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Chinedu David is a business consultant, trainer, marketer and strategist. I founded Mystore, an eCommerce business in 2013. I have a vast experience in eCommerce, digital marketing and startup consulting. Having worked with SuccessDigest newspaper for over 10 years, as a telecom editor. You can contact me by phone, email or social media.You can also reach me via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518

How to Prevent Someone From Stealing Your Ideas

Non-disclosure agreement

Do you want to share your unique business ideas with someone who you think might be able to help you out but you are worried that they might steal it? You can still share your ideas with potential investors but you need to put protective measures in place, like a non-disclosure agreement. read more

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6 Amazing Income Streams Of The Wealthy

Income streams

How wealthy do you want to be? What do you know about income streams? You need to know streams of wealth to understand how you can become wealthy. These income streams applies everywhere in the world, including Nigeria. Because there are wealthy people all over the world, and the all of them follow the same streams. read more

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5 Investing Rules You Should Know As A Beginner

Investing rules

Rules are important. They show us what should be done to attain certain results. Investing rules help you make wise investment decisions. You need to know these investing rules as a beginner. And you need to know how best to decide on what to do without consulting experts all the time. This makes you your own personal expert advisor. read more

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