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Beginners Crypto Investment Plan for 2023

Crypto Investment Plan

This year try and be Strategic in your crypto investment plan. Don’t just buy any crypto that’s being advertised out there. Buy crypto with a purpose. If you do it right you will make it big next year. If you buy during the market dip this year, you will surely be in profit when the bull market season sets in.

I’m also going to show you the best approach to investing in crypto this year – starting from a beginner level. Even if you just discovered crypto today or you are new to Crypto Lessons. This guide will help you with step by step approach to successful crypto investment this year.

It will also help you to understand what you should focus your attention on. It’s not everything that’s going on in crypto space is there to make you rich. Some would try to take money away from you.

So, be smart and don’t be greedy. It’s easy to exhibit greed where money is involved. But if you know you are going to be rich faster if you are patient, you will avoid greed.

✅ Copy My Crypto Investment Plan

Don’t invest in crypto without an investment strategy. If you don’t know what you are doing here everyone will be pushing you around. When they say this coin is doing well (PUMPING) or will do times 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 you will jump from one crypto to another.

You can’t buy every crypto out there, and you shouldn’t try to. It’s not every crypto that will be successful. So, find the one that has the chance of succeeding and invest in only them.

You must define your own strategy or adopt a strategy that’s proven to work.

Some people have bought $100 worth of Bitcoin because they heard Bitcoin will soon reach $100,000. They don’t have any strategy they are following.

Even As NFTs and metaverse will boom, many will make same mistakes. If you don’t have a plan you are already on a failed move. NFT and Metaverse are currently the sellers market. I will explain that later.

If you follow a crypto investment strategy you will minimize your mistakes and your loses. Because most of the crypto projects out there will fail sooner or later. Just a few will survive.

✅ Crypto Risk Assessment

Risk is a major part of crypto investment but you should define your risk level. You can’t just expose your money to risks you haven’t assessed it’s impact on your Investment.

Although crypto risks level can do two things for you – it’s either making you rich fast or making you poorer faster.

However, If you invest only on low risk you should also be comfortable with low returns. They go together. But you can engage high risk investments that has very high returns but requires very little capital investment.

✅ How The Rich Invest In Crypto

If you are following what the rich are investing in crypto you will fail. The rich has a different perspective when buying crypto. Unfortunately, they control much of what happens in crypto space. Their perspective shouldn’t be something you should follow.

The rich consider this more:

  • Security of their capital invested

And not this:

  • Much about Return on their investment

The reason being that they invest a lot of money and there’s no way their returns would equal or exceed their capital. This is why you shouldn’t be investing in Bitcoin now.

You have missed Bitcoin boom and you shouldn’t be attempting a catch-up. I will show you what cryptos you should be buying this year and why.

However, You should be considering this when buying crypto:

  • High Returns on investment

And not just this:

  • Security of your investment

And that’s not to mean you don’t care about your investment securities. Rather, what you are investing is too little compared to what you should be looking to gain. You should rather do somethings differently.

Also, that’s why the rich invest only in bitcoin and Ethereum. They only consider any Cryptocurrency as an investment option if it can guarantee more of the security of their capital.

That’s also why you shouldn’t invest like them or what they invest in. Some beginner investors throw their money in Bitcoin and that’s a waste. Look at annual returns on Cryptocurrency and see why you shouldn’t buy Bitcoin or Ethereum as a beginner investor.

✅ 1 Year ROI on Bitcoin, Ethereum & Shiba (Shitcoin)

  • Bitcoin ROI for 2021 was 70 percent only – price started around $30,000 and ended at $48,000 per Bitcoin. For a rich investor that’s huge because he or she put in millions of dollars.
  • Ethereum did ROI of 530 percent in 2021
  • Shiba Inu’s Year to date gain is 61,451,955 percent ROI. With your $100 investment in Shiba you are in millions with this kind of ROI.
  • Solana did 14,322 percent ROI
  • Sandbox did 10,923 percent ROI

Just multiple any amount by each of the annual percentage for any of the crypto I have listed here and see how much you would have made in 2021 if you bought any of them in January 2021. You can see Bitcoin and Ethereum made the least ROI.

So many people criticize shitcoins like Shiba Inu but are ashamed to see it’s result in just 1 year. Bitcoin was once a shitcoin. There were those who bought it as shitcoin and today they are rich. I invest only in shitcoins with huge potentials and passive income opportunities.

✅ Crypto Learning Guide

I recommend you invest more in learning about crypto investment. Crypto is not a do it for me. If that’s what you think, you won’t go far in it. Rather, it’s a Do-It-Yourself. Learn how to do it for yourself and you will be on your way to success.

Things to focus On Learning ABOUT Crypto Investment Plan:

✅ To Get basic knowledge about crypto – especially if you are a beginner. Learn with practice.
✅ To Learn crypto passive income opportunities. If you are not generating crypto money every single day you are not a wise investor
✅ To Learn to save your money in crypto. Banks are using your money to make more money for themselves. Save with crypto to make more money with your money
✅ Learn about NFTs. The world is changing faster than you know it. NFTs are the Cryptocurrency of things – just like the Internet of things. If you miss out this early you will never be able to catch-up later.
✅ Metaverse needs NFTs to thrive. So both will evolve at the same time. Things are still cloudy now about the potentials and how everyone can benefit but it’s going to be huge – more than the Internet itself. But it’s worth learning now and taking your place early enough.

✅ Conclusion

Crypto Lessons are posted everyday from Monday’s to Friday’s. Don’t miss a lesson if you want to benefit from this free class. I’m not going to be providing any private lesson for anyone this year.

If you miss any class, there will be no repetition this year either. I’m going to be more busy this year than I was last year. So, I advice you don’t seek my attention outside this class. It won’t be readily available.

I will teach you the best way possible for you to learn. Invest your time to learn. Thank you.


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