How To Make Money Selling Baby Diapers In Nigeria

Baby diapers
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Do you want to know how to make money selling baby diapers? Do you see the potential of baby diaper business? Would you like to know how many diapers babies use a day? And would you like a step by step guide to help you start baby diaper business?

In the population of over 198 million people, with a birth rate of about 6 babies to a woman, you will make money selling baby diapers. Although, the diaper market is competitive, but not for distributors.

baby diapers

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The demand for baby diapers is increasing every day in Nigeria. Nursing mothers can’t do without baby diapers. About 80 per cent of newborns in Nigeria are cared for with diapers. And due to the affordable cost, there is no discrimination between rich kids and those born into not so wealthy families.

The turnover rate for baby diapers is over ten billion naira monthly. That’s a huge market. Some states enjoy a high percentage of the national turnover than others. Even if your city gets just fifty million nairas of the sales monthly, that’s good share for you as well.

In this unique income guide, purposely written to help mothers and families. You will find this p product suitable to start selling now. You can even form a cooperative group to put funds together and start.

You can fill the form below to join one of our cooperatives for women in diaper business.

baby diapers

Markets And Opportunities For Baby Diapers

Having established the massive demand for baby diapers in Nigeria, it’s important to also show you how to tap into this opportunity. But first, you need to understand how the market works and the different opportunities available in diaper business.

Moreover, baby diapers sell all over the country. It’s not restricted by laws or religion. In fact, one of its benefits is a reduction in bum rashes among newborns.

So, you can start to make money by selling baby diapers where you live in Nigeria. The demand circle for each newborn last up to two years. That means every newborn needs a diaper for as long of the first two years of his or her life.

However, most baby diaper brands don’t have a broader distribution in the country. They are either looking for distributors and retailers to sell their products. And you could be one of them – either as a distributor or as a retailer.

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Distributors And Retailers For Baby Diapers Wanted

There are opportunities to become Distributor or retailer of baby diapers in your state. The opportunity is open for only interested parties, who are also willing to start immediately.

Oh, yes! Baby diapers are one of the fastest selling products in the country. Do you know how many diapers used in a day in the country? Or how fast a diaper gets soiled or wet, and mothers had to toss it away and wore the baby a fresh diaper?

So, every time that happens, the diaper distributors and retailers make some money. Now, imagine how many times that occur daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. That’s also how they make more money with ease.

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Joining as a distributor or retailer is straight and simple. You will need some capital and a shop sited around the busiest part of the city. And the rest is all done for you already. It’s time to sell baby diapers.

Sales Network For Baby Diapers

Assuming you decided to take my offer challenge but still want to know how good is the sales. Well, I will show you how diaper Distribution networked to guarantee sales and profitability.

The sales network made up of manufacturers or importers, then distributors and lastly retailers. Through this channel is how the products get to the last consumers, the babies.

The manufacturers and importers work directly with the distributors. A small group of people in each state. Some state can have just two or three distributors. Sometimes only one, depending on the size of the market.

Some retailers are not restricted to any number. It’s based on the locations and closeness to consumers.

The real beneficiaries in this business are the distributors. Not only do the, enjoy some restricted monopoly, they also own a network of retailers that buy from them regularly.

How Many Diapers Babies Use a Day?

I’m going to be as realistic as possible. Since I cannot estimate the real numbers of babies in the country now, I can only use estimated figures of usage instead of some children using it.

If you multiply the number of baby diapers used by one newborn daily for the next two years, you will marvel. And that’s just what families spend on baby diapers. We haven’t added powder, oil and lotion.

And you can add other baby products in your shop to make it a real one-stop shop for baby products.

baby diapers

Newborn to 1 Month Old

For newborns under a month old use up to 6 or more diapers every day. And for bowel movements, they usually have about 3 to 4 times a day. In their first one month, its at least 10 soiled or wet nappies daily.

If you multiply that number by thirty days in one month, that’s 300 baby diapers. For one child in the first one month of coming into this world. Breastfed babies have softer and more frequent stools.

1 Month Old Babies and Up

However, for one Month babies and older it’s still around 4 to 6 wet baby diapers per day. But for bowel movements, the number tends to decrease. Although, they are still breastfed, with the addition of formula Foods.

While the number of soiled or wet baby diapers from one month and above is around 240 diapers per month.

And medically speaking, even the amount of soiled or wet diapers is a good sign that the baby is getting enough to eat and drink. Because not having many wet diapers could be a sign of hydration or other medical issues. It could even be digestive issues like constipation.

Top Selling Baby Diapers In Nigeria

If you are going into the diaper business, you need to know the best ones to invest your money. Although, retailers have a better option here than distributors. But you need to know what diaper brand is in high demand.

The Nigerian diaper market is full of surprises. There have been upsets And and challenges associated with top brands gaining market shares in different markets. There was a time Pampers baby diapers reigned supreme.

At some time, Huggies was the dominant diaper brand. And later it was Molfix. But recently, the market is shared in different states. Some brands are stronger in some cities while they are weak in others.

Pampers Baby Diapers

Before now, all diapers in Nigeria were known as Pampers, until a new crop of mothers discovered the difference. So, diapers in Nigeria has two names, and one of them is Pampers.

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It’s like what OMO is to detergents. And the same happens with Coke. Every soft drink is Coke in Nigeria. But it’s changing. If mothers could change from Pampers back to diapers, every other branded name would soon gain back their names.

So, Pampers baby diapers remain a significant brand in the market. Although, it’s regarded as costly. The prices reduce over time.

Huggies Baby Diapers

Huggies diapers brand has been in Nigeria for over a decade. It’s a favourite baby diaper on the market. The product is manufactured in Germany. And has been in production since 1978.

Prince and Princess Baby Diapers

This brand of baby diapers has been on the market for over eight years now. It’s a diaper of choice for many new moms. Although Prince and Princess’s brand is an excellent choice, it’s not available nationwide due to distribution deficiencies. You can become a distributor for this diaper.

Sunfree Baby Diapers

This brand is one of the best quality diapers on the market. Although it’s perceived as diapers for the super-rich moms, it’s very affordable. It gained that status due to its uncompromisingly high-quality standards. And also it’s a limited market distribution network around the wealthy neighbourhoods.

But it’s now opening up its market to get to more markets and serve more newborns. The rates have also been modified for the new market entries. So, they need new distributors and retailers in every city nationwide. Fill the form below for details.

Molfix Baby Diapers

Molfix baby diapers seem like the current diaper of choice for most mothers. The brand became popular using a combine marketing strategy of improving its products quality and making it available.

You can join their retail network and start selling their baby diapers now.

Complete List of Baby Diaper Brands In Nigeria:

However, Molfix is not the only popular baby diaper in the market. Nigeria boasts of many brands of diaper and more is still being introduced into the market. Below are just a few of the ones seen and purchased by families in Nigeria.

  1. Molfix baby diaper
  2. Pampers baby diaper
  3. Prince and Princes baby diaper
  4. Sunfree baby diaper
  5. Champion baby diaper
  6. Golden care baby diaper
  7. Infinity baby diaper
  8. Unac baby diaper
  9. Dumpas baby diayper
  10. Drylove baby diaper
  11. Huggies baby diaper
  12. Bino baby diaper
  13. Witlux baby diaper
  14. Just On Baby diaper
  15. Confy baby diaper
  16. Puréed Dry baby diaper
  17. Babysoft baby diaper
  18. Toujour baby Diaper
  19. Royal baby diaper
  20. Cuddsies baby diaper
  21. Swadllers baby diaper
  22. Dr. Brown baby diaper
  23. Virony baby diaper
  24. Babem baby diaper
  25. Angel baby diaper
  26. ASDA baby diaper
  27. Lakebaby diaper
  28. Chicco baby diaper
  29. Little Angel baby diaper
  30. Holife baby diaper
  31. Cussons baby diaper
  32. Neworldline baby diaper
  33. Sanwood baby diaper
  34. Bluelans baby diaper
  35. Coorland baby diaper
  36. Bluelife baby diaper
  37. Nice Baby diaper
  38. Dumpas baby diaper
  39. Leri baby diaper
  40. Kejo baby diaper
  41. Perfect baby diaper

Note: If your brand is not mentioned, do contact us.

Startup Options For A Baby Diaper Business

There are three options you can choose when starting a diaper business. Although, it depends on certain conditions. The first one is an available opportunity. For example, you can only get the opportunity of distributorship if the opportunity is available.

Also, another factor is your shop. A diaper company may need businesses to sell their products in a different capacity in different areas. That gives you an opportunity to start Baby diaper business.

In addition, your shop location is a huge advantage. Location to a significant market or busy area in the state gives you an advantage.

The third one is the capital. Depending on the option you choose, the capital involvement differs. Be sure you can fund your choice. Below are the three Baby diaper business options you can start now.

  1. Distributor partner
  2. Sub-distributor partner
  3. Major retail partner

baby diapers

Baby Diaper Distributorship

The distributors are the main partners of diaper companies. A few distributors per state, between one and three. It mostly depends on the size of the country and how many major cities it has too.

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The capital needed is also higher, like between N5 million to N15 million. You can invest more but lower is not a profitable decision.

Baby Diaper Sub-distributorship

The Sub-distributor is usually created by diaper companies to manage small cities. Or larger cities, broken down into smaller market units. It exists in markets where significant distributors don’t exist, or distributors could not afford to fund product supply.

The capital requirement is between N3.5 million to N5 million. There are between two to five sub-distributors in a city.

Baby Diaper Retailer

The retail option is the easiest to start on diaper business. And you can actually begin anytime. The opportunities are always available. And you don’t need a significant amount of money before you can start.

Any amount will be just fine, depending on what the distributor or sub-distributor in your area allows. However, having a right amount of money to buy the product would help.

This kind of retail partner works with the diaper company. It’s not the type that only the distributor or the even the sub-distributor knows.

And there are benefits too. You will get to know how much authorised for a distributor to sell to you. And you can also join in special company promos. It’s always advised to join baby diaper retail business directly from the company and not through distributors.

Action Points For Selling Baby Diapers

There is no unique way to start selling baby diapers. But I’m just showing you a simple step you can follow if you are having a hard time deciding how to get started.

Step one: Rent a shop. Choose the busiest part of the town. Where you site, your shop is more important than the size of the shop. But if you desire the opportunity, try getting a bigger shop.

Step two: Look out for companies interested in marketing their baby diapers in your city. You can fill out the form below, and I will help you send it to interested companies to contact you if you meet their need.

Step three: start selling baby diapers. Some companies would like to deal with existing diaper dealers. You can start as a retailer even if you want to become a distributor. Companies don’t like dealing with newbies for significant distribution like baby diapers.

Step four: Open more shops strategically in other parts of the city. Imagine if you have three to five other shops. Any diaper brand would quickly deal with you than someone else with just one shop. Only do this if you are already making money from one shop. Or you can afford to invest more money.


Starting a diaper business could be the best decision for you. The massive demand for baby diapers across the country is not an income you should let pass you by. Even if a particular brand is the Selling today, other diapers will sell.

Nigerian moms have discovered the convenience baby diapers offer their newborns. No mother wants to go back to using napkins and washing all day like before.

Some retailers have reduced the buy rate from packs to just single diapers. Thereby making it easier for even those with limit funds to buy as they use for their babies.

And if you want to start selling baby diapers, it’s as simple as ABC. Diaper brands are looking for distributors and retailers like you. If you fill the form below, I might be able to link you to one of them.

Important Instructions

  1. Have enough money to buy truckloads if you want to join a distributor.
  2. Start small and grow big. Start as a SUB-DISTRIBUTOR now. Don’t procrastinate.
Chinedu David
Chinedu David is a business consultant, trainer, marketer and strategist. I founded Mystore, an eCommerce business in 2013. I have a vast experience in eCommerce, digital marketing and startup consulting. Having worked with SuccessDigest newspaper for over 10 years, as a telecom editor. You can contact me by phone, email or social media. You can also reach me via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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      Molfix should have an existing distributor in sagamu. You should ask around to locate the dealer.

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    • Chinedu David Jun 18,2020 at 10:39 PM

      You have to find any of their already existing distributors near you to get stock from them

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      Hi Gina, you should sign-up for our email alert to get info when it’s open.

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    Your kind response is well appreciated.
    Thanks in anticipation.

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      Okay. That’s good plan but you need to be guided to know what’s best for you and the financial implication for both.

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      As a retailer you need to locate the closest Molfix distributor near you and connect to start buying from him or her.

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      That’s for sub distributors. As a retailer you cannot aff9rd to pay f9r transport of the goods to your location. It will affect your prices since the distributor likely got it on free transport from manufacturer.

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    • Chinedu David Jan 20,2020 at 6:42 PM

      Hello Rose, starting diaper business as a retailer doesn’t need any further learning. What you need is to locate a distributor in your city. You can ask those already in the business to link you to their supply. However most distributors are found in the capital city in your state.

  • Ross esezobor Jan 20,2020 at 6:22 PM

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    • Chinedu David Jan 20,2020 at 6:40 PM

      Rose it depends on what you want to learn. Diaper business is like other retail businesses. The fundemtals are the same. You get a source for your diaper. You stock the products to sell to your market. And you reach out to customers around you.

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      There are several ways to promote a new diaper in the market. The most effective is market insertion. Although it cost more but it’s very effective. And will equally produce instant result than other methods.

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      Starting out may require you to contact already existing diaper distributors in your market to connect with them for your supply.

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    Emma Oknkwo

    • Chinedu David Jan 12,2020 at 3:12 PM

      Emma, thanks for reading my blog. The best way to start as a retailer is to find the distributor of the diaper brands you want to retail and become a retailer under them. To find them you might need to make enquiry around. Ask shops that sale the same brands where they buy from. Or visit the biggest market around you and stat your enquiry from there. Hope you to hear you have started this business soon.

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      Thanks Cherish for your comment. We have also noticed that many of you are interesting in Molfix diapers. We will soon publish a detailed help guide for those who are interested in distributing Molfix diapers. It will help you know what to do and the basic requirements to help you get started.

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      Hi Arex, if you want to be a retailer, the best way is to contact the main baby diaper distributor in your city. The diapers companies only deal directly with distributors. And they have at least one in every city. Its also the easiest way to get what you want as a retailer.

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    • MyBlog Dec 19,2018 at 10:54 AM

      If you know Sunfree diapers, they are recruiting distributors. You can search for their Facebook page and contact them. It will be faster that way. Thanks.

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    • MyBlog Nov 26,2018 at 8:44 AM

      Thanks Genevieve for your interest in our post. Diaper distribution opportunities are not available always. It depends on if a new diaper is coming into the market. Or if an existing diaper company wants to straighten its market share, but that’s usually in locations they are lacking sales. But when these opportunities are available we will alert our user.

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