How To Buy Cooking Gas Cheaper In Nigeria

Buy Cooking Gas

Hello, welcome to another brief article on how to buy cooking gas cheaper education for both men and women. Since women are the ones that cook most of the time, men do cook too – and even more, critical more men are involved in this cooking gas business than women.Buy Cooking Gas

However, today’s article is more of interactive exposition than just me teaching you, because there are different experiences around the country for everyone using cooking gas.

And your experience can help shape the way we all buy cooking gas in Nigeria.

Market Analysis

There are necessary things that can help us all in buy cooking gas cheaper, and they include the supply chain, the demand curve, the price index, better gas cylinders, and metering gas, regulators.

I will briefly explain each one under a sub-head, and you can comment your views and share your own personal experience in our comment box. I will appreciate you include the street where you bought your last gas (city and state), how much you paid and other experiences.


I don’t know how natural gas supply works in your city and how close are gas plants and gas retailers in your town. The amount seems not to be too good in some cities than others. How good is the supply in your area?

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Do you have gas plants around you and how close are they to your area? Also, do you have gas shops where you buy gas from? How good are these shops in supplying your area?

Although, it doesn’t make business sense to have gas retail shops in every street, considering the weight of cylinders that’s just the best bet.

However, don’t expect that to ever happen because it’s not profitable for business, but it’s very beneficial for consumers. Is gas always available or their scarcity sometimes. Let’s know how it is in your city.


I can confirm that the demand for gas has grown over the past 5 years in Nigeria, except in the remote villages.

Although, according to some analysts we are still just 15 per cent consumer base for gas – which means there is still about 85 per cent of consumers who haven’t started using gas for cooking yet. That may sound poor but for business people looking to invest in gas that’s good news.

And due to the growing need for efficient cooking options, many people are now adopting cooking gas faster than even the supply can match. If you are interested in starting a gas shop just call or WhatsApp 07087770518 for a free guide.


Even though gas is considered cheaper now, it’s still very costly compared to petrol. I don’t know how much you buy gas in your area. I purchased a 12.5kg cylinder N4,000 in the last one week. That’s like N320 per kg.

That is too high, considering that a litre of fuel sells for N145. In case you don’t know, 1kg of gas is equivalent of 1 litre of fuel. And if you compare both prices based on this new knowledge, you will agree that it’s costlier than fuel.

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Although, let’s not just generalise things. Since the cost of Mercedes is not the same as Toyota – but they are both cars. However, I just think the price should be cheaper than that. Also, I’m aware that some places the rate is even higher than mine, like up to N400 per kg. Let me know what price you are paying for your location.


If you haven’t heard about the gas regulator with a metering feature, where in the world have you been? Just joking….but seriously, you need to get this regulator if you haven’t got yours.

You need to know the quantity of gas you are buying. And when you are running out of gas if there is nothing else you need it for. It’s a big plus for gas business.

And if you are in gas business and you haven’t started selling this, I won’t say you are an enemy of gas consumer progress. But instead that you should repent and give the gas consumer something to protect themselves against gas retail fraud.


I have good news about cylinders – but a costly one.

The current gas cylinder we use should be changed for so many reasons like it’s weight, less fireproof, non-transparent. And generally too outdated for a 21 century.

You will agree with me. But let me even spice your mind with what is currently gaining the market of cylinders. The composite gas cylinder. That’s the new cylinder coming into the market. But it might take a while due to price difference with the current iron cylinders.

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Composite Gas

But let me give you some of the features of the composite gas cylinder. So you can better prepare your mind for the future of buy cooking gas. It minimises the risk of explosion in a fire outbreak, and the reasons are simple. And is explosion-proof, and it’s made of non-metal material.

It’s also lightweight and transparent. The gas retail shop won’t just sell anything to you and tell you it’s full. Because you will see it with your two eyes.

It has its own regulator that saves you money from buying another regulator. And other features that are merely amazingly awesome for a gas cylinder.

We hope the price will be right soon for Nigerians to start buying them. Let me know what you think about this new cylinder.

Finally Of Buy Cooking Gas Cheaper:

I don’t know what your experience in using gas has been but share with us by commenting below. Also, share this post with your friends and see what their own experience might have been.

Remember to indicate your city. It helps to bring it home for others who may be going through the same thing.

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