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7 Top Secrets to Success You Need To Know

Secrets to success

If you are going through difficult times in your life, it’s usually a time people question the secrets to success. You are wondering why life seemed to have singled you out for a test. And when you see others celebrating their success, you are wondering, how did they do it?

Failure is not really a bad thing as most people think. Some failure are like reset buttons. They help you reset from where you were, to where you ought to be going. Or what you were doing, to what you ought to be doing.

And if you look at your life, especially if you had experienced some success in the past, you may begin to lose faith in yourself. That’s probably because the things you did in the past that worked, now seemed not to be working again.

The worse of it is that you may get into depressive mood, questioning what could be the secrets to success that you see in others. And asking why you could not find success even with all your efforts?

What Is Success?

If you are looking for the secrets of success, it’s assumed you know a thing or two about being successful. What if your idea of success maybe the reason you are still struggling with becoming successful?

You need to get your thoughts on success right. Until you know the real meaning of success, you may be chasing the shadow that’s following you everywhere.

Success is making others successful by the Investment of your personality. You have invested so much in yourself that you have become a standard that could produce other success. You are not a success, until others become successful through you.

So, if your idea of success is to acquire and immerse wealth for yourself to be able to have the best things of life, you are a successful poor person. That’s not the real success. The real success is you in the lives of other people that become successful because of you.

You can see your success. If you don’t have any, then you have to learn this secrets of success so you can start your journey to success now. Life is more fulfilling when you make others better than the way you met them.

The Secrets To Success Is You

This may surprise you but it’s the best truth you will ever learn in the journey to become successful. Forget about all the millionaires and billionaires tips on how to be wealthy. This simple truth is the real secret behind the millionaires and billionaires of this world.

The reason you can be, or will ever be successful is YOU! Your mind is more powerful than all the wealth of this world put together. Your mind can give you everything if you know how to use it.

There’s no other Secrets To success but YOU. And until you realize how you are the secret to your success, you will never get it right or come to success. It’s not even about having capital to start a business. There’s nothing else in this world that holds the key to your success but you.

If you are thinking you could have been successful, if so and so was helpful to you, then you don’t know what you have. Take it from me, banks don’t to give money to businesses. They give money to people with ideas. The difference with that is, they see more in YOU (your mind) than in the business asking for funding.

Steps To A Successful Start

Do you believe that YOU are the secret to success? If you do, then let’s start to decode how this secret revolves around you. Think of yourself as an earth. Imagine the earth wouldn’t have known that it has large deposits of gold, silver and many other resources, if man didn’t mine for them.

Think about all the beautiful things man has be able to make of this earth. Everything needed to make the earth the beauty that we see today came from the earth alone. Nothing was brought from outer space. The earth has all it takes to be the earth of our dreams.

See yourself as the earth of your dream. You alone is what you need to achieve the success you dream of. Look inwards to find your secrets to success that has been in you all along.

(1) You Are Good Enough

If you think the reason things aren’t working for you, is because you are not good enough, that’s the reason things have actually not been working for you. Failure starts when you begin to doubt yourself. It has nothing to do with what you do or how you did it. It’s all about YOU.

If the YOU that thinks failure does anything, it will fail, even if you try a million times over. Those things you did that failed, someone else probably did exactly the same things and it’s successful.

Sometime you may join a business others might be doing that’s making them successful, but it wouldn’t work for you. But the moment you leave it and jump to something else, you will hear how others who joined after you left that made it in that same business.

These are people who may not be as smart, talented or experienced as you are, but who got started and are already ahead in life. Now you wonder what’s the secrets of success?

Stop doubting yourself. Trust in yourself. You are good enough for success. It has nothing to do with the business you are doing or the lack of funding. You have all it takes to be successful in life. The only thing standing between you and a successful life is YOU.

(2) You Have The Time

What if after believing that you are good enough but now, you are doubting if you really have the time to do what’s required for your success? That’s the problem facing most people in the journey of success. They trust in themselves but never have the time to do what’s needed to make them successful.

Success doesn’t come from having time. It comes from creating time. The time you need to pursue your dream is the time you are willing and ready to create for it.

Nobody has more than 24 hours in a day. You cannot claim more commitment than presidents of countries. Yet they all find time to have lunch and eat dinners. And at night, they go to sleep. Who does that? Everyone in this world has time to do what’s important to them.

This secret to success is key to everything you want to achieve in life. You have to create time by prioritizing each day of your life. And do what’s more important first. That’s why Christians pray first thing in the morning. Because that’s what’s important to us – talking to God.

Important Tips On Time Management

Forbes created this list of tips on how to manage your time. I’m picking out top 10 of these time management tips for you. They are so helpful to get Started on creating time for what’s more important in your life.

  1. Create a time audit
  2. Set a time limit to each task
  3. Use workable to-do-list
  4. Always Plan ahead
  5. Learn to delegate or outsource
  6. Find inspiration
  7. Do less
  8. Get organized and single-task
  9. Instill keystone habits
  10. Don’t waste time waiting

(3) You Have All The Money

If money is your problem, you will never achieve much in life. And that’s the case with so many people. They can’t do much in their lives because of money. It doesn’t even matter which country you live in. Money can be a problem for anyone even in the richest of the countries.

But you don’t need money to make money. The concept of paper money is deceptive. Money exists only in the mind of the poor. There’s nothing really as money. Anything can be used as money.

Remember the real concept of money is a medium of exchange. It has nothing to do with what color of paper it’s printed on. The only thing that is real about money is the exchange rate. The value of money is in what it’s exchanged for. You can choose what you can exchange for money and determine the exchange value.

To make money, it starts by creating a strong desire to make money, then deliver this desire in a value form and to those who already have the money and willing to exchange their money for your value proposition.

You really have all the money you need. You just didn’t know the value or have the boldness to define your proposition or exchange rate against any currency in the world.

(4) Know The Right People

The reason you may feel like nobody is there to help you is because those you currently know are not the right people. The right people are not necessarily the people with money. Dreams follow familiar routes to success.

The right people maybe the people who stands to benefit from the value you created in yourself. For example, a comedian gets to have a weekly show on television because the TV station needed a comedy program on air. It may not necessarily be that they like that particular comedian.

So the people that you Know should be those that have the capacity to lift your dream. If you are an upcoming artist you need a good publicist and a manager. Your publicists should know how to make you larger than life.

You can also change who you know and who knows you today, by thinking and talking like the kinds of people you want to know. People gravitate to what they like. Likes attract its kind. So, it’s not really difficult to know the right people.

(5) This Is The Right Time

Oh-yes! You are right in the middle of the best time of your life to get it right. Don’t push today things for tomorrow. Tomorrow has no fixed address. In everyday there’s a tomorrow coming right after it. What you can do today don’t leave it for tomorrow.

Even if it doesn’t feel like the right time, who says so? Do what the time you are in demands. There is always a right action in good times or bad times. Don’t let bad times deny you of tomorrow’s victories.

Those who achieve success are never those who waited for the right time. The right time is now. It doesn’t matter the circumstances. If you don’t let it derail your focus, you will accomplish your goals.

(6) Is It That Easy?

No, it’s not. But it can get so easy as you make progress. Do you know what Jeffery Bezos needs to do to make more billions? Nothing! Bezos makes more billions every time the stock prices for Amazon rises at the stock market. He doesn’t do anything to make the prices rise, but he makes billions each time it does. That’s how easy it has now become for Bezos.

But it wasn’t always this easy for him. It’s never easy to achieve success. The beginning of the journey is always like a lonely path at night. You may feel so lonely, confused at times, desiring to quit at some point, but it’s beautiful like the morning, as the daystar arise.

And since most people don’t even try, they never reach their full potential. Don’t be like most people. You are YOU. Be strong and very courageous. The journey may not be easy but it’s doable. You have what it takes to excel in life.

Easy or not, face your fight. If there’s one fight you must win, it’s this fight of success. You deserve to be successful. And it’s not because of the glamour and bliss of success, but for all those who depend on your success to achieve their own success.

(7) Do I Deserve To Be Successful?

Yes! You can be as successful as you want to be. And your measure of success is not determined by the measure of another person’s success. Your success is relative to you and you alone.

Most importantly, success is not earned by those who deserve it the most. Rather, it belong to those who dares to be successful. If you think you deserve to be successful, then you do.

What’s stopping you? You! Success doesn’t go to those who have the most ambition, but to those who have the least excuses. Giving excuses is like applying brake pedals in life. If you dont step off the brakes, you can’t get going.

Taking action about your dreams in life is what gets you started, and not your excuses. If you know that no impossible dream comes into this world, you will appreciate what you have. Moreover, you are the best of you in God’s universe. Reveal yourself to the rest of the world.


You are a success even if you don’t know it or feel like it. Success is in the DNA of everyone. Poverty is not really the lack of required necessity but the lack of ability. And no one can claim to lack ability to do what leads to success.

If you fail it’s because you may have neglected the secrets of success outlined in this post. Because everyone has what it takes to become successful, just as the earth has all the gold, the silver and myriads of resources we are enjoying from it.

And you alone can power your own success. You don’t really need all those things you have created in your mind as problems.

Chinedu David
About The Author: Chinedu David An inspiring writer with several years of experience in journalism, consulting and training. Worked with Success Digest magazine for over a decade. Founded MyStore - an online store in 2013. Trained several startup entrepreneurs in telecom sector, LPG (oil & gas), and on Cryptocurrency investment. A born again christian, who's committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with passion. Drop a comment below and he will respond to your query. He can also be reached via email: or Call/Text/WhatsApp: 07087770518
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