14 Ways On How to Work Smarter

Work smarter

This year, one thing you should achieve is to do more than you did last year. But that will not happen if you did exactly the same things you did last year in the same way. You need to find ways to work smarter than you did last year.

Sometimes what you need to do is as simple as what you thought doesn’t matter. You overlooked certain things because you thought what should make a difference should be something hard to do.

But what makes us work smarter are not even the super computers that we have. They are common things that helps us organize ourselves more than we had been doing.

What Could Make You Work Smarter?

As much as I have listed 14 of the ways to help you work smarter, I haven’t forgotten that we are all different. And what works for me may not work exactly for some people even though I may be getting great results doing them.

That gives room for each one of us to look at certain ways we can personally adjust our lives to make us work smarter.

The reason for the 14 ways I have listed here for you is not to restrict your mind but to help it think deep into how you can improve the things you already do in a way that would work best for you.

You should examine all the 14 ways to work smarter and tick or eliminate or even to add what’s missing to the list. I will also appreciate that you share your thoughts on what works for you that’s not included in my list here.

{1} Plan In Advance

You need to plan your weeks and days in advance. That’s the first step to work smarter. If you can plan ahead, you will be able to execute more work than you could do without a planning ahead. So, the best cause of action should be to plan in advance.

How to Plan In Advance:

  1. Review past work
  2. Brainstorm on what you want to achieve
  3. Set your goals
  4. Write them down
  5. Create a plan to drive your goals
  6. Review areas you need support and how to get them

{2} Invest In Learning

Another way to work smarter is to learn new things. You should invest in learning. What you know will improve how smart you work. Although, not everything need to be learnt. Discover those things that compliments your work and learn about them.

How to work smart is not really something that needs to be learnt. But there are knowledge you may need to acquire in what you do that helps you work smarter. That’s why you need to invest in learning.

Steps to invest in Learning:

  1. Decide things and how you want to learn
  2. Open an online learning account like Udemy, Cousera, MIT, etcetera.
  3. Know the difference between learning to gain knowledge and learning to acquire skills
  4. Set a budget for your learning
  5. And Start learning

{3} Automate Tasks

Some tasks you do needs automation. You can automate things that may require technology to control. Things like email reply can be done with automation. You should discover those things you do that could be automated and automate them.

Tools to Help Automate:

Entrepreneur magazine listed 10 tools you can use to help automate your business process. It gave details on each of these tools there as well if you want to visit the site. Here are the list below:

  1. ChattyPeople
  2. Deluxe Payroll
  3. MailChimp
  4. Buffer
  5. Leadcrunch
  6. Slack
  7. Hootsuite
  8. Quickbooks
  9. Quip
  10. Doodle

{4} Use DnD On Your Phone

Sometimes the only way you can be able to work smarter is if you limit some distractions. Focusing on work can sometimes come at a price. Excerpt something is helping you at that time to do your work faster and better, it could be a distraction that needs to be eliminated.

And your phone could be a big distraction that steals away time from you. Even though your phone is a very important communication tool, there are times it could be distracting you from other more important things as well.

So, the advise is to learn to use a very important feature of your phone, the DnD feature. The Do-Not-Disturb feature of your phone is there to help you moderate your life when other things are more important than a phone call.

{5} Don’t Multitask

For some, the idea of multitasking may see like doing more at the same time. But that’s not entirely so. A Multitask job may reduce the impact or quality of the result you can achieve. That depreciates the value of your work.

To work smarter you shouldn’t also reduce the value of your result. So, avoid multitasking.

Disadvantages Of Multitasking:

  • Loss of attention and memory
  • Poor cognitive performance
  • Lost productivity

{6} Do Important Work Only

What’s important in your work? One of the best ways to work smarter is to place important things on priority. Although some have a hard time identifying what’s important in their work, especially when everything seems important.

But the best way to identify the most important in all the important things you have to do is by identifying those ones that when you do them would help you accomplish the others much better.

How to Prioritize Work:

  1. Write down a list of all your tasks
  2. Identify what’s urgent against what’s important
  3. Assess their value of importance
  4. Order tasks according to estimated effort required
  5. Be flexible and adaptable

{7} Become Organized

How organized are you? To work smarter you need to become highly organized. Some times we allow things of less value occupy our time and drain us of energy that should be put into better use. But when you become organized, you put things in order of importance and determine how much of your time is available to be allocated to things of less value.

How to Become Organized:

LifeHack explained 10 ways you can become organized to help you work smarter. Below is a list of the ways. You can read the full details on LifeHack website here.

  1. Write Things Down
  2. Make Schedules and Deadline
  3. Don’t Procrastinate
  4. Give Everything a Home
  5. Declutter Regularly
  6. Keep Only What You Need
  7. Know Where to Discard Items
  8. Stay Away from Bargains
  9. Delegate responsibilities
  10. Work hard

{8} Limit Doing Emails

You should limit the number of times you check and reply to your emails in a day. If you USD to check your emails per alert notification, change it. First disable your email notification option to only get your email when you check it yourself.

You can also schedule how many times you can check your emails per day. The most reasonable option is to check in the morning, mid afternoon and later at night, just a little before bed time.

{9} Measure Results And Not Time

How do you measure your impact or success? It can affect how you work smarter. Start by identifying what’s more important to measure. And what influences your success more.

Avoid measuring your impact by how much time you have invested in the business. Time may be money but it’s value is not always tangible. Rather look at your results achieved as a measure of your success.

How to measure success:

  1. Identify your values.
  2. Compare only with your past results.
  3. Don’t measure what’s hard to measure
  4. Measure results both over the long and short term.

{10} Stick to A Routine

What are your daily and weekly routine? Having a routine helps you work smarter. Your routine is a way of sticking to what really matters. It helps you streamline your time and priorities to avoid times wasters. And it also helps you know when a particular routine is draining you or no longer productive.

Tips To Stick To A Routine:

  • Use some kind of physical reminder to start the routine off.
  • Make Rewarding yourself for sticking to the routine part of the plan
  • Start with a small and simple routine
  • Take it one routine at a time.
  • And add new ones as you make progress with one.

{11} Work In Blocks

Having your work scheduled in blocks gives you room to see more work done than having a very long work that takes a whole day. When you work in Block it gives you room to celebrate every single success achieved per day.

How to Block Time:

  • Spend at least 10 minutes filling your time blocks.
  • Estimate how long it takes to complete a given task
  • Breakdown big tasks into small chunks
  • Plan for any unexpected interruptions

{12} Turn Off Notifications For Unimportant Apps

Your mobile phone Apps can also become distractive to your work. The normal design technique now is to include notifications. Sometimes these notifications are not so useful information at the time you are being notified.

Learn to turn off these notifications, especially for unimportant Apps to give you room for more productive work without distractions.

{13} Relieve Stress

If you work you would likely get to a stress level at some point. Hard work should not include self induced stress. If not, it can lead to anxiety, which can lead to depression. Learn when to relieve the stress from work.

Tips On How To Relieve Stress:

Healthline gave out 16 stress relieving tips that would help you know how to effectively manage your stress. Below are the list of 8 of the simple stress relieving tips.

  1. Exercise.
  2. Consider Supplements.
  3. Light a Candle.
  4. Reduce Your Caffeine Intake.
  5. Write It Down
  6. Chew Gum.
  7. Spend Time With Friends and Family
  8. Laugh

Follow this link to read the remaining 8 tips on HealthLine website.

{14} Find Tasks to Eliminate

Working smarter can sometime be misleading to mean working more. But that’s not true. Sometimes working smarter could mean less of what you currently do. There maybe tasks that you do that should be a routine or be part of your work schedule.

You need to find tasks that needs to be eliminated from your schedule. By eliminating less important or invaluable tasks you are in a way working smarter.


You have read through the 14 ways to work smarter. There are choice to make here. It’s either all the tips apply to you or there maybe some that doesn’t apply to your work at all. Go through the list again if you missed something and tick the ones you need to apply to help you work smarter.

However, make sure what you apply suits your needs. That’s the reason one of the tips it’s to invest in learning. There are so much you may need to learn about how to work smarter in your job.

And that may including discovering some tips that may be personal to you. What works for someone else may not necessarily work for you.

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