How Best To Behave Professionally At Work

Behave Professionally

Do you love your job? How secured are you in that job? If your organization is downsizing today or repositioning itself, would you likely be among those that would be let to go? Be honest with yourself. It’s also part of why I’m writing to teach you how best to behave yourself professionally at work.

There are reasons companies retain certain members of staff when it’s going through a massive shift or shakeup. Every company knows and understand that the best workers gives it the best results. So, when they need results they resort to their bests. That means, if you are not among the best in your industry you are easily dispensable.

Now think of certain workers that several companies are fighting over each other on who would retain their services. Such people get bigger and better offers even while they are still gainfully employed in another organization. Do you think those organizations doesn’t know they work somewhere already? They do and they don’t care, as long as it’s them he or she is working for.

How To Professionally Behave

One of the best questions to ask yourself is why did your organization hired you? Oh, I don’t mean your very job description. If you remember, an interview was conducted and you were not the only one. That means they selected the best among the group of applicants they had. That makes you their best at that time.

Think of what could be happening in the workplace. The competition to be the best in the workplace is a major driver for all employees. You are all in a competition for the best positions in the workplace. That’s why each month or quarterly the company conduct appraisals on all its employees.

Now imagine as the world is coming out of the covid-19 pandemic, that most people might lose their jobs, especially in Africa where there are no government support for small businesses that employs most of the continents workforce. If you have a job now, it’s time to adjust your behavior on the job.

I categorized the Professionally behavior into three, and under each of them I listed what is expected of you to do. The first thing you should do is to analyze the list and tick those you are already doing, while you take note of those you have to work on yourself.

Tip #1: Be Polished & Prepared

How polished and prepared are you? The workplace is a competitive environment. You are constantly being assessed and compared with other staff in either your department or throughout the organization branches globally. How well do you measure up in the areas of interest to your bosses?

Don’t think no one is noticing. In fact, most organizations setup systems to monitor their workforce. You may be surprised what you are being assessed for on a daily basis. These are even what forms your overall competence remarks.

Here’s a look at what you are up against for being polished and prepared:

  1. Arrive 5 minutes early each workday
  2. Dress well and maintain good hygiene
  3. Keep organized and be professional
  4. Be an excellent communicator
  5. Practice presentation techniques
  6. Come to meetings with notes prepared

A minute late to work could mean a minute short of competence. Your time assessment is critical to your overall performance at the workplace. Also, your dressing says a lot about your standards. You don’t dress well could mean lower standard, especially in a corporate setting.

Others are how organized is your workstation. How good you can be when communicating with customers and staff members. And if you have to represent the organization, can they trust your presentation skills. While the last in this list is your value system. Do you take important company meetings serious enough? Your overall approach to work constitutes what you are bear assessed for.

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Tip #2: Be Ethical At Work

Ethics can be a defining factor of success in most workplace. For example, in the law profession or other professional organizations where ethics and rules prevail, how much of this can be attributed to you and how much do you fail in?

This is where your character as a person comes to play. What kind of a person are you? How do your coworkers evaluate your personality? How well do you measure up against the best in your department or company globally? It’s either this stands you out or you fall short in any or all of them.

  1. Follow company policies
  2. Keep your private life private
  3. Be dependable and a reliable employee
  4. Be honest with your coworkers and bosses

Companies have policies and they intend for it to be followed. So, breaking them can be consequential. Also, your private life is not one of the reasons or part of your daily workload. The company expects you to keep that out of their work. That includes office gossip. You should avoid engaging in gossips or your name being mentioned in one.

Most importantly, be dependable and reliable. No company can joke with a worker that’s both reliable and dependable. It’s an expensive virtue, and that includes being honest. If your organization can trust you to present true facts and report accurate results, you are priceless.

Tip #3: Develop Awesome Skills

There’s nothing as good as a skillful worker. If you understand how businesses operate, they are setup to provide solutions to problems. That means the company value the skills you bring to the table to help them solve more problems. You cannot avoid to be without needed skills.

You have to understand the skills required from you and constantly upgrade yourself to any current level in your industry. Some of the ways to help yourself include:

  1. Read articles related to your job
  2. Attend trainings in your field
  3. Take notes in departmental meetings
  4. Consider going back to school to extend your knowledge

Be abreast with what’s happening all around the industry globally by reading articles related to your job. Do this with commitment. Your knowledge about what’s happening in your industry would keep ahead of your peers.

That include attending trainings in your field. Take this opportunity seriously. It affords you both the opportunity to network with others with the same aspiration, and exposing yourself to the opportunities that’s available in your industry. You can even consider going back to school to gain more knowledge, especially in areas your organization lacks competent hands.

Your bosses need to know you as someone who is serious and competent in the job. What you do around them exposes you the more. That include taking notes during departmental meetings. Don’t trivialize any meeting you are privileged to attend in the company with your bosses.


You can decide your value in any organization. Don’t limit yourself based on your paper credentials. You can be more valuable than how any institution defined you, even if you flopped through school, you can choose to be the best in life. All it takes has been given to you in these three tips I just shared with you.

These simple tips can transform your life and open up tremendous opportunities in your field of expertise that you may never even thought possible. In the same way you can upgrade your devices, think of this as a way of upgrading your values to increase your worth. At the end, you become one heck of a product that organizations fight over themselves to acquire.

What if you are not employed by anyone, can this still apply to you? Yeah, it applies to everyone who wants to upgrade their value or worth in the marketplace of life. Most importantly, an entrepreneur who may want to become the best version of his or herself. The idea is that you can choose who or what you become.

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