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Product Review

How to Identify Fake Cosmetic Product

Identify Fake Cosmetic Product

One of the challenges of maintaining a beautiful skin in Nigeria is having to deal with fake cosmetic product. It’s becoming difficult today to differentiate between original cosmetics and the fake ones.

In fact, what dominates most markets across Nigeria are the fake ones. Most of the Cosmetic shops are crazy about selling cheaper to attract more customer, and to also make more profit.

Funny enough, some fake products are also sold by major Cosmetic shops. It’s not just the small shops that sells fake products, the big ones are also culprits. However, the most faked cosmetic products are popular ones. Remember, those faking them are looking to make money.

Why You Should Avoid Fake Cosmetic Product

Even though you don’t intentionally buy fake cosmetics, you should be careful to avoid using them unknowingly. The damage to your skin may take months to correct and at a higher cost.

You probably don’t know. But if you are really observing your skin you should have noticed some damages caused by the fake products. Sometimes, it comes is discoloration of your skin. It also dry your skin and create some form of skin scale.

Another noticeable feature is rashes. Some can give you even body odor. Fake cosmetics are very harmful to your skin more than you can know.

On the health side, these bad chemical in fake, substandard or even the so called Organic cosmetics don’t end their destruction on your skin alone. They are absorbed into your body and the end up in your liver. Imagine the compounding destruction.

Tips to Identify Fake Cosmetic Product

Before now, the only way to tell the difference between fake cosmetics and the original one is through their packaging. Fake ones are usually poorly packaged. But that has changed over the years, as criminals perfect their crimes.

You can hardly identify fakes just by looking at their packaging. So, use this tips to carefully buy your cosmetics.

  • Stop Looking for cheap price
  • Buy cosmetics only at a trusted shop
  • Destroy or Keep Your Used Cosmetic Containers
  • Understand Product Form, Fluid and Texture
  • Avoid Buying Expired Cosmetics
  • Be Careful with Organic Products

Note: in spite of all these tips, one should be careful when buying cosmetics. My best advise is to only buy from a trusted shop. Avoid buying from any shop you find near you. If you trust an online store it’s also good to buy from them.

One of the reasons I would recommend an online cosmetic store is the return policy. Any reliable online cosmetic store should promote return policy if the item is fake or substandard.

Stop Looking for Cheap Price

Cheap price means Cheap product. However, one of the ways to make cosmetics cheap is by making them fake and substandard. This has been going on in Nigeria for years. Most of the cheap cosmetics you buy are actual fake products.

Also, if you really know what happens in Nigerian cosmetics you will be very careful. I always want you to remember that it’s your skin they are toying with. Fake and substandard cosmetics causes more damage to your skin.

If you can’t afford original products, please don’t just buy anything for your skin. It’s better you use palm kernel oil, which is actually healthy for your skin. But not the adulterated palm kernel oil.

Buy Cosmetics Only at a Trusted Shop

Stop buying cosmetics at any shop you see. If you haven’t been buying from a specific shop, trying finding one to stick with. It’s much safer. So that you can return it if you discover its fake.

Even if you buy online, always buy if there’s a return policy that also covers Fake and substandard products. Also, while it’s ideal to buy from big shops, it’s not only big shops that care about quality and originality.

I know there are equally some good small shops that sell original cosmetics but they are few and hard to Identify. Any shop that cannot guarantee their products and offer you return policy if it’s fake or substandard don’t buy from them.

It’s your skin they are toying with, so don’t let them. They should give you guarantee or don’t buy.

Destroy or Keep Your Used Cosmetic Containers

Don’t throw away your used cosmetics container until you have bought another one. In fact, stop throwing away the container. Rather destroy it to stop it from getting into the hands of those who make fakes.

Most of the fakes were packaged in used containers, making them look like the original from their container. Also, keeping the container can help you check resemblance with the new purchase to ensure it’s not fake.

Understand Product Form, Fluid and Texture

Every cosmetic product is different from another. But one thing is obvious is that creams in cup maybe different from lotion or tube. Cup cream tend to be thicker than lotion and tubes. And they may also contain more oil due to its thickness.

If you know an original product it’s easier to discover if there’s any changes in the quality. But if you are new to the product, it’s best to only buy from reliable shop. The kind of evil going on in cosmetic business today is alarming.

Most of these Shop owners only care about turnover and profit. But you are the one suffering from their greed. Be careful.



Avoid Buying Expired Cosmetics

This one is worst to avoid because you can only tell if a product has expired by looking at the date of manufacturing and expiration. What if there’s no date? Or the date has been carefully altered?

In case you don’t know, some of the cosmetic stores sell expired products by either altering their dates or remixing the content if the product has discoloration. Yes, they can alter the form by mixing it together with good ones and repackaging it, or adding some chemicals to restore the colour.

Honestly, I can’t even tell a better way to avoid this. Rather, what you can only do is to buy from a trusted cosmetic shop.

Shopping for Cosmetics Online

There are not many online cosmetic stores in Nigeria. The reason is because there are cosmetic shops everywhere near you. But you have to get into the idea of buying cosmetics online. It has many benefits.

Buying online gives you right to return products if you discover its fake or substandard. It also helps you to understand the content of the product and research better about its benefits to your skin before you buy.

You can also compare prices and be sure you are not being cheated or sold low priced fake cosmetic product.

Be Careful With Organic Product

Even Organic cosmetics have their fake or substandard. The real problem with Organic cosmetic is there are many of such products in the market without proper standardization. In other words, their content cannot be guaranteed to take good care of your skin.

I can tell for free that some of their chemical components are very dangerous and harmful to your skin. Don’t forget, they are also unregulated product. And, even if you love Organic how do you tell if the content of the product is suitable for your skin type.

My advise is to avoid buying Organic Products from people you can’t trust. Or better still buy from only trusted brands that are regulated. Some chemicals are not good for your fragile skin. Be careful what you feed into your skin, because it enters your body and goes through your liver as well.

Advisory: there are equally great organic cosmetic products both from regulated and unregulated sources. I have seen some myself. So, I’m not generalize the idea of fake organic cosmetic product. I’m advocating that you buy only from trusted sources for your original and quality product.


I’m not just writing this to scare you. I’m a cosmetic dealer myself and I have seen what happens in the business. The evil is beyond what one person can correct. I have to find a way to educate you to protect yourself.

If you don’t know how dangerous fake and substandard cosmetics are, it can only be compared with expired, fake and substandard drugs. If you understand the danger of fake drugs, then you will begin to understand the dangers they are causing to your skin.

However, it’s not like the right products are not in the market. Some of you won’t buy it because you are looking for cheap cosmetics. And that’s how you offered your skin for destruction.

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Food Business

How to Start Event Food Vendor Business

Food vendor business is growing in popularity in Nigeria. Although, anyone can be a food vendor, yet not everyone can have a successful food vendor business. So, in this article, I want to show you how you can have a successful food vendor business and sell anywhere in Nigeria.

One of the unique truths about food vendor business is that you don’t have to be the cook or know how to cook or even have an office or restaurant where you cook. That means what you need is management skills, rather than cooking skills.

That takes us to the next point which is how to really get started in this business? What kind of foods are popular and successful with food vendors? How can a startup food vendor business compete with existing vendors? And what does it really cost to get started?

How Food Vendor Business works

Interestingly, food vendor business is also restaurant business but with a twist. Therefore, a restaurant can also be engage in the services of a food vendor. In other parts of the world, they may mean the same thing. But in Nigeria, food vendor business is a different class of restaurant business.

So, to clarify the difference, it means that Food Vendor Business is regarded as a restaurant business that cooks food on demand – but for a large group of people. This ‘but’ is what also differentiate it from home restaurant business, which is also a food on demand business.

That means, a food vendor is not the same as bukka joint or what Lagosians call ‘Iya-gutter’. That’s a group of food vendors that sell food at street corners or in shanties. However, a home restaurant business also engages in food vendor services. Don’t let the classifications fool you. They are all the same with just different approach to their business model.

A food vendor business takes bulk orders from customers to prepare food on demand. It could be for events like birthdays, weddings or burials – or bulk personal order for home use.

Learn The Business As A Beginner

If you haven’t been in the food business before, take your time to learn how it will all work out for you. You should even use a mentor to learn the ropes. Don’t assume it’s just food business that you will figure things out on your own.

What you learn from someone who’s already in the same business will save you lots of time and money you could have spent wrongly.

Moreover, it’s also a way of learning what your competitors already know that’s making them successful. So, don’t just think it’s about you learning how to cook, rather how to run a successful food vendor business.

If you wondering what kind of Nigeria food sell more in the food vendor business, my answer is rice is every form and recipe.

What Qualifies You to Start This Business?

The beauty of food vendor business is that you don’t even have to know how to cook. So, anyone can start this business if they have passion for food business. However, not knowing how to cook doesn’t mean you can just cook bad food.

No! But you can hire chefs or local cooks to help you out when ever you have orders to fulfill.

Anyone who wishes to Start Food Vendor Business can do so simply by learning how to manage a business. If you can run the business, know how to get customers regularly, and manage the people that help you, then you can run a successful food vendor business.

And the cost of startup is determined by you. It’s best to define your food business structure first, to enable you decide what you are offering and what you would need to offer it. That way, you don’t stock cooking gadgets you may hardly use.

How Lucrative is Food Vendor Business?

One thing you can’t take away from Nigerians is the love for good food. Nigerians love to eat. That’s why one of the requirements of a wife material is knowing how to cook.

Food business is amazingly lucrative. You cant do food business and lose, unless you don’t know what you are doing. It’s a high profit business – where you invest little and your profit margin is insanely awesome. And Nigerians love lavish parties.

However, according to Research and Markets website, the Nigerian food and grocery retail market had total revenues of $45.7 billion in 2020. That’s just for the main raw materials used in making the foods. Now, imagine how much cooked food made in the same year.

Challenges of Food Vendor Business

Before you decide Food Vendor Business is for you, also understand the challenges. The major challenge food vendors face is low patronage because of the target market or lack of proper marketing.

You will also have to deal with low quality Foodstuff. Imitations and low grade foodstuffs are all over the market. Don’t learn the hard way. It’s either you accept some apprenticeship or stick with buying only from major grocery stores.

Another challenge is bad referrals. Food vendor business thrive on referrals from customers who have bought your food or event guests that tasted your food. You should avoid bad referrals at all cost.

While you can deal with these challenges by making adjustments to market well and improve on the taste of your food, you cannot really avoid this last challenge. Travel risk is one challenge you may have to deal with.

If you live in a big city you might restrict your clientele within the city. But if your food is so good, you may not be able to do that, unless you have to disappoint some major customers.

Tips to Start Food Vendor Business

Now that you know you are qualified to Start Food Vendor Business, here are tips to help you get started. I have listed out the following tips for your consideration.

  • Start Cost Effectively And Upgrade As Your Grow
  • Brand Your Food Vendor Business
  • Model Your Food Vendor Business
  • Engage Commission Marketers
  • Build Strong Referral Strategy
  • Offer Professional Food Serving Bonus

You should also craft your food vendor business plan before starting out. If you haven’t done a business plan before, you can read the article on how to write a perfect business plan.

Start Cost Effectively And Upgrade As Your Grow

A lot of startups are primarily concerned about startup cost. I think that shouldn’t be a challenge if you think as a startup. Your first cooking job may not necessarily require high-tech gadgets to meet your order.

Start with what you can afford as a startup and probably upgrade as the need arises. Nobody is going to trust you to cook food for one thousand guests if you are just starting out. Honestly, you shouldn’t even jump to such offer if you haven’t handled 100 guest before.

Grow to meet up your cost. It’s a smarter way to start. You don’t want to mess up your brand by trying to prove you can do it when you know you weren’t prepared for it. Moreover, if you do a business plan, it will also take care your cost Plan for you.



Brand Your Food Vendor Business

One of the big factors of food vendor business success is branding. If your business would grow, branding will make it happen. Therefore, take branding seriously. I know the concern of most startups is usually the cost associated with branding.

But I don’t think branding a food vendor business should cost you much, unless you don’t understanding simple branding techniques. The whole idea of branding is to make your business visibly stand out, easily recognizable, and attractive enough to encourage regular patronage.

Model Your Food Vendor Business

Business models are often misunderstood by most startups. Some think it’s about ideas. A bit of it but more of process and strategy. I recommend that you take this food vendor business and remodel it in your own way.

A lot of us are still amazed at how brands like Uber and Airbnb created their business model out of already existing and age-long business models.

Interestingly, they didn’t do anything unusual or complex. Rather, they simplified a complex process. Taxi couldn’t be done any other way better than it was being done, not until Uber came along.

Engage Commission Marketers

Marketing can be difficult if you don’t know how. But you can leverage the power and influence of others to promote your business. Hire others who can help you with marketing on commission earning.

And there are many internet rats looking for opportunity to earn extra income you can explore.

Build Strong Referral Strategy

Having a strong referral marketing plan would attract more customers than you can possibly handle. But the secret to good referral is nothing but the following:

  • Amazing food taste
  • Your service packaging
  • Branding advantage
  • And marketing plan

I have attended an event where the food vendor, who happen not to have been there because they sent the food through a delivery service, attached a business card to every pack of food. After eating, most of the guests pocketed the card for future reference.

I also realize later that most of the guests used that vendor over and over. I got to know because I also attended their events.

Take advantage of every opportunity given to feed guests in an event to win more referral marketers. Party guests are your main target customers. If you can satisfy them, they will patronize you when they need a food vendor.

Offer Professional Food Serving Bonus

I know this is one of the services regularly offered by food vendors, but you can make yours exquisite. Recruited well trained waiters, and have clean uniforms to stand them out in every event. You can have different uniforms for different occasions. You can even bill high network customer for new uniforms for servers in their event.

Food serving can be provided as a special feature in your business. You can package this as another source of revenue as well.

Define The Target Customer

Even before you start out on your food vendor business, you must first identify all your potential customers. Your target customers shouldn’t be every customer profile for food business.

Be specific. The right way to identify your target customer is to first define your food vendor business model. Your business offer is a better way to determine those who would need your service and can afford the cost.

Let me classify some kind of food vendor customers:

  1. Event planners and managers
  2. Venue owners and managers
  3. Individual event owners

Event managers and venue managers can be your biggest source of attracting high net worth customers. You should target popular events places and approach celebrity event organizers to partner with them.

How to Market Your Food Vendor business

So far, I have shared some referral marketing ideas for your food business, but let me share some direct marketing tips you can use as well. However, your food variety and taste should be the key to your marketing plan.

Also, the best time to market your food vendor business is when ever you are providing food services to your customers. If you do this well, every customer you serve will be a contact point for more customers in the future. And you will never run out customers to serve.

Here are tips to explore:

  • Use your branding so well to promote your business. Make sure everyone who attended events you were hired to cook becomes addicted to your brand.
  • Deliberately give out souvenirs that guests can take home for use
  • Make some take away food packs customized for your clients with your brand
  • Get the master of ceremony to announce the company that made the food. You can achieve this in two ways easily – by making a special food pack for the MC and presenting it to him during the events. You can also request the MC to announce the cook of the event during the program.


Don’t pass over an opportunity when you see one. Even if you don’t like to cook, you like to eat. Let your love for eating drive you to start a food vendor service.

Moreover, your food taste is your signature brand. Carefully craft and maintain the best food recipes. When you are not serving customers, be experimenting on new food recipes you see online.

Finally, your ability to adapt to new food recipes would endear you to more clients. Event owners and organizers are looking for something new and appetizing for their events. You should give them options they didn’t know is there.

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Food Business

How to Start Your Own Home Restaurant Business

Home restaurant business is the new way of offering food delivery services in Nigeria. Restaurant business in post Covid-19 era is changing the way we buy and eat home cooked meals. The demand for home food is very high across the country.

And if you are desiring to start your own restaurant business but has been hindered by funds, here’s your key to starting one right away, even without startup funds. I will show you how other smart entrepreneurs has started their own home restaurant business.

You will not only learn how they did it but also how you can do it yourself. This is like the Uber of restaurant business. Yes, it has been perfected and believe me people are loving it this way.

But let me give the main key success factor – it’s knowing how to cook sweet and delicious meals people can’t resist ordering from their homes. If you offer anything short of it, your desire for home restaurant business will fail.

How Home Restaurant Business works

Home restaurant business model is not entirely new. It’s just a cost saving way smart food entrepreneurs discovered for starting out their business on small budget. They cut off cost of office space, hiring many staff, and cutting food wastage as well.

This model caters for customers who preorder food on a daily basis. Business is done from the kitchen in their homes – and they only cook for specific number of customers who have preordered their meals. Most times, even a day ahead.

Another key thing to consider is your meal packaging. Apart from the fact that your meals must be unique choices, not readily found at an affordable rates, it must include varieties.

For example, if you are offering stir-fried rice, you can include peppered goat meat or chicken or turkey, etcetera. It should also include some free options to go with the menu, like free bottle water and fruit juice. Think out of the box to create each days menu and make it a huge value proposition.

Who Should Start A Home Restaurant Business?

A home restaurant is ideal for entrepreneurs who can cook mouth watering meals, and desire to run their own restaurant from their home kitchen. You should also know how to cook unique meals customers crave for but not readily found in most conventional restaurants.

This idea is not for everyone who wants to start a restaurant. Its unique and should only be used by professional chefs or someone who desires to learn how to make sumptuous meals that are irresistible.

Nevertheless, a non professional chef with passion for food can also use this idea successfully. All you need is to create your own testy food ideas from existing food menus or just recreate good foods.

If you ask me, I think anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit can do this, even if you don’t know how to cook. You can hire a good chef to work for you.



How to Calculate Your Profitability

Even before you start this business, you should Calculate your profit potential. I must also advise that if you don’t have customers before starting, then don’t start. Home restaurant business is not a wait and see customer kind of business.

The customers won’t be coming to you. It’s you who would be going to them. If you don’t own customers before opening your doors for business then don’t open.

You can hire a smart marketing consultant to help you build your customer base before starting out. However, for your profit analysis, this is what I think you should do first. Define the cost of your pack of meal, and define your markup. Whatever you decide as the right percentage for markup, multiple that by the number of customers you will be serving daily.

Be as realistic as possible. For example, you can be cooking food for only 20 target customers daily. While your markup is N1,000 per meal. That also means once you hit 20 meal packs you are done for the day. If in some day you get group orders that pushes your limit and you cannot accommodate it, refuse the order or cancel early if you took it by mistake.

How to Price Your Meal Package

Pricing your meal rightly is important because of your target customers. It’s not just cheap meals that will attract them, but great meals will. It’s not an excuse to make your food costly. If you buy your food items in bulk it might help offer a competitive price.

However, don’t just focus on doing cheap food. It can piss-off your target customers. If you price your meals well, it will help you sell off fast everyday.

Your daily menu should help you in the pricing. Please don’t price everything together. If it’s rice you are cooking for the day, show the price for the rice, and the price of others like chicken, goat meat, salad, turkey, etcetera separate in your menu. It will help customer make their choice and decide quantity as well.

Key price index:

  • Food price
  • Meat price
  • Appetizers price
  • Delivery price
  • Free prices

I included free prices because there should be things you are offering for free to your customers. Like water, fruit juice, snacks, etcetera. This free things work on your customers in a different way. Always include it in all your daily menu.

Learn What Others Are Doing Well

Let me share with you want you need to learn about home restaurant business model. I’m your online business mentor now. But if you can get anyone whose successful in the restaurant business to mentor you that would be a plus for your dream.

here’s what those who are already making it big in home restaurant business are doing right.

They target high-end customers. Don’t try to attract every kind of customers. Know from day one who your customer is. You should make a mental picture of the profile of your target customer. And don’t compromise it for any reason.

Furthermore, they offer mouth watering testy meals. It’s not those type of junk fast food restaurant meals. The foods are excellent in every way. If you don’t know how to cook the best meals this idea won’t be for you. I’m not talking about I can cook people. It’s not an ego trip.

They brand their business and their packaging. Don’t settle for less. There’s something about branding food business. It gives a whole lot of impression about how sweet the food can be.

Tips to Start Home Restaurant Business

If starting a home restaurant business is your thing then follow this guide religiously. And there’s no better time to start but now. This model eliminates the challenges of having a large space to serve your customers. You don’t also have to worry about huge startup fund, or even hiring many workers.

All you may need to start cooking delicious meals and serving your customers might be right there in your home kitchen. Almost 80% of what’s needed to Start is already available with you.

But you will still need to go through some bucket list to be well prepared. I have done one for you. Help yourself by creating yours or modifying this one. I’m only focused on what’s key to starting up. You should find other things you may require that’s not listed here.

The listed guides are in no particular order. You can reorder the ideas in your own perspective.

  1. Go For Special Kind of Cuisine Training
  2. Get Top-Notch Kitchen Equipment
  3. Setup In-House Delivery Service
  4. Build A Customer Database
  5. Plan Your Daily Food Menu
  6. Define Your Delivery Locations
  7. Partner with reliable Foodstuff Supply

Go For Special Kind of Cuisine Training

I have this as one of the steps aspiring home restaurant entrepreneurs need to do. But I have a better way to do this with awesome result. You should already have your Menu plan to work together. If anything is more important, it should be your priority in this business.

There are tons of chef videos online, especially on YouTube. Find the Menu you want to offer and learn different ways you could make it mouth watering for your customers. When you are done studying, go practical. Follow the videos and start practicing how to cook them.

Get Top-Notch Kitchen Equipment

One of the important reason for getting your top notch kitchen equipment is to help you make meals faster and better. Moreover, kitchen equipment are your main startup needs.

So, get the best if you can. If the funds are not available now, start with what you can afford and upgrade later as the business begin to take shape. But by no means, don’t play with top notched kitchen gadgets.

A food processor may be costly but a food process can handle most of your kitchen gadget needs. It will also copy less space and minimize time waste in cleaning kitchen gadgets. Avoid buying everything once. It’s better to keep buying more as you need them than buying things you may never need.

Something else that may look little but it’s very important is measuring cups and spoons. Cooking is science, and science procedures must be accurate. For example, keeping your salt and pepper taste accurate at all times is important to achieving that tasty meal.

Here is a list of what you can start with:

  • Cooking equipment
  • Servingware
  • Storage containers
  • Sinks
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Point of sale system
  • Steam table
  • Washing equipment
  • Sharpening stone
  • Microwave
  • Ice maker
  • Gas or electric grill
  • Ovens
  • Ranges and ventilation
  • Food processors
  • Mixers
  • Slicers
  • Food prep counters and cutting boards
  • Freezers and refrigerators
  • Safety equipment
  • Storage racks and shelving

Setup In-House Delivery Service

Delivery service is key to successful home restaurant business. To get it right you must have a fast and efficient delivery service. At this point, depending on the city in Nigeria you are going to be operating in, you may need to have your own in-house bike delivery service.

However, the real issue here is managing the delivery service. If you have been involved in delivery logistics before you may have an idea of the huge challenges. The delivery guy is a bigger problem. But it can be managed properly.

You might need to hire a delivery logistics expert (consultant) to help you fine tune your delivery plan. Adopting the right delivery management model may keep you in business and help your bran deliver on its promises.

Note: some startups make the mistake of trying to earn extra income with their delivery service. That’s good but it might affect your core business. So, be smart and avoid extra income temptations.

Build The Right Customer Database

One of the fastest ways to build your first client database is to make them a free offer they can’t refuse. Everybody likes free food. But target the right customers who can afford your food. I can tell you that your first paying customers when you finally open up your home restaurant for business will be from this testing group.

This kind of marketing should be direct, and don’t complicate anything. Let the client know why you are doing it and what you are giving them for free. I will recommend you make a small beautifully designed daily menu list of the foods you will be serving and days you will be cooking them.

Moreover, if you haven’t done a service business before, I would recommend you hire a consultant to help you plan your home restaurant startup. Don’t assume you know what to do. It’s a smart move to use consultants to give you different perspective on the business.

Plan Your Daily Food Menu

Home restaurant business model has a little secret. It goes well with daily Menu. Everyday has its own different food menu. You don’t offer your customers same food everyday. You spice things up and make them look forward to Days their favorite meals will be on offer.

You can start out with your own menu plan and later make some adjustments to incorporate menu ideas from customers genuine feedbacks. One of the startup entrepreneurs started trying out list of exquisite menu ideas until she found the ones her customers can’t resist.

Define Your Delivery Locations

The issue with food delivery is timing. You cannot be everywhere at the same time, but you can be some place to serve some customers much better. Your location must be such you can cover within 2 to 3 hours with delivery.

One more thing that must be clear to you as a home restaurant startup is that you are in the business of serving lunch. Your customers are those who can’t do without lunch. If you find these set of customers you are in good business.

You can already see where it’s all headed to. That’s why your delivery must be top-notch. Lunch time is from 12 noon to 2pm. Your customers must get their food delivered within this timeframe.

Note: avoid all those delivery excuses. If customers can’t trust you to deliver on time they will start buying from another food vendor close-by.

Partner with Reliable Foodstuff Supply

You may not really think this mattered but it matters a lot. Foodstuff quality in the market now is under question. Finding the right foodstuffs to give you the right meal taste may be a challenge if you ignore using reliable foodstuff supply. 

Further more, most agricultural produce are chemically induced during cultivation. They don’t taste the same with organic produce. But organic foodstuffs retains not only there taste but also their colour when cooked. But its not so with non-organic produce.

Avoid buying from local markets unless you trust the seller. However, you may also find quality foodstuffs in major brand stores. It may be costlier than in local markets, but its better to get quality foodstuffs than but bad ones.

Target Customers for Home Restaurant Business

At this point you have already seen where this business is headed and the type of customers you should be targeting. But let’s take a look at them again more closely, incase you missed out something,

Here are possible target customers for your Home restaurant business:

  • Top business owners
  • Office executives
  • High end company workers
  • High income earners

You can reclassify this list based on your location. Some small cities may need to reclassify to suit their market. But don’t ignore classifying your target customers. This will help you start marketing.

If you can, hire a smart marketing consultant who understands home restaurant business to help you build your customer base or do it yourself. You need to have customers before you can start a successful home restaurant business.

How to Market Your Home Restaurant Business

Meanwhile, marketing is key to the success of home restaurant business or any business at all. So, you have to put up the right marketing plan if you hope to succeed. However, your marketing should be different because you have a limited number of customers you serve daily. But doing marketing will help you keep filling this list daily and creating scarcity or waiting list.

Tips to keep marketing going includes:

  • Promoting your daily meals on social media like Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tiktok and Facebook.
  • Regularly sharing customers reviews on social media
  • Sending out daily meal menu for each day
  • Contacting your customers to ask them how they enjoyed your meal.

Don’t forget to equally use your packaging materials as marketing content. Branding your meal plate, spoon, cup, packaging is essential to your marketing. You may not start off with this level of branding but don’t ignore it when it’s time.

Your must important strategy will be how to get your first 100 customers to launch your business.


I was careful about the kind of home restaurant business I shared in this post. Knowing fully well of all the other options. The idea here is to serve lunch. You can explore other options if you want to. This idea is for those who want to operate a restaurant idea from their home kitchen.

Home restaurant is different from food vendor business. Even though a food vendor cooks food on demand like a home restaurant does, they don’t operate in the same way. I have equally written another post about food vendor business. You can also find that on this blog.

Finally, take the key points and explore on the opportunities. You can replicate this model anywhere in Nigeria. The demand for home food is high. Also, this model doesn’t work for lunch meals only. You can also explore it for breakfast meals. What may not fit in is dinner meals.

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Food Business

How to Start Local Foodstuff Supply Business (2023)

Foodstuff is in high demand now, as consumers struggle to find ways of spending less and getting more foodstuffs. Starting foodstuff supply business can be a lucrative way to earn highly needed daily income in a recession.

Foodstuff supply doesn’t require high capital to Start. It’s also very easy to build strong customer base, especially from close friends, relatives, colleagues at work and online fiends.

You can also make your foodstuff supply business irresistible by offering only hard to find foodstuffs that consumers crave for but hardly find where they live. If you are already a farming some food items, you can also use this model to start selling it directly to consumers in bulk purchase model.

How Foodstuff Supply Business Model Work

For most people, they buy foodstuff in small quantity where ever they want to make a pot of soup or prepare their usual family dishes. But the prevailing economic situation demands otherwise. Consumers want to buy on bulk to save high cost of buying small quantities.

So, some vendors started forming WhatsApp groups and promoting their foodstuff supply business to sell to customers in group buy model. Some group buy would take customers money in advantage to purchase the foodstuff, which it shared according to each customers contribution.

While another model that’s gaining online popularity is the direct bulk sale model to consumers when they want it. While the group buy is good, some customers may not need foodstuff or have money to buy when it’s being advertised.

All that is solved when seller offers foodstuff to customers when ever they can afford to buy – just like they do when they go to the market but in bulk and at a reduced cost.

Tips to Start Foodstuff Supply Business

Starting this Foodstuff supply business be the simplest startup you maybe venturing into. Although, I will still advise that you write down a simple business plan to help guide your ideas.

Furthermore, you will be needing capital. If you are opting for group buy foodstuff supply business model, you may not need any startup capital. But you will need a lot of goodwill from customers who already know and trust you.

See a list of things you should plan for:

  • Startup capital to help you procure Foodstuff in large quantity
  • Decide the kind of foodstuff to supply
  • Create a WhatsApp group or Facebook profile page
  • Get images of foodstuffs you will be selling
  • Define your target market realistically
  • Make logistics arrangement for home deliveries

Note: your Foodstuff supply business will be as good as your customer group.



List of Foodstuffs to Start Selling

I recommend that you pick your foodstuffs carefully. Don’t try to sell every foodstuff out there. Pick what your target market would buy regularly. Another way to pick your foodstuffs is to pick what you can offer at a better discount than market price.

Here are lists of just few of the foodstuffs to give you an idea of what to start supplying:

  • Palm oil
  • Garri
  • Dried fish
  • Tomatoes
  • Frozen fish
  • Fresh fish
  • Stockfish
  • Pepper
  • Onions
  • Crayfish
  • Life or frozen chicken
  • Yam
  • Coco yam
  • Beans

Note: this list is endless. There are so many local foodstuffs one can sell. In fact, the best sellers are not those common foodstuffs but the hard to find ones.

Target Customers for Your Foodstuff Supply Business

You don’t go far to find your customers, but you have to know who to sell to and target those customers. In a group buy, it’s easier to group those you know have average to high monthly income.

These people already buy foodstuffs every time. Your work is to give them discounted bulk offers and they will buy from you. If you do it well, they will start planning with you.

However, to avoid price challenges, you must be honest with your prices. Remember that these customers also go to the market. They will compare your prices and what they are getting. Only sell foodstuffs you are sure you can get better deals than market prices.

How to Promote Your Foodstuff Supply Business

In order to make your Foodstuff supply business work, marketing it regularly is important. While it’s good to promote your Foodstuff supply business, you have to utilize free marketing opportunities. Using paid advertising can equally impact on the cost of your foodstuff.

You have to realize that the first group of customers to patronize you are your close friends and office colleagues. Here are two best ways to promote your foodstuff supply business:

  1. Promote using WhatsApp status
  2. And with Facebook stories

Any other free promotional option is equally good. But these two are most common for the business and works best as well.


You cannot ignore certain truths about Foodstuff supply business model. It’s mostly based on trust. You have to build trust with your customers. And one of the ways to do that is using interactive platforms like Facebook profile page and WhatsApp groups.

Moreover, quality and good measurement is another way to enhance that trust. If your customers observe they are getting better deals from you, they will not only repeatedly buy from you, they will also refer their friends to you.

A farmer can start selling its farm produce using the same foodstuff supply model. Another big way to start earning money from foodstuff business is to Start an online foodstuff store. You will need eCommerce experience to make this work.

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Food Business

How to Start An Online Foodstuff Store (2023)

Foodstuff supply business is thriving both locally and among diasporas. Starting an online foodstuff store could be one unique idea whose opportunity has come. If you are looking for an online business you can start, online foodstuff store is highly profitable.

There’s high demand for local foodstuff among diaspora Nigerians living in Europe, America and Asia. The cost of buying local foodstuffs in those countries are skyrocketing everyday.

There are over 203 million diaspora Nigerians. It’s a huge market for anyone who can provide them with their favorite foodstuffs in a most effective ordering system they can trust. That way Nigerians anywhere in the world can order a bowl of fufu and expect it in 24 hours anywhere around the world.

You can tap into this opportunity to sell foodstuffs directly to both Nigerians at home and Nigerians in diaspora using the internet.

How Online Foodstuff Store Work

This online Foodstuff model is not different from the regular foodstuff business model but it introduces the eCommerce model to make it 24 hours operation. You are simply using eCommerce as a platform to sell your foodstuffs.

The only challenge you have is that you need to build your own eCommerce store for it. There are no global eCommerce platform that’s offering Nigerian local foodstuffs you can leverage. If you can find one that would be good, and takes away the burden of creating your own platform.

Interestingly, it’s no longer a complex idea to build successful eCommerce store. Even if you don’t know anything about eCommerce website design, you can hire a web developer or simply create your Foodstuff store on Shopify.

Another way to start your online Foodstuff Store might be using Facebook marketplace or Google My Business.

Tips to Start Online Foodstuff Store

There are key things you should consider when starting an online Foodstuff Store. Let me list some of the most important once for a startup.

  • You need to find a niche Foodstuff idea
  • Partner with quality foodstuff vendors
  • Have a strong marketing plan
  • Have an affordable logistics plan
  • Create a strong social media followers
  • Start branding from day one

Niche Foodstuff Store Idea

For a start, don’t stretch your business too thin by trying to offer more foodstuff varieties. Customers may demand you to do so and even lure you with promises to patronize you. Pick your niche Foodstuff idea and start with them.

It’s better to be known for something than to be known for nothing specific. Don’t be a jack of all trade from the very beginning. Start with just few and learn as you grow. Remember, mistakes will be made at every beginning in any business. Make yours in small sizes so you can recover from it easily.

Partner with Foodstuff Vendors

As a beginner, you may not understand some international standard requirements for exporting foodstuffs from Nigeria. Use good vendors who understand the business better than you. Learn from them before going fully to do it on your own.

Foodstuff Marketing Plan

Online Foodstuff Store is different from just running Foodstuff group buy on WhatsApp or Facebook. You need to advertise your foodstuff store since your main target customers are not your friends, colleagues and immediate family members.

Your marketing plan must be solid to work, and must be targeted at the rich customers to avoid wasting advert money reaching the wrong audience.

Foodstuff Logistics Plan

Since it’s an online store, you have to plan for logistics like delivery. You have to also know what the key selling point of your online foodstuff store really is. If you ask me, I would say “DELIVERY”.

Although, foodstuff remains your product, but that’s not majorly why customers may choose to buy from you. They can equally buy from any other foodstuff vendor. But an online Foodstuff Store would guarantee better logistics arrangement for international customers. That’s why they may buy from you.

Social Media Fanbase

Trust is one thing the internet doesn’t have in abundance. You need social media followers to help you build trust and referrals.

Work seriously on growing strong social media followers. But keep the growth within your target market. A strong social media will help you communicate regularly with your customers, build familiarity and increase trust level.

Start Branding From Day One

One of the ways to build trust online is by having a strong brand. Customers easily identify with brands. Keep your focus on branding your foodstuff store from day one. It will pay off eventually.

Branding will help you to set standards that would make your customers trust you more. It’s not just about logo but it includes your process, standard and communication.

Target Customers For Online Foodstuff Store

For online Foodstuff Store, your target customers would exceed beyond Nigerians home and abroad. You will find many citizens of other African countries patronizing most of your Nigerian foodstuff.

For a start and to help your marketing, just pick to target Nigeria customers. However, depending on your capacity and logistics provisions, you can pick either Nigerians at home or Nigerians abroad. If you can pick both target customers that would be huge for your business.

Selling to Nigerians abroad is the best customers to target with online foodstuff store. They have limited options of where to buy foodstuffs. But Nigerians at home may not offer good customer patronage because they have several places to buy.

What may attract local customers may be the quality of your foodstuffs. Since you will be exporting them outside of the country, the quality must be best and meets all international standard for foodstuff packaging.

How to Promote Your Online Foodstuff Business

There are several ways you can begin promoting your foodstuff store. Unlike foodstuff supply business idea, you have to make provision for marketing fund. The idea is to promote your store, which can pay for the advertising cost overtime. That way you are not under any financial stress to recover your advert cost from sales markup.

But you should only use mediums your target customers are frequently using. You should understand cost per customer when spending on advert.

Here are possible advertising platforms you can use to promote your online foodstuff store to reach the right target customers, whether they are locally or globally. However, the platform you decide to use for your store may have some advertising benefits as well.

For example, if you are using Facebook marketplace for your foodstuff store, Facebook advertising may benefit you more, it offers low cost per customer because its platform feature. While Google my Business marketplace would give you some organic search traffic benefits as well.

Moreover, building social media following is an important marketing tool. Instead of creating a page, use the normal profile page. This will ensure that every of your post is seen by most of your followers without restriction.


Online Foodstuff Store business is a lucrative opportunity. Many Nigerians in diaspora are already paying high cost for foodstuffs, and won’t mind buying it directly from a Nigerian online foodstuff store and have it delivered to them half way around the world.

But you must create a high standard services to match their appetite for high class service delivery.

Remember, starting well may include doing all the necessary planning – like packaging a business plan for your online foodstuff store. If you want world class business, start with world class mentality.

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Business Management

How to Revive Your LPG Plant & Make it Successfully

If you want to Revive your LPG plant, whether it’s abandoned, refurbished, unprofitable, reacquired or poorly managed, I will show you how best to revamp it and make it very successful again.

Reviving existing LPG plant cannot be a one size fits all plan. You have to treat each plant based on the nature of its current state and what you want to achieve. But one thing can be constant here, if you follow the right process you will get the best result in no time.

However, having a professional LPG consultant to work with would help along the way. It can be cheaper to just seek advise of a consultant and pay him for advising – while you do it yourself. That’s if you cannot afford to pay a consultant for a full service.

But if you can afford it, using a consultant to do the planning, implementation and restarting of the plant might just be the best strategy – especially if the plant is a large one.

Whatever you choose to do is fine as long as you get the desired results. So, let’s get started on the guidelines.

✅ Why Do You Want To Revive Your LPG Plant?

To start solving the problem, you have to first identify the problem. I mentioned some reasons you might want to Revive your LPG plant. It’s important you identify which one your plant falls into. Here’s the list again:

🔹️Abandoned LPG Plant
🔹️Unprofitable LPG Plant
🔹️Poorly Managed LPG Plant
🔹️Reacquired LPG Plant
🔹️Refurbished LPG Plant

These five reasons are common for those reviving their LPG plant. Each of the reasons may require different approach to Revive it. The reason for reviving the plant will determine your approach to revamping it.

What if you have more than one reason in the list here that applies to your plant? Let’s see how this reasons play out and what are your possible solutions.

✅ Reviving Abandoned LPG Plant

Before you start reviving an abandoned LPG plant, understanding why it was abandoned would help a lot. There are several reasons anyone could have abandoned a business.

Moreover, no one abandons a successful business unless it’s in a dispute situation. Any other reason is worth investigating. Well, assuming you were not the one that abandoned it.

What to do in this case to Revive your LPG plant that’s abandoned it to take a look at the level of decay in the facility and start with cleaning out the debris to reveal what beauty is till remaining of it. It’s at this point you can take stock of what’s in working condition and what needs to be fixed or replaced entirely.

Fixing up the plant is basically what’s needed first before any other considered problems fixable. But you should be aware of all the problems before attempting any fixes at all. You may also need to update its trading licensing with DPR.

✅ Reviving Unprofitable LPG Plant

A plant that’s unprofitable is a very delicate one to Revive. You don’t just treat it like an abandoned plant. Before you think of fixing it up, the most ideal thing to do is explore what make its unprofitable in the first place.

Things like:

🔹️How many KG of gas does it sell daily, weekly, monthly or yearly should be reviewed. If sales are low is a tale sign that more work needs to be done.
🔹️Review its location as well to ensure its targeting the right audience. Location do have a lot to do with LPG plant profit potential.
🔹️It can also be Management issue. And Management can comprise of several component both visible and invisible (LOL). Who manages the plant is as important as well.
🔹️Finally, supply could also be a reason its unprofitable. A bad supply schedule can affect a plant. If it constantly doesn’t have supply, it discourages customers and soon enough they start going to the competitor to buy.

If the issue is just with location, you can easily decide on a new one. Although the cost may be huge moving a plant to a new location. It’s like starting out completely new. Any other issue identified can simply be addressed with appropriate solution.

✅ Reviving Poorly Managed LPG Plant

Its sometimes difficult to classify a plant problem as being poorly managed, especially if the owner is the manager. Sadly, that’s the number one reason most plants are not profitable.

It starts from setup stage. The setup was poorly done. They were inexperienced but they never sort professional guidance mostly because they taught the consultant was asking for too much.

If you consider how much and years lost, you would have paid the little fee the consultant asked from you. However, the best solution for poorly managed plant is to identify the immediate management error before preferring any solution.

It could also involve changing the management. Surprisingly, most plants are being run by inexperienced people. Hire a professional or get a consultant to be a behind the scene manager. The fee is not much and it can be monthly or on retainer-ship.

✅ Reviving Reacquired LPG Plant

This one is not easy as well. Unless the plant is at optimal profit level – which is usually not the case, because no one would sell a very profitable business unless the offer was irresistible.

So, when you acquire an LPG plant, whatever condition you may think it’s the current state, always do some assessments. Review it’s market potential and opportunities. Examine its turnover, Cashflow and supply rate.

Check what the former owners were doing and review what more can be done to improve the profit status. If possible interview the former own and learn of their challenges and what they felt they could have done differently.

✅ Reviving Refurbished LPG Plant

I like this one the most because it’s less challenging. Any plant can do this at different time of their lifespan. It’s always good to have a refurbishing plan – like every year or after every two years.

You need to keep the plant shining and looking attractive. It doesn’t necessary have to be only old and abandoned plant that require refurbishing. If the plant paint starts looking dirty and you start noticing facility decay, it’s time to think of refurbishing.

Don’t forget that people like new things. Customers are attracted to new and good things. Any little improvement will excite your customers and probably bring back old customers.

✅ Conclusion

Don’t watch the investment go down without a fight to Revive your LPG plant. But don’t go about it the wrong way. It’s better to use the services of a consultant to achieve a better result than making the same mistakes doing it yourself.

However, if you had past experience about running an LPG plant and you think you know what you should fix that’s okay too.

My advise to do it yourself is to apply what works for you. Understand the problem first before attempting any fixes. Moreover, doing it yourself doesn’t mean you don’t need a consultant as adviser. Always be willing to pay someone who understands better to help you.

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New MTN Mobile Data Plan That Actually Last 1 Month

Do you know new MTN mobile data plan that last for 30 days? Yeah, it’s the package that’s getting attention now among MTN data subscribers in Nigeria.

If you want to have a monthly Mobile Data plan to reduce how much you spend on Data or place yourself on a regular Data budget, this new Data plan is what you need.

Forget about all those one month Mobile Data plan that doesn’t last even a week. Some get exhausted few days after purchasing them. This one is different and won’t fail or get exhausted in one day or one week until your full 30 days subscription time expires.

The question now is, is this Mobile Data plan for you? Your answer would determine if you should consider reading or you may just read on for the sake of information.

✅ Which MTN Mobile Data Plan Do You Use?

Let’s start with how much you are currently spending on MTN Mobile Data. There are so many ways you can figure this out if you are not taking count of it.

🔹️What MTN Mobile Data plan do you usually buy?
🔹️How often do you buy this data plan daily, weekly or monthly?
🔹️How much does this Mobile Data plan cost?
🔹️And how much gigabyte data do you get for this data plan?

These questions would help you figure out your Mobile Data cost for one month. But that’s not all because you also need to have an affordable monthly data plan.

✅ How Much Can You Afford To Pay For Data Monthly?

If what you are currently paying for Mobile Data is poking holes in your finances, you may need to review it. However, Data in today’s world is equivalent to life.

When you don’t have data it’s almost as if something is missing in your life. Of course, people need to communicate more now than before.

But due to the cost of telephone calls, most people use internet calls to keep in touch cost effectively. It’s the reason for the growing adoption of chatting apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, etcetera.

So, looking at your current Mobile Data, how much would you consider affordable for you?

✅ What’s The New MTN Mobile Data Plan?

If you are an MTN subscriber and you spend at least N1,000 to N3,000 weekly on Data, I want you to consider this new monthly data plan.

Well, the decision to adopt this plan is entirely yours but maybe when you know what it is you may try it out.

This new MTN monthly Mobile Data plan gives you actual 30 days full usage. You won’t run out of data in those 30 days. The plan gives you 45 gigabyte of data for one month. But this 45 gigabyte data is shared and allocated daily for 30 days.

That means you get only the daily allocation for use every single day of the 30 days limit. If you divide 45 gigabyte by 30 days you will get 1.5 gigabyte everyday.

That way, the Mobile Data plan last for the whole 30 days and not be exhausted by over usage in a particular day. But it’s not unlimited data plan – rather it allocated daily usage limit. You should only buy this plan if the daily allocation falls within your daily data need.

✅ How Much Does This Mobile Mobile Data Plan Cost?

The cost is also affordable compared to what’s charged for most data plan. If you are on the 3 gigabyte MTN monthly data plan, you pay N1,500. If you exhaust it within a week that means in one month you would have used 12 gigabyte and paid N6,000 for it.

But this special monthly Mobile Data plan cost just N6,000 for 45 gigabyte of Mobile Data.

✅ How Do You Get This MTN Mobile Data Plan?

At this point, what’s more important is how to get this data plan now. 45 gigabyte of data for N6,000, with 1.5 gigabyte daily allocation for 30 days is worth it. But it’s only available for MTN subscribers, and available on their mobile app.

Yes, you can start using this Mobile Data plan immediately. And it’s not a promo offer, nor a one-time offer. This 45 gigabyte mobile data is yours every month as you renew.

✅ Do You Have MTN App?

If you don’t have MTN App you can download it now on the IOS or play store platforms. The App is user friendly and it’s not just for this new data plan.

You can use it to connect your NIN (National Identity Number) with ease, buy and share airtime, subscribe to any MTN data plan – especially the special offers for only MTN App users. Most importantly, you can solve any of your support issues on the app or connect to their WhatsApp support through the App.

✅ Conclusion

Although, this Mobile Data plan is for only MTN subscribers, anyone can also use it by purchasing a new MTN line or migrating your existing number to MTN network.

If you current network can’t give you a cost effective Mobile Data plan, you should consider other network that can.

Finally, drop us a comment if this post is helpful to you. And if you were able to successfully start using this service do let us know so it can encourage others that it works.

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How to Become A Successful LPG Consultant – Earning Millions Annually

Do you want to become an LPG consultant earning over N500,000 monthly in Nigeria? LPG or cooking gas is needed in every home and more investors want to tap this huge potential. And so they need those who can help them get started.

I know because I have been doing this since 2019. There’s growing need for LPG consultants in Nigeria. And it doesn’t require special qualification or any professional body approval.

Your job as an LPG consultant is to provide the right information and assistance to help LPG plants, either existing ones or new plants at setup stage.

But you will need to be mentored on this job by an experienced LPG consultant. All you need is the right information on what you are required to do as a consultant.

Do you know there are currently very few LPG plant installation and maintenance engineers in the country? Most consultants don’t do engineering but they outsource. Of course, you need to know the right people you can outsource your job.

Although, the practical engineering is not part of the consulting course but if you have this skill you are in money. Installation fee for a 20MT plant is between N1.5 million to N3 million. Learning the job can cost over N500,000 on apprenticeship.

✅ Who Should Take This Online Mentorship Course

You should only consider this mentorship course for these reasons only. It’s for those who are interested in LPG.

🔹️If you are a consultant in any other field
🔹️If you want to become an LPG consultant
🔹️If you hope to start LPG plant one day
🔹️If you own an LPG plant already
🔹️If you need extra income source
🔹️If you want to work in LPG plant as a manager

Furthermore, you should continue reading if you qualify for this course based on the reasons listed above.

✅ How LPG Consulting Works

LPG consulting is not entirely new but its made this popular by the emergence of LPG plants. The growth of the LPG industry and growing demand for cooking gas for domestic use is what’s creating the demand for LPG consultants.

Also, since cooking gas plant can be setup anywhere across the country, LPG consultants are needed everywhere in the country. So, there won’t be shortage of work for you.

Your job is to provide the needed guide for those starting up LPG plants and help existing ones resolve their challenges. If you know how to help them successfully, you get paid as a highly sort after LPG consultant.

✅ Target Market for LPG Consulting

Who are those to pay for your services? This should be your first consideration before you decide on my mentoring course. Here are those who would hire you as a consultant.

🔹️Those who own Existing LPG Plant
🔹️Those who want to start NEW LPG Plant

As a consultant, I have done jobs for different clients living in different countries. Many of which are Nigerians living abroad. But I have also done jobs for clients in other African countries who are not Nigerians.

✅ How Much LPG Consultants Charge

Consultancy fees are not cheap. If you have not encountered a consultant before, then the closest example I can give you are medical consultants. They are like demi-gods.

Their fees are non negotiable. They even collect appearance fee like lawyers, just to come see a patient. LPG consultants are not cheap too, but it has to be modeled according to your target market.

However, the lower the fees the less value your clients would place on you. It’s better you can deliver a very good job but your fees are high, than you charge small fee but your job sucks.

✅ Different Aspects Of LPG Consulting

If you are wondering what you will be in the consulting online mentoring courses, I have the list for you. The fees for this mentoring course are also affordable but not listen here for a reason to enable me apply special discount for the first 20 mentees. You only pay for the topic you are interested in.

So, chose your course or courses and pay for my mentorship. Duration for each course differs but most are within a week of online mentoring.

🔹️LPG Feasibility Study
🔹️LPG Setup Cost Analysis
🔹️LPG Location Assessment Study
🔹️LPG Licensing Service
🔹️LPG Real Estate Services
🔹️LPG Training Services
🔹️LPG Employee Management Resource
🔹️LPG Installation and Maintenance Services
🔹️LPG Plant Management
🔹️LPG Plant Civil Works Engineering

You can start any of these services as a consultant after the mentorship. You can also outsource those you can’t personally handle. I’m not an engineer but I can take LPG installation and maintenance job and civil works engineering.

However, specializing in some of these can help you a lot. And if you pay for 2 topics or more THIS WEEK, you will get one extra topic for free. What’s even more important is how often you can get clients. Your marketing is key to all of these.

✅ LPG Feasibility Study

Learn how to package realistic LPG business plan and Feasibility reports. You will also get a template on word or excel document to help you understand what’s required of you. An LPG business plan cost between N50,000 to N200,000.

✅ LPG Setup Cost Analysis

Nigerians always want to know the cost to startup. Although, they want it done for free. But you can get paid drafting LPG setup cost analysis. In this course I will provide you with Cost template . But always ensure your costs are current and verifiable. I charge as much as N20,000 to N50,000 to provide cost estimate.

✅ LPG Location Assessment Study

LPG plant is location based. Most times the owners may not know the value of this until their plants starts failing, after they must has invested millions into the project.

This assessment helps to identify the viability of the plant based on the proposed location and equally assess foreseeable risks to mitigate them. It’s a skill job that can earn you up to N200,000 per assessment.

✅ LPG Licensing Service

LPG plants are licensed by government. Some clients don’t want to do this on their own. They hire a consultant for it. You will learn all about the licensing , requirements, procedures, and cost implications. You can charge up to N200,000 for this service.

✅ LPG Real Estate Services

Finding the best location to setup LPG plant isn’t always that simple. You can learn all you need to find the best location for LPG plant. If you are a real estate agent this course will expose you to what’s best location for LPG plant and what meets DPR licensing requirement.

Many LPG dreams died because of inability to find suitable location. You will learn the secrets, what affects LPG location choice. What makes a location suitable. Land size and DPR requirements. And constraints with ministry of lands.

I charge N50,000 to N100,000 just to inspect location. Imagine how much you can charge finding suitable one, plus earning commission on the purchase.

✅ LPG Training Services

Training is an important aspect of any business. Training the workforce would help reduce mistakes and loses. For a start, every LPG plant would need to train its workers before employing them. You can learn how to conduct proper LPG trainings and getting paid for it.

✅ LPG Employee Management Resource

A startup plant would need to hire competent workforce. You can help them draft an employee handbook – a guide to hiring, firing and job description. This training will also provide you with a template as bonus.

✅ LPG Installation and Maintenance

Service Installation is huge and fees are determined by the installers. This course deals only on the consulting aspect. If you want to learn the practical installation see more details at the end of this post.

If you know how to install you will make more money. You can also earn as a consultant if you get installation jobs from client.

✅ LPG Plant Management

This one is huge. Most investors who are abroad would need an experienced plant manager they can TRUST. The word TRUST is key. Experience is considered lesser here than TRUST.

You need to learn how to manage LPG plant – understanding supply chain, customer support and maintenance, employees management and general administration. Also, develop a management model that works for you and your clients.

It’s the best job for a consultant. You earn with ease. And you can manage multiple plants and in different cities.

✅ LPG Plant Civil Works Engineering

This course is more suitable for construction engineers. But a non engineer can also undertake this and make good money handling projects for client as a consulting engineer.

You will need to know how to manage LPG plant projects. Different aspects of the civil works and how to source materials to reduce cost.

✅ Bonus Topic: How to Attract Potential Clients

You need to attract clients for your consulting services. There are easy ways you can start attracting these clients. If you saw this on MyBlog, that’s one of the ways I reach out to attract potential clients.

But there are other more effective ways. Spending money to advertise is not a viable option. You need to explore free publicity that’s available online and offline.

Moreover, targeting clients in your city may give you an edge over others. You will learn how to do it well and targeting the right clients.

✅ Why I Want to Mentor New LPG Consultants

You maybe wondering why I can easily give away my trade secrets that’s making me millions in income annually? Yes, I know some might think that way, but I will let you in on my limitation and why I think training others would help me more.

There are two major issue with LPG consulting – one is distance and the second one is trust. Some won’t hire you because you are not in the same city with them. While some don’t even trust you because they are scared of being scammed.

Moreover, if they ask me to recommend another consultant in their city, I usually don’t know anyone I can recommend that can do exactly what I would have done for them.

So you see, if I have you in a city I can direct most of my jobs to you and trust that you can deliver. That’s why I’m offering this Mentoring course at affordable fees.

✅ Why Buy My LPG Consultant Mentorship

Now I have made it so easy for anyone who wants to become an LPG consultant to be mentored by me. Firstly, I have made the fees affordable. I also broke it down into modules to help you access the one that applies to your current field or job description.

You can decide to buy a single module or multiple modules. Anyone that requires physical or hands-on training will be done as on the job training.

However, most of the Mentoring will be online to ease things and also speed up the learning process. But here’s why you should take my mentoring offer now:

🔹️It’s affordable now. I might change the price if more people are interested.
🔹️You need an easy additional income source that fits into your current work schedule.
🔹️Have limited number of people I want to mentor for each state
🔹️I can only handle limited number of mentees at a time.
🔹️I will also be working with my first set of mentees as my affiliate consultants in the respective states

✅ Conclusion

If you are considering this offer is, then it’s for you. Anyone can be an LPG consultant, as long as you have some sense, can travel to site location, or have prior experience in related field.

For example, a real estate agent can become an LPG real estate consultant. A mechanically engineer can become an LPG maintenance consultant. While a construction engineer can become an LPG plant civil works engineering consultant.

There are roles for everyone whose willing to try. You will be trained on how each one will be done to make you money regularly.

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Steps to Download The National Identity Number Slip

Do you have National Identity Number? NIN is now the most important document to have as a Nigerian – even if you currently living abroad.

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has announced that the current National Identity Number (NIN) “slip” will be gradually phased out. The commission has also introduced a NEW SLIP which is downloadable from their portal.

This new slip can be printed out. You can also laminate it in plastic. More important things to note about this new NIN slip:

🔹️it’s a handy physical means of identification
🔹️It can easily fit into your pocket, any purse or wallet
🔹️It has QR code for easy authentication by authorities
🔹️It’s also scannable using the NIMC MWS Mobile ID app

✅ Important Use Case ( National Identity Number – NIN)

The only use at the moment for National Identity Number is for identification purpose. NIN is now the standard identification for Nigerians within the country – and soon I may become acceptable outside the country. Although, Binance, the number one crypto exchange in the world is already accepting NIN to verify Nigerian users on its platform.

Every institution in the country that requires identification of persons now accepts NIN. The banks, Insurance, Immigration, License agencies, and most recent the telecom companies.

✅ Mobile SIM National Identity Number Linkage

Government directives to link all mobile SIM card to NIN is the latest requirement for NIN application in the country. The idea is to identify the owners of every mobile phone in use in the country.

The process will ensure easy identification of every mobile phone user in the country and help to fight crime as well. According to the Ministry of Communication, terrorists, kidnappers and bandits operating in the country has been cut off from the telecom network by implementing mandatory NIN linkage to phone SIM cards.

✅ How to Retrieve Your National Identity Number



The NIN (National Identification Number) is an eleven (11) number system for identification of every Nigerian. This number is issued by NIMC (National Identity Management Commission). In case of an emergency and you are required to provide your NIN or fill a document requiring your NIN, here’s how to retrieve it using your mobile phone.

NIMC has made it possible for you to easily check or retrieve your National Identity Number (NIN) on your mobile phone. It doesn’t matter which telecom network you are using, (MTN, Glo, Airtel, or 9mobile), all network users can follow same steps.

🔹️Dial the USSD code *346#
🔹️Choose option 1 to retrieve.
🔹️Provide the required inputs as displayed on the screen

For this to work, it must be the SIM card number in the phone is the same one used for NIN registration. However, a 20 Naira fee would be deducted from your airtime balance as charge for this service.

✅ How to Download The New Slip

To initiate the launch of the MWS Mobile ID app installed on your mobile device, ensure that you have the right version of the app installed or updated version on your device.

Also, make sure you have already enrolled and obtained your NIN. You’ll need your NIN when installing NIMC’s MWS Mobile ID app. Your device must be connected to the Internet to do this.

🔹️Then select the “PRINT NIN SLIP” button on the “Home” screen as displayed.
🔹️The NIN login form with your “USERID” and “OTP” automatically prompted in the display screen
🔹️Tap the “Login” button to continue

Note: You will now be successfully logged into the portal linked to your Mobile ID app.



There are also two types of NIN Slip which can be printed from your NIN dashboard:

🔹️Premium slip
🔹️Standard slip

The difference between a premium and standard Slip is just their format. The standard Slip comes in the bold A4 size paper. While the premium comes in standardized identity card format. The premium Slip can also be printed in plastic to give it the feel and look of proper identity card.

✅ How To Print the Premium NIN Slip:

🔹️Tap on PRINT PREMIUM NIN SLIP button to continue.
🔹️Tap Pay With Remita button to continue.

✅ How To Print the Standard NIN Slip:

🔹️Tap on the icon on the top left corner of the screen
🔹️Select Print Standard NIN Slip from the menu options
🔹️Tap Pay With Remita button to continue.
🔹️Tap on Pay button for the selected choice of slip to continue.

Note: the recommended payment option is the card payment. Also, at this point avoid not cancelling or exiting the app immediately after you make payment. Exercise patience and wait until REMITA completes its payment process and indicate a successful, complete transaction.

✅ National Identity Number Slip Printing

🔹️When the successful payment notification screen appears, tap the download button to GET your new NIN slip.
🔹️The NIN slip download process will be initiated. You might be required to select a location to save the file, depending on the software version of your mobile device.
🔹️Select Save to files option as the next widget that pops up.
🔹️Tap the FILES icon to view your NIN slip. The files icon is in the apps section on your mobile device.
🔹️Simply check your mobile phone Download folder to find the saved NIN slip in PDF format.
🔹️And send to printer or share with another computer through file sharing.

✅ Conclusion

This guide is to help you print out the NIN slip PDF document, and cut it to the right size, then fold it, to laminate it. You can also email any enquires for support at email:

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Crypto Updates

How Binance App Works for Beginners

Hello guys, welcome to crypto lessons on how to use Binance app for beginners. Although it’s difficult to master the entire Binance app due to the huge products and features it’s offering, plus the increasingly new features it keeps adding from time to time, but we can learn the most basic for beginners like you.

However, if you are new to crypto, I will make it very simple for you to understand. Also, I will encourage you to explore other beginner lessons that I have also posted in the past. You can also join CRYPTO LESSONS on WHATSAPP and TELEGRAM if you haven’t joined yet.

There are several reasons you should learn how to use Binance app. Let me give you a few of them below:

  • Binance is the number one Crypto exchange in the world
  • It’s a Centralized exchange for cryptocurrencies
  • It has crypto wallet for storing cryptocurrencies
  • You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies on Binance exchange
  • You can also earn passive income on Binance Exchange

You can also add your own reason in the comment section if you have any just to inspire others. I believe these reasons are the primary ones. However, let’s explore what you will be learning in this special Binance app lessons:

✅ What You’ll Learn In Binance App Lessons

If you are wondering what this lesson will be about, let me clarify them for you. This lesson may explore more than is listed here. But use this list as a guide on what maybe discussed here,

I have also shared another lesson on how to use Trustwallet app for beginners. You should also explore this lesson to expand your knowledge as it relates to Binance as well. And you will find it very interesting and would learn lots of new things you never knew before.

Here’s the topics for this lesson:

  • How to Download, Register & Verify Binance Account
  • How to buy Cryptocurrencies on Binance
  • How to Swap/Convert Cryptocurrencies
  • How to deposit Cryptocurrencies to Binance
  • How to Withdraw cryptocurrencies from Binance
  • How to Transfer cryptocurrencies Within Binance Wallets
  • How to Withdraw Crypto Money into Your Bank Account
  • How to Earn crypto Passive Income On Binance Exchange

If any of these topics interests you, let me know in the comment. To know that this lessons are helpful will encourage me to share more lessons with you that will help more people as well.

✅ Understanding Binance App Services

Binance is a crypto exchange under the category of Centralized Exchanges (CEX). One of the primary categorization perimeter for CEX is the requirement for KYC (Know Your Customer).

Every customer on a Centralized exchange like Binance is required to provide personal information about themselves. The information is required by law for government investigations and other related enquiries in case of incidents that requires personal verification of the user.

Binance also simplified its app by providing two separate but intertwined apps to help users navigate their way better. The apps are bundled into one downloadable software, but can be access like a flip of a page between the two apps.

Here are the two apps from Binance:

  • Binance lite app
  • Binance pro app

You can flip between the two apps with ease in the same app download. The two apps gives you access to features for newbies and advanced users when you graduate to a pro.

Binance also has a website which you can access on your computer, laptop or tablet/mobile phones. The features here are mostly the advanced and full Binance features.



✅ Binance Lite App

Binance lite is the simplest version of Binance app. It offers the simplest and most basic of Binance features, it’s advisable for beginners to start with Binance lite. It’s the fastest way to begin mastering Binance features.

It’s also very user friendly and you can master it within minutes. It’s actually made for beginners like you or those who just want to use Binance basic features to buy, sell, send and receive cryptocurrencies.

Here are the basic features of Binance lite:

  • Buy feature
  • Sell Feature
  • Convert feature
  • Withdrawal feature
  • Deposit feature

Most of the lessons will be focused on this lite version of Binance app. Although, we will also explore other basic features you need to know of from the pro version of the app.

✅ Binance Pro App

Binance pro app is a version for professional or advanced crypto investors. It contains all the basic and advanced features anyone can imagine. While most of this lesson won’t cover some of these features, it will still be nice to mention them.

These features are required for the kind of professional or advanced crypto investment that Binance customers require to carry out.

Here are some of these features that are popular among users:

  • Deposit
  • Referral
  • Trading
  • Earn
  • P2P
  • Send
  • Auto invest
  • Swap farming
  • Staking
  • NFT
  • Pool
  • Savings
  • Transfer
  • Buy
  • Deposit
  • Orders
  • Withdraw fiat
  • Rewards
  • Task centre
  • Gift card
  • BNB vault
  • Crypto loans
  • Launchpad
  • ETH 2.0
  • Etcetera

You can imagine the huge catalogue of features packed into the Binance pro app. If you are new it can be complicating. That’s the reason the company also provided a lite version for those who might be new to crypto or even Binance itself.

✅ Download, Register & Verify Binance App Account

The first step in using Binance app is to register as a user. The registration gives a user login details to enable you access the app and perform any of the functions

Also, the process involves the following steps:

  • Downloading Binance app from Google play-store or IOS store
  • Registering a BINANCE ACCOUNT

Binance needs to verify your account after registering for it. The process is to ensure the following:

  • The account is not duplicate
  • The person registering is the actual user
  • The information supplied is owned by the same person registering
  • To protect the platform from scammers
  • It also removes anonymous status of Blockchain and IDs every user on the platform

I have also posted a FULL GUIDE on Binance Account Registration and Verification. You can access this information to learn more on this subject.

✅ How Binance App Login Works

Logging into Binance app may require some process as well. Remember, part of the verification process may require both email and mobile phone verification. Once these verifications are done, you will be required every time you want to login to confirm your email or phone.

You will also be using this kind of confirmation for transactions as well. However, Binance will give you the option to either login with your email or phone, which will be confirmed. So, it’s important you have instance access to your email if that’s what you would need to login all the time.

That means anytime you want to login, Binance will require you to verify your email or phone by entering a code number they will send to your email or phone depending on which one you chose to login with.

✅ Basic Binance App Features

Now that you have registered and verified your Binance account, let’s proceed with the basic features. Binance made it easier to use its basic features by even providing a simpler app – the Binance lite version for it.

We are also going to explore some basic features in the pro version that are essential for most of our students. Note that some Binance features may not be available in your country, depending on which part of the world you are residing.

But you are most likely to see most of these features there. For most countries what’s not available maybe the P2P (Peer to Peer) feature. This feature is mostly available in regions where governments placed some restrictions on crypto like in Nigeria.

Here are the basic features and the step by step guide on how they work:

  • Buying Feature
  • Selling Feature
  • Convert Features
  • Transfer Feature
  • Withdrawal Feature
  • Deposit Feature
  • P2P Feature

So, we are going to be exploring these features and learning how they work in a step by step guide starting below. But it would be best explained in the way they are designed to work than just in their simple features.

✅ How to buy Cryptocurrencies on Binance App

The first thing to do with Binance after downloading the app, registering an account and verifying your identity is to buy tokens/coins. That’s probably one of the primary reasons for using a Binance app.

So, we are going to explore how this works in Binance with a simple guide you can follow.

  • Step 1: Open your Binance app and login. Your fist Login will open Binance lite app.
  • Step 2: To switch between Binance lite and pro version, click on the human icon at the top left side of your screen. And click on the ENABLE button to switch between versions. You can buy tokens from any of the Binance app versions.
  • Step 3: to buy from Binance lite click on the yellow rectangular shaped icon below the screen and the buy button will appear.
  • Step 4: Click on BUY to proceed. A screen will open to select the crypto you want to buy
  • Step 5: Select the crypto to buy or search in the box to reveal it. Select and proceed to amount.
  • Step 6: enter the amount in your currency you want to spend on buying the crypto and click on BUY button
  • Step 7: choose your payment option. For Nigerians choose BANK TRANSFER/P2P and click on CONFIRM button. Note the confirm button has timer. If the timer reads zero it will show REFRESH button. Click on it to refresh and then click confirm to proceed
  • Step 8: Click on MAKE PAYMENT button to reveal seller account details for you to transfer the amount from your account to the seller bank account.
  • Step 9: After transferring the amount to seller go back to Binance app and click on TRANSFERRED, NOTIFY SELLER button. But you should make sure this transaction happen within the time limit allowed by Binance. The timer is activated once you get to this point. If you fail to make payment within the time allotted the transaction is automatically cancelled. Binance can penalize you if you keep violating this timer rule. So, don’t initiate transaction unless you are ready to make payment immediately.

Note: This should help you buy token using a P2P or even credit card option, depending on the payment option available to you or allowed by Binance for your location.

✅ How to Swap/Convert Cryptocurrencies

Binance uses the word CONVERT for SWAP on its app. That may confuse those who are used to SWAP to think that CONVERT means some different feature. It’s the same as SWAP and works exactly the same way.

And if you are used to some other services or exchanges like PancakeSwap you will probably understand how Binance Convert/Swap feature works. It means to convert or swap on crypto for another crypto. The exchange of the value in one crypto for another crypto.

Assuming you have Bitcoin in your Binance wallet but decided you no longer want Bitcoin. Let’s say you want to keep your assets in Ethereum now; You don’t have to sell off Bitcoin to buy Ethereum with the proceed. Binance let’s you convert that Bitcoin value to the same value in Ethereum.

Although, the convert feature is a basic Binance feature, it may not be available in Binance lite in some countries. So, I will demonstrate how to do this from the Binance pro version.

Steps to Convert Your Cryptos:

  • Step 1: Switch your Binance app from Lite to Pro version. The pro version home page will open once you switched
  • Step 2: Click on MORE to open more features in Binance pro version
  • Step 3: Scroll to subcategory TRADE and click on CONVERT to open the feature
  • Step 4: Select the pairs you want to convert. The crypto you want to convert your asset to should be the one below. Click on MAX to convert all the crypto you hold in that coin or enter only quantity you want to convert. Click on PREVIEW CONVERSION to view the intended result of your conversion.
  • Step 5: Click on APPROVE CONVERSION if the preview and rate of conversion is acceptable to you. If rates changes, system will demand a REFRESH before approving the conversion.

Note: if everything is done right, the crypto will be converted to your new asset. The balance equivalent will be sent into the appropriate wallet.

✅ How to Deposit Tokens/Coins to Binance

Depositing cryptos into your Binance account is rally not much of your responsibility. It’s the responsibility of the sender, excerpt where you are also the sender. Assuming you are sending a token from your other wallet to your Binance wallet.

First you need to ensure Binance also accepts such token. Because you can’t sent just any token to any wallet. It must be a token that the wallet also supports. For example, you can send Bitcoin or Ethereum to Binance wallet because it’s support by the exchange.

The two things required to make crypto deposit into Binance wallet or even any other wallet for that matter are two wallets.

  • The wallet that have the crypto
  • And the wallet to deposit the crypto into

Crypto deposit is actually a transfer of crypto from one compatible crypto wallet to another. It also requires some carefulness. The wallet address must be correct and you can only send Bitcoin to a Bitcoin wallet and that applies to every other Cryptocurrency out there.

Steps to Deposit Crypto to Binance Wallet

  • Step 1: Click to open Binance wallet
  • Step 2: Select deposit option to open
  • Step 3: Click on crypto and Select the coin you want to deposit into. You can use the search bar to find coin.
  • Step 4: Click on the compatible wallet option to open for copying
  • Step 5: Send the copied wallet address to the person to deposit the crypto to your wallet. If you are sending it yourself from another wallet, paste it into the option for send wallet.

Note: we will demonstrate how to send crypto to wallet when we learn about the feature on withdrawal.

✅ How to Withdraw Tokens/Coins from Binance App

This feature is just the opposite of deposit feature. When you deposit tokens you are simply adding to your wallet. But when you withdraw, it’s a minus from your wallet. And when you are withdrawing it means someone or another wallet is gaining those cryptos.

The same way when you are receiving deposit, another wallet is losing those cryptos. So, withdrawing tokens from your wallet is a reverse of the process when you are depositing tokens.

Steps to Withdraw Tokens from Binance Wallet

  • Step 1: Click on WALLET to open
  • Step 2: Click on WITHDRAW to open feature
  • Step 3: Select CRYPTO and click on the coin to withdraw or search to find coin
  • Step 4: Copy and paste wallet address that’s receiving the withdrawal . System can detect network automatically. Or you can select the network of the crypto.
  • Step 5: enter the amount of the crypto to withdraw or use MAX if you are withdrawing all. The system will add network transfer fee to the total amount to withdraw
  • Step 6: Click on WITHDRAWAL button to withdraw
    Step 7: Binance TRANSACTION VERIFICATION will appear for you to verify you are the owner of the account. If you. It will request you to send a CODE to your email or phone number. And you will receive the code and enter into the space provided for it and SUBMIT to verify the withdrawal.

Note: once you do everything correctly, the coins will be withdrawn to the new wallet. This process

✅ How to Transfer Cryptos Within Your Binance Wallets

Apart from transferring cryptos in and out of Binance exchange, you can also transfer within your own Binance account. Binance have several wallets in one account. These different wallets are designed for specific uses within Binance app.

It can also be complicating to know which wallets to use for certain services. But here’s how to know which one to use. Here are the wallets within Binance:

  • Spot wallet
  • Futures wallet
  • Funding wallet
  • Margin wallet

The SPOT WALLET is like your receiving inflows into Binance and sending outflows as well. It’s like the General wallet. While the FUNDING WALLET is associated with your withdrawal account, like when cashing out through P2P or directly to your bank account.

Futures and margin wallets are for the respective crypto trading protocols. If you are a crypto trader on Binance you will be familiar with those.

If you have ever had challengers with your funds when you want to sell them it’s probably the funds are in one wallet and you need to transfer from one wallet to another, depending on what you want to do.

Steps to Transfer Crypto Within Your Binance Wallets

  • Step 1: Switch to Pro version
  • Step 2: Click on MORE to display other features
  • Step 3: Select TRANSFER to open feature
  • Step 4: Select the crypto you want to transfer within your account
  • Step 5: Ensure the wallet holding the crypto is positioned at the top of the transfer or select the right wallet or switch to position it on top
  • Step 6: Enter amount to transfer to other wallet or use MAC to input all fund
  • Step 7: Click on CONFIRM TRANSFER to complete the transaction

✅ How to Withdraw Crypto Money into Your Bank Account

The best part of crypto is taking profits. If you haven’t taking profit from crypto it means you still don’t know how to tap into the huge profits of the market. It’s always exciting to cash out your profits into your bank account.

So, I’m going to show you how I do this and how you too can. It’s a step by step guide as usual but I will use live graphics of my recent transaction to demonstrate it. Note that this process is just how to sell crypto on Binance and cash out the money into your bank account.

At this point it’s important you have setup your bank account details with Binance. You can also set it up from Binance SETTING and select PAYMENT METHOD. Use the payment options available for your country. If you are in Nigeria select P2P payment method.

Steps to Withdraw Profits Into Your Bank Account

  • Step 1: Switch to pro version to access advance functionalities
  • Step 2: Click P2P to open the feature
  • Step 3: Choose the crypto you want to cash out from. Note the limited options available. If the crypto you want to cashout is not in any of the cryptos listed here, you can swap that crypto for any of these options. Also, note that BUYING and SELLING have different market within. Choose SELL to cashout.
  • Step 4: Scroll through the listed BUYERS and select only BUYERS offering to BUY within the range or amount you have for sell. For example, if BUYERs Limit is N10,000 to N200,000 it means this BUYER can only buy from those selling within the limits it has defined.
  • Step 5: Enter amount you want to sell. Select your bank account or setup a new bank account. Note that you might be required to enter BVN to verify the account it’s yours. Then, click the button SELL WITH 0 FEE.
  • Step 6: Wait for the buyer to pay into your bank account. This process can take as much as 40 minutes or the time set by the buyer to respond with payment transfer. If payment isn’t received within specified time the transaction will be automatically cancelled by Binance. But if buyer makes payment, the PAYMENT RECEIVED button will turn yellow.
  • Step 7: Click on PAYMENT RECEIVED button to confirm you have received payment from buyer.
  • Step 8: CONFIRM that payment was exactly the amount calculated by Binance. If it’s short notify Binance by selecting the appropriated answer before clicking CONFIRM button.
  • Step 9: Verify that you are the one conducting this transaction by sending a Binance code to either your email or phone and entering the number received into the space provided and click submit to approve,
  • Step 10: DONE. If you are seeing this it means the transaction is completed. Both parties are satisfied. You can click on FONE if you want or just move out of the app if you have nothing else to do there.

Note: this process applies to every cashout process. Although, P2P is not available in every country, the alternative option would work slightly the same. Just find your way to sell feature on your Binance app and the rest will be easy to follow.

✅ How to Earn Passive Income On Binance Exchange

Another important feature of Binance app is its passive income opportunity. And many investors hasn’t discovered this in Binance. However, most of these crypto passive income started with Binance.

However, this feature is found both in the lite and pro version of Binance. It’s because of its relevance in the scheme of things for Binance users. I will only clarify that it’s not such of a huge opportunity because of its low APR/APY, but they still offers better ROI than traditional passive income opportunities.

Two ways you can earn with Binance are:

  1. Crypto Staking
  2. Crypto Savings

But you should be familiar with staking by now unless you are relatively new in crypto market. Staking is similar to bank fixed deposit service. Crypto savings is same as bank savings. You earn interest on your crypto assets. Savings is the easiest way to generate crypto reward with zero risk.

Steps to save your crypto assets on Binance:

Select your crypto and enter the amount and get rewards sent to your spot wallet every day. You can withdraw your crypto instantly with no hidden fees or lock times.

Moreover, Binance staking makes it so easy to earn from crypto investment. It offers short term Staking of 30, 60, 90 and 180 days.

  • STEP 1: Select SAVINGS to open features
  • Step 2: Select the crypto asset you want to earn rewards from savings or use search to locate it and click on SUBSCRIBE. You can also enable auto-subscriber to keep re-subscribing when your savings subscription expires.
  • Step 3: Enter the amount of Crypto asset you want to subscribe for savings or use MAX to subscribe all. Click to accept Binance agreement on savings offer and click CONFIRM to complete transaction.

Steps to stake crypto assets on Binance:

  • Step 1: choose crypto assets you want to stake on Binance. The best way is to scroll through cryptos listed on Binance staking to decide the best offers.
  • Step 2: then buy that crypto assets of the amount you want to stake. Note that earn asset has minimum quantity you can stake.
  • Step 3: go back to Staking page, select the asset and click on STAKE NOW
  • Step 4: Select the number days you want to stake your asset. Remember each selection has different APR (Average Percentage Return)
  • Step 5: Enter the amount of the asset or use MAX to select all of the asset. Note that if your asset exceed the available quota it will indicate error.
  • Step 6: Click on the Binance staking agreement to give your consent.
  • Step 7: Click on CONFIRM button to approve transaction. Note that the button should be YELLOW to indicate its active for confirmation. If it’s not hello it’s indicative of error and I completed information in the Staking form.

✅ Conclusion

Finally, there’s so much to learn about Binance app. But since this lesson is focused on the basic features, it’s best to leave it at that and not complicate things. From this lesson you can boast of important knowledge of Binance as a beginner.

Also, I will like to hear from you if this lesson has helped you in any way. Share your thoughts with me and others who may be reading this as well.

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