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Chinedu David is a business consultant, trainer, marketer and strategist. I founded Mystore, an eCommerce business in 2013. I have a vast experience in eCommerce, digital marketing and startup consulting. Having worked with SuccessDigest newspaper for over 10 years, as a telecom editor. You can contact me by phone, email or social media.You can also reach me via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518

What Is Sin In Today’s Changing World?

What is sin

The most controversial question in the world is on the subject of sin. What is sin in today’s changing world? A lot of people are struggling with what they consider as sin. And most people have come to the final opinion that as long as man is in this body he will always sin. read more

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How Marketing Works For Beginners

How marketing works

Although marketing works the same for everybody, but there’s a way it can be well explained for beginners. That takes away the seeming complexity that most people associate with marketing. Even if you are an MBA student, this simple explanation about marketing will help you understand it much better. read more

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11 Money Making Skills To Learn In Nigeria

Money making skills

Do you want to learn money making skills and be self employed? There are several skills you can learn that would make you money in Nigeria. I have just selected 11 of them to get you started. In this article I’m giving you brief breakdown of all the 11 topics. read more

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