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How to Start Blogging For Beginners (2022)

Blogging For Beginners

If you want to join blogging for beginners, then you will need to read through this post till the end.  It’s not about selling any product to you. I want to help you in your blogging.

Blogging has changed over the years. And it’s not as simple as it used to be. There are several platforms now one can blog. Apart from platforms like WordPress, there are medium, Quora, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etcetera.

If you don’t know how it works now or have someone guide you, it may just be another failed dream. But I know you don’t want to fail.

So, I can assume that you will keep reading and make efforts to apply what I will show you.

How Blogging For Beginners Works

I have been blogging for a while now. All you need is a few things that will make a lot of difference for your blog. But if you don’t know them, you may struggle and eventually give up.

I will show you the truth about blogging now. Gone are the days any ‘dummy’ will create a Blog, splash some few articles on it and start making money.

Although that kind of blogs still exists, they will never become successful. However, let me guide you briefly into few of the things I will be showing you. There may be more.

But these are a few that I feel are important for a startup like you to know now.

  • What is Blogging?
  • What Do You Want To Blog?
  • Understanding Blog Marketing
  • How Blogs Work
  • Blogging Platforms
  • Who is a Blogger
  • Blogging For Beginners
  • Blogging Tips
  • Blogging For Fun
  • Blogging sites
  • Blogging For Money
  • Creating A Blog

What is Blogging?

Blogging is not writing and posting on a blog. It’s way too deep than that.
It is an act of marketing. It takes the same form and style of content marketing.

Blogging is a process of creating and marketing a sense of value or beliefs with the intent to provide responsive help, answers or solutions to the needs of a target audience using blog.

Whets Blog Marketing:

You must learn first to create this value even where it doesn’t exist. It’s not just about posting some thoughts on a blog and asking people to read and click on your AdSense or buy your products.

You should create this value you want people to buy. And make them believe in it. That’s the side of its marketing that’s cool There should be a deliberate plan to market that sense of value that you have created.

If people can’t see the value you are offering, then your blog can’t make a dime. And like I said, this value must be in a form that can help or solve a need.

It must provide real value to your target audience.



What Do You Want To Blog?

Of course, I know you want to blog but what do you want to blog? You have to choose what niche you have identified. And two things should drive your choice; that you have a lot of ideas you want to blog about, and you know how to make money blogging it.

Some people blog about only what they know and are doing. While some blog what they are learning and not good at yet. It’s up to you.

We have seen bloggers take us on a tremendous success ride from scratch while they were still a novice in their game.

But the big part is that they gave us some insightful details not known about those fields before.

They saw things with a different pair of eyes that was not seen by others. There are different ideas about what you should blog. But the choice is yours to make.

However, I would recommend you tow the industry part. Find out about an industry you would love to blog. Identify a niche in that industry that has a need that covers enough people and still has potentials in the future.

You don’t want to blog to yourself alone.

So, finding out the potential for your niche blog is as important, if not more than starting a blog. What you choose to blog must be something you should also be bold enough to defend anywhere.

It’s part of your life now. And you are going to carry that cross with you. So, let it be a life you don’t mind living for the rest of your life.

Understanding Blog Marketing

When you want to start a blog you need to make your intentions clear.
What do you want to do with your blog?

It’s okay to want to blog. But be decisive about what you want to achieve with your blog. And I’m not talking about your blog ideas but your blog incomes.

Yours might even start out as a hubby. Sometimes that’s how many got into blogging. But once you are going into it for the money, then you are in blog marketing. You are in it now for the money. So, you will need to understand how it works for money making.

And when that happens, it’s not just a simple blog anymore, even though it might start simple.

The purpose is clear, and the process must be clear too. Nonetheless, you are a marketer with a blog. And if you don’t know how to market, you are going to have a problem running a blog.

How Blogs Work

Once you are clear about your reason, then it’s time to address your role. You should understand how to blog. If you are a beginner that makes it even simpler.

You need to know what is a blog to you and how you could make it work for you.
In simple, clear terms, blogs are promotional articles that claim to know, address, review or provide a solution or answer to a need.

And is also willing to prove those claims with results. Each blog post must be this way. It’s must be clear about each need it’s solving and how it intends to address it.

Blogging for Beginners Platforms

Now, when you write that promotional article called a blog, you need to push it around to reach your target audience. You will need a blogging platform to post your blogs.

Your choice of a platform depends now on your need for blogging. There are different platforms to choose for your blog. The blog platform you decide doesn’t matter much these days.

The popular choices are limited now. So, everyone knows where to go when they want to start a blog.

In case you don’t know, I will still recommend the following.

  • WordPress
  • Blogspot
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Medium
  • Qoura

There are many others as well not mentioned here.

Who is a Blogger?

But before we proceed further, let me get rid of this question. It’s essential you also know about your new professional status – a blogger.

Sometimes, I would mistakenly say burger – usually when I’m hungry.

In continuation, your new role is vital to the success of your blog business. You are a blogger, and that position is huge in the blog world.

For some, it could mean owner, founder, publisher, editor, director, partner, etceteras. Moreover, a blogger is the content manager, editor, publisher, and marketer of a blog.

You are the content strategist, managing your blog affairs, edits the content for publishing, and equally handles the overall marketing.

You can be everything for the blog. But most especially, as a publisher. You decide the final content that gets published on the blog.

That’s a huge responsibility. It may seem little until when what your blog matters to thousands, if not millions of people. It will no longer be that simple.

Blogging For Beginners

As a beginner, your role as a blogger is important. Although, your chances of missteps and regrets might be high too. But no matter what you do, don’t get under the stress of trying to be like the pros.

Understand that you have just started. It’s a journey. Soon you will be sharing the results and testimonials of your blog accomplishments.

There is no harm in being a beginner.

So, avoid trying to falsify reports to gain some cheap popularity. Even some of your posts may not measure up to some standards, but that’s okay at your stage.

Moreover, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Bloggers Realities

Also, the most important reality of being a beginner is lack of followers. You may not be seeing much visits to your blog.

In fact, for some, you may not be seeing visits at all. Your blog visitors stats may read zero for a whole month. I had less than 20,000 hits in one whole year.

It’s all part of being a beginner.

If you remember that it took you thirteen years to become a teenager, you should know that blogs won’t grow overnight too. It needs time.

And if you have decided to be a blogger, learn to give it the time it needs to bloom.

Blogging Tips

Let me give you some hard facts about blogging for beginners. It’s time for your initiation into the blogging world.

If you have read about how easy it’s to start your blog, I’m going to burst some of those confidence.

  • Blogging is not as easy as perceived.
  • It’s hard work.
  • Real work without apologies.
  • And if you are going to be a successful blogger, you should be ready to give it your best.

I know some people are looking for a side business that won’t take their time. Yes, you can do blogging as a side business, but you must give it the necessary side time as well.

It’s not a side business because it’s that simple.

When you begin to deal with search engine optimisation techniques, you will realise that buying and selling are two different transactions even though they happen simultaneously.

Here are my hard tips below:

  • Tip #1 – What It Cost to Start A Blog
  • Tip #2 – What it costs to run a blog
  • Tip #3 – How long before you start seeing traffic to your blog
  • Tip #4 – How search engine Traffic works
  • Tip #5 – What you should till your blog grows
  • Tip #6 – Don’t try to do whatever you see on another blog

Tip #1 – What It Cost to Start A Blog

Let me start with the first tip. If you are working with the idea that starting a blog is free, then you are ready for your first shocking news.

I don’t know what your concept of free means. But from what I know and understand, you can’t start a blog business for free. If you want to blog for fun, that’s cool.

But no platform gives you free blogging tools for free for you to make money. So, get this fact straight. You are going to invest some money to get your blog started.

Sorry, I have to be the one to break it to you, if you don’t already know about it. And the costs may vary as well. I’m not going to give you a complete cost but a cost idea of what is required to get you started.

So I will list a few of them below.

  1. Domain name – $15/year
  2. Web hosting – $10/month
  3. Blog theme – $100 (one off)
  4. Customization – $100 (one off)

These are just a few important ones to help you create a blog. Although, you can get a lower deal on some of the listed items.

I will give more details when I’m explaining how to create a blog. But know that there are cost implications, and these are not all.

Tip #2 – What it costs to run a blog

We have just dealt with the cost of creating a blog. When it also comes to running your blog, there are costs.

In fact, some of these costs are on recurrent basis.

Now you have realised that blogging is a business too. And like every business, it needs capital. If you have wanted to join blogging with the idea that its free startup, you may not succeed.

There is no such thing as a free startup. At least a dollar must be involved. And I can assure you that money is needed to run blogs. Let us even look at some of the things you need to keep running your blog.

It’s quite some list, but it’s not all of them that applies to every blog. You can handpick what works for your blog. That should form your own cost.

Also, below list is limited. It’s not all there is for operating a blog. It’s just what I could come up with for now. You will also be discovering some along your way.

List Of Some Top WordPress Plugins:
  1. Linktrack – accurate clicks tracking and monitoring; $6.95/month.
  2. Moz Local – designed for SEO, link analysis, and content marketing; $9/month.
  3. Netpeak Spider – detects SEO issues that affect website visibility; $14/month.
  4. Serpstat – SERP ranking and research specialist; $19/month.
  5. RankTrackr – designed for granular tracking; $19/month.
  6. Kparser – keyword research tool; $25/month
  7. RankWatch – optimises website placement and visibility; $29/month.
  8. BrightLocal – quick and precise local SEO reporting; $29/month.
  9. Marketing Miner – uses data mining to track ranking/performance; $29/month.
  10. Topvisor Web Analytics – tracks and measures SEO campaigns; $29/month.
  11. WordPress SEO plugin By Squirrly – compete SEO suite; $29/month

Also, there are free sites you can use. Some are not entirely free.

  1. Google Analytics – for ongoing website monitoring.
  2. Google Trends – helps keep your content current and ahead of the competition.
  3. SEMRush – freemium for keeping close tabs of specific keywords.
  4. Bing Webmaster Tools – monitors how your site performs on Bing.
  5. Keyword Tool .io– freemium keyword generator tool.
  6. Ubersuggest – a tool for giving you keyword ideas.
  7. GTMetrix – examines and compares page load speeds.
  8. Built with – website profiler tool.
  9. Moz Open Site Explorer – backlink analysis tool with metrics.
  10. Screaming Frog’s Spider Tool – for finding issues with your on-page content.

Tip #3 – How long before you start seeing traffic to your blog

Here is where new bloggers get it all wrong. I don’t know who sold that idea.
Blog business is not hit and run. It’s for the long term.

Think of blogging like a library of books you are building. A compendium of information on a defined niche. You need time to develop such a great resource in one place.

You should be thinking how long would it take you to build the best resource for your niche. You want to be a source of a solution to a need, and you want to reach more people with your solution.

One or even ten blog posts won’t cut it. Think long term.

Now let’s even cut in with web traffic. You have started your blog, but you haven’t seen much traffic or even no traffic at all.

Do you want to know why? You might even be thinking, maybe you are not doing things right. You may also be considering quitting out of frustration.

Listen and listen hard.

Getting traffic to your blog won’t happen overnight. It takes time and quality contents to produce the resources for good search engine traffic. The reason you are not getting more web traffic now is because search engines haven’t built trust with your blog.

I will explain.

The first six months of blogging will only introduce your blog to search engine to start crawling your site and indexing your posts. And most importantly gaining some details about your blog.

It start by first gaining some traction.

All this will only happen because you were adding more blog content. But when you have reached ten to twelve months, you begin to win influence in some topics and searches. And you start seeing small traffic to your blog.

If you continue working on your blog and building your content, the more relevance you establish, as an authority in your niche. And by two years, the traffic must have grown bigger and better.

Good news, right?

Tip #4 – How search engine Traffic works

Let me better illustrate this with how search engines work. If you have been to a library, you probably understand how books are stored in different categories and by topics.

If an author has several books, such author automatically will get a particular category within his niche for his books. It makes it easier to find the author and his books because it’s all together.

The content may not even be a masterpiece. But his books are so much that the library had to create more space to accommodate them.

The search engines are like that too.

However, unlike the books in the library, search engines reads the content of your blog to determine authority and relevance.

But the point being made is, you need to give search engines more content if you want to gain traction and more traffic.

Think like this; if you write 100 blog posts during your first year of blogging and 200 by the second year, you maybe competing for more keywords. If you did your keyword planning well, you might be among those sharing the best monthly traffic volumes.

And if you are good at your game, you should be getting a good percentage of this traffic monthly. Please also read: Search Trends Optimization – What Is Keyword Planner?

Tip #5 – What you should do till your blog grows

I have already told you, it might take as much as two full years before you get into the business of blogging for real.

And that might shock you, but I had to tell you the truth.

I was shocked when I found out myself how long I had to wait. But I had to prepared to wait for it.

So, what should you be doing before that time? That’s why some professional bloggers always advice you can start it as a side job. And it’s not to excuse the hard work required.

They are merely telling you there is a waiting period and you should wait on your current job. But, what if you don’t have any current job, how do you sit for two years for your blog to grow?

Although, the time estimate is not sacrosanct. A blog can blow up in a few months.

However, here are a few suggestions if you don’t already have one. You should get busy with writing new blogs and polishing your knowledge about your niche blog. You can also take some courses or hire a mentor to gain more experience.

Moreover, also start applying the experience you acquired so far. Find blogs where you can write as a guest blogger. Or Q&A sites like Quora where you can help by answering question in your niche.

Personal Example:

I wrote this blog as a result of my challenges in starting and running my first blog. I sound easy and straightforward because it’s my experience I’m sharing with you. I didn’t just write for the sake of posting to my blog.

It’s a genuine experience I have gained from blogging myself. Although this post is not delving into SEO techniques, it’s also something you should get familiar with quickly.

You can’t run a successful blog without a sound SEO background. But I’m sending you to another of my post where I shared some insight on Search Engine Free Traffic Optimization – What is SEO?

You will find some clarity with SEO techniques.

Tip #6 – Don’t try to do whatever you see on another blog

There are temptations in blogging as a beginner, and you are not above them. But try not to be tempted into king size errors. Some of the things bloggers do are marketing techniques.

Think appropriately about anything you see and try not to act beyond your current capacity. Some strategies might not work for you or your kind of blog. And that includes revenue models.

You have to pick everything you do carefully and for a valid reason only.

Sometimes, blogger push figures around, don’t get into that spell. You are still learning, when it’s time you too will make money. Don’t be pushed to want to do some quick things to grow fast.

And don’t push yourself too hard. Google is watching your blog. Also avoid anything that looks too good to be true because it is.

Don’t buy online traffic; it’s a scam. Avoid anything that would harm your blog or get you blacklisted by search engines. Stay with the good guys, they always win.

Blogging For Fun

If you are blogging for whatever reason, whether it’s a personal blog or business blog, do it with fun. Don’t get too uptight or too professional. Whatever it is that your blog is about, I know it’s not about geeks.

So, give it a human touch. Let your readers feel your humanness. Maybe, you can also organise some offline meetings with your followers.

Give your online presence some real-life experience. It could enhance your blogging experience.

In the world of social media, people want to interact more than just a blog post and a few comments.

You may even organise it as a trip, and let people pay for it. Have some fun with them, take lots of pictures and record videos as well for your blog. Imagine how your readers will feel reading about themselves on your blog.

It’s a vast readers endorsement of your blog. But don’t do this until you have substantial followers.

Blogging Sites

I wrote this with the idea that I’m reaching only beginners. So, I have also tried to treat you like one. With no offence meant. I hope none taken.

For that, I have the intention to show you some blogging sites too. You just click on them to visit and see just what they are doing.

Note: most of them are professionals. Don’t feel your blog must be like that. Just know they have invested so much to build their blogs.

Here are a few blog you can check out.

Blogging For Money

I know you are in it for the money. It’s the same with me too. But if for any reason you are not, then you just simple skip this part and meet me at the last topic – creating a blog.

I have to tell these guys about the money too. After you have started your blog, you are going to expert money to start flowing in as well. That is not always the case, but you need to also plan for it.

You should incorporate in your startup plan how you are going to make money from your blog.

What are the things that would bring in the money?

How do you intend to monetize your blog without looking like a ripe off to your audience? Money shouldn’t be all that you want from your visitors.

Yes, you have to pay the bills, and we all do, but don’t treat them like a piece of commodity you are trading off for money.

One way to push for money is to promote only products or services that relate to what you are blogging.

For example, if your blog is about travelling, find deals on travelling, cheap hotels, group expeditions, discount flight tickets, etcetera. Sell them only the same things they came looking for on your blog. Don’t try to sell ice to an Eskimo.

Creating A Blog

Finally, you will have to create your first blog. Congrats! I will give you some of the important details and then send you off to another post.

I have already written an extensive guide on how you can set up a blog. But let me look at a few things here first.

Although, I have already listed out the things you require to start a blog.

Now, it’s time to create your blog. I have also worked a deal for you, to help you get started.

Free 1 Year Domain Name Registration

MyBlog in partnership with That gives you free 1-year domain registration if you host your blog with them.

Yes, it’s open for you if you decide to create a blog because of reading this post. It’s a way to assist you.

Affordable Web Hosting From Bluehost:

Also, Bluehost is also giving you an affordable hosting plan as low as $3.95/month.
This rate is for the 36-month subscription.

If you choose the 24 or 12-month subscription plan, the price will be higher than this.
You can see all the other rates here.

But, the free domain name is a bundle package with the hosting plan. You will be getting it when you buy the hosting plan from Bluehost and MyBlog partnership.

Choosing A Blog Theme

You will need a theme for your blog. I know that WordPress has lots of free themes.
But don’t plan to use that for blog business. And there are good reasons why you shouldn’t use those themes.

It’s ok to set up your blog using free theme, but upgrade sooner than later. And it’s not because I’m about to sell you some premium themes.

No, a thousand times no!

There is a good reason you will buy premium themes than using those free themes.

Reasons For Buying Premium Themes

  • #1 – Do you even like the free theme you have on your blog right now?
    The answer is capital NO! And I believe you have tried to get new ones, but even the new ones don’t look right. When you saw the theme preview, they seemed beautiful but when you sing all it, what you saw wasn’t what you got.
  • #2 – Some of these free themes are just a ploy to lure you to buy their paid version. If you are going to buy a theme still why not buy the right one instead? That’s my thinking, and that’s why I have searched out the best themes for you. And you can have access to as many themes to choose for your blog.
  • #3 – The theme you use can affect your blog search engine optimisation. You haven’t thought about that one, right. It’s not every theme that’s good for blogging. Some themes are not designed for blogging even though they are sold to bloggers.
  • #4 – You can save huge money from customization by choosing the theme that is pre-customized for your kind of blog. This one is the reason I buy a premium theme. You don’t have to do any customization if you find the exact theme for your blog type. You only edit the content in the theme to match with yours.

Now, here is the library for the premium themes. I have secured a good deal for you from two of them.

Also, there is a reason I choose two instead of one. If you don’t find what fits your blog from one; you check the other. is one of the largest marketplaces for blog themes. I have bought themes from them, and they are lovely. The theme for this blog is also from them. I hope you love it already.

Recently, I also stumbled upon another theme shop, and I fell in love with them too. is another great theme market. They have just what you will need. Just click on their link and go shopping.

And they are affordable too.


I hope this post is helpful to you? It’s my purpose to be of help to you beyond just writing something you would love to read.

And if this post helped you in any way, just let me know through the comment box. I will like to read your comment or even another view on this subject or any other subject on blogging for beginners.

Also, I promised you a link to one of my posts that will show you with pictures how to set up your blog now with WordPress. It’s a pretty long post, about 4,700 words. But it will help you set up now.

However, if you experience any challenge setting up your blog, drop a comment. I will be quick to respond with helpful tips to assist you resolve it.

Click here now to read: How To Start A Blog – A Do-It-Yourself Guide!

Chinedu David
About The Author: Chinedu David An inspiring writer with several years of experience in journalism, consulting and training. Worked with Success Digest magazine for over a decade. Founded MyStore - an online store in 2013. Trained several startup entrepreneurs in telecom sector, LPG (oil & gas), and on Cryptocurrency investment. A born again christian, who's committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion. Drop a comment below and he will respond to your query. He can also be reached via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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