are common ways to earn passive income with Cryptocurrency:

  • Pool
  • Farming
  • Savings
  • Lending
  • Mining

Each of these offers allows you to stake your crypto using any of the above option. You will earn based on the agreed percentage as specified by the project.

✅ How Crypto Passive Income Works

To invest for passive income earning it takes the following forms. You are either staking your tokens , saving it or lending it for interest on your crypto.

Pools and farming are almost the same but with slight differences. While pools allows you to stake a particular crypto, farming requires two cryptos paired together for the staking.

And that’s what’s makes the percentage returns different as well, with farming earning more than pool staking.

✅ Crypto Passive Income Calculation Model

The revenue model for crypto passive income is calculated in APR (Annual Percentage Return) and APY (Annual Percentage Yield). You should be mindful what you are being offered. They might even be used interchangeably but they are not the same.

Also, the percentage is not fixed in most crypto passive income. It’s allowed to fluctuate by the number of investors in the pool. That’s because the amount of total earning paid out daily is fixed in the pool.

That means the more people joins the pool the less everyone earns. You see that it takes a good heart for those of us who discovers this opportunity to share it with others.

✅ Difference Between APR & APY

The difference is huge if you understand them. While APR gives you the exact earnings per year if you had invested a particular amount; APY is about the compound earnings of that same amount if you had reinvested all your earnings daily or as described.

They can be confusing as well if you don’t know. You might be using APR to calculate earnings that should have been on APY.

✅ Steps to Start Passive Income Earning

Before you can start earning crypto passive income you need to discover particular projects with passive income opportunity. There are many of them right now, but you need to select sound projects with good prospects and equally interesting APR or APY.

✅ Some Crypto Passive Income

I’m listing some of these passive income cryptos as examples. DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before investing in any of them. Avoid follow-follow spirit. Learn to study and have personal opinion about where you invest your money.

See the list of cryptos I invested for passive income:

  • POSI – currently my best passive income earner
  • DogeEx – I haven’t mentioned this before but it has been building up
  • HODLX – another passive income project coming to us this year.

These are just a few I’m studying now. There are so much but it’s gradual. You take few and grow your investment and then go onto others later.

✅ Grow Your Passive Income

The strategy with crypto passive income is to keep growing it. Since the more people in the pool the less you are going to earn, if your investment remains the same level your earning will only reduce.

So, you have to keep growing your investment by either doing the following or any of it:

Set Investment target to add more funds to your passive income account. Reinvest most of your earnings or all of it as the case maybe.

Note: you need to take your passive income investment seriously. Some see it as their feeding money or house keeping income, while some sees the bigger picture.

You need to devote some time to grow it before you start eating it. I gave my POSI passive income at least 1 year committed reinvestment plan. If you want to be rich think BIG and long term.

Earn Daily Passive Income With POSI

POSI passive income is one of the most solid investment out there now. Part from the falling percentage, which is currently at 20% to 23% respectively; the project remains the best with the best team ever assembled for a DEFI project.

The project also boast of one the most all encompassing features, making it the only platform of its kind. Including the major success factor in any crypto project – which is marketing.

✅ How Much to Start With

It’s important I explain this to you because it has a lot of impact on your investment. How much you invest determines how much you earn. Don’t say what if I don’t have enough? It simply means you are not tired of poverty yet. If you are tired you will be more desperate for a change, and you will find money to invest.

If you want to be rich, no excuse is good enough. If you like be acting like I don’t know you are going through. You will still be going through it in the next decade if you don’t act now.

The right amount to invest in a POSI is $1,000. But you can do $500. The least if you have problem raising that much should be $100. You can then grow from any of these amount to at least $10,000 or more.

These are not fixed amount o. In fact you can do any amount higher. Don’t do lower because it will take you years before you can earn anything reasonable.

✅ Which POSI Investment to Start

POSI offers investors daily passive income for staking in their pools and farms. If you ask me which of the POSI Staking you should start with between the pool, vault and farm, I will say FARM. Here are my reasons:

POSI also have 2 farms. I will explain the two farms for you. POSI has BUSD and BNB farms. It means you will need to pair POSI with BUSD or BNB to stake in any of the farms. Anyone of this is fine. I will post a video link on how you can stake in this farms.

✅ What’s POSI – BNB Pair?

I’m avoiding using some tech words. Crypto farms are used for liquidity provision. This liquidity is what enables token swap. Remember to swap a token you need to swap it for another token. A pair means 2-in-1. But in this case both should be 50 – 50 equal.

So POSI – BNB pair or LP (Liquidity Pool) token is for swapping of either POSI or BNB tokens for each other. That means you provide liquidity for users who want to swap POSI to BNB or swap BNB to POSI. It’s like MONEY LENDING.

✅ Steps to Invest In POSI

Here’s how to go about in eating in POSI Farm. I will use POSI – BNB farm as example. The same process applies to POSI – BUSD as well.

  • Step 1: buy BNB from Binance or any other exchange and send it to your Smart chain BNB wallet on your Trustwallet.
  • Step 2: Calculate how to process and allocate the funds. You need to divide your capital into 2. For example, if you have $1,000 divided into 2 that would be $500 each. You should also make provision for network fees of at least $20. That means you will be needing $1,020 for this transaction.
  • Step 3: make your 2 two tokens ready for pairing. In this case you need bnb Smart chain and POSI token to create a token pair or LP token. Since you have the crypto in Smart chain, you only need to purchase POSI with have of your capital as I explained above to have your 2 tokens for the pairing.
  • Step 4: create your LP token using the LP creator feature on POSI site. (Watch the video for more clarity).
  • Step 5: proceed to stake your paired token in the farm. (Also refer to video demonstration for help).

✅ How to Connect POSI to your Trustwallet

You can be able to do any of this without first connecting POSI to your Trustwallet.

  • Open your Trustwallet app
  • Click on DApps to access the browser
  • Copy and paste POSI website address here:
  • Change the network logo from Ethereum to Smart chain
  • Connect and ok referral request

✅ Conclusion

I have taught so much about passive income since last year. I also did some practical lessons on how to invest in POSI passive income in December. You can find the lessons in the TELEGRAM group. You can also find more details searching through our Crypto and Business Update categories.

Finally, take this lessons on passive income seriously. POSI is just one of them. I will be explaining more in other updates. If you have any questions please ask in the comment box. Don’t procrastinate about this. You need to start earning money immediately.

Let me know if you are new and considering investing in crypto passive income, and what challenges you may have in the comment box.

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