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7 Ways To Rebrand Your Hotel For Profit

Rebrand Your Hotel

Do you want to change the fortunes of your hotel? Is your hotel not doing profitably as you would want it to be? Are you struggling to put guests in your hotel? Maybe it’s time for you to rebrand your hotel for profit. read more

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CoronaVirus – How To Disinfect Your Home


The sudden appearance of the dreaded disease coronaVirus has threatened the whole world and has created economic situations around the world. And with death tolls in tens of thousands, the fear of CoronaVirus is spiking collapse of some economies. read more

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Christianity Today – The Role Of The Church

Christianity Today

Christianity today is on a transformation. What’s changing is not the faith, nor the message, but how we understand it and believe in it. This is so crucial for the world, because it has a lot to do with the wellbeing of nations. The church of Jesus Christ as constituted in the earth, is a body of saviors. read more

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